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Welcome to the Riptide Gaming web site!

For the latest Riptide Gaming related news, check the Newsboard, which is hosted by Tridus, who is also hosting our forum presently. We'll continue using those scripts to maintain the original "feel" of Riptide as long as Tridus allows us to use his server, though if it comes to a point where that is no longer possible, we'll have to switch to other scripts or get a Windows NT server (The server is a Unix server).

We're unsure as to when or if we will get domain hosting for Riptide Gaming. Until we get to a point where it's affordable and needed, the site will be located here.

This is the Riptide Gaming web site as it was before the group mutually decided to break up. This site will be left up as an archive of what could have been, and you can also see some stuff Tridus has on his site, including the old Forum Threadlist and more.
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