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Trip to the DMV

Fri May 11, 2012 6:31 pm

(Or: How to Waste an Entire Day Because People are Idiots)

9:15am - Leave for Autotire.
9:25am - Arrive at Autotire on appointment, ask for inspection/emissions testing and an oil change, get told it'll be at least an hour.
9:30am - Right as I sit down, the boss is yelling at some kid who works there. The kid then proceeds to get my car...
10:30am - Leave for DMV.
10:40am - Arrive at DMV, wait in line.
11:10am - After waiting in line for half an hour*, get told that the VIN on my insurance doesn't match the VIN on my registration.
11:15am - Called insurance, new insurance card is faxed over. Guess what? Autotire also put a (different) typo in my VIN!
11:20am - Call Autotire, they say I need to drive back to rerun the emissions test to change the VIN.
11:30am - Get there, wait.
11:50am - Leave for DMV.
12:00pm - Arrive at DMV, wait in this special line for people who already waited in line once.
12:10pm - Leave for home.
12:22pm - Typing this post.
12:31pm - Finishing this post?

Does anyone ever NOT take the two year renewal when given the choice?

*Who the fuck goes to the DMV during the second week of the month? You're all supposed to wait until the last day. I had to renew my license three months ago and waited like five minutes lol

Edit to add: Yeah, I would have waited until the last minute too, except it would have cut into my D3 time, so really this is my last minute.
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