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Random Thread #2864 - Korivak

KorivakPosted: 09-08-2001 02:40:52
   In the last few days, kwerkey's birthday thread and MissCheetah's introduction thread have been very popular and hideously off topic.  So rather than crap up other people's threads or make a bunch of individual threads full of sillyness, I made this...Thread #2864.  Feel free to post whatever pops into your head, no matter how silly or pointless.
KorivakPosted: 09-08-2001 02:46:47
   I spent about five hours playing Final Fantasy IV today.  The graphics are so-so (far below other PS2 games, at least), and the sounds and music are primitive, but the game is still pretty #### cool.  When you don't have much to work with in terms of what's on screen, there is a lot more focus on the story line and other such imagination based things.
   Does anyone else have a game that's a little old, but still a favourite?
KorivakPosted: 09-08-2001 02:48:44
*falls asleep*
Lord TreyPosted: 09-08-2001 03:00:18
*sleeps with you*
MissCheetahPosted: 09-08-2001 09:47:11
I am still a Diablo 2 fan even though I realize that it is mostly pointless mouse clicking.  I enjoy mindless destruction sometimes though.  I really should learn to play Baldurs Gate 2 or Black & White. I have both.  I am off to play an old game today.  D&D.  I have a half elf mage/thief.  She is very cool.  I am also not really awake yet.  *stumbles off in search of more tea and a shower*
OsirisPosted: 09-08-2001 10:02:44
Every day my heart dies, and every morning it is reborn. Enough to limp through the day, a zombie of a soul. Each day is consumed by the choking greyness of the void within me.  I pass by people, carefree, enjoying a walk, going about their daily lives, and I resent them and their trivial concerns.  I hate the sun, it is no longer my friend, I wish I were blind so that people would pity me.  I am drowning, and the ships passing by ignore my cries.

Maybe I will earn, instead, an unacreddited college degree (5149)

(Edited by Osiris at 4:04 pm on Sep. 8, 2001)

80-1002268887Posted: 09-08-2001 10:04:43
Of course the graphics in FFIV aren't terribly good. It's a Super Nintendo game.

But man, when I get some free time, I've really got to get around to playing that some more.

KorivakPosted: 09-08-2001 10:58:31
"I am still a Diablo 2 fan even though I realize that it is mostly pointless mouse clicking."

   The only reason I was playing FFIV is because daav's girlfriend was playing Diablo II...They are both a lot of fun and very relaxing due to thier somewhat simple natures.

MaverickPosted: 09-08-2001 11:37:42
Korivak - You had originally made 3 posts in 8 minutes. Why did you just includer all three statemnts in the same post? Why?
BrawnfirePosted: 09-08-2001 11:44:20
Because he = evil.

And Osiris made me laugh.  In a bad way.  In a sort of "God, this man needs something to look forward to."  If I had the ability, I'd give him happiness.

On a brighter note, I ate a raw clam.


KorivakPosted: 09-08-2001 11:44:40
   First, I laid out the general idea of the thread, then I made a post to start discussion, then I made a post to set a precedent for random, pointless silliness.
   It seems to have worked well, because now there are some people talking about old games, and Lord Trey being silly and on a different topic (but not actually offtopic).
   I always have a reason for what I do, no matter how strange it seems at the time.
   Oh, yes, and I was trying to get in the Top 40 posters, which I did! :)
80-1002268887Posted: 09-08-2001 11:52:54
Oh, and 200 posts and I've beat Tossy. =) 900 and I'm in the top 5!
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-08-2001 11:53:48
If Osiris' post was 'silly,' then I suppose I could note that it's 1:00 PM, and I just woke up -- feeling completely alone, despite the people around me.
KorivakPosted: 09-08-2001 11:57:02
   Things don't have to be silly...
   Go get a hug from Sam!...
rRaminrodtPosted: 09-08-2001 11:57:14
Worship it
80-1002268887Posted: 09-08-2001 11:59:24
Yeah, I'm here if you need me. =)

I may be going out to buy socks later, but I'll be here most of today.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-08-2001 12:02:33
I don't want to hug Sam!.
80-1002268887Posted: 09-08-2001 12:03:50
Fine fine... No hug for you then.

I'll just hug... Brawnfire.

kwerkeyPosted: 09-08-2001 12:06:20
I am Naked

I can't let Rob and Russ have all he fun, now.

80-1002268887Posted: 09-08-2001 12:07:34
Ahh! My eyes! They burn!
KorivakPosted: 09-08-2001 12:09:03
TermPosted: 09-08-2001 12:12:31
holy #### that was a big font
BrawnfirePosted: 09-08-2001 12:14:20
I don't recall saying it was silly, Shawn.  I laughed in a bad way.  A sympathetic way.  Don't make me castrate you.

*huggles Sam!*  (I am also naked.)

KorivakPosted: 09-08-2001 12:15:51
"holy #### that was a big font"

   CSS beats <font> any day of the week...

OsirisPosted: 09-08-2001 12:23:12
I really am quite a depressing fellow.  Come, join me in my dark little cranny underneath the stairs.  It's been raining, and the smell of bloated worms is in the air.
BrawnfirePosted: 09-08-2001 12:40:18
KorivakPosted: 09-08-2001 12:58:54
*leaves to get naked and wet*
   Beat that, kwerk!
[edit] Forgot my TM indenting™ [/edit]

(Edited by Korivak at 2:01 pm on Sep. 8, 2001)

XelPosted: 09-08-2001 13:07:03
got milk?
TermPosted: 09-08-2001 13:27:23
No. I do, however, have smileys!

(Edited by Term at 8:17 pm on Sep. 8, 2001)

XelPosted: 09-08-2001 13:39:28
You stole my smilies! *whap*
TermPosted: 09-08-2001 13:42:56

(Edited by Term at 8:17 pm on Sep. 8, 2001)

XelPosted: 09-08-2001 13:46:20
*cough* owned by PSP.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-08-2001 13:51:58
Good.  Term will finally be banned.
KorivakPosted: 09-08-2001 13:54:48
   You know, I was just thinking in the shower:  "my thread really, really needs some big ugly graphics so that it can have a hideously bad horizontal scroll..."
XelPosted: 09-08-2001 13:57:42
You know, that is a good idea.
KorivakPosted: 09-08-2001 13:58:33
   In other news, my room gets so unpleasently hot with KC runnning for weeks at a time...I'm going down to the (significantly cooler) living room to play FFIV very soon...
XelPosted: 09-08-2001 13:59:44
Hrm, how do I make the background save as transparent in Paint Shop Pro 7? I have it set as transparent background, but if I save it as a gif it just always turns it to white?
KorivakPosted: 09-08-2001 13:59:48
   Ahh, much better...thanks.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-08-2001 14:03:04
Yes, but by editing the image and not the post, he has cleverly covered up his stupidity, and now he won't be banned!
KorivakPosted: 09-08-2001 14:04:19
   As long as I don't have to wait until page two to have my thread work properly again, I honestly don't give a shit...
XelPosted: 09-08-2001 14:07:05

He was actually linking those pics off of my website, henceforth it was me who made the horizontal scroll bar so long (not purposely, I didn't mean to make the image that big when its repeated, forgot it was repeated)

KorivakPosted: 09-08-2001 14:10:18
   It's ok, I still love you...
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-08-2001 14:12:11
Yes, but he also linked to the same image about five/six times in a row, and then posted the link again in a post almost directly below it.  Neither post contained any other content (excluding a smiley) outside of the images...
XelPosted: 09-08-2001 14:14:12
Oh well, as long as he isn't here I'll have fun changing around the images some more.


XelPosted: 09-08-2001 14:21:28
Noo, just when I had finally completed my image!

ThanatosPosted: 09-08-2001 14:35:14
Final Fantasy Tactics kicks so much ass.

I only got two problems with it.

A) Why is the drawn character art prettier than the character sprites?

B) Where the #### are their noses?!

BrawnfirePosted: 09-08-2001 14:39:22
XelPosted: 09-08-2001 14:56:42

86-1002268944Posted: 09-08-2001 17:41:03
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-08-2001 17:49:08

I think Vash is actually Tossy...

MaverickPosted: 09-08-2001 17:55:08
Eye of the NightPosted: 09-08-2001 17:55:53
5 words: This is NOT a thread!
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-08-2001 17:59:47

Because, um, they're both fat...

ßetaMantisPosted: 09-08-2001 18:01:09
The guy's made seven words in three posts!  How can you get any pattern (s)he's like Tossy?
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-08-2001 18:03:29

You fat people are so narrow minded...

ßetaMantisPosted: 09-08-2001 18:08:13
EotN, for something that isn't a thread, this suspiciously looks like one!
Eye of the NightPosted: 09-08-2001 18:18:34
Quote: from ßetaMantis on 1:08 am on Sep. 9, 2001
EotN, for something that isn't a thread, this suspiciously looks like one!

You don't remember? Hmmm...maybe 'twas before your time...

ßetaMantisPosted: 09-08-2001 18:24:02
I guess I don't.  Maybe 'twas before my time.  Did it happen over a month ago?  *grins*
Eye of the NightPosted: 09-08-2001 18:27:25
Not sure, but I wouldn't be suprised if it was over a year ago ;)
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-08-2001 18:32:59
Mantits, it was a rather silly (yet massive) thread which commenced in the older version of this forum (a very long time ago) in which people would type sentences with the word 'NOT' (in capital letters) in them.  This word was meant to be ignored.  If I were to say 'Nighteye is NOT a twit,' for example, it would mean that I am stating that he is, indeed, a twit...  It grew old, fast.  At least, I felt it did...
TermPosted: 09-08-2001 18:35:45
Oh yes.
It was NOT amusing.
Well, atleast the first page was NOT.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-08-2001 18:37:56
How many pages did that 'NOT' thread have before it disappeared?  Twelve?  Sixteen?
TermPosted: 09-08-2001 18:39:00
I don't know. First one was one of the most collosal threads in Rstefan01 history, second one was about 6 I think.
ßetaMantisPosted: 09-08-2001 18:41:39
That sounds nearly NOT fun.  *grins*
TermPosted: 09-08-2001 18:52:11
mm'kay beta, that sentence doesn't make much sense with or without the NOT.
ProphetPosted: 09-08-2001 18:53:04
I am in love with a girl that has a boyfriend.
TermPosted: 09-08-2001 18:53:41
I like cake =D
ßetaMantisPosted: 09-08-2001 18:54:13
*grins slightly*  Oh, doesn't it, Term?
TermPosted: 09-08-2001 19:01:04
Nope. And any "secret new world order hidden meaning that only the four horsemen can understand that will eventually bring about the ultimate destruction of the world and all civilization as we know it once it is properly identified by common forumers, and if we were to realize the horrible, HORRIBLE truth behind all of Betamantis' posts our simple human minds were to instantly snap, because the unearthly secrets that are hidden within those plain words are so utterly maddening they were never meant for mortal eyes to see" crap passed right through/over me, too.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-08-2001 19:04:18
Now there's a sentence that makes absolutely no sense!  I don't think he even closed the quotation mark!
TermPosted: 09-08-2001 19:05:50
Well, I guess i didn't make much sense, but i did close the qoutation mark. Read through it a few times and you will see the HORRIBLE ASTONISHING TRUTH and the meaning of life and stuff
ProphetPosted: 09-08-2001 19:07:58
I don't see where you close the qoutation
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-08-2001 19:08:00
Nah.  I don't think I will.
BrawnfirePosted: 09-08-2001 19:11:35
Right after "see" and before "crap".  Hyphenation would have made it clearer.  But it made me laugh.
ßetaMantisPosted: 09-08-2001 19:11:52
I don't see how my sentence doesn't make sense . . .
ProphetPosted: 09-08-2001 19:14:51
I think it makes sense.

It goes from almost not being fun, to almost being fun.

In other words, it doesn't sound fun :p

TermPosted: 09-08-2001 19:17:50
I said it doens't make Much sense,
because it'z teh inc0rectz gramm0rz.

That sounds nearly not fun
Hmm. Nope doesn't work.
That sounds nearly fun
Nope, not this either.  "That nearly sounds fun" would have been correct though.

ProphetPosted: 09-08-2001 19:20:16
Ahhh, well that doesn't make cents :)

I just washed cars for 6 straight hours.
Commmunity service sucks.  Especially forced community service.

ßetaMantisPosted: 09-08-2001 19:21:08
But it doesn't nearly "sound fun".    It sounds "NEARLY fun".
TermPosted: 09-08-2001 19:22:41
No cents indeed.

Now that we're about as far from the non-existant topic, I'll just post these SECRET links to StarCraft II pictures..
This information is classified level Rho. Publishing this by any means is punishable by the BETAC convention, section 11.6.8 paragraph 3.iii. If you try to go public with this, Blizzard will deny any knowledge.

Eye of the NightPosted: 09-08-2001 19:27:20
Well, I suppose I could explain the origin of that infamous incident. I was in the mood for creating a piece of art, and somehow thought about a painting from monet, depicting a pipe, along with the words: 'ce n'est pas une pipe'. Translated: This is not a pipe.
Which is true, as it is actually a painting of a pipe, not a pipe itself.

So, then I got the idea of making a thread titled 'This is NOT a thread'.
That, too, is true, as it is only a sequence of zeros and ones, converted by the computer into an image that is called a thread. The factual data of were the post ended up, however, was not a thread; only data yet to be interpreted.

It shows how unaccurate people can be in their wordings, their interpretations...*grin* Monet's painting more so than my variant on it, though...

ßetaMantisPosted: 09-08-2001 19:28:10
*calls Geoff and talks into phone*  Yeah, ever heard of the person with the alias Term?

*continues conversation*

ProphetPosted: 09-08-2001 19:33:37
*gets on the phone to listen in*

Ms. Cleo? wtf I thought you said Geoff

Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-08-2001 19:36:48

'Aaaah!  Captain Janeway!  My forehead!'

80-1002268887Posted: 09-08-2001 19:38:37
Aww ####, you beat me too it! Time for some hot Fatboy lovin'!
ProphetPosted: 09-08-2001 19:42:10
I sent betamntis some love mail via the forum messenger =D
ßetaMantisPosted: 09-08-2001 21:23:13
Now, who's eating the beefcake off of who, Prophet?
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-08-2001 21:50:14
*Posts because this thread seems to have fallen off the list*

*Meep meep*

KorivakPosted: 09-08-2001 22:22:54
kwerkeyPosted: 09-08-2001 23:04:35
It hasn't fallen off, it's merely at the end of the threadlist!  Ph33r not, for when Matt's craptacular code is replaced, all will be well with the world again.
80-1002268887Posted: 09-08-2001 23:16:07
Wait... Matt coded this forum?
PackheadPosted: 09-08-2001 23:19:42
Matt, THE IB GUY, Not Osiris or anyone from *this* forum.

Anyways, I've released a patch..  stupid Matt..

IB's around the world crashed.. and who's gunna get the blame for the stupidity?  yea, me..  stupid matt!  Let's kill'm!

80-1002268887Posted: 09-08-2001 23:30:19
Oh, I thought he meant Matt as in Korivak who had just posted.

And how soon do you think Rich will have this foroom patched again?

Big ZPosted: 09-08-2001 23:35:15
Whenever Richie gets online ;)  Tossy has his fixed already.

Edit:I cant type

(Edited by Big Z at 11:36 pm on Sep. 8, 2001)

80-1002268887Posted: 09-08-2001 23:44:16
See, if Richord would appoint someone else as secondary server guy, we wouldn't have to deal with his new job/social life screwing up our random threads.
RStefan01Posted: 09-09-2001 00:40:27
Yeah, but the only person that I'd give access like that to is Ryken, and he doesn't really know much about Perl.

Oh, and, Ryken.. you're not getting access =)

BandWidthPosted: 09-09-2001 00:42:17

Rich = funny

kwerkeyPosted: 09-09-2001 00:43:21
You could write a perl script that works like an FTP client, so that you don't have to give out your real FTP user/password.
BandWidthPosted: 09-09-2001 01:13:54
I'm crazy for trying,
I'm crazy for crying,
and I'm crazy for loving you.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-09-2001 01:38:13
I think you're crazy, maybe
I think you're crazy, maybe
I will see you in the next life
KorivakPosted: 09-09-2001 06:56:16
   Thank you, Rich and Matt...
KorivakPosted: 09-09-2001 09:08:13
   Time to get something to eat so I'm well nourished for a long day of posting and CSS coding...
EoduinPosted: 09-09-2001 10:50:10
Well I just woke up, I was happy.  I came online, and I became sad.  The End.
I don't feel all that welcome here, that is why I don't post here often.
KorivakPosted: 09-09-2001 11:01:23
   What's so sad about online?
EoduinPosted: 09-09-2001 11:07:47
because it is so quiet.
KorivakPosted: 09-09-2001 11:09:20
   That makes you sad?
*makes lots of noise*
EoduinPosted: 09-09-2001 11:17:32
*faint smile*
80-1002268887Posted: 09-09-2001 11:19:58
If it makes you feel any better, the reason it seems quiet here is probably cause people are sleeping in and whatnot.

That, and there's no voice chat room.

EoduinPosted: 09-09-2001 11:23:27
actually it hasn't anything to do with that.

*goes away to study*

KorivakPosted: 09-09-2001 11:28:31
   ...that is all...
KorivakPosted: 09-09-2001 11:40:09
(_I'm Sam!_)
   \  /
| o o |
|  <  |
| --   |
80-1002268887Posted: 09-09-2001 11:41:42
Aha! That's where you're wrong! I now have very little hair!
KorivakPosted: 09-09-2001 11:42:59
   I was drawing "Old Skool Sam!"...
KorivakPosted: 09-09-2001 11:43:21
*gets naked*
TermPosted: 09-09-2001 11:50:30
that's pretty funny for a guy that's been shot.
BrawnfirePosted: 09-09-2001 11:55:39
They call me Psycho Sam!
and I got's my's bitches,
one of dey problems
dey be motherfucking liches

dey raise from the dead
be all over the place
get my barb sword out

take down those hos
don't you knows
and with evey level up
my dick just grows

shit motherfucker
I be Psycho Sam!
I be rockin' yo house
all old skool, ####!

OsirisPosted: 09-09-2001 14:07:14
holy.. shit.. that is MEGA-LOLOLOLOL
TermPosted: 09-09-2001 14:12:52
(_I'm fat!!_)
   \  /
| ^ ^   |
|  <     |
| --     |
EoduinPosted: 09-09-2001 14:19:19
Quote: from Term on 1:12 pm on Sep. 9, 2001
(_I'm fat!!_)
   \  /
| ^ ^   |
|  <     |
| --     |


kwerkeyPosted: 09-09-2001 14:20:27
Haven't you people ever heard of the <PRE> tag?
EoduinPosted: 09-09-2001 14:22:27
you smell!

(Edited by Eoduin at 1:24 pm on Sep. 9, 2001)

BandWidthPosted: 09-09-2001 14:27:52
*Sniff* I do!

Thank for you informing me of this.

kwerkeyPosted: 09-09-2001 14:29:57
The magic of <PRE> in action!

------------------+-+-+-+---+---:::-+++-. :---. .--++++XXXXXXXXXXXXXX+--+XXXXXXXXX+:+XXXXXXX+XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX++--+++-++++++++++++++++++++++-+-+--+++-
-+-+-+-+---+-+--+--+-+-+-++---:.:+++++..-+++:.:..-++XXXXXX++++XXXXXX+-++XXXXXXXXXXX+- -+XXXXX+++X+XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX+--++-++++++++++++++++++-+++++-++--++
---------+-------+--+-+-+---+---++++  ---+-..+: -+XXXXXXXXXX+-++XXX-:.++XXXXXXX+-++XX+-:+XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX+++-----+++++++++-++-++++-+-++--++++
-+-+-+-+---+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+---+++X+- :+-++--++-.-XXXXXXXXX+XXX++++++:  ++XXXXXXXX++--++++-++++++XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX+++-+-++++++++-+++++++-+++++-++++-+
--+-+----+----+-+-+-+-+-+---+XXXX. .-++++++X+--XXXXXXXXX++++++++++-:  -+++XXXXXXXXX+  -++++++X+XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX+---+-++++++-++++-++-+-+++-+-++
+--+--+-+-+-+------+--+---++XXX+  ::-+X++XX+--XXXXXXXXX++++-++--:::     :--+XXXXXXXXX+--++++++X+XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX++--+++++++++-++++++++-+++++++
-++-+--+---+--+-+-+--+---++XX+-  .:+++++XXX--+XXXXX++---:...  .           .:-++XXXXXXXXX+XXXX++++XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX++----+-+++++++-+-+-++-+-+-+
+--+--+---+--+---+--+-+-+XXX+-: .:+++++XXX+-+XXXXX+-.                        :-++XXXXXX+X+XX+X+++-+XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX++--+++++-++++++++++-++++++
-+--+-+-+---+--+---+---+XXX+-.  -++++-+XX-.-XXXX+-                             :--+XXXXX+++XXX+-++++XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX+XXXX+---++-+++-++-++++++-++++
--+--+--+-+--+--+-+----+XXX+   :+++++++X+--++XX++                                :--+XXX++-++XX-+XXX+XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX+----++-+++++++-+-++-+-+
++-+-+-+-+--+-++-+----+XXX+:   +XX++-++++:-++XX+.                                  --+++XX++--X+--+XX+XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX+++---+++-+-+-++-++-++++
--+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+----++XXX+.   XXX++--++-.:-+X+:                                    :-+++++++++X+-+XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX++----+-+-++++-++-+++-+
+-+--+-+-+-+-+-+-+--++XXXX+.--+XX+XX---+-.--+++:                                     .-++++++++++--+XXXXXXX+XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX+++--+++++-++++-+-+-++
-+-+--+---+-+-+-+---++XXX+--++XXXXXX+--+- .-++-:                                      .:+++++++++--+XXXX++X+XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX+++-:--+-++-+-+++-++-+
+-+-++-+++-+-+-+--:-+XX+-+-++XXXXXXXX+--- :+-+-.                                       :-+-++-++X+ +XXXXX-:+XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX++-----+-++-++-++-+++
-+++--+-+-+++-+----++XX++--+XXXXXXXXX+++-.-++++:                                       :-+++++-+++--XXXXX+: +XXXXX+XX+XXXXXXX+XX++---.:--+++++-++-+-+-
++--++++-++-++-+--++XX+++-++XXXXXXXXXXXX+.-+++-:                                       .--++++-++X+++XXXX+::.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX+XX++:--:.-+---+-++-+++++
-+++---++-++-++-:++XXXX--+++XXXXXXXXXXXX+--+X++-                                       .--++++--++++XXXXX+-::+XXXX+XXX+XXXXXXX++X+: ::  ---+++-+++++-+
+-+-+++-++-+---:+++X+X++++XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX+++XX+-.                                      .:+++-++++++X+X+XX+-:+++X+X++XXXXXXXXXX++X++  .  --+--+++-+-+++
-++-++-++--+----++++++++++XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX++XXX+-.                                      --++-:-::++++XXXXXX+.+XX++X++XXXXXXXXX+X++X+:    .--++++-++++++
++-++-++--+-:.--+++++++++XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX+X+XX++                                     .:++-. .. --++XXX++XX-:-XXX+XXXXXXXXXXXXXX+++++     --++-+-+-+-+-
-++-++--++-- :+++++++-++XXXXXXXX++++XXXXX+XXXX+-.                                  .:-++-   :..-+++XXX+XX++++XXX+XXXXXXX+XXXXXXXX+X+-    .:-++-+++++++
+-+-+-++---  +++++++-++XX+X+XXX++++XXXXXX+XXXXX-                                 :--+++-:.  - :-+XXXXX+X+XX-XXX+XXXXXXXXX+XXXXXXXX+++     .++-+++-+-+-
++++-+----. -+X+++++-++XXXXXX+--+++XXXXXXXXXXX+:-:-----+-+-++--:.              .-+++X+++-: -::--XXXXXXXX+XX+XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX+-  . .--+++-+++-+
+-+-+++:.-+++-+X++X+-++XX++-++++XXXXXXX+++XXXX++++---++++++XXX+X++:::.   ----+++XXXXXX-:++-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX+++-:-+++++-++
++-++----++++++X++X+++++++-++++XXXXXXX++++XXX++++++++-++X+X++X+++-::.    . ..-+XXXXX++-+++XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX++--++-+-++-
+++++-++XX++++XXXX++++X++-++XX+XXXXX---.-+XXXXXXX+-++++++---:----+-        :--++++++XXX+XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX++++++XX+++++++-
++-+++-+X++++++XXX++++XXX-++XX+XXXX++-.:+++XX+X+++++++++----.. .--  ..      :-++-++XXX+XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX++++++XX--+-+++
++++++++X++-+++XX++-++XXX+++X+XXXXX++---++++++-+++++--:.....   -+:.::.      ---+++++XX++XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX++++-+++--++++
++++-++++++-++XX++:-+++XX+++X+XXXX++-:---+++-                 .--.:-:      .:++-+-+XXXXXXXXXXX+++++XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX++++-+++-.--++
++++++++X++++++X++---+XXX++++XXXXX++-:--+++-.                 .-----.      .---+-+++XXXXXXXXXX++-++++XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX+XXXXXXXXXXXXXX+-++----+--.-+-
++-+++++XX+-++++-----+++XX+-XXXXXX++: :++++-                  :----.       .:---+-+++XXXXXXXXX++-:-+++XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX+XXXXXXXXXXXX+: :-:-+-- .--+
+++++++++X+--++-++--:++XXX+-+XXXXX+-: -++++:                  .:--:         :-+--+-+++XXXXXXXX++-::--++XXXXXXXX+XXXXXXXXXXX+XXXXXXXXXXXX-  --:-:. .--.
++++++++X+++----+-:--+++XX+++XXXXX+-:.-++++.                  ...:          .--++-+++++XXXXXXXX+--:--++++XXXXXXXX+XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX+-:---+-.  :-.
+-+-+-+++++.-:-+---+++XX+++++XXXXX+:..-++++:.                .:-. .         .:-+-++++++++X+XXX+++-::--++++XXXXXX++XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX+++-++-   ...
+++-++----:::-+-:-+-++X+XX--+XXXXX----++X++-:.               :--::          :-++---+---+++++XX+++--:--+++++XXX+X+++XXXXXXXXX+XXXXXXXXXXXXX-++++-   -.
-+-+--+--::::++:.---+XX+X+-:+XXXXX+-:-++++++-:.             ..-:::: .-...:--++++----+-...+++-+++-+---+-+X++++XX++++XXXXXXX+XX+XXXXXXXXXXX+----+-   :..
+-++-++-:..----:..:-XX++XX:.+XXXXX+::-++XX++-::..           ..:--+++--++++++XXXX++-++-.. .-+-+++---+--+++++X+XXX++++XXX++XX+X++XXXXXXXXXXX+--::.   -::
++--+----.--:-:--::-++-+X+  +XXXXX+:---+X++++---..            -++XXXX+++++XXXXXXXXX++-.   :-+:-+-+---++++XXX+X+XX+X+XXXX+XX++X++XXXXXXX++++---:   :+-:
-++-+---.::-::.-+.-++:+XX+. :XXXXX++.--+XX+++---..            -++XXXXX+++XXXXXXXXXXXX+-   .:-+-----++-+++++X++++XX+++XXXX+XX+XX:+XXXXXXX+X+-:--.  ---.
+--+-+-:.--- .:--:-+--++++ ..+XXXXX+::++XXX++++-:..           :+++++++++++X+X++++++++-..   .---+---+++++XXXX+++-XXXX++XXXXXX+-X++XXX+XXX-+X-.::  .++--
-++++-: :--- ..--.:+-+X+++.:.+XXXXXX+.-++XX+++----..            :-----+++--+--+++---:    . .:+---+--++++XX+X++-+XXXXXXXXXXXXX+++-+X+++XX+-X+..  .+++--
++-+--:.::-- ..----+++++++.--+XXXXXXX+:++XXX+++---:::.            ....  .--:--:.. ..   ....::-------+++XXX+X-:-+X+XXXXXXXX+XX+X+++XX++XX++++ .  -++--+
+-+-+-..::+- ..:--:++++XX+::+-+XXXXXXX-++++X++++----::.             ...      :+--  ......::---+---+-++++X+++- -+X+++XXXXX++XX+X+-XX+-+XX++X+.  :++++++
++-+--.:::+- .::---++++XXX+ ++XXXXXXXX+++X+X++++++---::..        .:+-++++---++++++--::::-----+-+-:---++++X++-:+++-++XXXXX++XX+X+-+X+--+XX++-  :-++++++
+-+--:::----.:-:::+-++++XX+.-+XXXXXXXX++++++++++--+----:...   .-+++++++++++++++X+X+X++++-+-+++++- -+-+++++++--+++:+-XXXXX++X+++++XX+--XX+-:...--++++++
+--+-::-----::-:.:-+++++XXX+-XXXXXXXXX++XX++X+++++-+-----::--++X+XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX++++++++ .+++++++++:-+++.+-+XXXX++X++++X+----XX+: ++--+++++++
+--+--:--------::--+++X+XXXX-+XXXXXXXXX++X+++++++++-+-----++XXXXX+++++++++XX+X++++++++XXXXX++++++- --++++++-.-++-.+-++XX++++++++X+++-+X+-.-++:+X++++++
-+---:--------+-----+XX++XXX++XXXXXXXXXXXXX++++++-++-+-+-+++++++++++-...:.  . .-++++++++--++++++++ :-++++++ .+++-:+--+XX++++:++++:++-++::++---+XX++X++
+ -XX+X-+--++++++-++++-+-.:+XX++++-+XXXX+++X
---------------.:-+--+++XXXX+++XXXXXXXXXXXXXX++++++++++-+--------++++X+XXXXXXXXXXXX++++++++++++++++ .+XXXX+:XXX+X+X-++++XX-.-++++-..+X+XX--+-+XXX+++++
-+------------::---+-+++-+XXX+++XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX++++-++--+-+-+-+----+++++++X+X+++++++++++++++++++++ :+X+XX+ XXX++X++-+++X+:.+++-+:-+X-XXX-::-XXXX+++++
--------------:.:-+++-++++XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX+++++++---+-------::----: . :-----+-+++++++++++X+ :+XXXX+:XXX-XX+++++XX+.-++-:.++X++X++::--XXXX+++++
---+---+-------.--++-++++XX+XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX+++++---------::::....       .::----+-+-+--+++X++:.+XXXX++XXX++X+++-+XX--+++:-+XXXX++++:++++XXXX++++
---+-----------:-+++++++XXX++XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX+++----:::::...:....      .::-----+-+-+++++XXX+-+XXXXX+XXXX+XX-+-+X+.+++--++XXX+-++--++++XXXX++X+
+-----------------+++++++XX++++XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX++++---::..:::....::  ..:::----+-++++++++XXXX+-+XXXXX+XXXX+X++++X+.-++:++XXXXXX:++++X++++XXX++++
KorivakPosted: 09-09-2001 14:32:08
   My face is still better, boy...
EoduinPosted: 09-09-2001 16:03:59
how fun.
OsirisPosted: 09-09-2001 19:43:02
#### kwerkey, haven't you heard of the IMG tag?
Eye of the NightPosted: 09-09-2001 20:14:01
Or the unofficial OMH-tag?
kwerkeyPosted: 09-09-2001 20:23:27
#### kwerkey, haven't you heard of the IMG tag?

Yeah.  Your point?

Or the unofficial OMH-tag?

You're being an idiot again, aren't you?

OsirisPosted: 09-09-2001 20:24:19
*shrugs*  I dunno, what was your point about the PRE tag?
kwerkeyPosted: 09-09-2001 20:30:47
They were doing ASCII art and it was messed up.
DebtAngelPosted: 09-09-2001 20:35:39
<div class="BadHTMLPorn">

I love you and all your tags. Especially that one. It's got a pair of real nice attributes on it. You're a dirty little tag, aren't you. Oh yeah, dirty little tag...


kwerkeyPosted: 09-09-2001 20:39:44
Speak nothing further, lest your eyes be scooped out and shoved in any convenient orifaces you have.
KorivakPosted: 09-09-2001 21:00:58
"I love you and all your tags. Especially that one."

   Technically, that's an attribute, and technically, you are a moron.  That is all.

BrawnfirePosted: 09-09-2001 21:01:08
My anus is inconvenient, for it is constantly full of dog.
KorivakPosted: 09-09-2001 21:04:50
KorivakPosted: 09-09-2001 21:05:04

(Edited by Korivak at 10:05 pm on Sep. 9, 2001)

BrawnfirePosted: 09-09-2001 21:09:31
Hungry, Kori baby?
KorivakPosted: 09-09-2001 21:11:27
*shudders even more*
80-1002268887Posted: 09-09-2001 21:12:42
You know Korivak, I may have to take those scissors away from you.
EoduinPosted: 09-09-2001 21:13:51
Quote: from Brawnfire on 8:01 pm on Sep. 9, 2001
My anus is inconvenient, for it is constantly full of dog.

I'm afraid

kwerkeyPosted: 09-09-2001 21:16:53
And with good cause.
KorivakPosted: 09-09-2001 21:19:18
   What would the SPCA think?!
   On another note, you know what word always bothered me?  Scissor.  I personally call them "biknives".
DebtAngelPosted: 09-09-2001 21:19:56
Now, now. Just because you only have attributes while everybody else here has tags is no reason to take it out on me. If you give your attribute the attention it needs, eventually it will grow into a tag. All it needs is time.

No, not here. For Hod sakes, there are child elements watching.

WizardSlayerPosted: 09-09-2001 21:22:12
KorivakPosted: 09-09-2001 21:23:44
   So he is...I love that random picture, too.
KorivakPosted: 09-09-2001 21:32:02
   In other news:

   ...Little Red Riding Hood as drawn by Random Crispy!
kwerkeyPosted: 09-09-2001 21:45:32
This Random Crispy fellow is an odd one, he is.
TermPosted: 09-09-2001 21:46:30
Well korivak! that is an interesting shirt!

I love you and all your tags. Especially that one. It's got a pair of real nice attributes on it. You're a dirty little tag, aren't you? Oh yeah, dirty little tag...
Where the #### is your other hand!?

KorivakPosted: 09-09-2001 21:49:05
"Well korivak! that is an interesting shirt!"

   I only drew the bra...everything else was Random Crispy.

TermPosted: 09-09-2001 21:50:06
Oh. So the only part you added was a little black line.
KorivakPosted: 09-09-2001 21:51:56
   Yup, but I'm also hosting and posting the thing...
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-09-2001 21:52:01
He also forced Random Crispy to make the breasts smaller, because initially...  Well...
KorivakPosted: 09-09-2001 21:52:48
80-1002268887Posted: 09-09-2001 21:52:51
Well, if he hadn't added that, how do you expect that she'd jump out of trees and stuff and still maintain her dignity?

I'd say Kor had a very important role in that drawing!

TermPosted: 09-09-2001 21:52:56
I can imagine him saying:
"The breasts are too big"
KorivakPosted: 09-09-2001 21:54:19
   But they really were...I'm not just saying it out of CWAL tradition or anything...
kwerkeyPosted: 09-09-2001 21:54:21
He also forced Random Crispy to make the breasts smaller, because initially...  Well...

*falls over laughing*

80-1002268887Posted: 09-09-2001 21:56:09
Actually, "The breasts are too big" was my initial reaction as well.

Granted I was going to say that regardless, but yeah...

TermPosted: 09-09-2001 21:56:49
But really though, There is no such thing.
kwerkeyPosted: 09-09-2001 21:59:33
Triple-Anal Schoolgirl Fistfuck Vol. 3!
TermPosted: 09-09-2001 22:00:44
Together, we could make the first Z rated movie
KorivakPosted: 09-09-2001 22:01:31
   At first, I thought they were shoulder pads...then I thought they were armour chestplates...but no, they were just very poorly drawn, massive breasts...
Big ZPosted: 09-09-2001 22:02:27
Quote: from Term on 10:00 pm on Sep. 9, 2001
Together, we could make the first Z rated movie

I felt my presence was needed, oddly.

80-1002268887Posted: 09-09-2001 22:30:19
Nobody was talking about you Z. You get on home now.


PackheadPosted: 09-09-2001 22:31:39
"Call Home fool!" - Mr. T

Ah...  Good times, good times.

BrawnfirePosted: 09-09-2001 22:35:09
I stole teh image from some poor Something Awful slut.  Just right click and get properties.  DO IT, YOU GREEDY MOTHERBITCH!
80-1002268887Posted: 09-10-2001 13:59:10
Hod #### this chair is uncomfortable!
ßetaMantisPosted: 09-10-2001 14:04:14
You know, sitting on your elbow in that fashion might explain it.
80-1002268887Posted: 09-10-2001 14:05:07
Hmm, you could be right...
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-10-2001 14:06:48
I think I hate this thread.
ßetaMantisPosted: 09-10-2001 14:09:29
Then don't read it!

*bonks Shawn on the head*

You nut.

80-1002268887Posted: 09-10-2001 14:11:22
Well then, add something fun to it!
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-10-2001 14:19:18
Shut up!


80-1002268887Posted: 09-10-2001 14:19:45
80-1002268887Posted: 09-10-2001 14:48:37
On another note, I'm working on my resume right now, and I'm going to check out a job witht he Canadian Mint! Looks like a pretty sweet job, and I'm perfectly qualified for it.

Wish me luck, eh?

KorivakPosted: 09-10-2001 19:39:54
   Good luck.
   In other news, a certain some one is stealing all the posts with promises of sock pr0n.  But I won't let my baby #2864 die...never...
*evil grin*
80-1002268887Posted: 09-10-2001 19:41:34
Hey, I'm posting! Job at Mint! Sounds good! Remember?
KorivakPosted: 09-10-2001 19:43:07
   Umm...would you believe I can't read?
80-1002268887Posted: 09-10-2001 19:58:37
I also blinked.

For crying out loud... People say I'm the one who needs the glasses...

Eye of the NightPosted: 09-10-2001 20:03:23
Quote: from Korivak on 2:39 am on Sep. 11, 2001
   Good luck.
   In other news, a certain some one is stealing all the posts with promises of sock pr0n.  But I won't let my baby #2864 die...never...
*evil grin*

I wouldn't be so certain that this thread will NOT be locked down...

80-1002268887Posted: 09-10-2001 20:04:26
This thread won't be locked down. It keeps the random off-topic crap mostly out of the other threads. =P
KorivakPosted: 09-10-2001 20:07:01
   So far, so good...but it is just a silly thread on a silly forum...I think I could live without it...
Eye of the NightPosted: 09-10-2001 20:08:07
So you are led to believe. In all actuality, other thread go just as much off-topic as they ever did, but people are less aware because they believe it's less off-topic. Furthermore, this thread trains posters in off-topic posting, which increases the chances of going more off-topic in other threads, and noticing it less through acclimatisation.
Think about it ;)
80-1002268887Posted: 09-10-2001 20:08:46
The thread that got closed today was only so because there was already one in the forum, it had just fallen off the threadlist.
KorivakPosted: 09-10-2001 20:09:20
   Thank you, NightEye.
KorivakPosted: 09-11-2001 07:42:47
*grooves to Chameleon*
   You know what kicks ass?  Jazz.
*goes back to grooving*
ßetaMantisPosted: 09-11-2001 08:31:16
*rolls eyes and grins, both at EotN*

Suggestions on an optimal course of action?

VéKTöRPosted: 09-11-2001 08:50:55
*reads a pamphlet entitled "offtopic posting"*

I like cheese.

Eye of the NightPosted: 09-11-2001 09:11:43
Quote: from ßetaMantis on 3:31 pm on Sep. 11, 2001
*rolls eyes and grins, both at EotN*

Suggestions on an optimal course of action?

One of the alternatives would be to fight fire with fire, AKA post off-off-topic. Whenever off-topic posting occurs...

ßetaMantisPosted: 09-11-2001 09:16:00
That's what we're doing.  Just we're making a thread for it.
Eye of the NightPosted: 09-11-2001 09:22:14
No, you misinterpret. Off-off-topic isn't simply another off-topic topic. Off-off-topic is not off-topic.
TermPosted: 09-12-2001 21:44:18
Since this is a nice and off-off-off-off-off-topic place to post this,


hahah, fucking hilarious.
Those CWAL people are one crazy bunch =]

(Edited by Term at 3:53 am on Sep. 13, 2001)

KorivakPosted: 09-12-2001 23:45:30
*Dances in a silly way while singing the circus song at the top of his lungs*
DO do dodododo do do do do!  DO do dodododo do do do do!  Do do dodo doo do!  Do do dodo doo do!  dodododododododododo Do!  (repeat forever)
*falls asleep*
ßetaMantisPosted: 09-13-2001 08:10:33
I always liked the one about MAGGOTT and happiness, Pez being single, which Slayer (GAVAL or Buffy) do you find more attractive and of course the one where the civilian is standing in a grass plain and it says "We're outstanding our field."
KorivakPosted: 09-13-2001 22:55:09
   With all this sock pr0n and sex scandels and such, I'm suddenly tempted to get a web cam...
*steals Sam!'s*
RazaelPosted: 09-14-2001 13:17:32
Well... that pic of Red Riding Hood is... interesting...

And Vek...


80-1002268887Posted: 09-14-2001 13:25:23
Random Crispy drew Red.
RazaelPosted: 09-14-2001 13:34:42
I didn't SAY who I thought drew it; I was hoping that the person who did would know.

This is one of the more confusing things about an ikonboard.

Nice job, RC.

VéKTöRPosted: 09-14-2001 15:37:19
can't get more offtopic than this.

(Edited by VéKTöR at 4:37 pm on Sep. 14, 2001)

KorivakPosted: 09-14-2001 15:49:39
   Where can I get one?!
RazaelPosted: 09-14-2001 15:58:51

It's a claymore in the image of a video card.


Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-15-2001 16:23:08
Random thought:  Tridus at one point posted that he was bisexual in a prank to confuse the various forumers on April Fool's Day.  At the time, many said 'Oh, I've suspected this for a long time!' based on his musical tastes and so forth.

If I were to post that I am a closet bisexual/homosexual, would I garner the same reaction?  'Oh, Shawn acts so #### fruity that I've suspected this for a long time now!'  The sad state of affairs is that I am perfectly straight and quite confident in my sexuality.  But, still, I wonder how people'd react to such fake news...

WizardSlayerPosted: 09-15-2001 16:31:11
Probably would get the same reaction after Random Crispy posted that picture that Sam! took.
80-1002268887Posted: 09-15-2001 16:42:45
I wonder what reaction I'd get if I posted this here:


KorivakPosted: 09-15-2001 16:45:52
   If you keep posting that, I'm guessing you'll eventually get banned, and since Rich seems to like those new 90 day long ones, I'd be careful...
80-1002268887Posted: 09-15-2001 16:46:56
Hey, I'm just trying to catch up to Shawn.

Plus, I have yet to post it in a serious thread. =P

RazaelPosted: 09-15-2001 17:39:32
Great. The return of the sock pR0n.

Well, there goes my will to live.

KorivakPosted: 09-16-2001 00:08:16
   You know who has the lamest nick?  Sexay Shawn...I mean, he didn't even bother to change his name or anything.  At least Psycho Sam!'s real name isn't Sam!.
BrawnfirePosted: 09-16-2001 00:17:23
I'd hurt you, but evidently you're joking!  So I will just continue eating my snack cakes.
kwerkeyPosted: 09-16-2001 00:19:08
KorivakPosted: 09-16-2001 00:19:50
   I like dislike pain, but like snack cakes.
BrawnfirePosted: 09-16-2001 00:26:25
I'm evil, so screw me!
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-16-2001 00:39:31
My nickname is based on truth, and has universal appeal, Korivak.  So suck on that.

And Blinky, I can punch you any given time that I so choose to, and currently, I'm leaning towards punching you at the next available time when you are asleep.  So, I would suggest you stop posting that picture.

80-1002268887Posted: 09-16-2001 00:41:47
What picture?
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-16-2001 00:45:28
BrawnfirePosted: 09-16-2001 00:48:39
This one.
RazaelPosted: 09-16-2001 00:50:39
Devil cremes?

You know that any product with the word creme in it doesn't actually have any cream. Or creme. Or whatever.

Screw devil cremes; I want some wafer bars.

BrawnfirePosted: 09-16-2001 00:52:36

This shit is GREAT.
ßetaMantisPosted: 09-16-2001 00:53:53
First point:  No, Brawnfire, I will not have sex with you!  Do you believe this guy?  I'm in the middle of a discussion and he whispers that he's evil and that he should be screwed!  What's the matter with these people!?

Second:  Shawn, I saw - and read to my amusement - that thread.  Also, your alias wasn't majorally Sexay Shawn, so any opinion on it is relatively invalid.  In fact, it hasn't been for half a year yet.

Thirdly:  Sam! is not unsexy.  And he has yet to post his sexy body on any thread denoted serious, or even semi-serious.

Fourthly:  Devil cakes look yummy.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-16-2001 00:57:42
Nevertheless, he is posting the same image time and time again!  That's spam, bitch.

Plus, he is not sexy.  Whether or not he is unsexy is irrelvent to my point.  Har!

ßetaMantisPosted: 09-16-2001 01:02:28
Being unsexy is simply not being sexy.  Whatever part of you is not sexy is inherently unsexy.  So, it does mean everything.
BrawnfirePosted: 09-16-2001 01:04:18
Actually, I think it's based on net ratio of sexiness to unsexiness.
RazaelPosted: 09-16-2001 01:11:43
These days, sexiness seems like such an ARBITRARY thing...
BrawnfirePosted: 09-16-2001 01:23:56
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-16-2001 01:30:16
These days, sexiness seems like such an ARBITRARY thing...

It is when you are posting shirtless pictures of yourself in every single thread of a discussion forum, yes!

RazaelPosted: 09-16-2001 01:33:21
You people scare me.

PLEASE tell me that means the stuff's working.

ßetaMantisPosted: 09-16-2001 01:39:23
I scare everyone for a small period of time.  You'll get used to it.

Wait, you already have been exposed to me - in an online fashion.  But not actually.  And for that, you should be thankful.

Or something.

RazaelPosted: 09-16-2001 01:42:12
Believe me.

Every day, I wake up and thank whatever deities happen to exist today that I haven't met any CWALers or anyone here.

ßetaMantisPosted: 09-16-2001 01:45:50
And yet, I have met nearly enough to pluralise dozen.
MissCheetahPosted: 09-16-2001 02:52:53
I would actually like to meet some people here.  :)
KorivakPosted: 09-16-2001 08:03:33
MissCheetahPosted: 09-16-2001 08:50:48
Possibly a roadtrip..or even a plane..if it seems safe.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-16-2001 09:24:50
If someone could potentially organize a (successful) forum get-together, I'd attend.  I am sure that my usual cronies would, as well.  There are plenty of forumers whom I would like to meet, along with forumers I would simply like to visit with, again.


80-1002268887Posted: 09-16-2001 09:51:04
Sure, I'd attend. I don't care where it is. I was ready to go to the CWAL gathering in Minnesota and whatever Chuck wanted to plan in Niagara Falls before both of those things never happened.
MissCheetahPosted: 09-16-2001 10:08:19
The bad part about planning a trip anytime soon is that it will get cold soon..and snowy.  That makes travel difficult.  
80-1002268887Posted: 09-16-2001 10:16:26
Cold and snowy is fun!

Though I agree that maybe if something were to be planned, it should be planned well ahead of time, and possibly during a time when lots of people have a few days free.

MissCheetahPosted: 09-16-2001 10:28:29
That would mean summer as I doubt most people have the same spring break. far away.  Drat.
MissCheetahPosted: 09-16-2001 10:32:28
It also just occured to me that it does not snow much here..but I only have a 1 bedroom apt and can't house many people.
80-1002268887Posted: 09-16-2001 10:37:06
Exactly what is the big problem with snow anyways? I have to put up with mountains of the stuff for half of the year. I had to climb over a 20 foot high pile of snow every day just to get to work(The corner of the parking lot that I used to get to the store was also the spot where they piled the snow after clearing the lot).
Doesn't bother me none.
KorivakPosted: 09-16-2001 10:41:05
"but I only have a 1 bedroom apt and can't house many people."

   We can all sleep in MC's bedroom!

MissCheetahPosted: 09-16-2001 10:59:50
*fear* umm..many of you would all fit on the living room has wonderful soft squishy carpet and padding...
80-1002268887Posted: 09-16-2001 11:03:15
Well, from his own words we know that ßetaMantis can sleep practically anywhere. =P

Though I'm sure there's at least one hotel in the area. =P

MissCheetahPosted: 09-16-2001 11:14:32
There is a Days Inn 2 miles from my apt :)  That is most likely the cheapest decent place to stay.  I could keep a few people..but..not everyone. If people were here we would have to all go into DC..hmmm maybe to the zoo. I love the zoo.  I don't see why anyone would come here though.  I'm the only one here and I'm not centrally located.  It would be easier for me to go where more of the forumers live.
80-1002268887Posted: 09-16-2001 11:22:03
Coincidentally, I think that there's more Ontarians here than Albertonians now. =P

Last time we tried planning something, Chuck suggested Niagara Falls. I saw no problem with this, as Niagara Falls is a cool place to go.

KorivakPosted: 09-16-2001 11:27:10
   Yes, Niagra Falls is cool, and it's also close to both Ontario and New England...but pretty #### far from California.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-16-2001 11:37:44
Ontario easily has the most centralized population of forumers:  Sexay Shawn, Psycho Sam!, Korivak, Seraph, ßetaMantis, VéKTöR, and others that I am sure I am forgetting.  Random Crispy would probably attend, though he's not a regular poster here.  I doubt ND and Pippy06 would, but they live here as well.
80-1002268887Posted: 09-16-2001 11:40:04
Though Niagara is a bit expensive hotel-wise in the summer.
MissCheetahPosted: 09-16-2001 11:45:29
So we go in June near my b-day while rates are still cheaper.  I have never had a b-day party in my life.  My parents would not let me have friends over.  Its the 29th of June.  A bit before that should be reasonable and I'm sure we could work out something where people share rooms and the cost.
80-1002268887Posted: 09-16-2001 11:50:21
By that time I should have money. =)
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-16-2001 11:53:33
Yay!  A birthday bash for MissCheetah!
MissCheetahPosted: 09-16-2001 11:57:53
That could be fun :)  Everyone will be out of school by mid June. We could possibly do this.  
Proman911Posted: 09-16-2001 12:01:24
I see Tom has revived my Niagra idea =).

I still think that would be a great place for most of us to meet since ALOT of us are in the North Eastern America area and South Eastern Canadian area. Others are a hop skip and a jump away and actually only about 3 hours by train.

I researched it a bit earlier in the year although I never looked into reservations of any kind. I was leaving that task up Tom =).

Also, not sure how you guys would feel about this, but if you wanna do somthing a little more south bound, I'd gladly open my house up for you guys. Its a one of those Split Houses but its nice regardless and quiet spacious. Could easily get like ::: starts counting on figures ::: Like 6 or 8 people where semi-confortably.

80-1002268887Posted: 09-16-2001 12:05:56
Well, it's less a revivl of your idea than it is the inclusion of your idea into a currently brewing one.

And preferably someone else can look up hotel reservations this time. I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing, so I'm sure there's others more well suited to the task. =P

OsirisPosted: 09-16-2001 12:28:00
I have no inclination to meet any of you jerks in person.  I'm sure you all smell bad, too.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-16-2001 12:29:23
*Weeps for humanity*
OsirisPosted: 09-16-2001 12:36:12
Oh, I forgot about you.  I'd meet shawn, but only because he is so damned sexy. I find it very unlikely that I would ever want to dirty my eyes by laying them upon any of you other forumers.
kwerkeyPosted: 09-16-2001 12:38:08
I've got a better idea.  Everybody meets in southern California.  That way, not only can we all storm Blizzard and get our hands on whatever unannounced project they're working on right now (Blizzard North has to be doing something these days, in any case), but I don't have to pay money to go anywhere, either.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-16-2001 12:42:22
kwerkey, that's not a better idea.
80-1002268887Posted: 09-16-2001 12:46:15
Umm kwerkey, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.

In this case, there's many of us who will be getting together where it's convenient so that we can all laugh at your sorry ass.

kwerkeyPosted: 09-16-2001 12:49:46
*points at Ike*



80-1002268887Posted: 09-16-2001 12:56:51
*kwerkeys ass explodes*
Proman911Posted: 09-16-2001 12:58:42
Wow, that was messy
BrawnfirePosted: 09-16-2001 15:04:55
*makes chowder out of pieces of ass*
Proman911Posted: 09-16-2001 16:23:13

Be sure to share brawny =)

RazaelPosted: 09-16-2001 16:48:10
Mmm... Star Crunch... *drool*

And now, in what would be a TOTALLY offtopic post (if this thread HAD a topic):

What ever happened to Dark Franchise II?

KorivakPosted: 09-16-2001 19:23:34
   I think it went into the ass-chowder...
RazaelPosted: 09-16-2001 20:07:50
Ah. Damnit.

I was looking forward to it, too.

KorivakPosted: 09-16-2001 21:10:51
*starts looking for cgi server space again...just in case...*
KorivakPosted: 09-16-2001 21:49:05
*is a Veteran today*
*throws a little party*
TermPosted: 09-16-2001 21:56:58
On a totally unrelated note that's related to the 9/11 events:
1. Type NYC in Microsoft Word, Size 72.
2. Change the font to Webdings.
3. Change the font to Wingdings.
Ladies and gentlemen, here's first-hand evidence that Microsoft is manipulating world events.
KorivakPosted: 09-16-2001 22:00:51
*waves dismissivly*
   Seen it...
kwerkeyPosted: 09-16-2001 22:05:02
I wonder who thought of that Webdings one.
MistressBluePosted: 09-16-2001 22:22:09
Quote: from Osiris on 3:36 am on Sep. 17, 2001
Oh, I forgot about you.  I'd meet shawn, but only because he is so damned sexy. I find it very unlikely that I would ever want to dirty my eyes by laying them upon any of you other forumers.

*rips up the envelope with tickets to Aussie she was sending to Osiris and his family*

kwerkeyPosted: 09-16-2001 22:38:47
Hey!  You could've sent them to Rob, Shawn and me!
Big ZPosted: 09-16-2001 23:07:35
*randomly messages my brother's friend*

*hillarity ensues*

Big Zelisko: I hate you.
Maverick1944: ok
Maverick1944: y is that??
Big Zelisko: I dont need a reason, mister.
Maverick1944: mike??
Big Zelisko: No.
Maverick1944: ok, so what was the point of saying u hate me??
Big Zelisko: *glare*  I think you know.
Maverick1944: ummm...
Maverick1944: not really
Big Zelisko: You must be pretty stupid then, eh?
Maverick1944: no...
Big Zelisko: Liar.
Maverick1944: i don't even talk to u
Maverick1944: what could i have done?
Big Zelisko: The answer is in the pants.  Always the pants...
Maverick1944: in the pants
Maverick1944: right
Maverick1944: sure
Big Zelisko: You're #### right.
Big Zelisko: foolish peasant, do you realize what you've done by ignoring me?
Maverick1944: i'm not ignoring u
Maverick1944: i just have a bunch of convos going
Big Zelisko: LIes!  All lies............
Maverick1944: no
Maverick1944: what the #### r u talking about?
Big Zelisko: *shoves a gigantic potato up your nose*
Maverick1944: ok
Maverick1944: i c
Big Zelisko: Do you really?
Big Zelisko: Random word: boobies.
Maverick1944: what about them?
Big Zelisko: I think you know.
Maverick1944: NO I DON'T!!!
Maverick1944: i have no clue
Big Zelisko: Yes you do.
Maverick1944: will u please just tell me
Big Zelisko: What do you want to know?
Maverick1944: y u hate me?
Maverick1944: and who the fuck SKO72503 is
Big Zelisko: That classified information, dummy.
Big Zelisko: *steals you pants*  bahahahahaha
Big Zelisko: how do you like not having your pants?
Maverick1944: i like it
Maverick1944: thank you
Big Zelisko: You're most welcome.

Not!  You dirty bastard
Maverick1944: ok
Maverick1944: well
Maverick1944: will u just tell me y u hate me
Maverick1944: ??
Big Zelisko: No.
Maverick1944 signed off at 11:24:52 PM.

MissCheetahPosted: 09-16-2001 23:21:18
*giggles* I have a friend that has a tendancy to do that on my comp if I make the mistake of leaving my ICQ up.  He likes to start the conversation by telling everyone on my list "You smell!!"   So if anyone gets strange messages from me that are very out of character..its not me.

(Edited by MissCheetah at 12:22 am on Sep. 17, 2001)

ßetaMantisPosted: 09-17-2001 12:14:16
*gnashes teeth*  You don't have to do it in MS Word, Term.

I remember when DN, Magni and I used to go on each other's ICQ accounts and freak out other CWALers two years past.  *giggles*

Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-17-2001 13:12:30
I have a friend that has a tendancy to do that on my comp if I make the mistake of leaving my ICQ up.  He likes to start the conversation by telling everyone on my list "You smell!!"

I am of the personal opinion that anyone who even remotely considers hijacking a friend's computer to type or post demeaning messages via ICQ or in a certain forum that we all know and love is obviously unfit to live.  It's even worse when the comments are along the lines of 'You smell!' or 'I am covered in poop!' and so forth.  I think that's just low, and people who do that are jerks...

On another random note:

Save Psycho Sam!, people!

Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-17-2001 13:18:02
####!  I failed to post in this thread when I had achieved the mighty glory of 7300 posts...
BrawnfirePosted: 09-17-2001 15:36:45
It's the poop, Shawn.  The poop.
KorivakPosted: 09-19-2001 16:48:59
   Tom lives under my floor boards agian.  If someone post as me between now and next month, it's him.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-19-2001 16:53:03
...or a very clever Sexay Shawn.


RazaelPosted: 09-19-2001 20:02:28
Q: If I got my 100th post (and the red star with it), does that make me a commie?
VéKTöRPosted: 09-19-2001 20:08:13
RazaelPosted: 09-19-2001 20:17:17


DarthNinnyPosted: 09-19-2001 20:54:11
I'm close to being a commie. Does that make you feel better?
FritoPosted: 09-19-2001 21:08:00
I wish I was a commie too. I will be a Novice before I am a commie.
kwerkeyPosted: 09-19-2001 21:16:31
He likes to start the conversation by telling everyone on my list "You smell!!"

*masturbates furiously*

RazaelPosted: 09-19-2001 21:29:08
I DO hope you'll clean up after yourself... *retch*
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-22-2001 21:09:23
Random thought:

Jesus, the forum is a depressing place, tonight. And why has every single thread degenerated into an argument about me, anyway? Oh, right. Because of Ravage!. But, still...

(Edited by Sexay Shawn at 10:09 pm on Sep. 22, 2001)

DarthNinnyPosted: 09-22-2001 21:15:04
I tried posting something with humour in it and it got all into a debate and turned depressing again. :(

I mean think about Bush saying that stuff! Think about it! He's been acting like a little girl who just got her first bra!

Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-22-2001 21:18:59

Now if that's not offensive, what is?!


In any event, I remember once showing this forum to Kazz while I was still pressuring CWALers into posting here (I managed to drag quite a few over, actually). He made an account, and said 'There sure are a lot of unhappy people over there,' or something similar, and never ended up posting here. It's quite sad when we depress Kazz so much that he doesn't want to post here...

DarthNinnyPosted: 09-22-2001 21:55:48
Now that is a depressing thought.

Kazz, depressed = depressing.

THAT's redundant!

RStefan01Posted: 09-23-2001 04:17:34
Random note: The american flag images in both the forum logo and the flag icon on the main page of the site each have 58 stars! The flag in my signature, on the other hand, has the correct amount of stars.
68-1002268792Posted: 09-23-2001 08:18:33
Woohoo! We have 8 more states!
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-23-2001 11:02:17
You guys didn't consume Canada and add it to the collective while I wasn't looking, did you?

I hate it when that happens!

RaiderPosted: 09-23-2001 15:41:52
Note: Homework sucks. That is all.
BrawnfirePosted: 09-23-2001 15:59:14


< /note >


Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-23-2001 17:01:57
Ah, frustration.

How I understand thee...

TermPosted: 09-23-2001 17:09:35
On yet Another completely unrelated note; presenting: The Exploding Ass Of kwerkey!!!!
Yes! Since i wanted to beat Toosy to it, and didn't have much time before he's unbanned;
Tadaa. Made by Tossy inc., I thught it was kinda funny. Ass-tastic, as it seems. Ofcourse it has about .3 seconds of playing time, but hey!
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-23-2001 17:53:11

Best. Image. Ever.

BrawnfirePosted: 09-23-2001 17:58:38
Crazy SomethingAwful guys.
TermPosted: 09-24-2001 16:04:24
My Coca Cola tower is a bit more than 7 stories high, Each level is 3x4 cans.
12*7 = 84. And I haven't had this for a while. I know Bevy's tower is probably a lot bigger, but hey, I just started.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-24-2001 16:42:54
*Turns into the Count*

Tree! Ha ha ha. Tree gowd stars!

RStefan01Posted: 09-24-2001 16:48:36
There's a guy in one of my classes that looks like Bill Roper. Sadly, I had the image of goat roper in my head.. until I fell asleep that is. Review days are great like that.
80-1002268887Posted: 09-24-2001 17:09:58
Oh, and in case anyone cares, I'm now living in the crawlspace underneath Korivak's kitchen/living room again.

Hopefully, I'll have my own place soon.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-24-2001 17:11:15
You should change your signature before I create one equally as annoying!
80-1002268887Posted: 09-24-2001 17:16:04
Is that more to your liking sir?
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-24-2001 17:30:19
80-1002268887Posted: 09-24-2001 22:11:50
I am going to sleep now.
80-1002268887Posted: 09-24-2001 22:16:52
Oh, and whoever it was who came up with the idea to have Christopher Walken dancing around for no reason in a music video is quite possibly the worlds greatest genious.

That is all.


MistressBluePosted: 09-24-2001 22:53:21
Yep i love it!!!
I was just watching it on my tv actually.
RazaelPosted: 09-24-2001 22:54:12
What channel and when?
MistressBluePosted: 09-24-2001 23:00:29
I encoded it into vcd and put it on a disk to play on my dvd player.
And even if I did watch it on television it wouldnt help you seeing I live in Australia.
RazaelPosted: 09-24-2001 23:09:33
80-1002268887Posted: 09-25-2001 09:04:59
Anyhoo, it's uploaded here.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-25-2001 11:42:04
It's a Fatboy Slim video, Raz. I've been telling friends about it for months and now Sam! has finally downloaded it, hehe. You'd think it would have happened sooner considering we're all a bunch of crazy Christopher Walken fanatics...
RazaelPosted: 09-25-2001 15:29:28
Thankee. I'll snag it while I'm off at my CS class.
RStefan01Posted: 09-25-2001 19:23:42

I may or may not have taken a picture of a picture we ran at work with my digital camera, and there's a possibility that it's the above picture.

That thing is insane.

RazaelPosted: 09-26-2001 01:02:46
Too much ... reflection... in eyes... I'M BLIND!

... Oh yeah, and the Fatboy Slim video kicked ass.

DarthNinnyPosted: 09-26-2001 16:51:05
That bike is pretty cool.

Someday when I have more money I will buy a Harely Roadster. I will! BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!

80-1002268887Posted: 09-27-2001 18:58:12
Hod, I'm freezing... And I'm in the warmest room in the house...

In an attempt to fight off my alergies caused by Korivak's dogs, and the fact that it was already fighting whatever's on my tongue, My immune system seems to have let a cold slip by.

Came on rather fast as well. As Shawn knows, I wasn't feeling terribly bad yesterday.

THis is irritating, cause I don't think I've gotten a cold in the last several years.  Sure I've had the flu twice, and my tongue thing, but that's all I've had.

Guess this means I'm mortal after all... heh...

BrawnfirePosted: 09-27-2001 20:00:41
Mortal, eh?


Yes.  Mortal.

OsirisPosted: 09-27-2001 20:14:39
You look through your customer's photos?

Uh oh

RStefan01Posted: 09-27-2001 20:18:20
Actually, we do. We make sure that they turn out, and we don't charge for ones that don't. We also have to make sure there isn't any child pornography in there (adult pornography is just fine though, and we'd be more than happy to develop it!).
DebtAngelPosted: 09-27-2001 21:23:34
What, you think it was the magic machine's fault that your photos keep turning out green, Osiris? :biggrin:

Seriously though, if your pictures are a little green, or have a random snowstorm on them, chances are the guy running the print machine screwed up. I can say this with a little authority, seeing as I did work in Photolab for a while.

There is a surprising amount that is actually under the photo finisher's control. The thing is, the photo finishers are usually so busy, they usually just hit NEXT, NEXT, NEXT without looking hard at the photos. I usually took about 3/4 of a second per print. Then the person that takes them off the rack flips through the entire set in about three seconds.

So yes, we do look at the prints for "quality assurance". and to see neat stuff. Like a fully functional Batmobile. That set of prints was nifty. :)

KorivakPosted: 10-01-2001 10:50:48
Item 1: I'm back home again.
Item 2: My birthday was yesterday.
Item 3: I'm 20 now.
Item 4: There is no Item 4.
Item 5: Dancing Walkin is man-tastic!
Sexay ShawnPosted: 10-01-2001 10:52:14
I told you Dancin' Walken (that's how you spell his name when you're not incompitent) was man-tastic, but you didn't listen! At least Blinky eventually downloaded the damned thing.
ßetaMantisPosted: 10-01-2001 10:52:57
Welcome to the third decade of your life and the end of teenagerness.
ßetaMantisPosted: 10-01-2001 10:57:29
Well, the competent people spell incompetent with only one i.
80-1002268887Posted: 10-01-2001 11:03:36
You suck arse ßetaMantis...
ßetaMantisPosted: 10-01-2001 11:06:32
Right, like you would have not said that if I didn't!
FritoPosted: 10-01-2001 11:37:03
Dave: Yup this nailgun is mighty nifty. Looks like something is stuck in the place where the nails come out.

Tom: Let me see what it is.

Dave: Okay.

Tom: YOu shot me in the eye with a nail gun.

Dave: I am sorry.

Tom: I accept your apology, lets have tea before I bleed to death.


KorivakPosted: 10-01-2001 11:40:35
   Best story ever!  Twist ending!  A look into the human side of death!  I want to buy the movie rights!
FritoPosted: 10-01-2001 11:46:39
I will never give them away. You most likely would end with Dave and TOm getting married and getting a house in the suburbs only to divorce apon finding they were both heterosexual males, ignoring the blatent undertone of how a personal relationship in god leads to you getting knocked up with the next messiah.
KorivakPosted: 10-06-2001 00:43:05
   I love the way that this is the 2864th thread in a forum with 192 threads...
RStefan01Posted: 10-06-2001 00:57:52
Yeah. When it imported the old files into the new database format, the post numbers started at 0.
KorivakPosted: 10-08-2001 22:08:55
*dances for money*
BevyPosted: 10-09-2001 00:07:59

KorivakPosted: 10-14-2001 10:38:38
   You moron.  Everyone knows that X=42.  *smack!*  Go read the Guide again.
RazaelPosted: 10-14-2001 11:21:07

I just watched that music video with the Dancin' Walken in it again...

is it just me, or are others gettin' kind of a Dune vibe from the lyrics?
KorivakPosted: 10-14-2001 15:41:58
"is it just me, or are others gettin' kind of a Dune vibe from the lyrics?"
   Considering the lyrics include several direct quotes from the book, I would say it's not just you...
BevyPosted: 10-14-2001 16:08:50
There's a guy named Korivak on CNN.
KorivakPosted: 10-17-2001 20:47:13
   I didn't know I was that famous...but seriously, are you sure?
smacintyrePosted: 10-17-2001 21:25:52
if you read this, you suck.
If you wish to refute this assumption, Korivak wants to hear from you by email.
KorivakPosted: 10-18-2001 12:10:40
   Ug...just what i need: MORE email.  Spam smacintyre instead.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 10-18-2001 15:03:21
Speaking of methods of communication: How come we never talk anymore? There was that one day you were going to come over, but never did/called. Hrm. I haven't spoken to you since then, either! What gives, yo?
BevyPosted: 10-18-2001 17:01:53
Happy days are here again.
KorivakPosted: 10-20-2001 12:07:59
"Speaking of methods of communication: How come we never talk anymore? There was that one day you were going to come over, but never did/called. Hrm. I haven't spoken to you since then, either! What gives, yo?"
   I hate people, remember?
Sexay ShawnPosted: 10-20-2001 13:13:32
True, but by this point I had been given the impression that I was an exception -- like Blinky, or Ass Man, or ND, or Pippy, or The Judith, or my rats. Erm, forget the rats...
ßetaMantisPosted: 10-20-2001 13:34:50
Oooo, can I be exceptional?  I am not just any person!  Or so people who call me weird mean, I guess.
KorivakPosted: 10-20-2001 13:53:41
   Sure, just move to Nepean and spend lots of time with me, and I might like you and add you to the Short List™.
ßetaMantisPosted: 10-20-2001 14:02:34
Can we forego the moving to Nepean (know known as Ottawa, silly) part?
80-1002268887Posted: 10-20-2001 14:08:27
No, you must move to Ottawa. Right now.

Unfortunately, there's no room in my house this time, so you'll probably have to move in with Shawn, or live underneath Korivak's living room(Though it's still full of my junk).
KorivakPosted: 10-20-2001 14:12:36
   No, if you want to be my friend, you have to be my friend in real life.  I have exactly one internet friend I really like, and keep telling her to come visit me IRL because the internet is just for fooling around, whereas real life is...well, real.
   In other news, even though the whole city is called Ottawa, the part of the city that I live in and spend almost all my time in is called Nepean.  If you want to go into semantics, I could just describe the area that I live in as "the portion of the New City Of Ottawa™ that is located between Merivale and the 416, south of Baseline, north of West Hunt Club, and including Bells Corners".  Or, I could replace that 28 word long concept with the single word "Nepean".  And so, in conclusion, eat shit and die.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 10-20-2001 14:16:02
Either Korivak is irritable today, or his signature really does speak the truth. I can't tell. My mind, it boggles!

And now, just to be a delicious jerk:

Sure, just move to Nepean and spend lots of time with me, and I might like you and add you to the Short List™.

Am I on the Short List™ of people you don't hate? If so, your explanation of why we haven't spoken this week doesn't hold water.

*Obnoxious grin*
RStefan01Posted: 10-20-2001 14:31:40
KorivakPosted: 10-20-2001 14:33:43
"Either Korivak is irritable today, or his signature really does speak the truth. I can't tell. My mind, it boggles!"
   It's all signature, baby...
Sexay ShawnPosted: 10-20-2001 14:36:06

Q~Bert: $%&#!
RStefan01Posted: 10-20-2001 14:38:06
What you say !!
ßetaMantisPosted: 10-20-2001 14:44:44
Are those the actual four symbols used in Q-Bert?
BevyPosted: 10-20-2001 16:26:14
SM> Isn't ND his girlfriend?

Andy or something?

No, nevermind, Korvak'sGirl is his girlfriend.

Hmm... ND is somebody's girlfriend, I'm sure. Unless you meant DN, in which case the name NarthDinny comes to mind...
80-1002268887Posted: 10-20-2001 22:03:15
Oh my god bear is driving! How can that be!?
80-1002268887Posted: 10-20-2001 22:31:18
On a more serious, and slightly sadder note, had my sister survived more than a few days(She had a heart condition, and was born before heart transplants were possible), today would have been her 18th birthday.

Really makes me wonder what my life would have been like had she survived to today. For starters, we wouldn't live here, since the house would be too small. That's just one of the things that I can think of...
KorivakPosted: 10-20-2001 23:02:00
   For the record:
   1 - I currently have no girlfriend.
   2 - I have a friend, who may or may not also happen to be female, who is named Andie (or ND online).
   3 - There is not and never was a "Korivaksgirl"'re thinking of Packheadsgirl.
   4 - I am not in a relationship with Darth Ninny or Dark Nexus.
   5 - I like boobies.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 10-20-2001 23:13:34
Are those the actual four symbols used in Q-Bert?

I don't know!

On a more serious, and slightly sadder note, had my sister survived more than a few days(She had a heart condition, and was born before heart transplants were possible), today would have been her 18th birthday.

You know this already, but...

My oldest brother, Mark, is adopted. The reason he is adopted is due to the fact that my mother's first attempt to have a child with my father failed. The fetus was destroyed by natural antibodies while still inside of her womb. She was obviously traumatised enough to adopt, and eventually tried again to have child, resulting in Tom. Then, me. Still, it's odd knowing that I would have had a maternal oldest brother. If he was born successfully, my parents wouldn't have adopted Mark, either.
KorivakPosted: 10-20-2001 23:16:09
   I also have an older brother, Daniel, who would be one year older than me if he had lived.  But then, I never would have been born...
BevyPosted: 10-20-2001 23:31:43
Korivak> Yeah, packhead'sgirl is who I'm thinking of.

Weren't you and ND going together for awhile though or something? You were, I'm sure of it, because you and ND both got mad at SM because you guys thought he was trying to come between you and get with ND.

Saturday Night Fever is on.

Well you can tell by the way I use my walk, I'm a woman's man, not ime to talk...
KorivakPosted: 10-20-2001 23:35:48
   Wow!  You know even more about my personal life than I do!  How could I have forgotten all that stuff?  I must be having a senior moment.  Thank you for reminding me about what my relationship with Andie and Shawn was really like!

*points firmly at sig, just in case the overwhelming stench of sarcasm didn't come through*
BevyPosted: 10-20-2001 23:51:46
"*points firmly at sig, just in case the overwhelming stench of sarcasm didn't come through*"

Don't worry, it definitely did. =p

If only I could remember boring stuff from months long ago during finals... =)
ßetaMantisPosted: 10-20-2001 23:51:55
*slaps Korivak*

DarthNinny's abbreviation is DNY.  Get it right.  The reasoning is DN was already taken (by Dark Nexus, of course).
BevyPosted: 10-20-2001 23:54:15
Kinda like stocks.

Actually, I've always known DN as DN, and I will continue to abbreviate it like that because I don't know the other DN.
80-1002268887Posted: 10-20-2001 23:55:07
Well, sorry Bevy, DNY has been DNY forever, and that's his abbrev.
BevyPosted: 10-20-2001 23:59:38
It doesn't matter.

I've said DN here (and I'm sure I've seen quite a few others refer to him as DN) and people knew what I meant, and DNY being (apparently) the "way it is" doesn't mean a thing to me.
kwerkeyPosted: 10-21-2001 00:01:22
So you'll type "MetallicA" because a picture makes it look like the A is capitalized (but in text, it's not), while when DNY abbreviates it that way, you refuse?

I fail to see your logic.
80-1002268887Posted: 10-21-2001 00:02:00
OK, but every time you say it, there will be people around who know his as DNY and will point this out, so you might as well just say it, since nobody's going to stop.
BevyPosted: 10-21-2001 00:07:59
I've always said DN and many other people here have since he got here and the whole DNY issue never came up. Besides, if it gets you bastards this riled up I may as well do it for fun.

kwerkey> Are you asking if there's a method to my madness?
80-1002268887Posted: 10-21-2001 00:11:40
Oh, I'm not riled up, I'm just doing this out of principle.
ßetaMantisPosted: 10-21-2001 00:12:19
I believe my parents were married at the time in question.  But then again, I don't get riled up . . . often.

When you say DN, Bevy, I think of Dark Nexus.  So, if you ever say DN and it seems (CWALers, anyway) agree with you, it might be because they think you're thinking of someone else entirely.  *smirks*

Your blatant disregard for convention - while not wrong - will be incredibly inconvenient and allow for a multitude of misinterpretations.
BevyPosted: 10-21-2001 00:18:04

I find that somehow... amusing.

Of course, I wouldn't care if anybody misinterprets anythign I say having to do with Darth Ninny, so it's ok.
80-1002268887Posted: 10-21-2001 00:20:18
Oh, I do alot of things on principle. It's one of my major motivations for doing anything, actually.
BevyPosted: 10-21-2001 00:23:04
If you told me that you wear a plaid t-shirt over a random base color t-shirt everyday out of principle, I would laugh.

I'm not saying you would say something like that, or that you necessarily do, but it's the first thing that came to my mind.
80-1002268887Posted: 10-21-2001 00:31:09
No, I wear that because that's how I like to dress.

I wear one black sock and one white sock on principle though. People kept noticing one day when I didn't have any matching socks to wear, so I can't really stop wearing them, can I?
BevyPosted: 10-21-2001 00:33:14
My opinion right now is that you're acting too seriously.
80-1002268887Posted: 10-21-2001 00:41:42
And my opinion is that I don't really care enough, therefore I absolutely have to do it.
kwerkeyPosted: 10-21-2001 01:14:18
Bevy's right.  We shouldn't have to use the right words to describe the right phalluses.  It's hard enough to remember the water that we have to now, so we can be expected to Johnson some grunts now and then.  Besides, it's not really that book to checker about.  Some people just get way too beanbag out of underwear.
80-1002268887Posted: 10-21-2001 01:18:57
kwerkey, you so pineapple.
kwerkeyPosted: 10-21-2001 01:55:02
Yeah, but keyboard sticks dime!
Sexay ShawnPosted: 10-21-2001 09:11:09
You were, I'm sure of it, because you and ND both got mad at SM because you guys thought he was trying to come between you and get with ND.

*Tries to reply, but is laughing too hard*

Actually, I've always known DN as DN, and I will continue to abbreviate it like that because I don't know the other DN.

DarthNinny refers to himself as 'DNY' -- even in this forum. You can continue dubbing him 'DN' if you so wish, but most of the forumers here will assume you're referring to Dark Nexus. You'll either have to use endless disclaimers (which is really only inconveniencing yourself), or live with the fact that you'll be shunned like Nighteye, who also enjoys giving words his own definitions. And who wants to be like Eye of the Night?

80-1002268887Posted: 10-21-2001 10:53:43
Oh, and for anyone who didn't get my bear comment, I have stuck Clerks episode 4 up on Spankotron in case anybody wants it.

I can't get it to play, but I think my codec's are messed up or something.
KorivakPosted: 10-21-2001 11:33:25
   I know that DN and DNY are two different people...I just wanted to make it as clear as possible that I'm not in a relationship with anyone that has initials even slightly resembeling ND or DN.  Plus, the message I was replying to made specific reference to "NarthDinny"...
Sexay ShawnPosted: 10-22-2001 23:07:52
Random bitching: I never get to see my friends anymore. I haven't seen any of them in a week and a half, at the very least. And they keep getting together and forging new and exciting inside jokes by watching movies and series' that I had wanted to see. Not that I'm bitter. On a semi-related note, I've rationalized that the only logical solution is to kill the whole lot of 'em so my fragile ego feels better.
kwerkeyPosted: 10-22-2001 23:12:50
That, or you could go 'work' overtime.
KorivakPosted: 10-22-2001 23:13:45
   We still love you!
Sexay ShawnPosted: 10-23-2001 00:00:11
*Covers face with one hand while waving Korivak away with the other*

Nono, you hate me. Admit it. I understand.

*Runs out of the room, sobbing*
KorivakPosted: 10-23-2001 21:45:18
   ...that is all.
BevyPosted: 10-23-2001 23:21:59
Quote from Sexay Shawn, posted on Oct. 23 2001, 05:07
Random bitching: I never get to see my friends anymore. I haven't seen any of them in a week and a half, at the very least. And they keep getting together and forging new and exciting inside jokes by watching movies and series' that I had wanted to see. Not that I'm bitter. On a semi-related note, I've rationalized that the only logical solution is to kill the whole lot of 'em so my fragile ego feels better.

You know what sucks even worse than knowing they're out having fun? When you finally get around them for awhile and they're reminiscing upon the times when everyone but you was there. "Oh remember this?" and "Oh remember that?" and then a bunch of laughing.

I'm not talking about anything specific.
KorivakPosted: 10-23-2001 23:26:50
   If he weren't so busy working, he could be a bum like the rest of us...
Sexay ShawnPosted: 10-23-2001 23:47:18
You know what sucks even worse than knowing they're out having fun? When you finally get around them for awhile and they're reminiscing upon the times when everyone but you was there. "Oh remember this?" and "Oh remember that?" and then a bunch of laughing.

This is essentially what I was referring to when I spoke of the new inside jokes being forged...

BevyPosted: 10-23-2001 23:55:02
And every little amusing thing is always coincidentally a "had to be there" thing.

I almost make it sound like people who do this to people are doing it specifically against the outcast.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 10-24-2001 00:01:57
Of course, I am not an outcast, per se.

I've simply been incredibly fucking busy.

I don't work tomorrow, though. For the first time in a week and a half of nothing but school/work, and no friends at all.

At least I love my job, though. That makes it worthwhile...
BevyPosted: 10-24-2001 00:04:30
Outcast simply meant the one in the group that's not so much in the group at a moment or something.

I was typing fast and not thinking.


Durin - "I can actually type faster than I can think!"
Bevy - "That explains a few things..."
Sexay ShawnPosted: 10-24-2001 00:13:34
Durin - "I can actually type faster than I can think!"
Bevy - "That explains a few things..."

*Laughs out loud*
ßetaMantisPosted: 10-24-2001 05:59:27
*laughs hard at that one*

I wish I could type/write/speak/communicate in general as fast as I could think.  It would save a LOT of time.  I try to communicate that fast, but fail miserably and make myself incoherent often as well.
KorivakPosted: 10-24-2001 23:49:21
   In other news, I bought this.  Flash tour here.
XelPosted: 10-25-2001 16:27:58
I wish I was a duck.

Life would be so much simpler.
KorivakPosted: 10-25-2001 23:25:43
NetRanger[TG]Posted: 10-26-2001 11:40:58
this is a random thread
[nevermind, thats how i got banned 2 years ago]
ßetaMantisPosted: 10-26-2001 11:42:01
You're right.
TermPosted: 10-26-2001 17:50:40
Yes, this is quite a random thread indeed.
ßetaMantisPosted: 10-27-2001 01:34:42
You changed it NetRanger, you jerk!  He said this is not a random thread.  THAT is right.  *grins*
BevyPosted: 10-27-2001 02:02:15

it has the name "Random Thread #2864", and it's classified with the number 2864, so.. it's not random at all, actually.
RStefan01Posted: 10-27-2001 02:10:35
it's classified with the number 2864

Not any more. Now it's topic 37. When the forum converted old posts, it ignored the original thread numbers and started at 1.
BevyPosted: 10-27-2001 02:11:32
I'm talking about the content of the title.
KorivakPosted: 10-27-2001 11:06:56
   It was once the 2864th thread, and in our hearts, it shall always be so.
TermPosted: 10-29-2001 16:36:54
I'm shocked that I didn't get the Village Idiot title first =(
Also Z's signature is the guy who was (supposedly) standing on top of the WTC, ofcourse by now everyone knows that. Sorry folks, I couldn't think of anything more random to pollute this thread with.
BevyPosted: 10-29-2001 16:40:54
NO IT's NOT!!!!!!!


It is *clearly* VektoR!!!!!!

80-1002268887Posted: 10-29-2001 17:04:06
Damn, Ottawa's facing a hedgehog shortage! Now I'm going to have to look through the paper to find some breeders. Cause of the WTC incident, no pet stores have recieved their shipments of Hedgehogs for a while now.

Ah well. Maybe I'll save up and get a ferret. =P
Proman911Posted: 10-30-2001 18:02:53
I was going to post this in the "Polluting the Gene poll" thread but that thread is progressing so nicely it would be a shame to post any off topic thoughts in that thread.

I wanted to ask ... where is the real Beta? He's acting unusually agreeable tonight. Don't get me wrong, I like this side of him but I have to admit I am looking for Pods right now!
80-1002268887Posted: 10-30-2001 18:07:30
OK, I've rechecked my budget for the month, and a hedgehog is a much better choice at the moment. If I were to get a ferret, I'd have to take the Trigun boxed dvd set and a router, and those would both be very useful. Plus I have more miscelaneous spending cash this way, and I wanted a hedgehog to begin with.

Maybe some time in the future I'll get that ferret...
ßetaMantisPosted: 10-30-2001 18:08:23
Simple:  I agree with that which makes sense.  I don't with that which doesn't.

Funny how people assume I let petty emotions get in the way.

You happened to make sense.
Proman911Posted: 10-30-2001 18:11:45
I was not making it out to sound emtional.

It was actually a compliment in a twisted way.
80-1002268887Posted: 10-30-2001 18:39:11
Also, I really enjoyed this comic and thought I'd share it with you:

ßetaMantisPosted: 10-30-2001 20:28:57
I didn't mean there specifically, Proman.  I meant in general.  Of course, you had no way of absolutely knowing that . . . but still.
Proman911Posted: 10-30-2001 20:35:29
I probably could have infered
ßetaMantisPosted: 10-30-2001 20:43:18
No, I think you were fine.

*grins*  You didn't assume.
Proman911Posted: 10-30-2001 20:58:42
Well, we all know what people say about people who assume =)
ßetaMantisPosted: 10-30-2001 21:06:06
I know what I say.

Unsaid assumptions are the worst and most common of all mistakes.
80-1002268887Posted: 10-30-2001 21:14:03
Chuck, I believe it's spelled 'assforume'...
kwerkeyPosted: 11-04-2001 22:39:44
This is an announcement

man pages are our friends.

That is all.

*continues setting up PPP, the correct way this time*
DebtAngelPosted: 11-05-2001 22:57:57
Yes, man is fun. So is apropos. And once I figured out the syntax for find, I found it rather handy as well.
ZPosted: 11-05-2001 23:05:19
the dude in my sig IS Vektor

cuz i have no idea what he is
Proman911Posted: 11-05-2001 23:55:27
In other news

*puckers to scream*

Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-06-2001 05:42:42
You pucker up when you scream?
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-06-2001 07:51:33
I know I typically pucker up only when kissing someone . . .
Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-06-2001 11:32:49
The good news is that I am now picturing Proman911 making a ridiculously stupid face, and chuckling...
Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-09-2001 23:51:09

Ah, morephuziz...
KorivakPosted: 11-10-2001 03:40:04
   Well played, clerks...
TermPosted: 11-10-2001 21:26:28
Someone get on USEast D2X. I'm bored.
KorivakPosted: 11-11-2001 01:36:20
   In other news, my ThinkPad shipped Friday.
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-11-2001 13:42:47
*reads the "Well played, clerks" line and laughs*

I love that character.  Blowing everything out of proportion . . .

. . . or IS he?
Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-11-2001 18:57:36
Eye of the NightPosted: 11-11-2001 19:28:25
If I only assume I'm assuming, am I assuming?  :p
KorivakPosted: 11-11-2001 21:23:36
   I believe that's called making an "assforume"...
kwerkeyPosted: 11-11-2001 21:26:12
Forum:  "Shut up, Nighteye"
KorivakPosted: 11-11-2001 23:42:35
   I was discussing forum politics with smac and thought back to the Sanctuary Saga from last June.  I looked it up in the Forum Access happens to start on the 14th from the bottom post on the 14th page.  "Shhh!  Get back in my pants!" has got to be the single best sentence I've ever posted.  Ah, those were the days...maybe I'll get a server account for Christmas and try that whole "forum" thing again...
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-12-2001 08:43:30
If I only assume I'm assuming, am I assuming?

80-1002268887Posted: 11-12-2001 12:07:17
Well, if Fluufly wasn't virus ridden and on an ISP that limits her upstream to 15k/sec, you could host your forum there, but I think there's something messed up hardware-wise too, so no server at all until she's fixed.
80-1002268887Posted: 11-12-2001 13:10:43
On another note, I've got to get downtown now.  I need to take an oath or something to get my 'secret' security clearance, and the guy leaves at 4, and it takes about an hour or so to get there, so I'm heading out now.

Ciao folks!
ZPosted: 11-12-2001 18:47:11
*autocannons train on sam*

Robot Voice: State Identity in 10 seconds or be Ventilated!!!
DebtAngelPosted: 11-12-2001 22:14:25
I can't be bothered to find the wrestling thread(s).

Did anybody else watch Raw tonight, and find the Rock and Stone Cold bit at the end to be a little on the, idunno, disturbing side? In a Honky Tonk Man kind of way?

Edit: Apparently they did that at a House show on the weekend, and I guess they thought it went so well, they'd do it again on RAW. Wackiness.
KorivakPosted: 11-13-2001 00:15:49
   Ten pages!  I never imagined that Random Thread #2864 would be so sucessful...
Proman911Posted: 11-13-2001 00:18:47
Every day I looked at this thread recently I was like

"WHat, its not on page 10 yet???? HOW!?!?!?!"

Oh, to Austin and Rock, it was distrubing

I was sitting there like WTF is going on here!
kwerkeyPosted: 11-13-2001 00:21:29
*watches Lexx 1*

This quite different from the Sci-Fi series.

Eva Habermann is hot, though.  So that makes up for all the differences. =p
KorivakPosted: 11-13-2001 00:22:01
   Normally I'm totally uninterested in the WWF and their ilk, but I'm curious...what's this "disturbing" thing now?
Proman911Posted: 11-13-2001 00:29:33
Rocky goated Austin to comming out to finish "unfinished buissness from Wrestle Mania".

After Austin came out, Rock and Austin goated each other for a while each swipping the mic while the other was speaking.

Finally Austin started singing in the mic and then Rock did the same. The ended with a duet and then Rocky choak slammed Austin.

Kurt jumped in to defned Austin and then Y2J did the same to help Rocky.

Y2J had the perfect oppurnity to slam Rocky again and didn't. So that went to say Kurt and Austin were on the same page as was Y2J and Rocky.

The swipping mic thing and signing thing went on for about 12 minutes and it was distrubing.
KorivakPosted: 11-13-2001 00:32:09
   Singing?  What were they singing?
RStefan01Posted: 11-13-2001 04:36:28
Did RAW run late or something? My VCR didn't catch the last few minutes of the show :(

It cut off right after The Rock told Austin that his breath smelled like strudel (rofl!). I read about the rest on lordsofpain though.
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-13-2001 06:36:24
*giggles at Proman's latest reply*

It's too funny . . .
Proman911Posted: 11-13-2001 10:35:19
It ran about 15 minutes over
Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-13-2001 11:13:37
Methinks he was giggling at your total of twelve (by my count, anyhow) spelling errors.  Not to mention your, erm, interesting grammar.  *grins*  This is merely a theory on my part, though.  Don't shoot the proverbial messenger.
84-1002268939Posted: 11-13-2001 11:22:59

ok then!
Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-13-2001 11:35:30
Eye of the NightPosted: 11-13-2001 15:40:44
Quote from ßetaMantis, posted on Nov. 12 2001, 15:43
If I only assume I'm assuming, am I assuming?


That would be the obvious answer, but I don't think it's the right one...have you checked every word in the question? *grin*

First try explaining the reasoning behind yours, and then I'll give mine if necessary. It's like a little riddle ;)
DebtAngelPosted: 11-13-2001 16:15:16

It was the Rock Bottom, not the Choke Slam. The Rock is not tall enough to do a decent Choke Slam.

And I got disturbed right when Stone Cold started to sing. Wrestlers shouldn't sing; especially those with Stone Colds oh-so-lovely singing voice.

And NightEye,

If you were only assuming you were assuming, then kwerkeys assumption that you are indeed assuming is a perfectly valid, and ultimately correct assumption.

I mean, you certainly are making an ass of you and not me.

Eye of the NightPosted: 11-13-2001 17:10:49
You're overlooking something of prime importance...I won't tell what it is, though, not until some more have answered.
Proman911Posted: 11-13-2001 20:50:56
Quote from Sexay Shawn, posted on Nov. 13 2001, 12:13
Methinks he was giggling at your total of twelve (by my count, anyhow) spelling errors.  Not to mention your, erm, interesting grammar.  *grins*  This is merely a theory on my part, though.  Don't shoot the proverbial messenger.

Just go to hell, would you

oh wait, your already there

Then just let hell freeze over with you there!
MissCheetahPosted: 11-14-2001 00:14:42
I was just chatting with Korivak on ICQ he said he will be in small cabin with no phone or power lines in the middle of a forest when his ban ends, so he just wanted me to say goodbye to everyone from him, and tell them he won't be online for about a week.

ßetaMantisPosted: 11-14-2001 08:22:26
Proman, Shawn was right.  And he's not in hell, unless Earth is hell.

Eye of the Night, the first bit in your question is "If I only assume".  Therefore, you are assuming.
84-1002268939Posted: 11-14-2001 14:23:41
where can I download the newest versioz of PowerHz?>?
DebtAngelPosted: 11-14-2001 14:40:19
Hey look, every thread on the forum was last replied to by slack jaw...

I smell a ban comin' on. :)
84-1002268939Posted: 11-14-2001 14:42:01
DebtAngelPosted: 11-14-2001 14:42:28
(double posts)

Oh, and NightEye, I actually do get what you're trying to do, and even if you are anly assuming you are assuming, you could never be unassuming, so therefore you must be assuming.

Or at least that's my assumption.

And look, your assumption made an ass out of you and not me. Therefore, I can only assume that you assume way too much.
84-1002268939Posted: 11-14-2001 14:43:23
i dont know what you're about cause I haent talked to you at all yet
Eye of the NightPosted: 11-15-2001 02:17:14
Quote from ßetaMantis, posted on Nov. 14 2001, 15:22
Eye of the Night, the first bit in your question is "If I only assume".  Therefore, you are assuming.

Beta, the trick is in the word "only". If you only assume something, then that something isn't true. DebtAngel did get that part right.

However, if you only assume you're assuming, you're both assuming and not assuming, in a way kind of similar to someone saying "I am now lying". It can neither be true or false, and as such, the only answer is that it's not determinable.
KorivakPosted: 11-15-2001 07:31:38
   As MC said, I'm going to be away for a week or so.  Rich unbanned me early, so I have about half an hour of posting time before I have to start packing and getting ready to go.
   In other news, the ThinkPad I've been going on and on about arrived at my friend's house yesterday, so I should have it in my little hands in about eight hours.  Maybe I'll be able to use it to post with today and tomorrow, but not after I get in to the woods.
MissCheetahPosted: 11-15-2001 11:03:27

Random event:  Its 73 degrees and the boss does not want to come to work today. He just called and told me I can take the rest of the day off. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

*runs away to wash and detail her car*

KorivakPosted: 11-15-2001 11:06:32
*gets to see his old friend and pick up his brand new ThinkPad today*
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-15-2001 11:47:45
Eye of the Night, it doesn't matter.

"If I only assume" is saying "on the condition I assume and nothing else".  You are admitting, as a condition for this situation, that you are assuming.  Whether that's the only thing you are doing are not is irrelevent to the question "Are you assuming?".\n\n
Eye of the NightPosted: 11-15-2001 15:43:45
That's just half of it, Beta. If you only assume something, it isn't true/real.
OsirisPosted: 11-15-2001 16:04:21
My brain just exploded.

I assume the earth rotates around the sun, because although I never actually tested the theory myself, nor have I journeyed into space and witnessed it for myself, I assume astronomers know what they're talking about.
MistressBluePosted: 11-15-2001 16:11:11
*predicts another day of bannings*

If you lot dont get your ass's out of his "Forum Access" thread you may need to go find Sanctuary.
Eye of the NightPosted: 11-15-2001 16:58:19
Quote from Osiris, posted on Nov. 15 2001, 23:04
My brain just exploded.

I assume the earth rotates around the sun, because although I never actually tested the theory myself, nor have I journeyed into space and witnessed it for myself, I assume astronomers know what they're talking about.

Even so I'm pretty sure that it's but a simplification. I think the earth rotates around the center of the solar system (as in center of the mass, I'm sure there's a term for it), and that the sun also rotates around this point, at a very low orbit. Also, the point itself moves (slightly) as the planets and the sun move around it.
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-15-2001 18:09:18
That's just half of it, Beta. If you only assume something, it isn't true/real.

Where DO you get your ideas from, exactly?  If I assume something, I am believing, on the basis of no real evidence, that something is true.  Not that it is or isn't, that I believe it is.\n\n
Eye of the NightPosted: 11-15-2001 18:15:16
If you assume something, you believe it to be true regardless of whether it's true or not.
If you only assume something, you believe it to be true while it isn't.

It's that simple :)
DebtAngelPosted: 11-15-2001 20:21:20
Wrong, Nighteye, but thanks for playing.

If I only assume something, it just means I haven't done the research.

For instance, I only assume that you're a guy. I haven't seen you, but based on how you post, it's the assumption I've come to. And you know what; I have a 49% chance of being right.

Just because I assume something is true does not, by default, make it false.
TermPosted: 11-15-2001 21:33:12
Are you going by the statement that 51% of all internet users are female?
DebtAngelPosted: 11-15-2001 21:41:32

Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of "51% of the population of the planet is female".

But now that you've pointed out the flaw in my logic, I'll just have to assume that what I just only assumed two posts ago is more likely to be true than I originally assumed.
DebtAngelPosted: 11-15-2001 21:50:13
(double posts again)

In other news, here are my predictions as to the results of the Survivor Series:

  • Dudley Boys d. Hardy Boys, and win Termination Immunity as Undisputed Tag Team Champions.

  • The Intercontinental/US belt unification match could go either way, but I'll say Test d. Edge because Test has been getting a lot of TV time.

  • WWF wins the 10 man elimination match, thanks to a defection by somebody other than Austin. Austin, as WWF Champion, gets to stay.

Now, with this plan, I'm not sure how Booker T, RVD, and/or Angle are going to get written back in.

Oh, and did anybody else notice how extremely pissed off Mick Foley was on RAW, and how pissed off Paul Heyman was on Smack Down! It's like these guys weren't faking.

I especially identify with what Paul Heyman said, because he basically told the truth the entire time. It was, like, scary. It was like he was actually trying, for real, to dismantle the WWF and Vince McMahon. I wonder if there's a transcript floating around somewhere.

Edit: Not a transcript, but it'll do for now:\n\n
Proman911Posted: 11-15-2001 22:04:10
Quote from ßetaMantis, posted on Nov. 14 2001, 09:22
Proman, Shawn was right.  And he's not in hell, unless Earth is hell.

Eye of the Night, the first bit in your question is "If I only assume".  Therefore, you are assuming.

You no fun! You go bye bye .... BYE bye BYE bye Bye bYe ByE BYe BYE BYE BYE .... BYE!

80-1002268887Posted: 11-15-2001 22:22:29
KorivakPosted: 11-15-2001 22:27:51
   That doesn't make much sense, even for a Proman post...
Proman911Posted: 11-16-2001 00:08:30
To quote Buu once again:

You no fun! You go bye bye .... BYE bye BYE bye Bye bYe ByE BYe BYE BYE BYE .... BYE!

ßetaMantisPosted: 11-16-2001 11:50:00
I disintegrated his mind again.



It's my antimass again.

*sighs as he turns to Eye of the Night*

If you assume something, you believe it to be true regardless of whether it's true or not.
If you only assume something, you believe it to be true while it isn't.

Even if I decide to believe you - which I am not, for the record - how is this relevent to your question "Am I assuming?"?
OsirisPosted: 11-16-2001 12:53:33
I understand where EOTN is going with this, but I still don't agree.  Dude, you're thinking about this way too deeply.  Language is fuzzy, you're trying to apply boolean logic to words, and the outcome isn't always a clearcut answer.

If I say I only like tacos from Taco Cabana, that doesn't mean I don't also enjoy Chicken Parmesan at Casa D'Angelos.

: If you assume something, you believe it to be true regardless of whether it's true or not.

If x then y

: If you only assume something, you believe it to be true while it isn't.

If and only if x then not (y)

You aren't explaining the jump from step 1 to step 2, nor can I think of any way in which I would agree with it.

ßetaMantisPosted: 11-16-2001 13:33:09
"If I only assume" means "If I assume and do nothing else" to me.  I don't know about anyone else.

I don't agree because it doesn't make sense, not as he's described it.  His idea of tacking on an only means whatever you're assuming is false . . . boggles my mind.
DebtAngelPosted: 11-16-2001 14:06:36
Actually I like his logic.

By his logic, if I only assume that buying a small country is beyond my means, then that must mean that buying a small country is no harder than a trip to talk with my investment planner.

Or if I only assume that one does not get cars for free, then then that must mean that somebody will hand me the keys to their car tomorrow over tea.

It's flawless, I tell you. Flawless. :)
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-16-2001 14:19:15
And that, is one more reason why it's preposterous.  Proof by counterexample.  If I only assume I am mortal, I am a god.


How does that make sense from any standpoint?  Assumptions have no correlation to fact and tend to be far from it.  But the fact EotN says the qualifiers on the verb assume CAN denote the factuality of the assumption is downright ri-goddamned-diculous.
DebtAngelPosted: 11-16-2001 14:22:32
Quote from ßetaMantis, posted on Nov. 16 2001, 15:19
And that, is one more reason why it's preposterous.

Comma splice.

Oh dear Hod, I'm in editing mode. I hate it when nitpicking over minute stupid stuff does that to me. :)
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-16-2001 14:24:29
Sorry, should've used elli-elle-however you spell the term for those damned three dots!  I know how to pronounce it.
I meant a sort of over-/melo- dramatic pause there.
DebtAngelPosted: 11-16-2001 15:12:01
There are other, more net-friendly ways to do that kind of thing, however.

For example, I like bolding words for emphasis. I don't italicise, generally, because italicized sans-serif fonts don't look very good.
i.e. And that is one more reason why it's preposterous.

I also like adding in words for no good reason.
i.e. And that, my friends, is one more reason why it's preposterous.

In this case, I think bold works best.
Eye of the NightPosted: 11-16-2001 17:04:22
DA, ß, it's a construction based on the knowledge of the one using it. So when something is true, you can't only assume it to be. It's basically a kind of supposition. Reality does not bend to the construction, the construction bends to reality.
kwerkeyPosted: 11-17-2001 00:39:31

Yes, there is reason.  No, I'm not telling you.

OsirisPosted: 11-17-2001 09:45:19
I think I would agree with you if you said this:

If it is ONLY assumed (universally) that some condition is true, then the condition is false, since the only truth is in the assumption and there is no ancilliary evidience or really anything that would make the condition true.

If *I* only assume that some condition is true, the condition can be either true or false, as there may be information that I do not posess.

Either way, I'm kicking you in the bals.
ProphetPosted: 11-17-2001 10:59:19
I need a good rpg game to play

Any suggestions?
ProphetPosted: 11-17-2001 11:01:24
Yeah and video game too, my friends aren't serious enought o play a pen and paper rpg.

Everytime we've tried eventually they get bored and start doing stupid shit like asking to go around and rape women and ask to roll saving throws for no other reason than to piss the DM off.
OsirisPosted: 11-17-2001 11:18:48
Get a NES emulator and play all those old games again, metroid, LOLO, zelda.

Download the ZORK text adventure games and actually beat them!

Find a popular MUD and. no wait that idea sucks

80-1002268887Posted: 11-17-2001 15:17:56
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kwerkeyPosted: 11-17-2001 15:47:29
That was....... enlightening, Tom.  Thanks.
*goes off to destroy a few cities*
ProphetPosted: 11-17-2001 17:30:58
I have Baldur's Gate 2

Is it even worth playing though?
Eye of the NightPosted: 11-17-2001 19:06:14
Quote from Prophet, posted on Nov. 18 2001, 00:30
I have Baldur's Gate 2

Is it even worth playing though?

Yes, at least once. Planescape: Torment is also a good one...
Other than that, there are a lot of good snes games on emulators...Secret of Mana (1&2), Breath of fire (1&2), Chrono Trigger, etc.
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-18-2001 11:57:01
I wonder if EotN has ever seen a console that isn't a SNES.  All those games are on it.
80-1002268887Posted: 11-18-2001 12:40:37
Damn! I may be allergic to peanuts! My throat has been kinda swelling up since Thursday, and the only thing I can think of that I did to cause that was packed some crunchy peanut butter sandwhiches for lunch.

I'd better not be allergic to peanuts... Reese peanut butter cups are quite possibly my favourite form of sweets, and I don't think I could stand to lose them!
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-18-2001 13:09:56
Maybe you should sit or lie to lose them then.  Speaking of peanut allergies, my sister's elementary school disallows any products that may have nuts in them due to some undisclosed number of students having allergies to said things.

That's like outlawing milk or pollen on school property.  Enforce those . . .
kwerkeyPosted: 11-18-2001 13:30:40
There we go.
Instead of helping the kids who are allergic, they punish those who aren't.  I see the logic in that.

Wait, that was a horrible lie.
OsirisPosted: 11-18-2001 14:23:07
Stop being stupid.  Peanut allergies can be serious and life threatening, where even trace amounts of peanut protien can make a child sick or even die.

If you're lactose intolerant, you don't throw up by walking past a container of milk, whereas a child with a peanut allergy may walk past a open container of peanuts and become seriously ill.  Although most symptoms are just rashes and asthma-like conditions, the rarest of cases are deadly.  Unless your school nurse has stocks of epinephrine, banning it is the only logical way to prevent illnesses.

An adult, on the other hand, usually already knows about his or her allergic reaction to peanuts and can make conscious efforts to avoid them.  Kids have less reserve and are more senstive to sicknesses, or they might not even be aware of their condition.

80-1002268887Posted: 11-18-2001 14:43:59
Well this is just strange, since I haven't been allergic to peanuts before now. Actually, while I was staying at Shawns, I had a peanut butter sandwhich every day, and my throat was kinda tight then as well, and seemed to go away the week we didn't have any peanut butter around the house...

This is almost as annoying as my inconsistent lactose intolerancy... I randomly can't eat cheese and whatnot, but alot of the time it doesn't bother me at all...

At least neither seem life threatening, but I'm going to schedule a doctors appointment to get me checked out for all allergies, since I believe I may be alergic to metals as well. (My watch hurts my wrist no matter how loose or tight it is, but only where the metal bottom of the watch, and the clip on the watch strap touch my skin, and my glasses suddenly started bothering my head...)
80-1002268887Posted: 11-18-2001 14:56:01
In other news, I'm off to watch Reboot.\n\n
rRaminrodtPosted: 11-18-2001 14:57:34
Don't you just hate it when you get familiar with a site/server for school, start getting it set up for improvements, and then it drops off the face of the internet?  

I do.
80-1002268887Posted: 11-18-2001 16:24:07

They're publishing Douglas Adams' unfinished 6th book in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy trilogy.

80-1002268887Posted: 11-18-2001 17:05:43
Hoddammit, I missed some of Reboot cause I was busy doing stuff. No problem, I set my vcr to tape it, right? Wrong. I set it to tape from 4 until 6, so what does it do? Starts taping at 6! Looking into the configuration, it's still set to tape from 4pm until 6pm on November 18th, 2001. THe time configuration now says November 18th 2001, 6:03pm.

No problem, Random Crispy was taping it, right? Wrong! He left the house, and when he got back, someone had stopped the vcr, so his cuts out half an hour before the end.

It had better come out on dvd or something...
DebtAngelPosted: 11-18-2001 20:03:10
I missed the Reboot movie because I spent all day playing Dark Age of Camelot.

This game is refined crack.
80-1002268887Posted: 11-18-2001 21:11:16
Ah good, it looks like YTV is going to air them as episodes on Wednesday nights. 2 per night means I only have to wait 2 weeks to get on tape what I should already have.

Lousy POS vcr...
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-19-2001 06:39:39
I am not being stupid, Osiris.  I fail to understand why an entire school is unable to have nuts because an undisclosed number of them (I am guessing a dozen - for no apparent reason) are allergic to them.  A child with an allergy to nuts should avoid nuts.  Just like one with an allergy to eggs or caffiene should avoid those things.  Just like one with asthma should avoid triggers - 'cause any one of them can be life-threatening.
MissCheetahPosted: 11-19-2001 09:38:13
ßeta, I think the reason they banned peanuts entirely in some schools is because it is virtually impossible for the children with the allergies to avoid all traces of peanuts.  If a child has a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich, gets even a trace of it on his/her hands, then touches a doorknob, the child with allergies can have a reaction from touching the doorknob.  I do not even mean traces you can see.  The solution is for those children to wear gloves and avoid all contact.  School systems and parents don't want to do that to the children.  Someone might suggest that all children wash thier hands after lunch to prevent that..but getting small children to go do that is very difficult.. a teacher would have to take them every day and supervise.  Sad but true. I was a teacher for 3 years. I agree that its silly to ban all peanut products in an elementary school but otherwise its impossible to avoid contamination of other surfaces like tables, chairs, and doors.  School systems don't want to end up in court if an accident happens.  As the children get older they are expected to be more careful and know to avoid danger areas and items.
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-19-2001 09:57:05
Sorry, I guess I misstated what I meant.  I understand why peanuts are banned (even if I don't like it), but why not other allergens then?

In short, are you trying to tell me that peanut allergies are the worst (as in most life-threatening/dangerous) and most easily triggered?

MissCheetahPosted: 11-19-2001 11:54:19
I don't think its that they are the worst... bee stings can kill easily too. Its that apparently very very tiny traces of peanut dust or oil can cause the reaction. The only way to prevent a reaction is to remove the substance.  Most allergens like pollen and pet dander don't kill people. (Yes, the asthma attack they trigger can kill, but asthma can be controlled with medication and I think it takes longer to die from asthma.. you have time to get to the hospital)  Allergies to milk or most foods are not a problem unless the person ingests it.  I cases where simple touch or inhallation can be fatal they have to take more drastic measures.  If it were an allergy to another substance that could also be triggered by touch or inhallation they would ban that substance also. I really wish I could think of a good example but I can't.  Migraine headaches are not condusive to thinking clearly.
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-19-2001 12:00:29
So, it is the worst in your opinion, since you can think of nothing worse - right?

And ick, a migraine?  I am not exactly sure what is the difference between a migraine and a headache is, minus severity.
MissCheetahPosted: 11-19-2001 12:09:20
No I don't think it is the worst. I would need a list of all known allergens and thier effects before I made that decision. In fact, I do know that there are quite a few other allergens that can cause the same, nearly instantly fatal, reaction in a small group of people.  Bee stings are an example. I just can't think of an example of another allergen that can cause that reaction by simply touching or inhaling it.  I'm sure there are examples and someone else may even think of one.
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-19-2001 12:30:46
*grins*  Good.  I wouldn't mind hearing of one worse and more easily triggered - if you or anyone else thinks of one.
82-1005804730Posted: 11-19-2001 12:56:25
I watched the ReBoot movie it was very very good. But the faces were a little different, like the mouths were wider especially non-viral hexidecimal, and the eyes wer bigger with huge dots in them.
El cazadorPosted: 11-19-2001 19:39:44
I've always thought that a headache was when your whole head hurt, while a migraine was when half your head hurt (one side or the other) and is much more recurrent.  But then, how do you call a headache that hurts only a quarter of your head?  Like in the back of one of your eyes, but doesn't extend all the way through.   A "migr"?

(And before any of you nitpickers correct me, I'm almost sure that migraine description is wrong.  Almost.)  :)
rRaminrodtPosted: 11-19-2001 19:51:52
You guessed right.  :)

A migraine is a particular kind of very bad headache.  You'd probably have to look it up on a medical site to get a read good of description of it though.

On a completly different note.....
Super Techno Project 2001
Eye of the NightPosted: 11-19-2001 19:55:19
Any portion of your head aching is a headache. A migraine is simply a chronic headache. ;)
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-19-2001 20:41:45
I was under the impression also that a migraine was somewhat localised.  A headache tends to be total.

Now that I think on it, my (severe) headaches (typically begotten from too little sleep or not wearing glasses enough) tend to only affect a part of a side of my brain.  Typically my right.
El cazadorPosted: 11-19-2001 20:49:00
When I've been reading, drawing or looking at the monitor for too long, or too close, a "quarter of a headache" can result from that.  I get half headaches sometimes.  And if I don't eat my lunch, I end up with a light headache at night.  As soon as I eat, it dissapears after a while.
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-19-2001 20:58:56
When I get hungry (which is basically all the time minus when I am unconscious or just finished eating), my stomach merely hurts in a specific, empty-feeling way.  Eventually, it feels like my stomach is trying to digest itself - and it only keeps getting worse until I eat or until a while passes, then it disappears.

And reemerges.  Worse than before.

As for headaches, I consider anything less than disorienting not even a headache.  My usual headaches are usually so painful, I can't raise my head.  Light causes a little more of negative stimuli than usual, I can feel this accentuated throbbing usually in the front left part of my head.

Given an hour and a half, I can weather them to the point their tolerable.  I refuse to take painkillers so long as I can stand.

I almost always have some slight headache.  Probably from a combination of monitor radiation and thinking too much.


I've had a pretty prolific history with headaches.
Big Sexy StefanPosted: 11-22-2001 23:30:48
*rips off Ravage!'s sig*

TermPosted: 11-22-2001 23:39:57
Though poorly done, it remains better than the "Got Sex?" signature
BrawnfirePosted: 11-23-2001 00:11:19
BSS makes me feel like hurling.
Big Sexy StefanPosted: 11-23-2001 00:26:20
I told you not to swallow. Next time you should listen.
80-1002268887Posted: 11-23-2001 05:54:51
Hey Sexy! Stop spamming or Rich'll ban you!
BrawnfirePosted: 11-23-2001 12:56:55
It can't be off topic if there is no topic!

Who wants to go hurling with me?
TermPosted: 11-23-2001 15:32:28
kwerkeyPosted: 11-24-2001 15:56:12

It's freezing today (compared to how it's been, anyway).  How come the weather changes from nice and sunny to raining in one day over here?  Crazy, man.
El cazadorPosted: 11-24-2001 16:33:40

*waves hand outside window*

pfft!  Lies.
MistressBluePosted: 11-24-2001 17:14:00
Quote from kwerkey, posted on Nov. 25 2001, 06:56

It's freezing today (compared to how it's been, anyway).  How come the weather changes from nice and sunny to raining in one day over here?  Crazy, man.

You live in California.
You dont know what freezing is.
80-1002268887Posted: 11-24-2001 17:16:58
Look kwerkey, earlier this week it was snowing, now it's about +10(That's celcius for those of you who use that odd system) and I can walk around outside in my t-shirt.

The thing I really hate about weather changes like this is that they cause me to get sick very easily...
MistressBluePosted: 11-24-2001 17:22:52
Its 10.22am and its about 25 celcius here. This means that by around 3pm it will more than likely be around 35.
A normal summers day :-)
Eye of the NightPosted: 11-24-2001 17:39:57
Here it's about 278K. Kind of chilly...and celsius is NOT an odd system. Fahrenheit is.
Celsius is based on the state transitions of H2O, the most common molecule on the earth surface, divided in 100 degrees. That's much more logical than fahrenheit which has something to do with human body temperature, if I remember correctly, which isn't even really a constant.
Of course, Kelvin would probably be the best scale to use, for it's as logical as celsius, with a logical starting point as well.
80-1002268887Posted: 11-24-2001 17:40:52
Yeah, sounds like summer to me.

Ottawa varies between +30c and -50c based on the time of year. And in the fall and early spring, it hovers between + and - 10-15, and changes alot. I hate that. Catches my immune system totally off guard. Usually that's the only time of year that I get sick, though this year I've been getting sick more than usual. Seem to have develloped a few odd allergies within the past year too...

It's rather odd, actually.
kwerkeyPosted: 11-24-2001 18:43:42
Nighteye, he was mocking farenheit, you retard.
80-1002268887Posted: 11-24-2001 18:45:53
Geeze, this just skipped me to a new page and I didn't even notice Nighteye's comment...

*smacks Nighteye*
Eye of the NightPosted: 11-24-2001 18:55:43
Quote from kwerkey, posted on Nov. 25 2001, 01:43
Nighteye, he was mocking farenheit, you retard.

He should've done so more clearly, then.
80-1002268887Posted: 11-24-2001 19:40:15
Fine, I meant to say "now it's about +10(That's celcius for those of you who use that other odd system)" referring to F.
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-24-2001 20:10:14
Sam:  That's celcius for those of you who use that odd system.

EotN:  Celsius is NOT an odd system.

I mean, syntactically that works.  Why do you think he would refer to it in Centigrade first and then say it's an odd system?  Isn't that a little . . . well, stupid?


A lot of people argue the Kelvin unit is silly.  Funny thing is, my father keeps trying to tell me that you can say 273°K.

Celsius and Fahrenheit are scales (of which the units are degrees of said scale) and Kelvin is a unit.
kwerkeyPosted: 11-24-2001 22:10:12
That's celcius for those of you who use that odd system

He was talking in celcius.  He was clarifying that he was not using farenheit.  How much clearer can you get?  Everybody got it besides you, so guess where the problem is.  Moron.
kwerkeyPosted: 11-24-2001 22:14:35
Kelvins are silly because people just don't deal with temperatures any lower than 250K on any kind of regular basis.

Kelvins make sense because not only are you saying zero energy is zero units, you can do things like percent change in temperature.

So, all in all, centigrade wins because it's much easier than explaining what a Kelvin is every single time to all the morons who don't know.
VéKTöRPosted: 11-24-2001 22:58:49
Quote from Eye of the Night, posted on Nov. 24 2001, 18:39
That's much more logical than fahrenheit which has something to do with human body temperature, if I remember correctly, which isn't even really a constant.

pfft, the boiling point of liquid (pure) water isn't a constant either.

Besides, as soon as it's not pure, the BP and MP change anyway.
El cazadorPosted: 11-24-2001 23:08:29
Since this is not worth a thread on it's own, I'll ask this question here:

Can you see the blue square surrounding my signature?  I can't at home, but I do at work, in a much darker hue.  I didn't know what blue Rich was using, so I took a screenshot of the forum, and used the color picker in photoshop.  In theory, it should look the same on most monitors, and make itself "invisible" to the eye.
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-24-2001 23:14:35
I can if looking for it, El Caz.  There's a difference, but it's hard to see.
80-1002268887Posted: 11-25-2001 00:08:24
Well, Rich chose an odd colour for his forum. I know that when I tried matching it, it was very difficult to get it matched in both IE and Netscape...
RStefan01Posted: 11-25-2001 02:21:26
The color is #000066

Browsers with fucked image support won't show it right. IE seems to fall into that category.
kwerkeyPosted: 11-25-2001 02:49:36
If you saved your image as 256 color, the 000066 may change to something else.  You could try examining the palette, finding out which color is the background, and changing it back to a pure #000066.
MistressBluePosted: 11-25-2001 03:52:56
Why not make the background of your sig images transparent?
80-1002268887Posted: 11-25-2001 11:29:09
*sigh* What has happened to the good old days?

There was a time when dozens of young girls would swarm me over ICQ just to talk with me, but now what do I get? Dozens of random people telling me about the great deals on pr0nography they have to offer, and nobody who wants to chat in sight...
El cazadorPosted: 11-25-2001 13:12:55
Try a gif?  I don't really use them, but it's worth a shot.

I used the RGB palette.  And Rich, your sig suffers the same darker blue hue box problem, but of course, I'm using IE.

I have a rule for chatting with people on ICQ.  If their names have more than two characters that aren't official letters I can easily find on my keyboard, I don't answer.   There's no sense to it, and it's a pretty flexible rule, but still, it's in effect.  :)
RaiderPosted: 11-25-2001 14:40:55
I used to get the lamers that would IM you for no reason except for pron, etc. I'd just put them all on my ignore list.

One time this dude kept on IMing me. I kept asking him why he added me to his list when he didn't know me. He was just like...umm...cause. Yeah that's it! Because! It was funny but then I got bored and put him on ignore too.
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-25-2001 14:43:45
Well phew, El Cazador.

I've only one character not on the keyboard.  And to this day, I still don't know why I use it.  Maybe because then people in StarCraft and the like can't (easily) duplicate my alias?  *shrugs*
kwerkeyPosted: 11-25-2001 14:49:55
Well, what good is a ßetaMantis without the ß?  BetaMantis doesn't have the same ring to it.

Besides, maybe we can convince somebody to make a keyboard with every unicode character on it this way.

Yes, I KNOW that unicode is a two byte system and thus has 216 characters
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-25-2001 15:19:48
Use ASCII, you twit!

I am not touchin' a keyboard with sixty five thousand five hundred and thirty-six characters!  I'd stick with two hundred and fifty-six.

ß is two twenty-five in ASCII and two twenty-three in Unicode I believe.
MissCheetahPosted: 11-25-2001 21:40:37

*undertow and MissCheetah offer everyone a nice warm blueberry muffin*

El cazadorPosted: 11-25-2001 22:07:46
Would you believe I was going to say "one" character instead of two, and then I remembered I have you on the list, so I typed "two"?

There's something about l33t names that gives me a bad first impression.

*gobbles*  Is there a special reason for this muffin, or is it out of the kindness of your heart?
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-25-2001 22:14:11
Would you believe I was going to say "one" character instead of two, and then I remembered I have you on the list, so I typed "two"?

Hell yes.  *laughs*  I'm flattered - really - that you remembered me about something so seemingly insignificant.

There's something about l33t names that gives me a bad first impression.

I used it before I knew what l33t was.  But that is one reason why I've considered removing the ß.  I used it originally to prevent complete morons from using my alias.  (People who can't copy and paste, nor know how to type ASCII on a keyboard).

*snags a muffin and inhales it, choking on it*

Damn . . . *coughs*  Wrong pipe!
MissCheetahPosted: 11-25-2001 22:15:19

Kindness actually.  We just made a big batch of them and are eating some and drinking tea.  :)

El cazadorPosted: 11-25-2001 22:32:37
You just called me a complete moron without knowing it.  No wait!  I can copy and paste!  :)

I'm gonna have to add a water cheetah on that pic or something.
VéKTöRPosted: 11-25-2001 22:36:35

My name has even more annoying characters in it.

But it DOES have the good effect of making me the ONLY "VéKTöR" on ICQ (last time I checked), and keeping the random idiots away.

Of course, the story behind the name actually involves those characters being there... it wasn't intended to be "31337" or anything.
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-25-2001 22:39:32
*slaps self in the forehead*

Wait, I didn't put -- nevermind, that works.

*wipes sweat from brow*  PHEW.

Someone who uses computers regularly and can't copy and paste can't be too swift . . . though, that's probably going to be disproven in a couple of seconds by SOMEONE irate.

Also, I am the only ßetaMantis or BetaMantis or Betamantis or whatever on ICQ,, boneyards, Tribes . . .
MissCheetahPosted: 11-25-2001 22:42:32

Water cheetah?

El cazadorPosted: 11-25-2001 22:56:29
In spanish, those characters are common. There's actually a key specifically for the tildes (á, é, í, ó, ú), and if you press it using shift, you get the ¨.   So that's not so l33t in my book.

*cuts and pastes* ßetaMantis is harder to type for me than Véktör.  :)
El cazadorPosted: 11-25-2001 23:05:48
Quote from MissCheetah, posted on Nov. 25 2001, 22:42
Water cheetah?

Dumb comment.  The water bunny on the pic is undertow.

oh WAIT!  haha!  wrong thread!  :)

That's what happens when I skip from one thread to the other like this.  heh.  I thought this was the "I'm back" post from Edge.  Sowwy.  
kwerkeyPosted: 11-25-2001 23:09:48
I knew what he meant.  So nyah.

Little baby liquid cheetahs running around..... ooooo..........
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-26-2001 05:57:40
*sticks out tongue at VéKTöR*  Sucker.  I'm harder on El Cazador's keyboard!

Now, because I have an English keyboard, VéKTöR's alias (being VéKTöR) is harder to type than my own - since none of ß, é and ö show up on my keyboard and I must enter it by ASCII or Unicode.
TermPosted: 11-26-2001 22:39:43
Harry Potter is Bad!
Link ripped from CWAL
RaiderPosted: 11-27-2001 08:53:42
In other random news since this is a no topic thread, I'm sick at home with a virus type thing.

It has been raining a lot down here, too. We go from a 1.5 month drought to a lot of rain. But it's all good I guess. I just hope we don't get any tornado warnings/watches.
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-27-2001 08:56:30
I was all but told to go home two weeks ago today.  I spent two and a half days bedridden from some flu-like bug.  My sister had it the week prior we [my family and I] think and my mother's been under the weather lately.
RaiderPosted: 11-27-2001 08:59:41 family has what I have too. It's spreading around this area.
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-27-2001 09:13:10
Yeah, that's an apparently uncommon thing I do.  If I can stand, I am off to work.  I just merely WILL myself to do it.  It's due to my father, having instilled that silly sense of duty and responsibility in me.  I will do work until I am all but told to go home by superiors.  If advised to, I will usually reassess my productivity level, and if it's "significantly" lowered, I will go home on their advice.

The last time I was bedridden I think was over two years ago.


I hope you get better and am certain you will with time.

If it ends up debilitating you, I've always found the best thing to do is to use a washcloth somewhat drenched in tepid to slightly warm or ice cold on your forehead, bury yourself in as many blankets, sheets and comforters you can find and sleep it off.  I avoid medication if possible.  Besides, if I can't tolerate it, how does taking a drug to stem symptoms and keep going make it better?
VéKTöRPosted: 11-27-2001 10:05:33
Because drugs are good.


*steals some of Razael's chewable morphine tablets*
KorivakPosted: 11-27-2001 10:11:27
   At school...pretty simple so far, just some really basic review, but it's only the second day and not everyone can be as brillient as me, I guess.  Should be a bit more interesting tomorrow...
OsirisPosted: 11-27-2001 10:15:36
If you are truly sick, you aren't doing anyone a service by going in to work and spreading it around ;)
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-27-2001 10:29:18

Exact rationale supervisor used to convince me to go home.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-27-2001 11:52:30
At school...pretty simple so far, just some really basic review, but it's only the second day and not everyone can be as brillient as me, I guess.


And I'll give five yen to whomever can detect what I am snickering at.
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-27-2001 12:13:40
Five yen!?  That's not worth the effort . . . of typing . . . a . . . respons --


RaiderPosted: 11-27-2001 13:03:50
Thanks ßeta. I actually just woke up. I have been sleeping all morning since about 8:00 and now it's 1:00. I feel weak so I'll probably go eat something.

I know! He didn't give a review!? I want a cookie, instead!
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-27-2001 13:14:41
Five hour rest?  Why, that's a nap!  *grins*

And you feel weak, eh?  Well, welcome to the club, as I feel that constantly - sometimes more than others.

But if you feel substantially more weak than usual, you might be thirsty and supposedly "clear liquids" help flu-like illnesses.  By "clear liquids", I mean water, apple juice and all uncarbonated, translucent liquids.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-27-2001 13:19:25
*sighs*  Let us try this again, you nincompoops.  *grins*

At school...pretty simple so far, just some really basic review, but it's only the second day and not everyone can be as brillient as me, I guess.

[Edit:  I hate this forum layout.  The text trails outside of the actual postbox thingy, when font sizes are large.]

RaiderPosted: 11-27-2001 13:22:40
Well he didn't give a *good* review, either.

*Fixes him a baked potato and green tea*
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-27-2001 13:29:48
I missed that typographical error!  Shame on me!
Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-27-2001 13:30:54
Considering the context, I thought it was pretty funny.
RaiderPosted: 11-27-2001 13:36:15
Oh believe was!
KorivakPosted: 11-27-2001 15:59:50
   You know I can't spell worth shit... besides, I can know more about operating systems and file systems than the rest of the class and still be unable to spell.
Eye of the NightPosted: 11-27-2001 16:14:36
No disrespect or anything, but somehow I find this hilarious.  :D

Perhaps this even more...*grin*
KorivakPosted: 11-27-2001 16:27:12
   I just love the way some christens try to force their religion on everyone else.  It's such an arrogent belief system, which is strange considering the fellow that started it and it's named after...
Eye of the NightPosted: 11-27-2001 16:38:12
Yes, quite...although the christians suffer the same effect as most other groups: it's the worst elements that stand out most.
KorivakPosted: 11-27-2001 17:12:19
   I was just watching one of the Deftones concert videos on my computer and laughing.  In this video, Chino (the lead singer) is standing on the crowd control fence between the mosh pit and the stage singing, and:
   Some jackass grabs the mic and starts yelling into it, and gets punched in the face by one of the crowd control people...
   Some other jackass is tearing at Chino's clothing, trying to make a souvenir out of Chino's shirt.  He gets punched in the top of the head by Chino, who seems to enjoy wearing a shirt...
   Ten seconds later, the same guy or someone else with the same idea is back at it, and has a square foot of shirt torn almost lose and is pulling on it, trying to rip it away from the seam.  Chino, without missing a word, screams "What the fuck!" into the mic and throws another punch.  The song then ends and Chino climbs back up onto the stage, torn shirt fluttering slightly.
   You would think the audience was collectively thinking "Look, a rock star!  Kill it!  Kill it!" or something...
80-1002268887Posted: 11-27-2001 17:19:22
Yep. The vast majority of the population needs to be destroyed...
KorivakPosted: 11-27-2001 17:21:04
   Starting with YOU!
*destroys Sam!*
80-1002268887Posted: 11-27-2001 17:47:20
*sigh* Not again...
KorivakPosted: 11-28-2001 09:59:47
   School continues to be easy and a bit boring...only foruming keeps me awake.  Maybe the second week will be more interesting...
Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-28-2001 13:02:06
At what time do you usually arrive home, Fatty?  I shall probably contact you with one of these here newfangled telephone machines...
RaiderPosted: 11-28-2001 13:24:19
I stayed home again today feeling worse today than the other days this week. I went to the doctor too, and got some medicine :) so I should be better soon.
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-28-2001 13:52:19
I get home between quarter after four and quarter af -- wait, you were talking to the OTHER Fatty, weren't you?
Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-28-2001 14:30:59
Erm, yes, actually.
undertowPosted: 11-28-2001 15:38:27
And, now the moment that you've all been waiting for... pics of MissCheetah and I! :)

These were taken on Monday, in my apartment, in case you're curious. They're a bit fuzzy, but that's due to the fact that they were taken with my webcam.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-28-2001 15:59:47
*smiles widely*

Yeah, they are a tad fuzzy, unfortunately...

But, still.  Awww.  They look together!
MissCheetahPosted: 11-28-2001 16:05:34
*grins* thank you Shawn :)  I just wish they were more in focus.  Oh well.
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-28-2001 17:23:02
What were you doing in your apartment, undertow, eh?  *grins with as much feigned innocence as possible - which doesn't say much*

I am still trying to decide which to compliment first.  *snickers*
MistressBluePosted: 11-28-2001 18:30:18
Well now MissCheetahs sexiness remains unblemished.

Our friend the rabbit however is in danger of risking his extreme sexiness if he doesnt stop cutting his hair!!!!
BrawnfirePosted: 11-28-2001 19:57:07
*sighs jealously*
TermPosted: 11-28-2001 19:57:42
Yeah. Damn misscheetah for stealing tow from us.
MissCheetahPosted: 11-28-2001 20:02:20

I don't think its really stealing...that would imply he was unwilling. *grins*

TermPosted: 11-28-2001 20:04:21
You took him from his cage!
Willing or not, how is that not stealing?
We're the owners here! (Or we were atleast =( )
MissCheetahPosted: 11-28-2001 20:13:58
You kept him in a cage!  No wonder he was so willing to come with me.  I don't cage him. He also gets fed and petted lots when he is with me.

ßetaMantisPosted: 11-28-2001 20:17:22
*gasps, placing a hand over his mouth*  We CAGED him!?
TermPosted: 11-28-2001 20:18:28
*Inches backwards, sweating*
WHAT ON EARTH?! Who would do such a thing!!
I demand to know!
MissCheetahPosted: 11-28-2001 20:29:56

*scowls at Term*

That was not very nice of you at all to cage him.

80-1002268887Posted: 11-28-2001 20:36:08
Look, the whole reason behind caging him was to keep things like this from happening... Now look what you've done! You've doomed us all!

*Runs off, screaming*
undertowPosted: 11-28-2001 20:38:05
*snuggles with MC*

thank you for rescuing me :)
BrawnfirePosted: 11-28-2001 20:39:16
If you took our little boy's virginity, there'll be hell to pay, miss.

*aims shotgun*  ANSWER ME, YOU SUCCUBUS!  HISS!
80-1002268887Posted: 11-28-2001 20:40:38
Umm Brawnfire, I think the discussion about Shawn and ßetaMantis is in another thread...
MissCheetahPosted: 11-28-2001 20:53:21

*looks at Brawny and purrs*

ßetaMantisPosted: 11-28-2001 20:56:04
*flushes in indignation, folding arms and scowling*

My sovereignty is just fine, thank you!
80-1002268887Posted: 11-28-2001 21:16:16
I don't think so. Your sovereignty just chopped your girlfriend up with a chainsaw. Does that sound fine to you?
BrawnfirePosted: 11-28-2001 21:16:42
*has a hearty laugh, then commits seppuku*
El cazadorPosted: 11-28-2001 21:20:38
I almost choked with a skittle while laughing at this page.

We should all thank Korivak for coming up with the "Posts not worthy of their own thread but fun to read anyway" thread.
80-1002268887Posted: 11-28-2001 21:38:09
On another, less suicidal note...

While I truly hate Bell Sympatico's incompetence, I greatly enjoy Bell Mobility's incompetence.  If it weren't for them sucking so badly, they might have realized that I haven't payed my phone bill in the last 5 months and might have cut it off.  Luckily for me, they haven't.

I still have to pay a nice big $200 phone bill, but at least I have a job to pay for it with now. =P
kwerkeyPosted: 11-28-2001 23:14:44
I'm not sure who's sexier in that pic.

I'm going to have to say Rob.  Sue's right, though.  You might as well shave your head if it's that short.  LONGER DAMMIT
Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-28-2001 23:19:56
*has a hearty laugh, then commits seppuku*

undertowPosted: 11-29-2001 01:03:26
For your further amusement, here's more random silliness :)

kwerkeyPosted: 11-29-2001 01:09:11

cheating on me again.....
KorivakPosted: 11-29-2001 07:25:18
   You guys look so cute together...I wish i still had my little squirrel friend... :(
MissCheetahPosted: 11-29-2001 08:32:40

*gives Korivak a big hug*

ßetaMantisPosted: 11-29-2001 08:36:02

Well, I'm happy you guys are.
KorivakPosted: 11-29-2001 08:41:39
   Thanks for the hug, MC...
Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-29-2001 11:16:05
There certainly are quite a lot of emotions lurking within this thread...
BrawnfirePosted: 11-29-2001 15:41:56
That's why I killed you.


Every one.

Fuck you.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-29-2001 16:04:16
OsirisPosted: 11-29-2001 16:46:16
I feel fiiine.

I'm getting better.
KorivakPosted: 11-29-2001 17:36:05
   So I talked to Andie a week ago and asked her if we could get together and talk sometime, and she said she just might have a tiny bit of free time on Thursday, but seeing me any other time all week was flat out impossible.  This coming from the girl who can be at my house ten minutes after stepping out her door if she walks slowly...
   Well, I wanted to talk, but I had no idea what I was going to say, but it's just as well because two days ago she sent me a single sentence email detailing all the wonderful, productive things she could do with that one little hour of evil nasty dirty free time instead of talking to me about (shudder) emotions and other things that don't fall within her very focussed, very busy, very successful life.  And yet, here I am, a love sick moron, sitting next to the phone and checking my email every few minutes, even though I'm more likely to spend the evening discussing advanced particle physics with the Lord Jesus than see the girl who so recently hated to go a day without seeing me at least once.
   But more than anything else, I just want to know why after all the pain and misery I've suffered through trying to have a simple, satisfying relationship with a girl that turned out to be cold, emtionless, passionless and frigid, I just can't stop being in love with her.  I think I hate her, but I still can't help loving her...  How fucked up is that?
BrawnfirePosted: 11-29-2001 17:42:50
Very fucked up.

Very normal.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-29-2001 18:05:25
But more than anything else, I just want to know why after all the pain and misery I've suffered through trying to have a simple, satisfying relationship with a girl that turned out to be cold, emtionless, passionless and frigid, I just can't stop being in love with her.

What's more alarming is the parallel structure of our lives at the moment.  At least, our romantic ones.  Of course, you know of this already.

*sighs, and shrugs*  Essentially, it comes down to the fact that she isn't the one for you.  Obviously, there are plenty of ladies in this universe who are more open to the prospect of having a symmetrical relationship (regarding what you want in one).  Perhaps she'll change, or perhaps she'll find someone like her, whom she can equate with more.

Not that you asked for my opinion.  *grins*

But, yeah.  Give up on her.  Holding onto frustration (and to a certain extent, bitterness) will only create complications when you do speak with her, because that hostility will manifest itself each and every time, causing her to resent you.  *sighs again*  Trust me, I know.

By taking a break from her, your feelings will begin to subside, eventually.  Eventually, you might begin to take note of the fact that she was cold towards you, while still bearing in mind that perhaps she wouldn't behave this way in all relationships.  If you're really lucky, you might even be able to speak to each other down the line...

KorivakPosted: 11-29-2001 18:10:33
   The problem is that no matter how much I hate the person she has become, I just can't get over the person that she was.  I love the person she once was with all my heart, but that person is dead now, and I just haven't fully accepted it yet.
BrawnfirePosted: 11-29-2001 18:14:27
And I see myself, standing there, holding the bloody knife.  The her that was is dead, on the ground, a tear in her eye.  The monster she has become is staring straight at me, then turning her head.  There is nothing left.

Just a bit of inspiring story-age.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-29-2001 18:15:04
*nods*  I know how you feel, exactly.  Without going into any specific detail regarding my life here, you ought to know what I am referring to.  There is significant contrast when I consider this person in the summer, and currently.  I have the ICQ logs to prove it, in fact.

Try not to hate her.  I simply think that she has some inner deamons she is potentially avoiding tackling; though, that's the idealistic approach to the situation.  The less flattering one explains that she simply wasn't happy with you, and will feel more close and able to open up to someone else, down the line.  Frankly, I know you will.  And at that point in time I am convinced that you will reflect upon your relatoinship with Andie and see that she simply wasn't the person you were looking for; the person who can meet your expectations and wants inside of a relationship.
KorivakPosted: 11-29-2001 18:18:49
"she simply wasn't the person you were looking for; the person who can meet your expectations and wants inside of a relationship."
   No fucking shit.  If only I weren't so goddamn patient, I would have admitted that long ago and not invested so much in trying to make the whole fucked up mess work...
Eye of the NightPosted: 11-29-2001 18:36:47
I think I hate her, but I still can't help loving her...  How fucked up is that?

No more than being in love with a girl for 5 years without ever getting even a hint of warmth returned.

You could try simply telling flat out how you feel, not withholding anything, and see how it goes from there. I'd expect it'd either improve a lot or go with a bang, depending on how she feels about the whole thing. But either way the matter should be drawn to a close that way...

As for both loving and hating her, while I have no experience with it myself, people say there's a thin line separating hate and love...
Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-29-2001 18:39:23
No fucking shit.  If only I weren't so goddamn patient, I would have admitted that long ago and not invested so much in trying to make the whole fucked up mess work...

*sighs sadly*  I know.  And all I can offer are my irritatingly calm words to reassure you.  Experiences such as these are what help us define more accurately what we want in any given relationship.

What we expect.

What Andie wanted was completely different than what you wanted, more or less.  Hell, even I wouldn't have been able to detect this until recently, myself.  I am still learning.

Hopefully, you won't always view it all as "fucked up".  It was a guiding post, an object lesson, an experience.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-29-2001 18:43:31
As for both loving and hating her, while I have no experience with it myself, people say there's a thin line separating hate and love...

In situations such as these, the individual experiencing the combination of emotions is usually feeling resentment towards the person's current behaviour while fondly recalling previous times in which they felt more content.  Unfortunately, people are perpetually changing, and nothing is static.  Clinging to an ideal while only increase the heartbreak for the hypothetical individual I am describing.
KorivakPosted: 11-29-2001 18:47:51
   This is the same goddamn mistake my whole family has always made, to mistake an emotionless person for a rational and calm one...
KorivakPosted: 11-29-2001 18:51:36
"In situations such as these, the individual experiencing the combination of emotions is usually feeling resentment towards the person's current behaviour while fondly recalling previous times in which they felt more content."
   She used to spend several hours every day with me, and now it's been a month and I have spoken to her for a grand total of about ten fucking minutes on the phone, and never in person.  I think that's a bit more than just remembering some slightly fuzzy happy memory with longing...
Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-29-2001 18:58:04
This is the same goddamn mistake my whole family has always made, to mistake an emotionless person for a rational and calm one...

She is not emotionless.  She exists within a protective shell, carefully hiding her emotions.  At least, this is how I perceive her behaviour and the behaviour of others.

Again, she might overcome this wall she has constructed, or she will choose to live with it forever, after finding someone whom will have no qualms with her distant nature.  Perhaps she will become less distant with someone, based on her experiences with you and others.  And so on, and so forth...

She used to spend several hours every day with me, and now it's been a month and I have spoken to her for a grand total of about ten fucking minutes on the phone, and never in person.  I think that's a bit more than just remembering some slightly fuzzy happy memory with longing...

Well, it's still essentially what I am suggesting.  You remember the Andie that once loved you, and miss that feeling, even though she doesn't feel the same way, anymore.  You two are just friends, now, and she has no obligation or commitment to you in the least.  It's essentially what she seemed to want, as saddening or frustrating as that is...

KorivakPosted: 11-29-2001 19:34:05
   Well, we talked.  She didn't bother coming over or even calling me, instead choosing to talk over ICQ, while no doubt talking to several other friends at the same time so as to maximize her time as she does in all things now.  God knows actually dedicating a whole hour this month to me exclusively is right out, even if the topic is very serious.
   If the first one to get angry loses an argument, then it was a big race right out of the starting blocks to see which of us would lose first.  I've bottled up so much stuff over the last two years, carefully hiding it away like a greedy man hiding away diamonds, desperately sacrificing myself a bit at a time to try to make the relationship as smooth as possible, and she has caused me so much pain and misery, that try as I might, I can't stop myself from hurling anger and hostility at her as hard as I can at every chance.  Shawn can vouch for how vicous I can be when angry, wielding the launguage and my talent as a writer like a broadsword.  She, on the other hand, has never been one to deal well with even the slightest bit of negitive emotion well, and I would imagine that by now she is quite sick of me, so was in top form to meet hostility and aggression with hostility and stubburness.  It was not a pleasent chat.  My secret hope was that I might be able to find even the smallest scrap of residual positive emotion towards me and try to build something from it, but I don't think there is such a thing anymore.
   It deeply saddens me, because I, like a totally naive romantic fool, though that this would last forever.  We got along so well for two whole years, had maybe one minor fight once every year or so, spent hours and hours together, got along perfectly, and were completely in love and best friends at the same time.
   But as I look back on it all, I realize that almost the entire relationship was at my expense.  I was so in love and so wanted to make things work that I would make any sacrifice and suppress all my wants and needs so as to avoid trying to force her into making a sacrifice.  I would probably have spent my life doing the exact same thing if she hadn't lost all intrest in her old life and her old friends and dumped me, but only after several months of stringing me along while I waited for the certain resumption of the relationship.  I've been a fucking moron about the whole thing, albeit a sweet, harmless one.  Maybe one day I'll stop falling for the ones I can never have and find a girl that is actually calm and quiet, but still sweet and open, instead of girls that are just distant and emotionless...
KorivakPosted: 11-29-2001 20:31:45
   We talked again, we both apologized, and ended things on a bit better of terms, but I'm still all alone in life...
MistressBluePosted: 11-29-2001 20:42:18
Your not all alone. You have us.


Ok you should probably be scared.

Now to entirely change the subject does anyone know the name of this weeks episode of buffy? The site I usually download it from has been taken down with one of those lovely "I cant legally tell you why my site has been closed........." signs up on it.

I must have my buffy fix!!!
BrawnfirePosted: 11-29-2001 20:57:59
Danke!  This thread was becoming ridiculously on-topic!
MistressBluePosted: 11-29-2001 22:22:07

For forumy goodness
Chat with us all
kwerkeyPosted: 11-29-2001 22:47:08
And the angel of the lord came unto me, snatching me up from my place of slumber. And took me on high, and higher still until we moved to the spaces betwixt the air itself. And he brought me into a vast farmlands of our own midwest. And as we descended, cries of impending doom rose from the soil. One thousand, nay a million voices full of fear. And terror possesed me then. And I begged, "Angel of the Lord, what are these tortured screams?" And the angel said unto me, "These are the cries of the carrots, the cries of the carrots! You see, Reverend Maynard, tomorrow is harvest day and to them it is the holocaust." And I sprang from my slumber drenched in sweat like the tears of one million terrified brothers and roared, "Hear me now, I have seen the light! They have a consciousness, they have a life, they have a soul! Damn you! Let the rabbits wear glasses! Save our brothers!" Can I get an amen? Can I get a hallelujah? Thank you Jesus.
FronPosted: 11-29-2001 22:55:05
Kwerky, why the heck is your post so damn wide?
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-29-2001 23:03:04
And the angel of the lord came unto me, snatching me up from my place of slumber. And took me on high, and higher still until we moved to the spaces betwixt the air itself. And he brought me into a vast farmlands of our own midwest. And as we descended, cries of impending doom rose from the soil. One thousand, nay a million voices full of fear. And terror possesed me then. And I begged, "Angel of the Lord, what are these tortured screams?" And the angel said unto me, "These are the cries of the carrots, the cries of the carrots! You see, Reverend Maynard, tomorrow is harvest day and to them it is the holocaust." And I sprang from my slumber drenched in sweat like the tears of one million terrified brothers and roared, "Hear me now, I have seen the light! They have a consciousness, they have a life, they have a soul! Damn you! Let the rabbits wear glasses! Save our brothers!" Can I get an amen? Can I get a hallelujah? Thank you Jesus. - said by one kwerkey somehow - all encased in a "div style="margin-left: 10%; margin-right: 10%; font-style: italic;"" tag.

Fron, get out your kevlar - you misspelt and miscapitalised kwerkey.

FronPosted: 11-29-2001 23:16:13
Is this going to be like what happens when people type "Undertow"?
kwerkeyPosted: 11-29-2001 23:17:44
Obviously, Fron, because you're using a browser that sucks ass.  Use Opera.

Yes, actually, it is very much like when you say "Undertow".  You'd better run back to your silly little red forum before I decide not to let you anymore.

Aww hell with it.  *brings out a cannon and begins firing upon Fron*\n\n
FronPosted: 11-29-2001 23:22:31
I actually use Opera for everything EXCEPT this forum, as I've had an unusual problem whereby it simply refused to let me log in.

IE works just fine, however.

I feel quite fortunate, however, to be situated far outside standard canon range from you. Unless you convinced Vektor to let you set up an artilery piece in his front yard or something...
VéKTöRPosted: 11-29-2001 23:30:30
if the price is right...

of course, the artillery unit may also be sabotaged for an appropriate sum of money...

and of course, any sabotage purchases may be negated for a certain sum of money...

and of course, any negation purchases may be negated for a large sum of cash.

And so on until someone stops paying.
OsirisPosted: 11-29-2001 23:52:50
I leave to go format the internet, and when I come back I found you guys left pretzels and empty beer cans laying all over the damn chatroom.  I'll be awake until 3AM cleaning it all up.
MistressBluePosted: 11-30-2001 01:21:21
It wasnt me!!!

But ummm errr have you seen a pair of black lace panties anywhere?
I had them on before I went in that bubble bath!!!
Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-30-2001 01:23:08
*hands Sue her panties back*  Here you go.

*pauses for a moment*  I, um, found them...
MistressBluePosted: 11-30-2001 01:24:43
Ohhh you did?
Where did you happen to find them?
Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-30-2001 01:27:46
*blushes*  Beside me, actually, as I groggily came to.

Not that it means anything.  *clutches his head*

Not that I can remember what happened, either...
RazaelPosted: 11-30-2001 01:27:58
*looks at shawn*

*looks at MistressBlue*

umm... I get the feeling you don't want to know...
MistressBluePosted: 11-30-2001 01:31:23
Shawn dressed up in my underwear and danced on the table did he??\n\n
Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-30-2001 01:34:39
*eyes go wide*  I sure hope not!

*cluthes his head again, this time wincing*  All I can remember is something about you telling me to have another drink, and that it was okay, grinning strangely...  And you taking me into your room so I could lie down, and...

*shudders*  Something ain't right, here...

MistressBluePosted: 11-30-2001 01:38:09
Dont worry Shawn you enjoyed it all I promise *wink*
RazaelPosted: 11-30-2001 01:56:47
*blink* *blink blink*

So there IS such a thing as too much information.

ßetaMantisPosted: 11-30-2001 06:14:35
*perks head up*  Eh, Shawn, that's happened to me a few times too!  *taps chin idly*  Never ever figured out what happened after that alcohol though.  I felt rather good in the morning though, minus being a little parched.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-30-2001 10:45:39
*continues shivering with a blanket wrapped around him*
OsirisPosted: 11-30-2001 10:58:19
OMG, I just started hosting this site for a local radio personality.  He has a bunch of audio samples of his commercials, and DJing, and voice profiles, etc.

Check out this one.

That is almost too funny.
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-30-2001 12:15:02
*smiles warmly*  Oh come on, Shawn!  *wraps an arm around his shoulders*  Look on the bright side, whatever happened, it's over and if it was bad, you don't even have to remember it!  *pats him on the back reassuringly*
BrawnfirePosted: 11-30-2001 22:10:35
Innuendo...  burning... eyes....   *cries*

I wish I had looooooove.
82-1002268893Posted: 11-30-2001 22:46:09
I cast extreme pornography and voeyer cam on everyone
RaiderPosted: 11-30-2001 22:57:10
I stayed home again today meaning I stayed home one complete school/work week (5 days). I am feeling 90% better today, too.

As some of you might know, I just received Diablo2...I think I might have gotten it for my birthday in August. GAVAL gave it to me, so I might have gotten it around the time he came in around September 11, 2001. Anyway, I finally defeated Baal, and when I was in Nightmare on level 1 all I could say was TIMMAH because I didn't know what the heck happened. I guess destroying the Worldstone was basically the end or something and now I have to go through the game again to get to hell. I dono...I'm kinda confused.

I'm on level 39 or 40 (I think) for my highest character which is a Barbarian. This is also the one I used to kill Baal.
KorivakPosted: 12-01-2001 22:13:24
*kills continuity*
   I bought the Cowboy Bebop Boxed Set.  Now I am the very definition of sexy*.
   In other news, Rogers Cable (no longer Rogers@home) works, but only if I run ipconfig /renew every goddamn minute...*

*This sentence contains literary devices for dramatic effect, including, but not limited to, hyperbole, simile, metaphor, or allusion.  It is not intended to be regarded as completely and totally accurate and each indivdual word may be used outside the limits of the strictest of dictionary definitions.  The poster takes no responsibility for any arguments, discussions or debates on the topic of sematics that may result from excessively literal interpritations of this sentence.  If you intend to start a semantics debate about this topic, please be aware that your time would be better spent engaging in acts of intercourse with barnyard animals.  Please not that this disclaimer applies to all the sentances of this disclaimer.  This disclaimer is not applicable in Texas and Alaska.
80-1002268887Posted: 12-01-2001 23:00:14
Pfft, you may THINK you're sexy, but which one of us has a kickass laptop, hmm?
KorivakPosted: 12-01-2001 23:06:28
   Are you comparing NC to that shelf you have again?  Your shelf doesn't even boot anymore, boy, let alone run at 1GHz with a 15' screen pushing 1280x1024 and have both a DVD-ROM and a CD-RW...
80-1002268887Posted: 12-01-2001 23:10:38
It's not a shelf, it's a decoration! And at the moment it's still sitting in one of my drawers(Can't take anything out until I have somewhere in my room to set up book case and hang shelves).

And it does too boot, it just doesn't have an operating system to boot into. =P

I bet yours isn't covered in battle scars(cracks from me trying to open the thing, and leftover sticky stuff from duct tape).

And mine's a nice faded beige colour, what's yours?
KorivakPosted: 12-01-2001 23:15:55
*kills continuity*
   As much as I want to sit here and run ipconfig once every ten seconds all night long, my shotgun and I have pressing business to atend to down at the Rogers office...
80-1002268887Posted: 12-01-2001 23:24:41
Need to hire a kicking squad? We're always looking for more work.
RaiderPosted: 12-01-2001 23:36:58
Speaking of CD-RW's...I broke mine today. It's a 16x HP...I was trying to burn a CD, and it wouldn't work, so as impatient as I am, I pushed the tray in hard (but honestly not hard enough to break it, and now it will not open). Now I have to go bring it back. But it had been giving me a little trouble lately, anyway.
VéKTöRPosted: 12-01-2001 23:44:22
just out of curiosity, have you tried the manual eject pin on the front of the CDRW? (probably just a little hole, but it's quite visible)

might be worth giving that a shot before you disassemble things and cart them somewhere else.
RaiderPosted: 12-02-2001 00:08:28
Oh, yeah forgot to mention...I did pry it open gently, and when I did a gear fell out...I was just sitting there like...nice...really great. I think I can exchange it, though.

might be worth giving that a shot before you disassemble things and cart them somewhere else.

Heh...I took it out and out it on my desk ready to be boxed and returned.

Excuse the bragging, but I am impressed with myself and my knowledge of computers. When I got my computer almost 1.5 years ago, I didn't nearly even KNOW what ICQ I've gone from putting in a CD burner to upgrading RAM to reformatting and learning a lot of the basics. I'm kinda proud of myself...especially since I didn't even bother to look at my computer manual...I learned on my yeah I did try it...but like I said..a gear fell out and I just sat there and said to myself, TIMMAH!\n\n
FronPosted: 12-02-2001 00:18:43
Wait... maybe that's a typo, but how long have you had a computer? It looked like you said 15 years, and nobody knew what ICQ was 15 years ago...
VéKTöRPosted: 12-02-2001 00:21:07
when I got my first x86 computer (I had a C=64 before that) 10 or so years ago, I had no idea what I was doing with it, for the most part (I COULD program in BASIC at age 5, though. Well - a LITTLE before that, but it was limited to PRINT commands)

And lo, now I consider 99% of the population to be... how to put this nicely... "complete fucking retards" when it comes to computers.

You'd think people would take a LITTLE time to learn how to effectively use something they'll likely be using for work and such for the rest of their employed lives.

Oh well, the fact that they don't only makes people with a clue look so much more impressive and smart and such.
RaiderPosted: 12-02-2001 00:44:37
Sorry, Fron. Simple typo. It was 1.5, not 15.\n\n
80-1002268887Posted: 12-02-2001 11:00:28
Hehe, it's kinda funny. 6 years or so ago I knew barely nothing about computers, and was still able to install a cd-rom drive(My first cd-rom drive even!).

I knew barely nothing about computers, then I got Cyrus, my IBM Ambra 11E. That thing, while being a decent system at the time: a whole 155mhz(Don't ask me. Cyrix is wierd), 16mb of ram, and a 2.1gb hard drive, was so full of problems it wasn't funny. Being a pre-built system, especially one made by IBM at that time, it had compatibility issues up the wazoo.

I owe most of what I know about computers to having to fix problems on Cyrus. I loathe that system, but in a way, I thank it for making me who I am today. Something on it seems physically damaged now, so it no longer works, but the monitor still sees some action. It's hooked up to Fluufly. Sure it has colour issues and flickers an awful lot, but it's still being put to use, and soon, my grandfather will be using it.

Spankotron is definately the best system I've had, and what's more, I put the entire thing together myself(Minus installing the processor) and had no problems, except the disk drive issue which seemed to solve itself.

I also built Shawns computer(With Korivak's help), since it's nearly identical to mine. He's just got a Geforce2 rather than a Voodoo3, and it as well had no problems, except the disk drive issue which seemed to solve itself.

Easy way around that. Windows 2000 doesn't like being installed on one system and then being transfered over to another, but since my computer was nearly identical, and in Shawns house at the time, I was able to install Win2k on that, and move the hard drive over to his computer.

And in a month or two, I'm going to upgrade Spanky's ram to it's max of 1.5gb or so, since it'll cost me about the same as the 256mb that's in there now cost me a year ago. Then my next step is a Geforce3, and possibly an extra Geforce2(Since mixing other video cards will result in some 3d accelaration not working with dual monitors), and another monitor(I still really want one of those flat LCD ones), and I'll be all set for what I want to use my computer for.

Some people say it's overkill and I'll never need it, but they haven't gone from using a similar system with a 21" monitor for 3DS Max to a half as powerful system with a 17" monitor. I'm getting half the resolution. Dual monitors is extra fun since Max supports it, so I could have my toolbars and stuff on one screen, and my viewports fullscreen on the other. =)
kwerkeyPosted: 12-02-2001 13:27:56
I wonder if having dual mice set up would have any practical benefit (Assuming I could get windows to use two cursors instead of both mice controlling the same one).

How come everybody has money and I don't?

Oh wait, job, right.  I need me one of those, $30 /week isn't all that great of an income.
Eye of the NightPosted: 12-02-2001 14:54:10
But as I look back on it all, I realize that almost the entire relationship was at my expense.  I was so in love and so wanted to make things work that I would make any sacrifice and suppress all my wants and needs so as to avoid trying to force her into making a sacrifice.

Maybe that was what went wrong...a relationship requires balance, giving and taking. By only give you became more like a slave than a partner, not offering any counter-weight (or whatever the term is) to her. By so supressing your owns needs and wants you lose your identity. While exactly that identity is what keeps the relationship together. As noble as such self-sacrifice might seem, becoming a mindless slave is destructive to a relationship. It's just as bad as total dominance over the other.

DebtAngelPosted: 12-02-2001 15:20:16
Eye of the Night, Master of the Obvious. I'm guessing your super hero cape You seem like a blue caped super hero to me.
RaiderPosted: 12-02-2001 15:49:42
Let's help Mr. Dumbass again.

You see Nighteye...chicks are like cats. They require attention. Lots of attention. If you ARE a cat lover, you GIVE those cats lots of attention out of love.

Since men love women, men often treat women like cats. We give women lots of attention. We give them gifts and flatter them-->tell them how nice they look and tell them to keep their heads up when they are feeling down. It's not being a slave. It's FEELING and having EMOTIONS for someone that you care for. And in a lot of cases if you don't show your girl a lot of attention, you get dumped.

Another thing I can say is that love (which you are too stupid to know about) makes people do crazy things. And when you are in love, you will dothe craziest things for the one you care about...from taking her to dinner, movies, buying her expensive things even though you really can't afford it.

It's not being a slave,'s being in love and caring for someone.
Eye of the NightPosted: 12-02-2001 16:10:08
Raider, you obviously know nothing about it, and really should look for a pair of glasses.

Like I already said, a relationship is about giving and taking, and about balance. To give exclusively is a bad thing, and that doesn't mean you shouldn't give at all, Mr. jump-to-obviously-wrong-conclusions.
RaiderPosted: 12-02-2001 16:19:47
Raider, you obviously know nothing about it, and really should look for a pair of glasses.

I have contacts. Come up with something to support this.

You have no clue, do you?

Like I already said, a relationship is about giving and taking, and about balance. WRONG. A relationship is about giving, and you take what you are given...relationships have NOTHING to do with balance. To give exclusively is a bad thingHow is this? To make a relationship work you have to go half the way and the other person has to too. You give...she receives and is thankful and will show you love for what you have done., and that doesn't mean you shouldn't give at all, Mr. jump-to-obviously-wrong-conclusions. I never said you said that, Mr. Dumbass.

Please go away, Nighteye. My brain CAN NOT take your stupidity any longer. You fail to prove me wrong, and you fail to amuse me in any way, type or form.
Eye of the NightPosted: 12-02-2001 16:44:31
A relationship is about giving, and you take what you are given

IF you're given something. And that's what I mean by taking: if you give a LOT more than you receive, talk about it. Don't put ignore it and let it fester.
Which also says something about balance.

How is this? To make a relationship work you have to go half the way and the other person has to too. You give...she receives and is thankful and will show you love for what you have done.

"and the other person has to too." Exactly what I've been saying. Do you even comprehend even a tiny bit of what you read? What you overlook is that it also happens sometimes that a girl isn't thankful when given something, but expects it, and is scorned when she is not given it.

I never said you said that, Mr. Dumbass.

Didn't you? Then what about your ranting about the virtues of giving, rather than actually replying to my arguments? The implication was overly obvious. Even a fool would notice it...that you didn't...

Well, draw your own conclusions...if you can.

RaiderPosted: 12-02-2001 17:02:17
IF you're given something. And that's what I mean by taking: if you give a LOT more than you receive, talk about it. Don't put ignore it and let it fester.
Which also says something about balance.

No. Be happy with giving even though you are not receiving :p

Exactly what I've been saying. Do you even comprehend even a tiny bit of what you read? What you overlook is that it also happens sometimes that a girl isn't thankful when given something, but expects it, and is scorned when she is not given it.

I shouldn't have said has. I should have said needs. You don't HAVE to do anything to have a good relationship. If a girl doesn't receive what she wants, or doesn't like the person because she didn't receive something, then that's her problem. The guy did as much as he could.

Do you even comprehend even a tiny bit of what you read?Obviously I do that more than you do.

and that doesn't mean you shouldn't give at all
Didn't you? Then what about your ranting about the virtues of giving, rather than actually replying to my arguments? The implication was overly obvious. Even a fool would notice it...that you didn't..

Show me one time where I said that you said people shouldn't give. People don't have to give. People may not give anything, but be perfectly happy with their love...I still do not believe in that balance system. If one gives more than the other so what? The one that gives shouldn't expect MUCH if ANYTHING in return anyway.
Eye of the NightPosted: 12-02-2001 17:19:39
No. Be happy with giving even though you are not receiving

And how long would you keep that up? 80 years? And what good would you be to a girl on the long term, if you show no backbone at all?

The guy did as much as he could.

No. He could talk about it with her, and by so doing possibly save the relationship.

The one that gives shouldn't expect MUCH if ANYTHING in return anyway.

Yes, not in return. The one that gives MAY expect to be given about as much as he gives, not in return for what he gives, but for who he is; the same reason he gives - for who she is.
RaiderPosted: 12-02-2001 17:31:28
Okay...I HAVE to go study after this this is my last post for a while

And how long would you keep that up? 80 years? And what good would you be to a girl on the long term, if you show no backbone at all?

It should keep up a long time. The girl and the guy (really) should both be happy that they have themselves.

And what good would you be to a girl on the long term, if you show no backbone at all?

Show backbone? What do you mean by that. Clarify that. You aren't amusing if you don't WANT to receive? I think that's bull. You can be amusing (even though that's not the word I'm looking for) in many ways...there are many different ways that you can show you're a cool person and what ways? That's determined by the guy himself.
KorivakPosted: 12-02-2001 20:59:57
   Ah, NightEye, you have sunk to a new low.  First of all, you are creating excessive continuity in my thread, which is strongly discouraged.  If you really must go on and on about this topic, please create a new thread, Topic: Discussing the details of Matt's miserable love life at great length, Subtopic: 'Cuz I just don't know when to quit!, because I don't want your lingustic poison in my thread any longer.
   Which brings me to my next point...shut up about my personal life.  Sure, I posted some stuff on a public forum because I wanted someone to talk to, and then I stopped almost immediatly and let it drop.  You, on the other hand, have turned this, like everything that you rub your greasy prose on, into a tedious, extended debate.  And while you are normally talking out of your ass when you post, you're even worse this time because you're trying to discuss my love life, which only two people in the world are qualified to do.
   So shut up.

*kills continuity*
   Nothing of great interest happened today, so to avoid boredom and a chance of sliding into bitter black thoughts, I watched Cowboy Bebop.  Episode after episode of Bebop.  The whole last two thirds of the series, in fact, except for the last three episodes, which I'm about to watch now.  I have a soft spot for dark, melodramatic love stories, and the end of Bebop is most certainly that.
80-1002268887Posted: 12-02-2001 21:09:00
In other news, we just whupped Raiders ass in the Rubber Room.

That's what he gets for picking a fight with one of my personalities...

Take THAT Raider!\n\n
RaiderPosted: 12-02-2001 22:05:57
"Whooped my ass?" are just a good spammer  ;)
Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-03-2001 02:34:23
Raider is, in fact, being more ridiculous than Eye of the Night in this instance.  First, he compared women to cats with a strange simplification, and then made it clear that successful relationships do not have to be symmetrical.

I don't care if he has "contacts".  I have repeated experience with both mature and immature relationships, firsthand.  Experience contradicts most of Raider's claims instantaneously, though common sense is also working against him.  The same can be said about Nighteye, though.

In short:  You're both useless.
BevyPosted: 12-03-2001 03:40:28
Anybody who tries to give relationships as a whole one statement IS wrong.

People are individuals. Attempting to define all of the romantic/sexual/etc. aspects of all mankind with one definiton would be difficult enough (and impossible, I beleive), without doing it two at a time.

Every possible relationship, every of the trillion or whatever different possible pairings of human beings has different sides to it then the other. Every partner has different needs and wants and goals. To do what some of you are trying to do is foolish.
KorivakPosted: 12-03-2001 10:26:54
   In class, we are learning basic HTML.  My personal website is done in standards complient HTML 4.01 with full CSS formatting and a totally liquid layout that uses no tables, just <div> tags powered by CSS, with some SSI to make updating the site less tedious.  Guess who's bored out of his mind...\n\n
ßetaMantisPosted: 12-03-2001 10:33:50
I remember when I was in "Internet" class in which we were taught HTML and I had to tell the teacher how to do things.  This was the class we spent two weeks on search engines (which I can teach you everything you need to know in ten minutes, and yes, that includes the computer boot time).

I also remember a half-week before the exam one guy turned around (our backs were facing one another) and asked me what the "b" tag was.

I was speechless for about two seconds, then blinked, then iterated "Um, it's the bold tag . . .".  I was thanked and then I continued to stare blankly at the guy's back.

Only then I think I realised why the course was so damned simple.  Not to bore me, but to cater to people like him.
OsirisPosted: 12-03-2001 10:34:50
Use your spare time to learn some scripting.

Flat HTML is 'square', man


Just ignore me
Eye of the NightPosted: 12-03-2001 18:44:00
Show backbone? What do you mean by that.

Simply put: not letting her walk over you.

Korivak, it moved beyond anything related to you to the general topic. And besides, the thread IS called "random", which not only means that the topics within are random, but also that the lenght of discussion about each topic is random. So that includes the occasional long-winded discussion.

The same can be said about Nighteye, though.

You don't know dutch women.

Anybody who tries to give relationships as a whole one statement IS wrong.

True...but it isn't completely random/unpredictable. Statements can be made that apply to the majority...
BevyPosted: 12-03-2001 18:56:29
I just took those classes, Beta.

Information Highway, that's what they call 'em damned modules 'roun' these parts.

Most of the first module consists of becoming experienced on several search engines. What the fucking WHY???

And, yeah, my teacher is a complete idiot as well.

I was called upon to show him how to take a screenshot recently...
BrawnfirePosted: 12-03-2001 20:47:29
My World History II teacher did not know Geoffrey Plantagenet, my namesake.  He was the father of Henry II of England!  JOLLY GOD!

That made me giggle.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-03-2001 21:09:31
Do not give me shit about "Dutch women", you clueless yutz.

You lack experience with relationships in general, and the comments both you and Raider are making are very silly and quite aptly display said lack of experience.  Others agree, even if they are not as terribly vocal regarding it.

Argue this previous paragraph all you wish, but my perceptions of your previous comments are not likely to change.  Argue that I have some predisposition towards you if you want, but I will consistently disagree with you when you claim such things.  Argue definitions or make more outrageous-yet-vague-and-unfounded claims if it tickles your fancy, but I shall ignore them after briefly labeling them what they are.

In short:  Give it up, already.

And this thread is for random, unconnected thoughts, as opposed to entire discussions.  Create a "Relationships" thread so you can spout your utter bullshit and theories about ze women if you so wish, but stop bickering with everyone in this thread.  Korivak created it, and now Korivak is asking you to kindly shut the fuck up, you pretentious, unpopular nincompoop.

80-1002268887Posted: 12-03-2001 21:20:03
Speaking of random crap... man I love seeing some of the stuff people put in passport application envelopes.

Today I got a rather thick envelope, and I knew that meant one of two things: a few sets of divorce papers, or something fun. It turned out to be something fun indeed.

Upon opening it, I pulled out two things. One was a large newspaper image of Tiger Wood's face with a few other pictures of him, cut out of a newspaper, glued to it, with writing on it. Looked like passages from a book of some sort. It was glued to a cardboard frame, and at the top, in different handwriting, was written "Do I care if you all kill me I dont think so!!!!  If and when is my promble na you all seem!!", I copied that down cause it seemed rather odd.

Along with that was a letter. The letter, in the same writing as the quotes on the newspaper image, but not the thing at the top, was about sorcerers and stuff. I think it eventually went on to quote Nostradamus.

And to top it all off, whoever it was didn't even send a passport application!!!

It's amazing what shows up in passport application envelopes...
kwerkeyPosted: 12-03-2001 22:31:55
BevyPosted: 12-04-2001 02:32:28

I never even saw the dutch women thing. What a FUCKING Idiot!
ßetaMantisPosted: 12-04-2001 06:33:57
*simply tosses out "And you don't know North American "ladiez", so nyah.", as well as sticking out his tongue at EotN*
KorivakPosted: 12-04-2001 07:22:05
   I assumed that NightEye would be too stupid to actually stop discussing a topic that he had wrap his conversational cancer around.  NightEye, stop spamming my thread.
DebtAngelPosted: 12-04-2001 08:49:08
This, as the Random Thread, is actually quite hard to spam. That's sorta the point, remember. Now just because you don't like what's taking place in the random threod doesn't mean you get to change the rules on page 15. If you want a thread with an actual topic, start one.
KorivakPosted: 12-04-2001 09:04:27
   Random Thread #2864 is supposed to be for random, unconnected, and sometimes silly posts, and as such, long, tedious debates are considered off topic and thus spam.
ßetaMantisPosted: 12-04-2001 10:26:23
See?  We're changing the topic right now!
KorivakPosted: 12-04-2001 10:51:53
*kills you*
   Change the topic now, boy!
ßetaMantisPosted: 12-04-2001 11:04:02
Ow, my left tonsil . . .
DebtAngelPosted: 12-04-2001 12:03:18
I love how death is an annoying pain in an obscure area around here.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-04-2001 14:30:12
If you want a thread with an actual topic, start one.

This is Korivak's point exactly.  Eye of the Night was attempting to initiate a conversation regarding how to properly romance da ladiez.
ßetaMantisPosted: 12-04-2001 14:32:36
Don't we already have one of those somewhere?
DebtAngelPosted: 12-04-2001 15:10:53
Quote from Sexay Shawn, posted on Dec. 04 2001, 15:30
This is Korivak's point exactly.  Eye of the Night was attempting to initiate a conversation regarding how to properly romance da ladiez.

That must have been one of the many posts I skipped in this thread. *shrug*

The beauty of this thread, though, is he can rant all he wants, and we can just ignore him and continue talking about the colour of Psycho Sam's pants.
KorivakPosted: 12-04-2001 16:04:48
   Hot Pink?
BrawnfirePosted: 12-04-2001 16:20:55
Pants, not panties.

KorivakPosted: 12-04-2001 18:23:43
   I have secretly suspected for years that the type of people who once became masters of torture now become, in our kinder, gentler society, dentists.  In related news, my jaw alsing hurts!
Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-04-2001 18:33:15

KorivakPosted: 12-04-2001 18:34:04
   God bless idiot juice!
Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-04-2001 18:43:49
The only differeje being that I am not an idipot.  I just come froma  long line of alcoholics and depressed individuals.  plus I am under stress.
BrawnfirePosted: 12-04-2001 18:52:50
No, you're not an idiot.

When you're sober.
kwerkeyPosted: 12-05-2001 01:44:18
*watches YATTA, falls on the floor in the fetal position and breaks out into a cold sweat*

That did not happen..... that did not happen....... that did not happen.... that did not happen.....
Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-05-2001 01:55:22
No, you're not an idiot.

When you're sober.

Hee!  Ha ha ha.

Well, fuck you, too.
kwerkeyPosted: 12-05-2001 02:48:20
Late nights aren't fun.

Late nights with homework are less so.

Late nights with homework when you need to be sure not to wake your parents up are less entertaining than that.

Why must I always procrastinate?  You'd think I'd have learned after 16 years of life, but no.
ßetaMantisPosted: 12-05-2001 06:31:44
kwerkey, because, like me

a) it gets done the fastest when you have the most stress, so you have the least amount of time used but with the most pressure.
b) you can't procrastinate anymore in good conscience because you know you won't get it done otherwise,
c) you like challenging yourself because in this situation you actually have an obvious time limit,
d) you're a lazy moron and/or
e) you just don't get it?

kwerkeyPosted: 12-05-2001 19:31:30
All of them but E, I guess.
ßetaMantisPosted: 12-05-2001 22:23:11
Well, I think I fit all of them.  Heh.
MistressBluePosted: 12-05-2001 22:45:31
Any of you played Pool of Radiance?
If so what did you think of it?
ßetaMantisPosted: 12-06-2001 04:13:05
POD, POR and whatever the other game in the series was were three games that sort of started the pen(cil)-and-paper-RPGs-to-computer-RPG genre.  They have been remade more times than I care to count.
KorivakPosted: 12-06-2001 10:58:36
   We're learning about tables now.  Right now, we're discussing tables for information, but soon we'll be doing tables for layout.  I personally don't use tables for layout, but the CSS box model is counter-intuitive as hell, which makes it a difficult skill to learn.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-06-2001 11:37:12
*sighs*  I slept in, today, and missed school.  I am going to update my journal, soon.  I'm actually more frustrated since I have to leave for work in less than four hours.  I'm going to do some homework before I go, just to ease my throbbing conscience.  And read a little, I suppose...
ßetaMantisPosted: 12-06-2001 13:36:13
Is it weird when you can almost get a scotch tape roll around both your wrists, or three-quarters of the way over your bicep?

Mind me, I'm on a caffiene high.

(EDIT:  Did I mention this tape roll has an inner diameter of three inches?)\n\n
OsirisPosted: 12-06-2001 13:42:09
I could never get CSS box layouts to work as well as tables.  I don't know if it's a limitation in the system, or if there's just something I'm overlooking.
rRaminrodtPosted: 12-06-2001 13:50:06
I always wondered why absolute positioning always is based on just the page.  Why can't you make it work off a particular containing element?
KorivakPosted: 12-06-2001 14:39:06
   The box model is pretty confusing, but once you figure it out, you can do some damn good layout work and never touch tables.  Basically, in CSS everything has a box around it, so building a page is like playing with building blocks as a kid.  In CSS, you build outwards, adding new things above, below, to the left or right of existing objects, but with tables, you build inwards, slicing up a block of space into smaller and smaller sections.  Trying to use CSS the same way you would use tables doesn't work, it requires a whole new approach.
BrawnfirePosted: 12-06-2001 15:52:43
Surely you don't mean scotch tape... scotch tape is the clear mildy adhesive tape that comes in the little rolls... do you mean masking tape?

Please say yes.
OsirisPosted: 12-06-2001 15:58:17
: I always wondered why absolute positioning always is based on just the page.  Why can't you make it work off a particular containing element?

That's what relative positioning is for?  Am I misunderstanding here..?

: he box model is pretty confusing, but once you figure it out, you can do some damn good layout work and never touch tables.

Here's the problem I have with CSS layouts.  Say I have a lot of tabular data, and I don't know how much data in advance is going to be there.  If I wanted to align the boxes, like a calendar, I need to create it on a column-by-column basis rather than a row-by-row basis, which is difficult and less efficient programatically.

That's what I just don't understand.  Again, maybe I just haven't played with it enough.
DebtAngelPosted: 12-06-2001 16:06:35
Isn't tabular data what tables are for? :)

I'm guessing he actually means packing tape, which is clear and comes in bigger rolls than Scotch tape.
Big ZPosted: 12-06-2001 16:15:56
In order to break this little line of discussion, an email I recieved today.

Email Generated by Ikonboard
Big Z,

This email has been sent from Guest via Ikonboard.




Please note, Ikonboard cannot be held responsible for the content of this email Forums

Yes, that is exactly how it came to me.  confused=me.
OsirisPosted: 12-06-2001 16:29:52
: Isn't tabular data what tables are for?

Yeah! hehe, but what I'm getting at is that some people act like CSS DIVs and positioning can replace any table scenario, and I just can't seem to be able to do it with any accuracy.  At the very least, they just don't work as easily as tables.
KorivakPosted: 12-06-2001 16:47:11
   Why would you make a table with CSS?  That makes no sense at all.  CSS is for visual appearance only, HTML tables are for table data.  They're designed for what they're meant for, not for what their not meant for...
OsirisPosted: 12-06-2001 17:55:14
Make up your mind.  One minute you're saying if you master CSS box layouts, you can do away with tables, and the next you're patronizing me for questioning if that's possible.

KorivakPosted: 12-06-2001 18:07:55
   You can do away with using tables for layout with CSS.  If you need a table for presenting data (the original purpose of tables), then tables always were and always will be the best way of doing it...
OsirisPosted: 12-06-2001 18:27:57
Alright, that's where you lost me the first time.

Still, I maintain that there are people who claim you can do everything with CSS, and I'd like to find out exactly what they mean by that.
kwerkeyPosted: 12-06-2001 18:39:48
Pfft, CSS really is all you need.  Nobody uses HTML anymore, XML is stupid, and XHTML is horrible.

You might need some Javascript here and there to make your page reload if somebody tries to leave, but that's just extra credit.
OsirisPosted: 12-06-2001 18:44:10
We should just convert the entire WWW to flash/shockwave and get it over with.

80-1002268887Posted: 12-06-2001 18:59:41
I have no opposition to this course of action.
RazaelPosted: 12-06-2001 20:18:10
The dial up users won't like being forced to use Macromedia viewers, and neither will the anti-proprietary folks.
80-1002268887Posted: 12-06-2001 20:23:33
Dial-up users should have switched to broadband months ago, and if they haven't, then they have no right being here.

As for proprietary crap, umm... Flash roxxors?
RazaelPosted: 12-06-2001 20:40:22
<tone base="prepared response" subtone="people telling me to go away because I've got a 56k line"> You have no business telling me what I can and can't access. Go fuck yourself. </tone>

DebtAngelPosted: 12-06-2001 20:55:47
Flash and Shockwave, when used in moderation, can greatly enhance the "experience" a site can deliver.

And couldn't I just have my significant other do that for me instead? It's way more fun that way.
RazaelPosted: 12-06-2001 21:04:03
I am well aware of that.... and yes; that seems to be a superior option.
VéKTöRPosted: 12-06-2001 21:10:51
Flash is annoying.

What about all the poor souls, running lynx on VT100 terminals? huh? WHAT ABOUT THEM?

On a completely unrelated note, for an OAC computers project, I did an all-flash site with tons of pretty graphics and such.

It was ungodly large and stupid, but I learned long ago that when it comes to high school CS projects, the actual APPLICATION of said project doesn't matter. Efficiency doesn't matter. Standards-compliance doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is impressing the class so you get high "peer evaluation" marks from the people who couldn't tell strncmp from strcmpi if their life depended on it.

All you need to do is talk about how "oh, all modern browsers either ship with flash or support the plugin" anyway.

Blah. HS was SUCH a waste of time when it came to CS.
Hell, the day we spent sitting around making Cat-5 patch cables was probably more useful than anything else... err - because I got to grab some cables and take them home for personal use. Heh, heh.
80-1002268887Posted: 12-06-2001 21:28:30

*falls over, convulsing*

Oh, read it soon. This article's only free to the public for a day or so... I'll probably put the movie up on Spankotron in case ANYONE decides that they, for some reason, want them...

"It is written: Only Link can defeat Gannon."

AHHH! *clutches his eyeballs, screaming*
Big ZPosted: 12-06-2001 21:36:37
Quote from Psycho Sam!, posted on Dec. 06 2001, 20:23
Dial-up users should have switched to broadband months ago, and if they haven't, then they have no right being here.

Who do you think you are, al gore?

I doubt broadband will ever come out here, the phone line can barely support sub 56k speeds, and there isnt even cable tv here (except for the line they ran special for our house, no one else has cable.  everyone else wants satellite out here I guess, so they never felt the need to wire the houses for cable.)

Also, kwerkey is a moron:

Pfft, CSS really is all you need.  Nobody uses HTML anymore, XML is stupid, and XHTML is horrible.

*goes to Kwerky's site*

In other news, I'm going to switch to XHTML 1.0 as soon as I get a chance.

I'm assuming you're talking about the same thing, hmm?
Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-06-2001 21:37:42
"Wow!  What are all those heads?"

"Those are the faces of evil!  You must conquer each."
DebtAngelPosted: 12-06-2001 21:52:13
Nice to see Z has a killer grip on sarcasm...

And knows that CSS doesn't put any text on the screen...

And knows how to capitalize the names of former VPs of the United States of America...

And knows how to spell kwerkey's name...

And stuff.

Big ZPosted: 12-06-2001 22:00:23
2.I dont know what the difference between css and xhtml is, but I found it amusing that kwerkey says xhtml sucks when he's going to be using it for his site
3.You're lucky I capitalized or punctuated at all, I'm tired.
4.I can spell Kwerky fine

*Punches DebtAngel*
Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-06-2001 22:05:52
Yes.  I am sure DebtAngel feels incredibly lucky that you used "capitalized or punctuated at all".  *snickers*  Who knows what would have happened, had you not?
Big ZPosted: 12-06-2001 22:10:36
Horrible, terrible things.

*Punches Shawn*
Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-06-2001 22:22:05
*decides that you did not, in fact, punch him through sheer force of will, alterning the course of time*
Big ZPosted: 12-06-2001 22:36:00
That certainly makes things more difficult for me.

*Punches Tossy*
BrawnfirePosted: 12-06-2001 23:40:19
*punches Shawn in the distant past*
*suddenly the present changes to a world dictated by the McClean Empire, the evil despot Shawn McClean I upon the throne, and a great army of Geoff clones enslaved and working.*

Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-07-2001 00:17:36
McClean, eh?

You ought to be kicked repeatedly in the left kneecap by a five year old girl while ducttaped to your school's flagpole, for such a terrible, heinous transgression.

Let alone that whole punching me thing.
82-1002268893Posted: 12-07-2001 00:24:18
Isn't that what shade's cousin or something did to you. Only it was on a staircase and you weren't tied up?
Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-07-2001 00:29:28
*laughs*  I've had a few memorable duels with Shade's cousins, actually.  But you're probably referring to the time when I had a now-infamous, lengthly battle with one of her cousins in her basement at the CWAL get together, last March.

What wasn't shown was my subsequent victory after play possum, curled up in a ball on the ground.  It was all a part of my clever, intricate strategy...  *chuckles nervously*

ßetaMantisPosted: 12-07-2001 09:43:44
*snickers and nods quickly*

Yeah, Shawn, so was my footrest thing . . .

*grins at Big Z*  Funny how he deliberately misspells kwerkey, yet spelt it correctly in point two.  Why do you put periods after the "Ya"s and not points two and four?  And no spaces after the numbers of the indexed list?  Deplorable!
BrawnfirePosted: 12-07-2001 17:42:47
It's not my fault if you have an evil godless last name that spells unlike McCormick.
KorivakPosted: 12-07-2001 23:25:11
*looks for adventure under rocks and behind the sofa*
Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-08-2001 01:38:42
*sighs*  Adventure.  Oh, how I miss thee.
KorivakPosted: 12-08-2001 12:24:44
   In other news, I finally got my router to work with my cable modem!  Fucking Rogers nee @home...
Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-08-2001 12:27:37
What does "nee" mean?
BrawnfirePosted: 12-08-2001 13:15:03
*gasp*  AUGH!  DON'T SAY THAT!

NI!  NI!  NI!!!!!
KorivakPosted: 12-08-2001 13:24:54
   It is the word used to describe the madain name of a woman... Judith O'Grady nee Allen, for example.  Rogers has a new name, so I applied the word creatively to indicate such.
kwerkeyPosted: 12-08-2001 14:07:49
Big Z, I was being sarcastic when I said that (X)HTML and XML suck.  Of course they don't suck, they all have their place.  The problem is that some people act as if they don't, saying that CSS can practically replace HTML, or that XML 0wnz0rz j00r 4ss.
KorivakPosted: 12-08-2001 14:18:07
   But Big Z has not the knowledge or sense of humour to catch your joke...
kwerkeyPosted: 12-08-2001 14:29:38
I assforume'd so; I thought the Javascript remark would've tipped him off, though.
KorivakPosted: 12-08-2001 14:43:06
   Your assforume about the JavaScript remark was wrong, however... assforumes are badbadbad, you fool!
Big ZPosted: 12-08-2001 15:08:25
I can't seem to think of a way to get out of this gracefully.

*Punches kwerkey*

*Punches Korivak for good measure*
KorivakPosted: 12-08-2001 15:15:12
   Very graceful, sir!
ßetaMantisPosted: 12-08-2001 15:48:06
*merely laughs at the exchange*
OsirisPosted: 12-08-2001 21:53:20
: It is the word used to describe the madain name of a woman...

Amazing, I actually learned something from reading this forum.

Korviak, you have earned the award "Poster of the day".  Wear this proudly.

KorivakPosted: 12-09-2001 09:10:09
   Well, shit... we can't have that now, can we?

Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-09-2001 10:11:43
*squeals*  *flails*
KorivakPosted: 12-09-2001 11:44:58
*touches Shawn in wonderful, wonderful places*
BrawnfirePosted: 12-09-2001 13:04:36
Like Paris, or Vienna?!?
KorivakPosted: 12-09-2001 13:23:35
   ...sort of.
FronPosted: 12-09-2001 13:42:49
Contrary to populat belief, Paris is not a wonderful place.

Hell, it's not even a NICE place.

I spent about 6 hours there in the summer and I was already itching to get the hell out.

Can't comment on Vienna, though.
KorivakPosted: 12-09-2001 13:44:47
   Vienna has open sewers for streets...
ßetaMantisPosted: 12-09-2001 13:59:15
*stares at Korivak in wide-eyed shock*

Why are you touching Shawn THERE of ALL places!?
Lord TreyPosted: 12-09-2001 13:59:33
Vienna sausage is good though
BrawnfirePosted: 12-09-2001 14:09:10
Vienna has streets for streets.  VENICE has sewers for streets.
KorivakPosted: 12-09-2001 14:16:23
*looks stupid*
VéKTöRPosted: 12-09-2001 15:06:10
*looks sexy*
80-1002268887Posted: 12-09-2001 16:41:58
*Smacks VeKToR with Korivak*
kwerkeyPosted: 12-09-2001 23:37:28
I think cannons would be an acceptable form of transportation.
KorivakPosted: 12-09-2001 23:55:18
   Yes, but only on the condition that you added a feature that aimed EOTN's cannon at piles of broken glass and brick walls and elephents...
BevyPosted: 12-10-2001 00:20:12
If you're using cannons as a form of propulsion, aiming EOTN's at dangerous things would send him awayfrom them...

Of course, I see how this could be a good thing; we don't want to cause him any more brain damage and then suffer the consequences whenever he posts.
kwerkeyPosted: 12-10-2001 01:06:45
I see the logic in that.
Propel an object towards another object, and they will become further apart.

Wait, no, that makes no sense.
kwerkeyPosted: 12-10-2001 01:40:31
It's the bottom of page 15 all over again.

God, why do I do this to myself.
KorivakPosted: 12-11-2001 07:46:50
   Let me see if I can explain this, Bevy, using pretty pictures because you failed to understand words...
[CANNON]  [EOTN]                   [BAD STUFF]
[CANNON]<-[EOTN]                   [BAD STUFF]
[CANNON]TN]                        [BAD STUFF]
[CANNON] *aims*                    [BAD STUFF]
[CANNON] *fires*                   [BAD STUFF]
[CANNON]->->->->->[EOTN]           [BAD STUFF]
[CANNON]->->->->->->->->->->->->[EO[BAD STUFF]
[CANNON]                 *dies* [EO[BAD STUFF]
[CANNON]                        [EO[BAD STUFF]     [WEASELS] *rejoice!*

ßetaMantisPosted: 12-11-2001 07:54:18
*all but falls out of chair laughing*
VéKTöRPosted: 12-11-2001 09:30:16
*gets to work on a magnetic linear EOTN accelerator*
KorivakPosted: 12-11-2001 09:48:03
*hunts down EOTN so he can fill him full of liquid iron so the magnets work better*
VéKTöRPosted: 12-11-2001 10:44:24
actually, what you need is some kind of very highly conductive outer shell.

What you can do then is run a very strong electrical current through the projectile, at a perpendicular angle to a very strong magnetic field. Run both of these fields perpendicular to the direction you want the force to be applied, and go!

Having some REALLY big-ass capacitors helps, as you can release a LOT of energy into the system in a very short amount of time without the use of your own personal nuclear power plant. Just make sure the chassis and components can stand the kinds of energy you're putting into this thing.

Oh, and REALLY spend time making sure you calculate your normals right.
Wouldn't do to get it backwards and have the slug fire BACK into the control mechanisms and... err... user.
KorivakPosted: 12-11-2001 10:47:31
   Shhh... I wanna fill him with liquid iron... *slips you a twenty*  ....ok?
VéKTöRPosted: 12-11-2001 10:56:08
no problem.

And build me a railgun while you're at it.
KorivakPosted: 12-11-2001 10:59:25
   I don't have the materials...
DebtAngelPosted: 12-11-2001 11:13:49
Did anyone else notice in that nifty picture, you start with Eye or the Night and end up with Eye on Bad Stuff? Sounds like a moonlit stroll in the partk gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Which could, indeed, explain quite a bit. :)
BevyPosted: 12-12-2001 04:24:33
If you're using the item shot out of the cannon to propel EOTN, well, that's a different story, then you simply aim at whatever you want him to hit, provided he's actually between the cannon and the target, but if you plan to propel him using the cannon itself (now making the assumption he is attached to it or somethign of similar relevance), then I am right, you'd want to aim the opposite direction, because the blast will send you away from wherever you are aiming.

Also, (either way, I'm more right than wrong), as clearification, I, for some reason, assumed it was some big flying nuclear comic book photon ray cannon or something. =)
DebtAngelPosted: 12-12-2001 10:08:19
Bevy Bevy Bevy,

EotN is not attached to the cannon. He's in the cannon. As the ammunition.

We very much want to point the cannon at the bad stuff, as EotN will be propelled away from the cannon at a very high velocity, and into the bad stuff. Where the cannon goes after we fire EotN out of it is quite irrelevant.

Of course, we're smart around here, and have accounted for recoil. That way, the cannon won't fly away on us in some random direction, so it will still be there when we decide to fire you out of it.

Edit: Spelling mistake. Oh, and if you are about to use the "what about the lack of gunpowder in EotN" argument, I highly suggest you go to the circus. If the circus can fire people out of cannons, then by gum we can too.
VéKTöRPosted: 12-12-2001 10:16:24
besides, very few old cannons had their ammunition and propellant in one nice convenient package.

You just jam the gunpowder down the barrel, followed by EOTN.

Actually, a breech-loader would be even better, but probably overly complicated for the simple application we'll be using this for.
80-1002268887Posted: 12-12-2001 18:00:47
There's no wrong way to shoot NightEye out of a cannon.
Eye of the NightPosted: 12-12-2001 18:18:59
Quote from Psycho Sam!, posted on Dec. 13 2001, 01:00
There's no wrong way to shoot NightEye out of a cannon.

There's no right way for me to be shot out of a cannon.

Now, if you'll explain your statement in the light of that revelation...
80-1002268887Posted: 12-12-2001 19:03:20

*Hits NightEye in the knee with a baseball bat*
Eye of the NightPosted: 12-12-2001 19:35:39
KorivakPosted: 12-13-2001 07:32:03
   Stop posting in my thread.  This isn't the NightEye Loves Himself Club.
ßetaMantisPosted: 12-13-2001 07:53:30
*reads EotN's denial of there being correct ways for him to be shot out of a cannon*

Not the most optimistic of people, are you?
KorivakPosted: 12-13-2001 09:27:54
   EOTN vs The [CANNON] ASCII art, now in sig format for a limited time only!
BevyPosted: 12-13-2001 12:53:35
Oh he's in it!

That's the funnest option of all!

*begins randomly hurling golfballs into the darkness of the barrel*
kwerkeyPosted: 12-13-2001 17:46:48
Nighteye, that WR post might have been effective if you knew how to argue a point (and pick not only a good point to argue, but a valid one as well).

*fires Nighteye into a pack of steaming War Roomers*
MistressBluePosted: 12-13-2001 22:51:12
Found this on another forum found it amusing :)

Computers Versus Cars

Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft, reportedly compared the computer industry with the auto industry and stated "If GM had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving $25 cars that got 1,000 miles per gallon."

Recently General Motors addressed this comment by releasing this statement:

"Yes, but would you want your car to crash twice a day?"

1. Every time they repainted the lines on the road you would have to buy a new car.

2. Occasionally your car would die on the freeway for no reason, and you would just accept this, restart, and drive on.

3. Occasionally, executing a maneuver would cause your car to stop and fail and you would have to re-install the engine. For some strange reason, you would accept this, too.

4. You could only have one person in the car at a time, unless you bought CarNT. But, then you would have to buy more seats.

5. Macintosh would make a car that was powered by the sun, was reliable, five times as fast, twice as easy to drive, but would only run on five percent of the roads.

6. The Macintosh car owners would get expensive Microsoft upgrades to their cars, which would make their cars run much slower.

7. The oil, gas, and alternator warning lights would be replaced by a single "general car default" warning light.

8. New seats would force everyone to have the same size butt.

9. The airbag system would say "Are you sure?" before going off.

10. If you were involved in a crash, you would have no idea what happened.

ßetaMantisPosted: 12-13-2001 22:59:55
Do you know what the scary thing is about that article?  I saw it in my grade twelve or OAC physics class, I forget which.

That's three and a bit to five years ago.
VéKTöRPosted: 12-13-2001 23:05:27
oh, the gloriously BAD and TACKY stuff we had in physics & chem classes.

Like the teacher's decision to play that song where they sing the entire periodic table of elements during one of our tests.

come to think of it, Gr. 12 physics was GLORY.

See, our experiments semi-regularly involved demonstrating said experiment by making FOOD with lab equipment.

Why can forget the s'mores we made with bunsen burners?
Roasting marshmallows over a hot blue natural gas flame is just SO WRONG, but it feels so GOOD! (partial decomposition of gelatin saccharides)

And the time we made toffee in class (glassy solids).
And the time we made peanut brittle in class (glassy solids again. I think he REALLY liked that topic)


More classes should be taught with the aid of FOOD.
DebtAngelPosted: 12-13-2001 23:11:39
You guys had gas? Lucky bastards.

You see, in my Grade 8 year (the year before High School), there was a...minor accident at what was then my future high school.

A science lab blew up.

Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt, and it caused a lot more smoke than actual explosion/debris/fire/pain/lots of pain/etc. Unfortunately, it meant that the gas was turned off in all science labs, and to my knowledge it was never turned back on, with the exception of one lab.

Of course, that meant the science teachers got to play with butane torches when they needed an open flame.

Roasting marshmallows on a hot plate is far messier, and not nearly as much fun.
KorivakPosted: 12-13-2001 23:37:06
   I just fixed a typo in my new sig...for some reason, I consistently miss-abbreviated Twit Of The Night...can't imagine what I was thinking...
*smacks forehead*
Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-14-2001 00:05:46
*chuckles*  I am the bestest at conjuring up hilarious nicknames for individuals.  I am so proud of my creation(s)!
ßetaMantisPosted: 12-14-2001 09:03:37
Was it you who came up with Mantits - one of a number of aliases generated from my own autodesignated one?

Edit:  Apparently, I can't punctuate questions correctly.\n\n
VéKTöRPosted: 12-14-2001 09:10:16
Well they called me Sparky in Gr. 12 physics because I had this thing... where I sort of tended to pass electricity MEANT for experiments through my body.

I've only done it a few times, I swear!
ßetaMantisPosted: 12-14-2001 09:13:14
*narrows eyes*  Haven't I already splurged forth a set of nicknames I've been given?  Perhaps I should go seek it.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-14-2001 10:53:55
Yes, I was the innovator of Mantits, if I remember correctly.

I also came up with Blinky, as well.  *grins*

And Fatboy...and the Four Horsemen designations...

[Edit:  Well, Mantits came up with Famine for himself first, actually...]

ßetaMantisPosted: 12-14-2001 10:56:40
The more I think about it, the more Famine fits me . . .

EDIT:  Amusing, you edit your post to say that I came up with it as I say I think it fits me really well.  *laughs*\n\n
KorivakPosted: 12-14-2001 10:57:59
   And it all pales when compared to your most recent masterpiece:
Twit Of The Night
ßetaMantisPosted: 12-14-2001 11:00:17

I've wondered if Eye of the Night was a pun, actually.

As in, it meant he was blind due to being in darkness perpetually.  Or if it was meant as a self-compliment meaning he could see what others could not.

Or both.

Or neither.

Or I'm ramblin'.
KorivakPosted: 12-14-2001 11:02:06
   I seems to recall him posting in the "Where did you get your nickname" thread, saying that it was just something that "sounded cool", but I'm not sure...
ßetaMantisPosted: 12-14-2001 11:05:08
Awwwww, I don't remember that thread!

I actually have a number of reasons for this alias.  Even if a couple are "It's different." and "It sounds interesting."

I had more AFTER choosing it too (such as every typo you could make with it tends to be funny.  It's due to the alternating consonants and vowels, I believe).
DarthNinnyPosted: 12-14-2001 17:13:48

Word yo.
ßetaMantisPosted: 12-14-2001 17:26:30
Say, are you going to that thing in February, DNY?
DarthNinnyPosted: 12-14-2001 17:34:15
Alas no.

Money and such. Low funds.

But, we will be up around June or a few months there after.
ßetaMantisPosted: 12-14-2001 17:54:03


How much do you need to fork out to get up here?
RaiderPosted: 12-14-2001 20:31:56
I killed my first deer last Sunday. Only a spike, though...still a nice deer.

There was a HUGE deer killed right where we hunt. The circumference of the base of the deer's antlers is almost 6 inches. BIG DEER! It almost sank the guys pirogue twice when he tried to bring it out. I have a picture from an arcticle, but I don't have any webspace to put it on :(

Anyway, that was for those who appreciate hunting.
Eye of the NightPosted: 12-14-2001 21:07:23
And those who do not appreciate hunting can, of course, call you a murderer. I myself will not however, because the deer might've been eaten afterwards, although food probably wasn't the primary reason for killing that deer, which would be just as bad - but that's all speculation.
ßetaMantisPosted: 12-14-2001 21:12:45
I think I shall say this for everyone, as I am sure most of us are thinking it:

If we're going to argue about something, let's at least do it in just one thread.  Keep it in the Breast Feedin', 'kay?
RaiderPosted: 12-14-2001 21:14:21

People can call hunters a murderer. This is an argument that will probably never end because we (the forumers) never come to an agreement on this subject.

See, I am a Catholic. I believe in God. I see it this way. God put animals on Earth for people to kill and eat to survive. He also added horns which makes people want to kill. Yes, some people will kill and waste the meat (it is certain that SOME people do that). REAL sportsmen in my eyes kill for the trophy and the meat. Hunters respect one another, and killing a deer doesn't mean that you are a murderer. I see it like this. God put humans on Earth to expand and multiply. He put animals on Earth for meat, some for pets, etc. That is my view. If you don't believe in God, oh well.
Eye of the NightPosted: 12-14-2001 21:15:07
Yes, I intend to keep it limited to that single reply in this thread. So unless there's another reply in this thread I have to respond to about the topic...
Eye of the NightPosted: 12-14-2001 21:21:28
Yes, I understand your viewpoint. I myself don't believe in God, or any other almighty entity for that matter. But I believe in spirits.
We are spirits inhabiting a human body, and just the same, there are spirits inhabiting the body of a deer. Each spirit uses it's body to play a part in a sort of massive role-playing-game.
Robbing another spirit of it's avatar (or body) without a good cause would not be fair play. No matter the kind of avatar that spirit is using.

VéKTöRPosted: 12-14-2001 21:32:04
Oh great.
A religious justification.

I don't accept your nice planned-out faith doled out in convenient little parcels of salvation to the masses.

You utterly fail to convince me of your argument, Chause.

Now, I won't argue AGAINST you per se, as I don't personally think there's anything wrong with hunting in and of itself.

Just that your justification of it needs some serious rethinking.

I mean, by your logic, shouldn't you be out shooting homosexuals too?
ßetaMantisPosted: 12-14-2001 21:42:14
*blinks at Raider's post*

You believe you're superior to animals because God made them that way?

Uh, Raider . . .
OsirisPosted: 12-14-2001 23:01:44
His reasoning seems perfectly valid to me.

They _are_ there to eat, whether or not you believe it's a manifestation of god.
Lord TreyPosted: 12-14-2001 23:14:00
I'm not Christian but I don't see anything wrong with his belief.

God made humans
God made humans his favorite
God made animals
God says "Human go eat that, and while your at it, burn some with fire to please me"
VéKTöRPosted: 12-14-2001 23:18:59
It's not the "animals make good food" or equivalent comments that I disagree with.

It's the "the sole reasons animals exist is for humans to exploit" that I disagree with.

It's just too bloody species-egotistical, going around saying that the sole purpose of the Earth is for our personal gain.

The Earth is here, we're on it.
Animals are on it too, and some species (and derivatives thereof) have been around way longer than humans have.
They all have their own complex interactions too (re: the food chain, predator/prey population cycles, etc.)

To think that everything around us was put here for the sole express purpose of being exploited by us, as a species, is a little over the top.
RaiderPosted: 12-14-2001 23:37:56
ßeta and Vektor.

ßeta, I never said we should shoot animals because we are superior, and Vektor, I never said animals are here only for us to annihilate. I will restate MY belief, and I will leave it at this.

God first made humans. Then he made animals, etc. He made animals for people to survive off of, and he made humans prosper throughout the world. Without animals, we wouldn't have food. I don't go out and shoot for the heck of it. I don't go out and shoot JUST for fun. I go for meat, a nice rack, and good quality animals. God made us to eat SOME of the animals he created, some to befriend, some to later be studied (dinosaurs).

So let me say it better.

God made humans to prosper (multiply) in this world. He picked us to be superior (in thinking, etc.) than other Earth creatures. He gave us the things we needed to survive, and this includes meat such as deer, squirrel, etc. We USE this meat, and we USE it to survive as well as to boast on the quality of this animal that we are able to kill. I think he put horns on deer, for example, for us to have SOME pride, not just meat, in what we killed. He put meat there and we should use it to prosper. I never said we should shoot them because we are superior to them, and I never said that we need to go on a war against animals and annihiliate them, either.

Everyone can have their own opinion on this, and no Vektor, I'm not really YET referring to this as an argument, therefore I don't see the need for me to spend so much time supporting my opinions. After all, all they are are my opinions. Now realize that if I did see this more of an argument, I would try to support my opinions more.

There's my two cents, and I stand at that. If you don't understand what I am saying, maybe someone else can explain what I'm trying to say in simpler terms.
VéKTöRPosted: 12-14-2001 23:51:24
Raider, your statement that humans were the first creatures is wrong.

Your statement that humans "subdued" dinosaurs is wrong. Humans never existed at the same point in time as dinosaurs -- the big lizards came first.

And even if we DID, how can you possibly claim humans killed them off? They were physically superior to us in just about every way. I doubt that many of the primitive instruments that would theoretically be available at that point in history would be physically capable of enabling us to hunt them to extinction, even if our numbers WERE sufficient to do such, which all evidence regarding population trends would suggest it WOULDN'T be.

And I'm not claiming that you said because we're superior, we're supposed to go out and shoot them all for the hell of it.

The word I used was exploit -- which means basically to employ to the advantage of self, or something reasonably similar. Exploit doesn't necessarily convey a negative or evil intent.

All I'm saying is that it's bloody arrogant to believe that all the Earth, and every living thing on it was created soley for our benefit.

So, in short, you've missed my core point entirely, thinking that I'm contending that it's evil to kill animals or whatnot (I basically agree with you on everything BUT the reasoning for your conclusions). In addition, you've also outright disregarded everything we know about the development of the Earth, and stated blatant falsehoods (Humans existed before dinosaurs).
RaiderPosted: 12-15-2001 00:01:05
I meant dinosaurs came before, of course, but then I started off from the beginning of man-kind.

Err...too tired tonight :(

All I'm saying is that it's bloody arrogant to believe that all the Earth, and every living thing on it was created soley for our benefit.

Well heck if that's the case, then we shouldn't kill cows for hamburgers, either.

The word I used was exploit -- which means basically to employ to the advantage of self, or something reasonably similar. Exploit doesn't necessarily convey a negative or evil intent.

I misinterpreted, sorry.

In addition, you've also outright disregarded everything we know about the development of the Earth, and stated blatant falsehoods (Humans existed before dinosaurs).

Read above. I KNOW dinosaurs came first, I just started at the beginning of man-kind.
BevyPosted: 12-15-2001 00:13:41
Quote from Raider, posted on Dec. 15 2001, 05:37
ßeta and Vektor.

ßeta, I never said we should shoot animals because we are superior, and Vektor, I never said animals are here only for us to annihilate. I will restate MY belief, and I will leave it at this.

God first made humans. Then he made animals, etc. He made animals for people to survive off of, and he made humans prosper throughout the world. Without animals, we wouldn't have food. I don't go out and shoot for the heck of it. I don't go out and shoot JUST for fun. I go for meat, a nice rack, and good quality animals. God made us to eat SOME of the animals he created, some to befriend, some to later be studied (dinosaurs).

So let me say it better.

God made humans to prosper (multiply) in this world. He picked us to be superior (in thinking, etc.) than other Earth creatures. He gave us the things we needed to survive, and this includes meat such as deer, squirrel, etc. We USE this meat, and we USE it to survive as well as to boast on the quality of this animal that we are able to kill. I think he put horns on deer, for example, for us to have SOME pride, not just meat, in what we killed. He put meat there and we should use it to prosper. I never said we should shoot them because we are superior to them, and I never said that we need to go on a war against animals and annihiliate them, either.

Everyone can have their own opinion on this, and no Vektor, I'm not really YET referring to this as an argument, therefore I don't see the need for me to spend so much time supporting my opinions. After all, all they are are my opinions. Now realize that if I did see this more of an argument, I would try to support my opinions more.

There's my two cents, and I stand at that. If you don't understand what I am saying, maybe someone else can explain what I'm trying to say in simpler terms.

I'm not even a christian, and yet I'm still fairly sure that if he existed, he made humans with free will, (i.e. no purpose).

It's funny when so called "christians" contradict their own religions. Just like the whole tolerance thing that 99.99999999999999% of them seem to have to contradict in the most annoying way possible.
VéKTöRPosted: 12-15-2001 00:18:56
Ehh, not only that they came first, but that they never occupied the Earth at the same time as far as we know.

Anyway, I'm NOT saying I'm against killing animals for food and such.


just not your justification of it.

See, here's the difference broken down:

Raider: Animals and the Earth were created for mankind to exploit.

Vekky: Animals and the Earth exist because that's the way they developed. It just happens that we developed in a way such that it's convenient for us to exploit them.

There's nothing inherently wrong about making hamburgers from a cow (although it's becoming increasingly harder to find burgers that actually ARE made from cow ;)) -- in fact, I enjoy hamburgers (REAL ONES. The kind we make ourself without the filler. On the BBQ... mmmmm!) quite a bit.

All I'm saying is that the cow wasn't created specifically to serve our needs. They just happened to be there, and provide a source of food, so we ate them. It's just the natural order of things.

Given, I'm not much for organized religions, or really any kind of religion that I've encountered to date. The way I see things, is that humans are just another animal. Given, we've developed complex communities and social structures, technology, medicines, physics, contemplated existence, the meaing of life, etc. But despite all that, we are still just animals -- albeit relatively advanced ones (comparable to the other species we've encountered at any rate). Our existences have no more inherent worth than any other animal. Given, we may be inherently superior in many ways (mental capability would be a good starting point) -- we are also inferior in many ways (your average human can't outrun a fairly large number of the species living on our planet, for example)
BevyPosted: 12-15-2001 00:21:42
For my opinion and definition of humanity, refer to the main agent in The Matrix. He'll tell you everything you need to know.
VéKTöRPosted: 12-15-2001 00:25:33
Agent Smith:

I'd like to share a revelation that I've had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species. I've realized that you are not actually mammals.

Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding  environment. But you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every  natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area.

There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is?
A virus.
KorivakPosted: 12-15-2001 00:27:45
   I thing Agent Smith's views were bland and cliche...and you sound like Proman, using movie lines instead of actual facts or original opinions.  This is the same movie where the world was said to be a giant computer simulation...makes for a cool story, but take everything in it with a grain of salt, ok?
Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-15-2001 00:32:03
*sighs*  Get your fucking argument out of this thread, you willpower-lacking nincompoops!

Twit of the Night especially, as he stated "I shan't argue anymore!" and then replied to his own post with a retort to something Raider/Chause had written.

*slaps Nighttwit, hard*  Get out of this thread, hypocrite.
BevyPosted: 12-15-2001 00:33:08
My opinion corresponds with his. He put it in much better words than I could have.

You ARE claiming nobody on the earth shares your opinion, or that such is ideal.

What you are NOT doing is proving anybody wrong.
BevyPosted: 12-15-2001 00:35:12
Shawn> I never made any type of comment suggesting that I was planning to leave or any kind of comment that suggested I'm lacking in willpower...

I'll just assforume (Ahh, this band style wagon thing is comfy) that you weren't talking to me.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-15-2001 00:41:26
It was a reply to anyone participating in the "Is hunting wrong/murder?" debate, initiated by that pretentious fuck known simply as Twit of the Night.
BevyPosted: 12-15-2001 00:46:10
Could you possibly clearify why me engaging slightly in a debate started by EOTN ("twit" of the night? How in the hell is that clever...?) suggests I lack will power and should concede?

You're not making any sense to me...
KorivakPosted: 12-15-2001 00:48:52
   I'd kind of like it if you guys would stop going through this same goddamn tired debate in my thread.  I have, in my life, spent more time listening to and trying to avoid this debate than a great many other, more pleasent things, and going through it all yet again makes me feel tired and pissed off.  I have found that this is an issue that can be discussed forever without any kind of conclusion for the simple fact that everyone has a strong opinion on it and no one will ever change that opinion.  (I'm sure NightTwit is drooling over that idea...)
   If you want to get into this shit, don't bring it in my thread.  Thank you.
VéKTöRPosted: 12-15-2001 00:52:25
You're violating the primary tenet of the random thread!

"Post whatever pops into your head, no matter how silly" (or some permutation thereof)

Besides, who really owns this thread?
Do you have the authority to delegate what bytes are written, where on Rich's server?

Naaaah, I'm just screwin' with ya.
BevyPosted: 12-15-2001 00:54:01
Shut the fuck up.

Quit calling it your thread, it being such holds no relevance.

You said there was no topic, Richard has stated that banning is possible on request of the owner of a thread if it is being drawn off-topic, but you said it yourself "It can't be of topic if there is no topic", so just quit trying to act all high and mighty.

Aside from that, you've posted your opinion about this debate, and then when it gets mashed you cry? Fucking shut up.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-15-2001 00:59:30
Or, out of some semblence of a dying concept known as respect, Eye of the Night could have (and could easily still) create an entirely new thread in which to rant without disturbing this thread.

Also, thoughts are meant to be unconnected.  This is a break from the elongated arguments which plague every other thread in existence, you buffoon.

Besides, who really owns this thread?
Do you have the authority to delegate what bytes are written, where on Rich's server?

*sighs*  RStefan01 often complains when threads are taken even remotely off-topic.  Also, he has punished forum posters before at the request of the topic creator.  There has been a precedent which has been set, so Korivak is not more or less insane for appealing to that precedent. So poo poo on you, good sir.
KorivakPosted: 12-15-2001 01:00:28
   I had this debate, at great length, three days ago.  And a week ago.  And a month ago.  And a month and a half ago.  I have never been able to change anyone's opinion, and mine has never been changed either.  Ever.  If you must have this debate again, give it it's own thread and I'll not even bother reading it.  But #2864 is for light hearted, rapidly changing topics.  Extended debates are niether.  Now leave me alone.
VéKTöRPosted: 12-15-2001 01:01:35
*points to the last two lines of his post*

And you apparently reply before reading the entire post.
So poo on you, good sir!

*sticks out tongue*
BevyPosted: 12-15-2001 01:03:53
You can't just make the rules. Get off your fuckin' high horse. Jesus christ.

Anyhow, Korivak, unless you're just gonna keep using this chickenshit escape route, would you mind telling me why this:
"My opinion corresponds with his. He put it in much better words than I could have.
You ARE claiming nobody on the earth shares your opinion, or that such is ideal.
What you are NOT doing is proving anybody wrong." is wrong?

And Shawn, unless you're gonna be an ass too, though I doubt it, could you also answer my question: "Could you possibly clearify why me engaging slightly in a debate started by EOTN ("twit" of the night? How in the hell is that clever...?) suggests I lack will power and should concede?"
Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-15-2001 01:03:55
I did read your entire post, smartass.  Despite the fact that you were being clearly sarcastic, I felt you had missed important details which rendered your point silly.

I'm more perceptive than you give me credit for.

Now go find someone else to pester.
KorivakPosted: 12-15-2001 01:04:40
   I think he was talking to Bevy, sir...
VéKTöRPosted: 12-15-2001 01:06:46
I dunno, it looked like the only real point you were trying to impress upon me was that it was fine for Korivak to make said request, and I think the "Naaaah, just screwin with ya!" at the end was pretty clear in making it known that the post was not ment in any real serious manner.

I doubt the part to which I refer was "talking to Bevy", as he quoted a portion of my original post.
MissCheetahPosted: 12-15-2001 01:08:20

Random thought:  I love my flannel jammie pants.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-15-2001 01:09:04
*sighs*  Does no one have common sense?

That was primarily a response to Eye of the Night, you dolt -- hence the paragraph directly below it, mentioning him in specific.

I told participants that they lacked willpower because they couldn't resist an argument whenever it sprung itself, despite the inappropriate.  Eye of the Night demonstrated this by saying he would cease arguing, only to hilariously respond to his very own post.

If it helps your ego, I did not have you in mind at all when I had written that post.  *grins*
VéKTöRPosted: 12-15-2001 01:10:23
Now I'm confused.
Who the hell is talking to who?
KorivakPosted: 12-15-2001 01:12:39
"Anyhow, Korivak, unless you're just gonna keep using this chickenshit escape route, would you mind telling me why this:
"My opinion corresponds with his. He put it in much better words than I could have.
You ARE claiming nobody on the earth shares your opinion, or that such is ideal.
What you are NOT doing is proving anybody wrong." is wrong?"

   I gave up debating earlier this year.  I find I can no longer tolerate the style of debate which has become popular in the world.  It strikes me as a bunch of juvanile posturing and ad hominim assualts mixed with tired cliches and far more passion than reason.  It's silly and I am content with my life without being forced into asserting intillectual dominence on everyone else to feed my ego.  I just want to talk and make light hearted sarcastic remarks these days.  Go talk to NightEye (the NightTwit thing is, as always, a rediculous joke...) if you want a long debate...
Big ZPosted: 12-15-2001 01:12:48
Quote from Sexay Shawn, posted on Dec. 15 2001, 01:09
*sighs*  Does no one have common sense?

*points up*

MissCheetah does.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-15-2001 01:13:06
My last response was to Bevy.  My post before that was directed towards you.

Ignore Korivak.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-15-2001 01:14:43
Too many people are posting.

KorivakPosted: 12-15-2001 01:16:13
"Random thought:  I love my flannel jammie pants."
   God bless you, MC...
"Ignore Korivak."
   Please do.  People are always bothering me because they took me too seriously...
MissCheetahPosted: 12-15-2001 01:20:14

mmmm blue flannel... *pets her pants*  *ignores the stupid debate entirely*  *hugs almost everyone*

RazaelPosted: 12-15-2001 01:20:51
Snarfy McBansnorg says, "Don't make a coherent thread out of 2864 or GhazPORK will destroy your soul!"

And on another note: Apparently I can cook worth a damn.
MissCheetahPosted: 12-15-2001 01:23:05

*Steals some of Razzy's beef stew*  *runs off giggling*

KorivakPosted: 12-15-2001 01:23:48
   Speaking of pajamas...
*takes off clothes*
*puts on long underware, a t-shirt and thick fuzzy socks*
*resumes posting*
RazaelPosted: 12-15-2001 01:25:45
*sigh* You should have asked first, MC...

I would have given some to you...

ah well...
smacintyrePosted: 12-15-2001 01:26:01
You don't have a webcam do you Kori? *wink*
Big ZPosted: 12-15-2001 01:27:23
MistressBluePosted: 12-15-2001 01:29:08
Quote from Korivak, posted on Dec. 15 2001, 16:23
   Speaking of pajamas...
*takes off clothes*
*puts on long underware, a t-shirt and thick fuzzy socks*
*resumes posting*

Pajama's are only good for wearing when wandering around the house. Wearing anything in the way of clothes to bed is evil.
KorivakPosted: 12-15-2001 01:29:15
   Well, I do have one, but it's hidden in the celing of MissChe-  I mean, nope, no webcams at all!  Not a one!  Really!
*nervous glances*
RazaelPosted: 12-15-2001 01:30:51
Big Z: What do you think 2864 was MADE FOR?

MB: That's only your opinion.

Kori: Hope you got a will filled out.
KorivakPosted: 12-15-2001 01:31:17
"Pajama's are only good for wearing when wandering around the house. Wearing anything in the way of clothes to bed is evil."
   You sound like someone who does not live in Canada in the winter to me...
*thinks impure thoughts*
*smacks self repeatedly*
smacintyrePosted: 12-15-2001 01:32:03
Whoa, I don't know if I wanted to know that... *translation: send me pics*
MissCheetahPosted: 12-15-2001 01:35:23
eeek..  *looks around suspiciously*  umm.. good thing I'm not currently...out of the jammies. I guess walking around when I get out of the shower is not advisable now.
RazaelPosted: 12-15-2001 01:40:07
Well, finding and either commandeering or destroying the webcam is always an option.
undertowPosted: 12-15-2001 01:42:51
Quote from MissCheetah, posted on Dec. 15 2001, 01:08
Random thought:  I love my flannel jammie pants.

I do, too *smiles*
RazaelPosted: 12-15-2001 01:44:09
yours or hers?
KorivakPosted: 12-15-2001 01:44:10
   But...but...that wouldn't be fun for me!
RazaelPosted: 12-15-2001 01:46:01

which is more important... her privacy or your 'fun'....

that isn't too hard of a decision...

*votes in favor of MC*
KorivakPosted: 12-15-2001 01:50:17
   Well, time to go to sleep...fully clothed, even.  Sorry, MB...
MistressBluePosted: 12-15-2001 01:53:33
*takes back down the webcam she'd hidden in korivaks room*


No fun at all.

RazaelPosted: 12-15-2001 02:00:44

hmm... just wondering.

Is the forum SUPPOSED to log you out?
Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-15-2001 02:03:29
Random note:  Life is poo.
RazaelPosted: 12-15-2001 02:05:13
Only if you believe the SouthPark 2000 Christmas Special.
ßetaMantisPosted: 12-15-2001 02:16:41
I tend to wear at LEAST some sort of undergarment to bed . . .

I am SO sure everyone wanted to know that too.
MissCheetahPosted: 12-15-2001 02:19:52
I wanted to know *grins*

[edit] Razzy you wanted to know "hers or yours?"

He does not have jammie pants.  That should be an answer. hehe

RazaelPosted: 12-15-2001 02:20:19
I could have lived the rest of my life without that knowledge.

<edit>And yes, that makes it quite clear.</edit>\n\n
undertowPosted: 12-15-2001 02:22:00
Quote from Razael, posted on Dec. 15 2001, 01:44
yours or hers?

Why hers, of course. They're quite comfy...

On another note, I don't wear anything to bed.
RazaelPosted: 12-15-2001 02:24:35
ah. Crystal now.
MistressBluePosted: 12-15-2001 02:26:03
This is entirely a peice of knowledge one needs Razael.

The sleeping apparel of one so gorgeous as the bunny should be public knowledge  ;)
RazaelPosted: 12-15-2001 02:28:04
If you say so. *sigh*
MissCheetahPosted: 12-15-2001 02:30:28

Yes, quite a gorgeous bunny  :)

Everyone NEEDS to know that info. hehe
RazaelPosted: 12-15-2001 02:35:11
I beg to differ.

Not that it'll do a hell of a lot of good to differ at this point.
undertowPosted: 12-15-2001 02:36:24
*reads the last few posts and blushes*
RazaelPosted: 12-15-2001 02:40:08


and with that, I'm going to bed.

Have fun, all you happy shiny (and completely utterly weird) people.
RaiderPosted: 12-15-2001 11:07:50
All I'm saying is that the cow wasn't created specifically to serve our needs. They just happened to be there, and provide a source of food, so we ate them. It's just the natural order of things.

Deer also "just happened to be there, and provide a source of food." Killing a cow and killing a deer, or a dog, or a cat for that matter is all the same thing, right?

Given, I'm not much for organized religions, or really any kind of religion that I've encountered to date. The way I see things, is that humans are just another animal. Given, we've developed complex communities and social structures, technology, medicines, physics, contemplated existence, the meaing of life, etc. But despite all that, we are still just animals -- albeit relatively advanced ones (comparable to the other species we've encountered at any rate). Our existences have no more inherent worth than any other animal. Given, we may be inherently superior in many ways (mental capability would be a good starting point) -- we are also inferior in many ways (your average human can't outrun a fairly large number of the species living on our planet, for example)

Even though we do have SOME inferiorities, I still can't see how you can believe humans are animals. We have minds, animals have instincts, and that's about it. They rely more on instincts than their mind.


I'd kind of like it if you guys would stop going through this same goddamn tired debate in my thread.  I have, in my life, spent more time listening to and trying to avoid this debate than a great many other, more pleasent things, and going through it all yet again makes me feel tired and pissed off.  I have found that this is an issue that can be discussed forever without any kind of conclusion for the simple fact that everyone has a strong opinion on it and no one will ever change that opinion.  (I'm sure NightTwit is drooling over that idea...)
  If you want to get into this shit, don't bring it in my thread.  Thank you.

Okay...this is MY last argumentive post on this thread UNLESS I see the need to argue. Korivak, as much as I hate to say it, I have to agree with Bevy here. This is a RANDOM THREAD meaning that it doesn't have a topic. It can be spammed and argued, etc. You can't come in and say stop discussing random arguments in the random thread. It doesn't make sense. EVEN THOUGH you made this thread, it technically isn't yours because it has NO point, and it's more for the people (other forumers) than it is for you. If you would have been asking for assitance, advice, etc. it would be a different story. You just don't have the right to come in and say, "Stop discussing this argument in MY thread because I have discussed it many of times before and haven't gotten anywhere!" It doesn't make sense because:

  • We can discuss in this thread if we want because it IS a random thread.

  • It's not YOUR thread (even though you made it) as I have stated above

  • Just because you (and I HAVE argued with you in your favor, I think (because you like to hunt)) don't like this argument because YOU haven't been able to change anyone's mind doesn't mean that we don't need to stop this argument completely. Maybe someone else can hold it better than you can, even though it IS an argument that will probably NEVER be concluded among online forums such as this. You just can't come in and say STOP discussing this because it's MY thread (even though I've already ruled that out) and I have tried discussing it before. That's almost stupid, in my opinion.

  • Okay...there's my argumentive 2 cents. I will respond in response to this argument if necessary, but if no further discussion comes about, this argument drops.

    undertowPosted: 12-15-2001 11:17:42
    Go away, we're talking about jammies.
    RaiderPosted: 12-15-2001 11:20:56
    *Burns all the jammies*
    KorivakPosted: 12-15-2001 11:57:15
    "In the last few days, kwerkey's birthday thread and MissCheetah's introduction thread have been very popular and hideously off topic.  So rather than crap up other people's threads or make a bunch of individual threads full of sillyness, I made this...Thread #2864.  Feel free to post whatever pops into your head, no matter how silly or pointless."
       Let me just try to clarify this for once and for all:  I made this thread for silly little posts without much continuity as an escape from the seriousness and bickering of the rest of the forum.  I'm getting tired of this whole "there's no topic, so I can ruin it for everyone else and there's nothing you can do about it!" or "it's not your thread, so you have no control over what goes on in it, totally ignoring the long standing precident of content control given to topic starters on this forum" stuff.  If you want to debate at great lengths, fly at it.  Just please don't do it in the only thread on the forum that was started with the sole purpose of giving people a place to post where there's no rules against sillyness and no tedious debates...
    KorivakPosted: 12-15-2001 12:01:24
    *kills all continuity*
       I love new fallen makes the whole world so clean and crisp and bright and fresh.  It's a good thing it finally snowed, too, because I was really getting stuck in a rut with the really long slightly-above-freezing-and-raining-non-stop-gray-and-miserable late fall we've been having for so long.
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-15-2001 12:06:09
    *sighs*  Despite the fact that RStefan01 has complied time and time again with the wishes of a topic creator in clearing out what the topic creator considers to be off-topic spam, let us assume hypothetically that Raider is correct.  Despite the fact that he's claiming that he knows better than Korivak why the thread was initially created by Koirivak, let us pretend that he is correct.

    So what?

    Even were this true, he's still being an ass by joining Twit of the Night in continuing a debate in this thread.  He's completely ignoring repeated requests of the topic creator to keep this thread free of serious posts.  He's ignoring the wishes of others who post here, as well.  Even were he hypothetically correct, he's still being very disrespectful and immature by continuing a debate here simply because he can.
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-15-2001 12:07:13
    I love new fallen makes the whole world so clean and crisp and bright and fresh.  It's a good thing it finally snowed, too, because I was really getting stuck in a rut with the really long slightly-above-freezing-and-raining-non-stop-gray-and-miserable late fall we've been having for so long.

    *sighs*  I enjoyed the snow when it first fell yesterday, but winter in general tends to have a negative effect on my overall mood...
    BrawnfirePosted: 12-15-2001 12:25:23
    Believe it or not, I prefer the grey, dark, damp and cool type of weather more than any other.

    Unfortunately, I live in Rochester.  We have two seasons of blazing hot and bright white sun, then two seasons of deep snow and freezing cold.

    So I'm only happy when it rains.
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-15-2001 12:29:43
    As is Garbage.

    And I live in Ottawa, Ontario.  The weather here is eerily similar to the weather in New York.  But slightly colder.
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-15-2001 12:30:42
    *has posted the first post on page 20*

    KorivakPosted: 12-15-2001 12:35:24
       I love the number 20...  I have no idea why, but all my life it has been my favorite number.  I'm happy that #2864 reached 20 pages.
    *throws party for everyone but Raider and Twit Of The Night*
    VéKTöRPosted: 12-15-2001 14:40:50

    Jammies -- I just use a very large housecoat.
    Works for me, and it's warm + comfortable to boot.

    Err, well it's an odd year. Living in Canada (this part of it anyway), we only got our FIRST SNOW of the year yesterday, in the middle of December. By all rights, we should be half-buried under the stuff by now. And as we speak, it's > 0°C outside, so it's all melting again anyway. It's going to be > 0°C tomorrow and Monday as well, with rain.
    This snow isn't going to last.
    We usually accumulate snow in November.
    Hell, I can personally remember it being cold enough to snow a bit on Halloween before (nothing accumulated though).

    I agree about the grey weather thing.
    Sunny weather is nice and all, but it's usually uncomfortably warm or too damn bright to be comfortable (then again, I am a little photosensitive).
    Light rain is good, in that it usually feels nice, moderate to heavy rain bites.
    Cloudy skies are nice.

    20 isn't that great.
    42 is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.
    7 is MY number. Stay the hell away from it or I'll have Leroy here *gestures at a hulking, stupid looking half-ogre* visit your families some night.
    MissCheetahPosted: 12-15-2001 15:14:00

    We rarely get snow here and even when we do we only get a couple of inches..most of the time.  Then there are the freak winters we get several storms of over 8".  Even 2 inches is enough to close schools here for at least a day. 8" closes them for a week.  The road crews are quite inept.  I guess as a student I did not complain though :)  It's mostly just cold and grey here in the winter although this month we keep having lots of days in the highs 60's to low 70's F (near 20 degrees C for those who use that system).  I would really love it if it would just stay warm and sunny all year. Winter is depressing and I get cold really quickly.

    KorivakPosted: 12-15-2001 15:24:34
       I am a true child of the north.  I was born in the very northern most part of New York State, right on the Canadian border, lived there until I was 12, then moved an hour north to Ottawa.  All my life, I've lived in the same climate.  If the weather doesn't go from really warm to freezing cold and back again once every six months, it just doesn't feel right to me.  I wouldn't be able to live somewhere without really drastic seasons...
    RaiderPosted: 12-15-2001 17:22:46
    On weather:

    Right now it's in the 50's and 60's over here. I like that type of weather, but I want it to get really cold for a better hunting season.

    On this

    *throws party for everyone but Raider and Twit Of The Night*

    *Puts gun to your head and another on Twiteye.*\n\n
    Eye of the NightPosted: 12-15-2001 17:49:34
    Eye of the Night especially, as he stated "I shan't argue anymore!" and then replied to his own post with a retort to something Raider/Chause had written.

    I only said I'd try not to argue about the immorality of kiling a deer on a hunt. And I haven't. The reply was only about religious views, still related to hunting since that was what brought it up, but that's all. Just religious views.

    On that I have one more comment: Most organized religions claim humans are the superior species, in one way or another. Yet who created these religions? Humans.

    And now for something entirely different:

    VéKTöRPosted: 12-15-2001 17:52:25
    You damn well be familiar with The Illuminatus, or I'm revoking your right to post "Fnord"
    KorivakPosted: 12-15-2001 17:55:02
       I see the fnords!  I see the fnords!
    Eye of the NightPosted: 12-15-2001 18:05:39
    Oh, I know the Illuminati. me at times...
    However, I am not allowed to disclose any information about the contacts. The Truth can be dangerous to the public, you know...

    Eye of the NightPosted: 12-15-2001 18:12:18
    Quote from Korivak, posted on Dec. 16 2001, 00:55
       I see the fnords!  I see the fnords!

              KNOW YE THIS O MAN OF FAITH!

    I - There is no Goddess but Goddess and She is Your Goddess. There is no Erisian Movement but The Erisian Movement and it is The Erisian Movement. And
    every Golden Apple Corps is the beloved home of a Golden Worm.

    II - A Discordian Shall Always use the Official Discordian Document Numbering System.

    III - A Discordian is Required during his early Illumination to Go Off Alone & Partake Joyously of a Hot Dog on a Friday; this Devotive Ceremony to Remonstrate
    against the popular Paganisms of the Day: of Catholic Christendom (no meat on Friday), of Judaism (no meat of Pork), of Hindic Peoples (no meat of Beef), of
    Buddhists (no meat of animal), and of Discordians (no Hot Dog Buns).

    IV - A Discordian shall Partake of No Hot Dog Buns, for Such was the Solace of Our Goddess when She was Confronted with The Original Snub.

    V - A Discordian is Prohibited of Believing what he reads.

    MissCheetahPosted: 12-15-2001 19:02:01
    I liked it when the Intro thread was dedicated to the hunting of EotN. We had such fun adventures in the helovan with the coffee syrup machine.  *sigh*  Too bad someone had to go and decide to take over as DM instead of let chaos reign as we desired.
    KorivakPosted: 12-15-2001 19:14:41
       NightTwit's a Discordian!  It all makes sense now!  That's why he never made a scrap of sense in all the time he posted here...
    Eye of the NightPosted: 12-15-2001 19:16:33
    I liked that story-thread, too. *takes out a notepad and starts writing*

    *appears in a blank storyspace*

    Hmmm...lonely place...

    *trees appear and create a forest scene*

    Good, now wait for a story and other actors. A picknick or meeting should be a good place to start out, and then the story could migrate to another thread when it's not random enough anymore.
    MissCheetahPosted: 12-15-2001 19:21:46
    I will not participate in a thread where EotN is in control.  That was what happened to the Intro thread.  He took control and took away all the fun tech gadgets.  We prefered random chaos with the ultimate goal of destroying EotN and then maybe taking a vacation with MistressBlue or El Caz.  *grumbles* At some point I really should write a story from that thread. I have the lost pages on my comp I believe.
    Eye of the NightPosted: 12-15-2001 19:26:55
    I didn't take away anything. I simply tried to give the thing enough structure to avoid contradictions that might eventually mess up the entire story. That it ended with the end of that story anyway was rather unexpected, to say the least.
    MissCheetahPosted: 12-15-2001 19:39:36
    That it ended with the end of that story anyway was rather unexpected, to say the least.

    Well, as ususal, that made no sense.  Did it occur to you that I did not want you to be in control of MY thread. I was quite pleased with the lack of structure.  We were having fun and the major chars knew what was going on.  Your "structure" was not asked for and was not needed.

    VéKTöRPosted: 12-15-2001 19:40:34
    but structure is EVIL!

    It was supposed to be pure, unrefined random babbling with no coherent structure at all.
    MissCheetahPosted: 12-15-2001 19:44:17

    Hmm.. I remember seeing snow in this thread.  *grabs some of the snow from the Canadians and pelts Matt, Shawn, and Tom with snowballs* *giggles and grins*

    KorivakPosted: 12-15-2001 19:49:09
    *hits you in the center of mass with a big, fat snowball*
    Eye of the NightPosted: 12-15-2001 19:52:23
    All you ever needed to do was say so in that thread. But, I suppose, if I really was the cause of that story's premature ending, I should apologize. So, hereby, I'm sorry.

    *throws a snowball at MC and dives away behind a tree*

    MissCheetahPosted: 12-15-2001 19:58:18

    *dodges the snowball from EotN*  

    ooof!  *gets hit by the snowball Matt threw and lands on her backside in a snowdrift*  *snow flies up in a cloud at impact settling back down all over MC*  *giggles*  *throws the snow ball in her hand at Matt hitting him in the chest*

    KorivakPosted: 12-15-2001 20:01:59
    *tackles you into a snowbank*
    undertowPosted: 12-15-2001 20:05:12
    hey, no tackling!

    *launches a barrage of neatly-packed snowy projectiles toward Matt*\n\n
    MissCheetahPosted: 12-15-2001 20:07:23

    *playfully showers undertow with handfulls of snow* snowbunny!

    Eye of the NightPosted: 12-15-2001 20:09:12
    *builds a series of snowmen resembling the forumers*

    *throws another snowball at MC from behind the snowbunny, and dives out of sight*
    MistressBluePosted: 12-15-2001 20:12:38
    Stop flaunting your snow, people.

    Its cruel :-(
    MissCheetahPosted: 12-15-2001 20:14:06

    *ducks behind the snowmen*

    KorivakPosted: 12-15-2001 20:14:09

    undertowPosted: 12-15-2001 20:17:13
    It's a nice picture, but it won't save you from the snowballs!

    *notices no one is throwing any at him*

    ha! I am immune! *steps out into the middle of things only to see several snowballs on impact trajectories with his noggin*

    MissCheetahPosted: 12-15-2001 20:22:04
    Hmm.. You don't look much like a snowman Matt.  

    eek! Is snowbunny ok?  

    My snowperson better have cat ears and a tail.

    Eye of the NightPosted: 12-15-2001 20:25:15
    It has has *stumbles*...had a tail, as well...*holds up arms protectively and runs for cover*
    MissCheetahPosted: 12-15-2001 20:25:25
    *spies EotN and carefuly aims at his back* *throws and hits*  *giggles*  snowball fights are so much fun!
    KorivakPosted: 12-15-2001 20:27:41
       You should come to Ottawa.  We have trees and do-it-yourself snowball kits.  We call them "yards"...
    Eye of the NightPosted: 12-15-2001 20:28:11
    *rubs his back* Damn, I'm hit. *fashions 3 snowbunnies and chucks them at MC*
    undertowPosted: 12-15-2001 20:33:19
    *climbs out from under the mound of snowballs he was buried in*

    s-s-so... c-c-cold... *desperately needs some cocoa*
    MissCheetahPosted: 12-15-2001 20:34:00
    snowbunnies??  but I like snowbunnies... *catches the snowbunnies and saves them*  *pelts EotN with another snowball*  *grins*

    Alas, I cannot travel to Ottawa right now for real snowball fights.

    MissCheetahPosted: 12-15-2001 20:36:24
    *gets out her thermos of unending hot cocoa and pours undertow a  nice big cup and hands it to him in a blue mug*

    Anyone else need cocoa?

    KorivakPosted: 12-15-2001 20:37:37
       Take your time, MC...we'll have snow here for a long, long time yet.  Besides, I suspect it's too cold for the snow to stick tonight...
    undertowPosted: 12-15-2001 20:38:53
    Quote from MissCheetah, posted on Dec. 15 2001, 20:36
    *gets out her thermos of unending hot cocoa and pours undertow a  nice big cup and hands it to him in a blue mug*

    *smiles and sips some* *feels much warmer* thank you :)
    Eye of the NightPosted: 12-15-2001 20:43:17
    Yay, 3 hits! Well, not really, but I'll count them anyway. *dodges the snowball*

    *spots a frozen pond* That's enough for the moment... *goes ice-skating*
    kwerkeyPosted: 12-15-2001 20:52:38
    *pulls out a snow machine and blasts everyone with it*
    *snowblobs are scattered around the RS01 HQ where the people used to be*


    *molds them all into anatomically correct snowmen and snow-women*
    undertowPosted: 12-15-2001 20:54:03
    Quote from Eye of the Night, posted on Dec. 15 2001, 20:43
    Yay, 3 hits! Well, not really, but I'll count them anyway. *dodges the snowball*

    *spots a frozen pond* That's enough for the moment... *goes ice-skating*

    you're not getting away that easily!

    *grabs an armful of snowballs and motions for everyone to follow him*

    *hides behind a snowbank at the edge of Nighteye's pond*

    *waits for everyone who wants to come to show up at the snowbank*
    MissCheetahPosted: 12-15-2001 20:58:17
    Hmm... How accurate are those snowpersons and if they are exactly accurate then I don't want to know how kwerkey got the info.  

    *digs her way out of the snow pile and follows undertow with a bunch of snowballs*

    Eye of the NightPosted: 12-15-2001 20:59:16
    *picks up a stick lying near the pond, resembling nothing so much as a baseball bat*

    Bring 'm on! *continues scating*
    MissCheetahPosted: 12-15-2001 21:03:50

    hmm..  *sees EotN with his stick*  *coordinates the attack with undertow and.... unleashes a barrage of snowballs at your skates!*  That should be hard to deflect...and may even cause you to stumble or take a nice slide across the ice :)  wheee!

    KorivakPosted: 12-15-2001 21:06:41
       kwerkey hired me and my webcams to do research for the correct snowpeople...
    *makes a snowball the size of his body and runs towards NightTwit holding it in front of him*
       Ramming speed!
    Eye of the NightPosted: 12-15-2001 21:08:18
    *uses figure-skating techniques to deftly dodge the snowball with a triple salto*

    *notices one snowball being thrown high enough and knocks it back*

    *continues skating, whistling merrily*
    KorivakPosted: 12-15-2001 21:13:12
    *smashes snowboulder all over the ice in front of NightTwit*
    undertowPosted: 12-15-2001 21:14:03
    Hmm.. Nighteye gets 9.8 for ability, but a 7.5 for style, as a double-axel would have been a much better means of snowball avoidance... better luck next time, you'll get that gold medal someday...

    *wonders if Kori realizes that a) he's running on ice and b) nighteye has a bat*
    kwerkeyPosted: 12-15-2001 21:17:04
    *melts the ice out from under Twitty*
    undertowPosted: 12-15-2001 21:20:33
    Wait, when did Conway Twitty get here?


    Old country singers don't just appear out of nowhere...

    *sees Hank Williams and Loretta Lynn crouching in the bushes*

    oh dear.
    VéKTöRPosted: 12-15-2001 21:43:49

    *drives a flatbed truck, conveniently loaded with snowmaking equipment up to thread 2864. Proceeds to engage said snowmaker to the "blatantly disregard safety precautions / void warranty" setting and points it at said pond*

    If you're gonna do something, do it in the LARGEST most EXTREME way possible!

    *snowmachine explodes*

    Oh well.
    *hucks a snowball at EOTN*
    kwerkeyPosted: 12-15-2001 22:00:16
    *casts Attract Richard Simmons on Twit of the Night*
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-15-2001 22:38:06
    *sighs*  Too bad we cannot all have a giant snowball fight, together, in person...

    It's fun to be childish and immature, sometimes.

    Last March, several CWALers (Archangel, Akardam, DarthNinny and I) had a snowball fight -- in a graveyard, no less.  It ended with DarthNinny jumping me and the two of us rolling down a nearby hill.

    Good Times™.
    undertowPosted: 12-15-2001 22:43:19
    I missed that.. it would have been fun. That was Sunday, right? The day I had to leave... oh well.

    It would be nice to have a memory of a snowball fight that didn't end with my face being shoved into the snow so deep that I couldn't breathe, and winding up with a mouthful of snow and gravel.

    *decides not to go on about his gradeschool years anymore due to the fact that this is a happy thread*
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-15-2001 22:45:41
    Yes.  Sunday was full of Bad Things™, unfortunately.  It's too bad you had to leave a day early...

    *decides that he shouldn't go on about the soap opera-esque melodrama in a happy thread*
    MissCheetahPosted: 12-15-2001 22:59:00

    *gives both of you cocoa from the magic always full thermos*  *hugs you both*  *slips snow down the back of your shirts when you are not looking*  *giggles*

    undertowPosted: 12-15-2001 23:06:11
    mmm thank yo---- eeek! cold!!!

    *dances around to dislodge the snow, and tries to figure out why a rabbit was wearing a shirt in the first place*
    MissCheetahPosted: 12-15-2001 23:08:55
    You have a shirt was cold out.  thats it. yes
    kwerkeyPosted: 12-15-2001 23:10:18
    *eats chips and salsa*
    Lord TreyPosted: 12-15-2001 23:14:29
    Man goes into cage
    Cage goes into salsa
    Thers a shark in the salsa
    Salsa shark
    *plays with chips and salsa*\n\n
    undertowPosted: 12-15-2001 23:14:32
    Quote from MissCheetah, posted on Dec. 15 2001, 23:08
    You have a shirt was cold out.  thats it. yes

    Ah, that makes sense. Now, how do you explain the thong I seem to be wearing? It's very uncomfortable on my poofy tail..
    VéKTöRPosted: 12-15-2001 23:16:00
    Well, we got you drunk last night, and had you do all sorts of crazy things you wouldn't normally do.

    Oh, and we took pictures.

    *holds out his hand and makes the "gimme money" gesture*
    MissCheetahPosted: 12-15-2001 23:17:32

    Thats where my satin thong went!!  I have been looking for that!  Hmm.... seems bunnies like shiny soft things.  

    kwerkeyPosted: 12-15-2001 23:24:11
    I'm going to go wash my eyes out.

    *pours Listerine into his eyes*
    undertowPosted: 12-15-2001 23:25:19
    Quote from MissCheetah, posted on Dec. 15 2001, 23:17
    Thats where my satin thong went!!  I have been looking for that!  Hmm.... seems bunnies like shiny soft things.  

    Hmm... that would also explain the rugburn... *rubs his bunny butt*
    MissCheetahPosted: 12-15-2001 23:29:20

    Good thing I have lots more satin thongs if I want them.


    kwerkeyPosted: 12-15-2001 23:34:03
    Good thing I have lots more satin thongs if I want them.

    Look at that, folks!  From this, and the facts that it was:
    a) posted with the hour number exactly 8 away from the minutes
    b) what caused her to giggle
    c) posted after Ogg the Caveman first discovered fire

    we can conclude that Shawn and Bevy are actually gay lovers, and that Rob likes to skydive into the white house without parachutes.
    undertowPosted: 12-15-2001 23:36:08
    Quote from kwerkey, posted on Dec. 15 2001, 23:34Quote:
    Good thing I have lots more satin thongs if I want them.

    Look at that, folks!  From this, and the facts that it was:
    a) posted with the hour number exactly 8 away from the minutes
    b) what caused her to giggle
    c) posted after Ogg the Caveman first discovered fire

    we can conclude that Shawn and Bevy are actually gay lovers, and that Rob likes to skydive into the white house without parachutes.

    Looks airtight to me... *takes off the parachute*\n\n
    MissCheetahPosted: 12-15-2001 23:37:57

    Yet, amazingly, Rob never gets hurt. Its cartoon physics.
    *giggles more*

    kwerkeyPosted: 12-15-2001 23:43:17
    It's like Wile E. Coyote or something.
    BevyPosted: 12-16-2001 01:44:27
    80-1002268887Posted: 12-16-2001 12:34:41
    *Drops a large boulder on Bevy*
    80-1002268887Posted: 12-16-2001 14:15:47
    On another note, happy birthday kwerkey!
    kwerkeyPosted: 12-16-2001 14:19:44
    BrawnfirePosted: 12-16-2001 14:36:05
    On yet another note:

    B flat!
    BevyPosted: 12-16-2001 19:01:31
    On one more note: "Dear mom, please buy milk."
    KorivakPosted: 12-16-2001 19:19:04
       Your mom reads the forum?
    BevyPosted: 12-16-2001 19:21:59

    Fucking idiot.
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-16-2001 19:23:37

    UR MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    KorivakPosted: 12-16-2001 19:47:34
       You are so l33t, sir!
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-16-2001 19:48:56

    BevyPosted: 12-16-2001 20:06:36
    Has anybody seen the dumbass show episode of the X-Files? God that's freaky when it shows how crushed that guy's head is...... It was just dented right in.
    KorivakPosted: 12-16-2001 20:11:01
    BevyPosted: 12-16-2001 21:28:19
    No, X-files the rubix cube.
    KorivakPosted: 12-16-2001 21:37:37
       I don't have a TV or a Rubix cube...
    Big ZPosted: 12-16-2001 22:45:39
    Random spam from ICQ:

    Hi, sorry I have not been around too much lately, but I have been so busy with
    my new site.

    *Add pr0n site here*

    Take a look and tell me what you think.


    aww, how sweet, personalized ICQ pr0n spam.
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-16-2001 22:59:27
    Supposedly bisexual girls attempt to contact me a lot for a threesome...

    I'm working my way up the ladder of ICQ spam!
    BrawnfirePosted: 12-16-2001 23:12:17
    Apparently I'm some sort of porn-site design expert who likes bestiality.

    They got my personality right on the nose!
    ßetaMantisPosted: 12-16-2001 23:17:10
    I've got an interesting influx of users claiming to be females aging from eighteen to twenty-three years of age from Brazil and China . . .

    Haven't ever been around when they asked, either, so didn't bother even responding.

    And the obligatory sexually explicit sites, of course.
    kwerkeyPosted: 12-16-2001 23:43:00
    Apparently, both my penis and my breasts are too small.  These people on ICQ are sympathetic and so give me offers for random pills.
    BrawnfirePosted: 12-17-2001 00:32:50
    ...funny, MY breasts are too small, too!  I don't even have to wear a brassiere.
    kwerkeyPosted: 12-17-2001 00:53:13
    We should form a support group.  It shall be called Men With Small Breasts Anonymous.
    BevyPosted: 12-17-2001 01:34:48
    Are there annual dues or anything?
    ßetaMantisPosted: 12-17-2001 06:24:29
    Well, now that kwerkey and Brawnfire mention it . . .


    Oh, it's stupid, nevermind.
    VéKTöRPosted: 12-17-2001 08:24:59

    ßetaMantisPosted: 12-17-2001 09:05:16

    Why do I expect that to be the first thing you ever actually do to me in February?

    VéKTöRPosted: 12-17-2001 09:27:59
    actually, I was planning on stealing your pants.



    err - no.
    ßetaMantisPosted: 12-17-2001 09:41:53
    With hips of my minisculity (noun, the fact or condition of being miniscule or extremely small.  Synonym of "smallness"), it may not be that hard . . . even if my pants are almost as small.

    In all truth, I expected you to tackle me, steal my pants and ask me where my belongings were so you could amusingly deprive me of my remaining ones as well.
    VéKTöRPosted: 12-17-2001 09:50:55
    oh, you make it sound like I'm some kind of kleptomaniac.

    some kind of sweet, fuzzy, orange kleptomaniac!

    EDIT: (Yes, I am aware that makes little to no sense.)
    ßetaMantisPosted: 12-17-2001 10:34:25

    Of course, that was not my intention.
    80-1002268887Posted: 12-17-2001 20:27:11
    Hey Fatboy! (The second one)

    Be on ICQ more!
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-17-2001 22:17:38
    *sighs*  The theme from Memento is sad...
    MissCheetahPosted: 12-17-2001 23:00:37

    *gives the Sexay one 20 hugs*  :)

    BrawnfirePosted: 12-17-2001 23:11:00
    Give the man some peace!
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-17-2001 23:14:46
    *smiles widely*
    MissCheetahPosted: 12-17-2001 23:18:27

    I think he likes it *cute smile*

    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-17-2001 23:20:25
    Less talk, more hugging!  *grins*
    KorivakPosted: 12-18-2001 00:40:07
       In other news, your DNA is best...
    BevyPosted: 12-18-2001 02:44:20
    On the pants topic...

    Anybody recall this?

    I've saved quite a few pieces of forum history over my year and some here...
    VéKTöRPosted: 12-18-2001 09:18:57

    Err -- okay, so it's not THAT impressive. But I wasn't gonna spend like half an hour just making something all fancy-like.
    ßetaMantisPosted: 12-18-2001 09:28:21
    I still, even now, am amazed you (and Fron, of course) corrupted a number of poor, innocent children with a name for my pants and you (well, Fron sort of knows me - and I still console him from day to day) don't even know me.  *laughs*  That'll change in a few months.
    VéKTöRPosted: 12-18-2001 09:31:44
    For those that don't have a clue what ßeta's talking about:

    BrawnfirePosted: 12-18-2001 16:10:15
    KorivakPosted: 12-18-2001 18:27:47
    *gets the theme to Nightwalker*
       God bless dark romantic melodrama anime!  I just can't get enough of it!
    *listens with joy*
    80-1002268887Posted: 12-18-2001 18:29:52
    By the way, it's up on Spankotron, and if you ask really nicely, I may give you a link. Eventuallly... =P
    KorivakPosted: 12-18-2001 18:31:24
       I think I might buy Nightwalker for myself.  If I had money, that is...
    kwerkeyPosted: 12-19-2001 00:48:20
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-19-2001 09:07:18
    DebtAngelPosted: 12-19-2001 10:52:35
    OsirisPosted: 12-19-2001 11:08:20

    VéKTöRPosted: 12-19-2001 11:10:23
    MissCheetahPosted: 12-19-2001 12:52:39


    KorivakPosted: 12-19-2001 13:30:34
    undertowPosted: 12-19-2001 13:42:35

    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-19-2001 13:44:24


    80-1002268887Posted: 12-19-2001 15:02:12
    BrawnfirePosted: 12-19-2001 16:13:40
    Random poll:  Nutter Butter or Oreos?
    VéKTöRPosted: 12-19-2001 16:25:00
    Oreos, and I will burn anyone who opposes me at the stake...

    ... to hell!
    MissCheetahPosted: 12-19-2001 16:58:14
    Oreos.  I have never had the other kind of cookie mentioned.
    The-AtarisPosted: 12-19-2001 17:21:09
    Nutter Butters are good, but Oreos own all. Especially Double Stuff. mmmmm
    Eye of the NightPosted: 12-19-2001 17:28:58
    "Of course I'm crazy, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong. I'm mad but not ill"

    (Werewolf Bridge, Robert Anton Wison)

    No two equals are the same. Remember, folks!
    ßetaMantisPosted: 12-19-2001 17:33:09
    Oreos.  No idea what that other things is.

    No two equals are the same . . . who slipped EotN too many oreos again?
    undertowPosted: 12-19-2001 17:35:00
    Oreos. They are both tastetastic and yummilicious.
    Eye of the NightPosted: 12-19-2001 17:39:18
    It's true if you think about it,'s also a matter of interpretation.
    BrawnfirePosted: 12-19-2001 19:00:04

    1.) Sovereignty
    2.) Interpretation
    3.) Meant
    Eye of the NightPosted: 12-19-2001 19:13:32
    And why not?

    Sovereignty is a good thing, something to strive to preserve. Interpretation is key to our perception of the world we live in. What I meant by that, not judge the value of words by your perception of the person(s) you see using them. *grin*

    There is serenity in Chaos.
    Seek ye the Eye of the Hurricane.

    "And, behold, thusly was the Law formulated:  Imposition of Order =
    escalation of Disorder!"
    [H.B.T. ; The Gospel According to Fred, 1:6]

    VéKTöRPosted: 12-19-2001 19:24:31
    The-AtarisPosted: 12-19-2001 19:43:48
    here I am, rock you like a hurricane!
    KorivakPosted: 12-19-2001 20:56:22
       I still remember my high school chemesty teacher's demonstration of entropy.  "This is a beaker," he said, holding up same and walking around the room.  "Right now, it exists in a state of order.  But it wants to exist in a more random state."  He then turned towards the front of the room and whipped the beaker at the black board, where it flew apart into a state of entropy.  He then proceded to do this same domonstration with a titration tube with a broken tip and a cracked ten litre bastard child of a bucket and beaker.  Great demo.  He was alway blowing something up or creating poison gas or teasing the students.  It was my favourite class that whole year.
    FronPosted: 12-19-2001 21:13:40
    The most alarming thing about that BetaPants picture is how I can't even tell which ones I wrote and which ones Vektor wrote.

    I think I wrote the sideways red one, but that's just by memory.


    There is only one interpretation for this. I must kill Vektor to preserve the sovereignty of my handwriting.


    In reply to Korivak, I wam quite certain that my chemistry teacher would do the same were it not for the fact that the equipment is a tad too expensive to randomly break.
    Despite the practical restrictions on his antics, it IS definitely one of my most entertaining classes.\n\n
    KorivakPosted: 12-19-2001 21:28:25
       Ah, but all the glassware he used was already broken.  It was all chipped or cracked, so he threw it out with an extra step in the process...
    VéKTöRPosted: 12-20-2001 00:00:08
    I always liked the exact same example of entropy that the MC Hawking mp3 uses

    namely, using EGGS!

    (too bad we didn't cook them on the bunsen burners afterwards. We cooked a LOT of stuff in chemistry and physics class using lab equipment)
    KorivakPosted: 12-20-2001 00:05:19
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-20-2001 01:00:00
    Careful.  You're becoming a journal exhibitionist, as I once was.  Now every forumer and his cousin has enough personal dirt on me to make me uncomfortable at his or her own leisure if they are feeling particularly classless enough.  *grins, then sighs, shaking his head*
    OsirisPosted: 12-20-2001 01:14:18
    A friend sent this to me.  It's been on loop for three hours.

    80-1002268887Posted: 12-20-2001 05:56:13
    Oh fun. Looks like my peanut allergy extends into other types of nuts as well. And it appears that I'm starting to have a problem with sea food. AND my wisdom teeth are pushing the rest of my teeth out of place, so I'll probably have to get them taken out, though I haven't been to the dentist in years.

    What fun.
    ßetaMantisPosted: 12-20-2001 07:58:24
    *grins at Shawn*  You just must accept your personal filth as part of you and then no one can bug you with it!  *giggles*
    VéKTöRPosted: 12-20-2001 08:37:52
    you haven't been to a dentist in years?

    err - why?

    And I understand j00 (to blatantly rip Megatokyo's claim). One of my wisdom teeth is coming in SIDEWAYS of all things -- so it's pushing against the teeth already there (it's coming in the direction of the teeth, not sticking out into my cheek or tongue or anything).
    Not a big deal, I just have to get it removed, along with the one on top above it. I can keep two of mine! Ha!
    80-1002268887Posted: 12-20-2001 17:18:52
    I really don't know why I haven't seen one in years, I just haven't gotten around to it.

    Oh, and it looks like I'm not allergic to sea food after all. After having a bowl of rice for breakfast this morning, I've come to realize that it was most likely the rice in the sushi I ate that was bothering me rather than the fishy stuff.

    Though not having tried wasabi before, everyone tried to convince me to take a really big spoonful of it. I decided against it due to the fact that it was given to us in such a small proportion(Probably for a reason) and because everyone kept insisting on it.
    BevyPosted: 12-20-2001 19:36:57
    Could this lack of dentistry have an effect on your big huge scary evil mouth disease?
    80-1002268887Posted: 12-20-2001 19:40:13
    No, that's my tongue. And I'm sure my doctor would have said something if it may have been due to that.
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-20-2001 21:33:15
    Unrelated note:  I would like nothing better than to throw myself through a glass window.

    That is all.
    BrawnfirePosted: 12-20-2001 22:43:00

    That's a goal you're sure to achieve!
    ßetaMantisPosted: 12-21-2001 11:54:45
    Sugar/movie glass, or sand/real glass?
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-21-2001 11:58:12
    *pauses for a moment*  Well, the former would be fun, now that you mention it...
    Lord TreyPosted: 12-21-2001 18:16:44
    *jumps through sugar glass*

    that is fun
    *eats glass*
    kwerkeyPosted: 12-21-2001 23:48:16
    Where the hell is everybody?  It's Friday night and there's only 4 people online, only one of whom is actually replying to me.

    I suppose I answered my own question, though.
    MistressBluePosted: 12-22-2001 00:01:17
    awww poor kwerkey.

    KorivakPosted: 12-22-2001 02:30:35
       Korivak, Sexay, and Mantis were all enjoying "real life" was kinda cool...
    smacintyrePosted: 12-22-2001 02:43:49
    what is this "real life" you speak of?
    I recall something, not unlike a dream, where there were forumers in all 3 dimensions and I heard strange sounds coming from their mouths, but it was so different than text I could not comprehend it.
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-22-2001 02:45:16
    Korivak, Sexay, and Mantis were all enjoying "real life" was kinda cool...

    Kinda emotional, though.
    KorivakPosted: 12-22-2001 02:50:07
       Real life is like that sometimes...but I'm hoping it will calm down a bit in the next few months, because frankly, all this exessive emotion crap is really wearing me out...
    smacintyrePosted: 12-22-2001 02:51:46
    You folks are over in Ontario eh?
    How many posters here are in your group, and I want names, NAMES DAMNIT!
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-22-2001 02:53:03
    Real life is like that sometimes...but I'm hoping it will calm down a bit in the next few months, because frankly, all this exessive emotion crap is really wearing me out...

    *shrugs*  Try living with them for twenty years.

    KorivakPosted: 12-22-2001 02:56:38
       Try not having to deal with it for twenty years and then suddenly being thrust in to depression without much practice or experience...
    KorivakPosted: 12-22-2001 02:58:47
       Sam!, Sexay, and I are good friends IRL.  So is Random Crispy, but he's not much of a forumer.  BetaMantis and Seraph both live nearby, and I've met Seraph once and BJ twice, including tonight.
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-22-2001 02:59:12
    You'll be fine.

    I'd equate being emotionally unstable and depressed as being 'worse' than being generally stoic and then suddenly upset at the loss of a relationship.

    One's sudden, harsh, but also temporary.  The other is cosntant, plaguing, and defeating.

    Either way, it's not--and never ought to be--a competition.
    BrawnfirePosted: 12-22-2001 03:02:38
    Try throwing around your emotional situations and see whose crushes whose first.  Nice pissing contest.
    KorivakPosted: 12-22-2001 03:03:03
       I'm not trying to make a compitition out of it, just pointing out that in the end, we are both suffering in our own ways.
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-22-2001 03:03:33
    Try throwing around your emotional situations and see whose crushes whose first.  Nice pissing contest.

    Hence why I said:  "Either way, it's not--and never ought to be--a competition."
    BrawnfirePosted: 12-22-2001 03:06:11
    i wrote that a good few minutes before you said that.  im a lazy ass and didn't post until later.  lo siento
    RaiderPosted: 12-23-2001 21:15:43
    Well, since this is the Random Thread,

    We (my family) exchanged gifts today. I got a bunch of really cool stuff and among this stuff is WinXP (which I have now installed and downloading updates and patches), an mp3 player, a sterling silver chain, clothes, 7 different types of cologne (spelling?), a candle, other small things, pictures of deer and a good picture of a Lab (dog) and its pup. I like Labs. My cousin gave me a picture of my grandmother (on my dad's side) who raised me, but passed away several of years ago. *sighs* Ah, well...I guess it had to happen sooner or later, but we sure do miss her. My dad gave me a cool Browning hunting jacket like he has, too. And to get something from my dad is cool because he usually doesn't get me anything, but I don't really complain.

    Anyway, all my gifts are pretty cool, and overall it was a good day...the only thing that sucks is having to install all of these damn patches.
    OsirisPosted: 12-23-2001 21:21:44
    I got a mixture of beer bread.  Apparently you mix in a can of beer and bake it in an oven, and it makes bread.  Who knows.  I'll go pick up a can of pabst and try it out!  HAHA LOLOL FESTIVITY!!!

    Other than that, I just gave a bunch of gifts to my son.  My wife got me metal gear for the PS2, and I got her a compilation of The Onion articles, some fancy-schmancy mint tea, and a french press single serving coffee maker.

    80-1002268887Posted: 12-24-2001 00:03:43
    Ah, Irishchu is so delightfully wonderful.

    RaiderPosted: 12-24-2001 01:05:40
    Man...there's a shitload of patches for WinXP, but it is very cool...I'll admit that.
    El cazadorPosted: 12-24-2001 01:25:53
    Okey I'm not one to take cracks at people, but I can't resist myself on this one...

    SEVEN types of cologne!?  Man, they must be trying to tell you something!

    hahaha  LOL!  ok back to the old self.

    We don't exchange presents, we just dump them under the tree and open them in... Nochebuena.  Holy Night or Good Night or whatever the night of the 24th is called in english.

    I'll be getting clothes, probably shirts since I said very loudly and directly that I needed a few new ones.  My GF decided not to buy a new game for me and got me one of those excercise thingies they sell on t.v. to make your abdomen look like a tiled board and blah blah blah, I just know this thing will end up under my bed soon enough.  Oh, and some cool new shorts I'm getting from her, so I don't have to pop up in every pic I take of myself wearing the same black ones.

    There's also a mystery package from my brother, that doesn't exactly look like clothes.  I hope it's hardware or software.  I'm not sure.  And from my side, I gave away:

    To my girlfriend:  A watch.
    To my big brother:  A long sleeved sweater, since he likes them and this one looked particularly cool.
    To my smaller brother:  Reef rubber shoes, very practical in summer and an indirect way of telling him to STOP USING MINE!
    To my sister:  She's not around, so I sent her nothing, except my best wishes for a happy Christmas.
    To my mother:  Looking for some comfy bed clothes for her (3-4 bucks each), couldn't find them and ended up buying her earrings ($54).
    To a good friend of mine and his smaller brother, who love their nintendo64:  No N64 games that they liked, so I gave each $20.

    And to myself... nothing.  I need some boards to put stuff up so my desk doesn't look so crammed and a cd case thingie.  It seems no one cathed these indirect messages I slipped around, so I guess I'll have to get them myself.
    BevyPosted: 12-24-2001 01:31:05
    In english it's called the night of the 24th. In most english cultures it's called Chrsitmas Eve.
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-24-2001 04:26:19
    "Irishchu!  I choose you!"
    Lord TreyPosted: 12-24-2001 05:14:22
    no one ever chooses me
    80-1002268887Posted: 12-24-2001 05:18:27
    *throws a Pokeball at Trey's head*

    Lord Trey! I chose you!
    ßetaMantisPosted: 12-24-2001 05:18:36
    You're not a Pokémon, or however you spell their accursed name.  *chuckles*
    RaiderPosted: 12-24-2001 12:02:51
    SEVEN types of cologne!?  Man, they must be trying to tell you something!

    hahaha  LOL!  ok back to the old self.



    Nah, I think they knew I needed some because I was on one of my last bottles, and I wasn't going to buy any until after Christmas...that and she probably got a discount on them or got them free because she works for Avon, and they sometimes send more than what was ordered, or they will send some just for the heck of it.

    Edit> Oh, and 6 out of the seven came from that one person I mentioned...if that makes it any better, or...or...or...*Continues crying because of El Cazador*\n\n
    El cazadorPosted: 12-24-2001 12:39:21
    My girlfriend is partial to a cologne called "Tsar".  Pretty good.  She loves to smell me when I'm wearing it.  It's almost a pheromone.  

    I'm a soap and deodorant kinda guy, but I wear it every now and then when I want her to enjoy my cutesy wutesy pinchable version.  :)
    kwerkeyPosted: 12-25-2001 16:10:45
    F U U U U U U U U U U U U C K K K K K K


    Any computer that my dad installs must have some kind of program on it that detects when I'm using it, and crashes itself accordingly.  My mom's computer won't even let me transfer a file from the ZIP drive to the hard drive before it starts reporting that the ZIP disk is unformatted.  It's damn near impossible to open two explorer windows without having the damn thing crash.  My dad's computer is even more amazing.  Until he installed XP on it, it would make up something new every time I used it.  Try to burn a CD?  Hell no.  It dies on me, and now with XP it doesn't work at all.

    Update:  My dad's laptop seems to like me.  AND it's got the IR port built in.  I have a connection to my phone right now.  I wonder if I can find any Tool or Vast sheet music out there...\n\n
    BrawnfirePosted: 12-25-2001 16:59:22
    Sidescroll is bad.  EDIT IMMEDIATELY, OR FACE MY WRATH!
    KorivakPosted: 12-25-2001 17:37:03
       Horizontal scroll?  What's your resolution set at?  That only takes up less than half my screen...
    kwerkeyPosted: 12-25-2001 17:39:52
    It was longer, but I shortened it and added spaces.
    KorivakPosted: 12-25-2001 17:48:58
       Right, I was looking for the "Edited by" text below the last paragraph, not in it...
    kwerkeyPosted: 12-25-2001 17:57:13
    Yeah, most of the time I add a blank space so that stupid Edited By mesage doesn't get blended in, but sometimes I get lazy.  LIKE RIGHT NOW!
    KorivakPosted: 12-25-2001 18:12:44
       I'll "lazy" you, sir...IN THE FACE!
    KorivakPosted: 12-25-2001 18:37:24
    *points to new sig*
       I'm sure I could count the number of people that get this reference on the fingers of one hand, but I still love this line...
    BrawnfirePosted: 12-25-2001 19:06:07
    Tell us that tale, O Gentle Korivak; tell us that tale with which that line is included.  Into the misty depths of history submerge our ears and eyes, Noble Fat One, through the twisted pathways, deep into the macabre and high into the enlightening knowledge of past deeds.

    KorivakPosted: 12-25-2001 19:16:15
    *takes deep breath*
     It's like this, cat:  ...ask Sam!
    BrawnfirePosted: 12-25-2001 19:22:28
    *chucks a brick at Korivak's head*
    KorivakPosted: 12-25-2001 19:27:14
       Ok, fine.  There's this TV show called Clerks: The Animated Series, based on the movie Clerks.  At one point, the creepy looking bad guy calls his slaves in Canada, who look like cavemen living in a jungle, for some reason.  He attempts to speak to them for a few minutes, and my sig is the last thing he says to them before he hangs up.
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-25-2001 20:53:44
    At one point, the creepy looking bad guy calls his slaves in Canada, who look like cavemen living in a jungle, for some reason.

    1.  They called him, in regards to the evil spirits.

    2.  They were not his slaves so much as the typical residents of Canada.  In fact, if I am not mistaken, he was speaking to the 'leader' of Canada on the phone...

    "Missah Leonardo!  Missah Leonardo!"
    kwerkeyPosted: 12-27-2001 23:26:54
    I'm going to drive up to Canada tomorrow with Crystal.
    We can only stay until 6:30 PM, so where should we go?
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-27-2001 23:29:51
    My house, obviously.
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-27-2001 23:30:32
    *posts on the twenty-fourth page, again*  I am a trend-setter!
    kwerkeyPosted: 12-27-2001 23:35:53
    Only as long as Fatty I and Fatty II aren't there.  They'll scare her.
    VéKTöRPosted: 12-27-2001 23:37:25
    Just stay away from London.

    Both me and Fron are here, so it's questionable as to whether you'd leave in one piece, or many.
    kwerkeyPosted: 12-27-2001 23:39:00
    Quiet, you Person Who Is Pretending To Be American But Is Really A Canuck, you don't scare me.
    Lord TreyPosted: 12-27-2001 23:49:59
    how did "canuck" come into existance?
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-27-2001 23:50:37
    *nods*  I shall be sure to chain the Fatboys up in my basement, after luring them there with various foodstuffs.
    VéKTöRPosted: 12-28-2001 00:28:35
    when did I ever claim to be American?
    ßetaMantisPosted: 12-28-2001 00:30:44
    There're various foodstuffs in Shawn's basement!?  Let me at 'em!\n\n
    kwerkeyPosted: 12-28-2001 00:34:15
    You implied it, dammit.


    leading me on all these years.... I thought you were normal!  But no, you're not like other guys, you're......

    KorivakPosted: 12-28-2001 10:58:47
    *wanders into trap, drooling slightly*
    BrawnfirePosted: 12-28-2001 12:27:19
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-28-2001 12:51:18
    DebtAngelPosted: 12-28-2001 12:59:21
    Does anybody feel like taking a trip down memory lane?

    Scary, ain't it? :)
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-28-2001 13:53:52
    Too bad old threads weren't archived...

    That'd be interesting...
    KorivakPosted: 12-28-2001 22:43:44
       Well, one of the advantages of Random Thread is that it holds history quite nicely...
    RStefan01Posted: 12-28-2001 23:29:48
    Cool. I didn't know that there was any record of that layout still online. I'd shit my pants and wear them as a hat if anyone could find a copy of my old crappy Starcraft site though. Hell, even the "RStefan01's Help Site" would be cool. Too bad I didn't keep copies of that old stuff :(
    RStefan01Posted: 12-28-2001 23:32:28
    *reads Maverick's news post on that old page copy*

    ha... I forgot about that whole deal where I made him a news poster and he spammed his site in every news post. That fool.
    RStefan01Posted: 12-28-2001 23:38:15
    *gets another post*

    Hey, go here.

    You can view the site from different months and see how the layout changed a bit before it became like it is. You can also see more of Maverick's spam.
    kwerkeyPosted: 12-29-2001 00:16:48

    *hangs his head in shame at his stupid writing style*

    For those of you who weren't there, Bandy, Ravage, and some others were spaming the forum, so Rich shut down the whole damned forum.  We were kind of wandering around for a few hours wondering what to do (thankfully, the Riptide forum was still active back then, and I believe that people were trying to use it as an excuse to start using that forum again).
    KorivakPosted: 12-30-2001 15:10:33
       I have monkeys in my balls, and I love it!
    BandWidthPosted: 12-30-2001 17:26:49
    Today I learned to believe in myself. Trust no one. I was walking down the street and someone stole my wallet. So I poked them in the back. Later, I found out that I jabbed the wrong person. You can't trust anyone to be the intended victim of your homo-cidal assaults.
    So ended a normal day at work.
    smacintyrePosted: 12-30-2001 17:37:35
    Ya, you got me pretty hard. My back still hurts.
    kwerkeyPosted: 12-30-2001 20:15:25

    Sci-Fi is showing old Japanese Godzilla movies.  Godzilla Vs. Mothra is on right now.  It's hilarious.

    "Hi.  You've grown up?"

    Until now, I've never actually seen one of these translated movies.  My life is complete.
    smacintyrePosted: 12-30-2001 20:20:44
    ya, the one where these aliens(or scientists) create a robot godzilla is cool, cause godzilla gets his ass kicked.
    82-1002268893Posted: 12-30-2001 23:18:11
    I remember that.   that was the first sigh of richard being a dirty bitch so it was like.. I got a message on icq saying  "Hey richard's a bitch, lets get him" or something similar.  So I immediately went to the news script and started spamming, then I spammed in forum, then I used an icq message bomber, Then bandwidth and other people joined in.

    I think it all started because something similar to when richard banned people from his battlenet channel for having similar names to his, happened on the day of the spamming and we were all like , fuck that bitch, lets fuck up his shit.\n\n
    MissCheetahPosted: 12-31-2001 00:11:03

    *Gives everyone homemade chocolate chip cookies*   undertow and I made them today.  It was quite fun :)

    kwerkeyPosted: 12-31-2001 02:07:46
    *imagines something rather dirty*

    Damn hormones...
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-31-2001 09:30:13
    *blinks*  Even I can't turn her statement into something kinky; or at least, not easily...
    MissCheetahPosted: 12-31-2001 10:06:22
    *thwacks kwerkey repeatedly with a rolled up newspaper*  

    That was not at all what was intended.  These are real, yummy, cookies made with flour, sugar, chocolate, etc.
    KorivakPosted: 12-31-2001 10:20:52
    *eats cookie*
       Thank you much!
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-31-2001 10:50:27
    *enjoys a cookie*
    KorivakPosted: 12-31-2001 11:04:30
    *"enjoys your "cookie"*
    OsirisPosted: 12-31-2001 11:34:00
    Couple wierd screenshots:

    I got this while playing with my new diablo2 character.  All those golds came from ONE chest.  There were actually three more that dropped out, but there were so many items on the ground that they didn't show up.  WTF??  (no magic find bonus either)

    This one I just got while trying to post a message.  That's a new error..

    Then of course, just because I like it...

    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-31-2001 11:35:53
    That last picture is absolute beauty incarnate.  Technically speaking, of course...
    OsirisPosted: 12-31-2001 11:50:06
    Nihilistic mystics
    apostolic alcoholics
    messianic manics
    cataclysmic and prolific
    In the age of super-boredom
    hype and mediocrity
    celebrate relentlessness
    menace to society

    I tooky my happy pills this morning
    RaiderPosted: 12-31-2001 13:16:28
    *Spits out cookie from MC*

    Hey...if you are going to bake least bake something good!

    What's in these things anyway? *Hits cookie hard on plate and plate breakes*
    RazaelPosted: 12-31-2001 14:28:48
    *devours cookie* Tasted pretty good to me.

    ... You know, by insulting MC's cooking, you've pretty much DOOMed yourself, right, Chause?
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-31-2001 14:49:22
    What crawled up Chause's ass?
    OsirisPosted: 12-31-2001 14:55:54

    oops did the same picture twice\n\n
    RaiderPosted: 12-31-2001 15:20:41
    "What crawled up Chause's ass?"

    A bad cookie. *Directs MC to a kitchen with a cookbook of nothing but cookie recipes* Try that!
    OsirisPosted: 12-31-2001 16:34:48
    The funniest gosh darned webcomic in the world

    Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-31-2001 18:44:11
    MistressBluePosted: 12-31-2001 18:52:23
    Quote from Sexay Shawn, posted on Jan. 01 2002, 00:30
    *blinks*  Even I can't turn her statement into something kinky; or at least, not easily...

    Ok so i'm very late in catching up on the forum but I had to say....

    I can. ;)
    RaiderPosted: 12-31-2001 21:00:44

    Oh, wait...I don't have an automobile...

    Uh...uh...uhhhh...*Grabs ßetaMantis for a hostage and runs off*

    kwerkeyPosted: 12-31-2001 22:13:31
    *slaps Chause*

    It Had To Be Done.
    MissCheetahPosted: 12-31-2001 23:38:42

    undertow is quite tipsy.. beware..

    undertowPosted: 12-31-2001 23:45:48
    she is rught... i have had a few hard ciders... they are happy things... I want mroe but I dopn't thingk sdhe will let me have any....
    kwerkeyPosted: 12-31-2001 23:48:08
    Hey now, I'll bet Rob is even more fun when he's drunk than when ß is.
    undertowPosted: 12-31-2001 23:54:38
    not sure... but hey cider is a happt thinf@!
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 01-01-2002 00:05:36
    I was going to make the obvious joke regarding libido/ability and their mutually exclusive relationship once alcohol is introduced into the equation, but perhaps that's a bit too much...  *grins*

    *slaps Chause for good measure*

    Lord TreyPosted: 01-01-2002 00:10:39
    Chause is just mad because he wants to lose weight and good cookies aren't the way to do it.
    ßetaMantisPosted: 01-01-2002 02:48:28
    *growls*  Why is Chause dragging me around like a hostage?  Doesn't he remember how thin I am, someone can easily shoot around me!

    *decides to not wait for that and simply reaches back and jabs three fingers into his ribs*
    BrawnfirePosted: 01-01-2002 03:30:03
    *grimaces as ßetaMantis jabs three fingers into his own ribs*

    I say good fellow, something needs to be done!

    *pulls out some cider and sprays it at Chause*

    undertow: cdr is a friednely thins!

    *undertow attacks Chause, and consumes his sweet, sweet cidery flesh*

    Chause: Augh!
    Raider: Augh!
    Miguel: El AUGH-o!

    ßetaMantis: Ehr... I seem to have been splashed, as well.

    undertow: fffffrrriiiiiieeeeeeedddnnnnlyyy *munch*

    WILL ßetaMantis BE SAVED?
    Find out next time, on...  RICHMAN!
    Same Rich time, same Rich channel.

    ßetaMantisPosted: 01-01-2002 04:00:17
    *flinches slightly*  I must watch where I aim.  Hitting my own more sensitive areas is not good.

    Chause, let me go or I'll do to you what I just did to myself.\n\n
    smacintyrePosted: 01-01-2002 05:11:25
    This is a post at 4:10
    do you know what time it is as you are reading this?
    be that way then! :(

    Happy New Year!
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 01-01-2002 10:20:49
    *sexually harasses Brawnfire for posting such a groin-grabbingly exquisite story*
    undertowPosted: 01-01-2002 10:37:28

    *giggles*  That story was quite funny Brawny.

    BrawnfirePosted: 01-01-2002 14:09:46
    It sure was.  When did you first read it?  Because I'm sure it was ten times more uproarious when... *makes drinky-drinky motion*
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 01-01-2002 19:30:22
    I can tell by the writing style that undertow did not make that post...
    MissCheetahPosted: 01-01-2002 19:50:31

    *curses*  You are far to observant Shawn.
    ummmm.....  I forgot that Rob was logged in on my comp last night.  I certainly did not want him posting on my account in his addled state.  I forgot to log him out and log myself back in before responding to Brawny's masterpiece of literature.  

    DebtAngelPosted: 01-01-2002 20:22:19
    Random Act of Senseless Linkage

    Lounge Against the Machine
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 01-01-2002 21:33:05
    *curses*  You are far to observant Shawn.

    *grins*  Thanks.  I'm actually able to mimick several posters' styles quite well.  *pauses*  Not that anyone should be worried, or anything...
    kwerkeyPosted: 01-01-2002 21:46:49
    Mimic me, bitch.
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 01-02-2002 00:00:37
    kwerkeyPosted: 01-02-2002 00:20:54
    ßetaMantisPosted: 01-02-2002 07:49:21
    I dare Shawn to mimic me - for no reason whatsoever.
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 01-02-2002 09:04:25
    *chuckles*  I've done so over ICQ, before.  It was many moons ago, and I told you of this.

    I was also able to instantly recognize Dark Nexus when he was attempting to impersonate you, once.
    ßetaMantisPosted: 01-02-2002 10:13:56
    There is a specific method to my madness.  All of my madnesses.  It's just few dare to consider looking for them.

    For example, I capitalise (when italics, bold, colour changing et cetera are not available) is not available for emphasis.  If the word is capitalised anyway (I, for example), I surround it in underscores.  Happens rarely.  I never emphasise with asterisks (confuses with emotes) or hyphens.

    My emoting is always surrounded by asterisks.  And, if you place my alias/name before whatever is in them, it should fit grammatic requirements to be English.  For example, I type "*buries his face in his hands and cries like a schoolgirl*" could be read as "ßetaMantis buries his face in his hands and cries like a schoolgirl."  I often emote without pronouns.  So, I will write that as "*buries face in hands and cries like a schoolgirl*".  I also often put two spaces before and after emoting.  Especially between sentences.

    Also, there's a number of words that I near-completely avoid using without quotation marks (hate, wrong, cool and gay are four prime examples).  And specific ways I spell (read:  I rarely use the letter z).  I use double, or even triple as well as odd contractions, like shouldn't've (should not have), 'twouldn't've (it would not have), d'you (do you), where'd (where did), stomach't (stomach it), et cetera.  I actually speak really fast and enunciate rarely.  I attempt to illustrate this through shortcutting pronounciations a lot.

    I use mostly British spellings.  I capitalise countries, brand names and languages.  I don't capitalise aliases that don't start with a capital.

    I abbreviate more with an apostrophe than a period.  (kwerk', 'Doxy).

    I do not use internet shorthand/internetese.  Ever.  No brbs, no btws, no otohs, no afaiks, no imhos, nothing.

    I don't use emoticons/smilies.

    I also use ellipses (if that's how you spell it) with a space between each period and a space before it and after if anything follows it . . . like that.   I use them too much for many people's opinions.

    I'll often use slightly higher vocabulary (or at the absolute least less frequently seen words).

    I always try to fit with proper English.  Whether I do'r not is another issue.  I extremely rarely use more than one of any punctuation mark.  I always put question marks last.  (An exclaimed question always ends in "!?".  In fact, "?!" tends to bug me for some reason).  I use commas more than most.  I also use hyphens.  I use a dash ("--") to denote abrupt cutting off, an ellipses (". . .") to denote gradual trailing off and a period ("."  *giggles*) to denote normal ending of thoughts/sentences.  I put two spaces after colons, exclamation points, question marks and periods.  One before all hyphens, ellipses and dashes and one after.

    I don't use semicolons because I don't know how they're supposed to be used.

    I never use "?" in a sentence by itself.  I use "Dwah?" (plagirised from one show called Duckman), "Wha?", "Huh?", and so on.  I use a lot of hesitation words "er", "eh", "um", "hrm", et cetera.

    I quote with italics here currently.  Like Shawn does with bold.  And some with the actual quoting in this board.

    I always put my signature here.

    One of the few words that are a sound I'll write is "Pfft." with varying numbers of fs.

    I think that's a good start.  *smirks*

    Edited for typos.

    OsirisPosted: 01-02-2002 10:27:18
    I type without political or racial bias.  My words read as if music to the soul, they tame wild beasts, corrupt kings, and bend the will of the strong with nary a struggle.  Day and night, my apostles study my text for the prophecies they undoubtedly contain.  Educated scholars attempt to mine the secrets of life itself from even the most trivial of my written thoughts. God himself asked me to proofread the bible before releasing it to the public.

    Imitate that, you motherfuckers.

    ßetaMantisPosted: 01-02-2002 10:45:09
    What the heck is a phrophecy?


    Is that a phony prophecy or somethin'?
    OsirisPosted: 01-02-2002 10:53:10

    ßetaMantisPosted: 01-02-2002 10:55:14
    A phrophecy is feces, or are you tossing out a profanity?
    OsirisPosted: 01-02-2002 10:56:54
    I was just cursing.. sorry 'bout that
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 01-02-2002 12:03:52
    *posts simply to make use of his new signature*
    OsirisPosted: 01-02-2002 12:15:33
    RaiderPosted: 01-02-2002 13:09:23
    Wow, ßetaMantis, I can't believe you actually sat there and typed all that stuff about how you type...err, write, or talk.
    ßetaMantisPosted: 01-02-2002 13:37:27
    *smirks*  Both you an' I'd be surprised what I can do when on a caffiene haze (and bored).

    (Edit:  Er, in a haze, not on).\n\n
    OsirisPosted: 01-02-2002 14:29:09
    "I'm bored." is a simplified version of something else.  There is more than meets the eye than simple boredom.

    Whether it was an attempt to draw attention to yourself, or something else, simple boredom is a weak excuse. Your explanation "I was bored" is probably quite false, or at least, not the complete reasoning.

    ßetaMantisPosted: 01-02-2002 14:32:55
    And lo, Osiris and I agreed.

    And there was much rejoicing.

    *taps foot impatiently*

    I SAID there was much rejoicing!

    Although, Osiris, doesn't this belong in that one thread with the I'm bored justification in it?  I forget which it is now . . .

    Damn you coffee!
    ZPosted: 01-02-2002 14:39:49
    *reads it all*

    wow . . . just wow

    ßetaMantisPosted: 01-02-2002 14:50:14

    If it's that easy to impress you . . .
    KorivakPosted: 01-02-2002 16:09:04
       ßet, I am going to personally eat all your children.
    KorivakPosted: 01-02-2002 17:21:09
    *wanders off to play pool with mokeys...*
    Big ZPosted: 01-02-2002 18:21:13
    Quote from ßetaMantis, posted on Jan. 02 2002, 10:13
    (read:  I rarely use the letter z).

    That's twice today you've been hatin' on me an' Z, yo.  Die.
    ßetaMantisPosted: 01-03-2002 03:15:34
    I don't hate the letter z, I merely rarely use it as British spellings themselves rarely use it.  If anything, I use it the most for Z's name.  One key on my keyboard, all for him.
    KorivakPosted: 01-06-2002 22:14:09
       Monkey Ball is more fun than sleep!
    lil bo shepherdPosted: 01-06-2002 22:19:08
    Im 2cool(except the cool is in block letters and the 2 is "leaning" on them)

    and I can't be imitated as I AM SO UNRELIABLE AND wacky
    BrawnfirePosted: 01-06-2002 22:33:14
    His heart jumped as the darkness closed around him, and there was silence in the tomb.  His wings were caught in an updraft, and the winds grew stronger as the air thickened; darkness choked his sight and smoke filled his throat.  His shoulders began to burn as the mass of his wings was slowly pulled out from his skeleton, the bones seperating and flesh tearing.  He felt the warm trickle of blood down his back, and his eyes watered with tears of fright and confusion.  His wings suddenly stopped tearing, and he found himself on the floor, surrounded by blood, bare bones jutting from his scarlet-coated back.

    "My sacrifice is made.  The Glorious shall live, and evil is to be cast away...  and for it to happen, I had to join it."

    The soldier Atarius turned from his troupes, gazing into the eyes of the creature before him.  A hunched, ruby-red being; his skin actually appearing as a waterfall of blood over normal skin.  His head was surrounded by a halo of deep darkness, and he was framed by bare bones, interspersed with leather as delicate as spiderwebs.  In his hand was a sword of ice and fire, twisting into a nether so fearsome as to send chills up his spine.  The undead and dying lurched around him, respectively serving and cursing the dominant being and his ironclad will.

    "There he is, men...  the one who shall destroy all that is good.  Evil shall triumph, all because of his contemptable face.  He disgusts me.  What could ever vindicate his coward face?"

    The fallen angel stopped a moment, fought back a sob, and cast his sword into the flesh of the armies before him.
    KorivakPosted: 01-06-2002 22:40:13
       I have the strangest felling that I've read this before...
    lil bo shepherdPosted: 01-06-2002 23:02:02
    More sirrah, MORE!
    BrawnfirePosted: 01-06-2002 23:04:06
    Sorry, Korivak, I should have warned you.  Your fragile mind is like glass against such things.
    KorivakPosted: 01-07-2002 07:45:24
       Well, the breasts still too big, I think...
    OsirisPosted: 01-07-2002 09:59:56

    VéKTöRPosted: 01-07-2002 10:08:40
    Damn these publab computers and their lack of audio output hardware.
    KorivakPosted: 01-08-2002 21:34:20
       "Life is more fun when you get enough sleep." -Andie
    *heeds words of wisdom*
    kwerkeyPosted: 01-08-2002 22:43:11
    I disagree.
    Life is more fun when you wake up at just the right time.

    I only got 5 hours of sleep on Monday (the night between Sunday and Monday, that is), half as much as I was used to over vacation, and when I woke up I felt better than I had when I got 10 or 12 hours.  So I guess it's just waking up when your brainwaves are at their peak anyway or something.
    KorivakPosted: 01-08-2002 22:45:47
       I have friends like that, but not me.  If I don't get enough sleep, I feel it, no matter what time I wake up.  Five hours of sleep until six AM feels just as bad as five hours until noon.
    kwerkeyPosted: 01-08-2002 22:50:21
    No, I woke up early.  I got five hours from 1:00 to 6:00 Monday morning, and felt better than when I slept 2:00-11:00.

    In other news, pulling a muscle is bad.  Pulling a groin muscle doesn't help at all.
    BrawnfirePosted: 01-08-2002 23:09:15
    It's ladies night.  Bitches drink free.
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 01-08-2002 23:14:13
    I need a fair amount of sleep and/or nutrition in order to function properly...
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 01-08-2002 23:14:45
    And lo, the trend of me posting the first message on the following page continues unabated...
    DebtAngelPosted: 01-08-2002 23:17:20
    Quote from kwerkey, posted on Jan. 08 2002, 23:50
    In other news, pulling a muscle is bad.  Pulling a groin muscle doesn't help at all.

    No, but it does help pass the time while waiting for the other muscle to heal.

    86-1002268944Posted: 01-09-2002 17:01:26
    Just cause I figure Rich will close my topic, I thought I'd repost it here:

    Well, I was going to write something big and long pointing out all of the flaws that Rich has as a forum moderator, but if you can’t see them for yourself, then you’re dumber than he is.
    Sure, he’s an okay guy, but he should not be in charge of a forum.

    Of course most of you will just say that I’m wrong, and that he’s doing a fine job and all, but do you know what? I don’t care. It’s not my problem that he has a problem with me just because I disagree with him (he’ll say it’s because I’m a spammer and a trouble maker, but I didn’t even start that until the 3rd time he banned me, and then only because I was fed up).

    What am I even doing posting here? I have no clue. The site has no content that I’m interested in, and the forum is the only real reason to keep it open, and even the forum isn’t reason enough for someone to come back. I said it back before the War Room degenerated into chaos, and nobody listened to me then, but this forum is becoming a second War Room.

    The community that I used to talk with is mostly gone now. Some people post here from time to time, but not terribly often. All we have now is stupid newbies who think they’re better than everyone else, and folks who argue semantics all day.

    Well, I have no reason to be posting here, so I guess I won’t.  I just thought I’d say goodbye before leaving. If you want me, you can probably find me in the Rubber Room or on ICQ, but not here.

    - Psycho Sam!

    (Oh, and isn’t it ironic that Vash was authorized when Poop wasn’t, even though Vash was as real as Chambli, and Poop was really the guy sitting next to me in class last summer who doesn’t think very much of Rich for not authorizing him. =P)
    OsirisPosted: 01-09-2002 17:10:56
    Yeah, I saw that in the other thread.
    kwerkeyPosted: 01-09-2002 19:43:53

    Earlier today, it was realized by all that RStefan01 is a horrible administrator.  Film at 11:00.
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 01-09-2002 20:12:53
    Hey!  kwerkey's right!
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 01-09-2002 20:14:20
    *grumbles about double-posts*

    KorivakPosted: 01-10-2002 00:10:38
      It is way past eleven, sir.  Where is my video?  Oh, here it is...
    KorivakPosted: 01-10-2002 00:13:11
       I wonder if Rich will ban me now...not that it really matters in the end, this forum has less and less to offer me each passing day.
    smacintyrePosted: 01-10-2002 03:00:28
    We should form some kind of union or band where if one of us gets banned we split up the sentence between all the members. Instead of one person banned for 70 days, 10 could be banned for a week. The righteous shall prevail!
    RStefan01Posted: 01-10-2002 03:09:27
    Or... I could ban you all for twice as long.
    DebtAngelPosted: 01-10-2002 14:31:40
    This post is completely random.
    OsirisPosted: 01-10-2002 16:45:52

    Is this possible??  MAGIC MOBILE HOMES??
    82-1002268891Posted: 01-10-2002 18:59:19
    I like this thread

    It thinks like me
    82-1002268891Posted: 01-10-2002 21:18:04
       I, as in almost all things relating to the internet in general and this forum in specific, don't really care about this whole mess.  I only care about two things, real life friends, and this, the Random Thread.
       The forum is a nice way of spending time with my friends when we can't spend time together in real's like going to the movies or for a long walk together, but at pretty much any time or place.  So when one of my friends gets banned, it makes the forum a hell of a lot less appealing.  When one of my friends gets banned for stupid reasons, I will come in on his side and support him.
       Well, now I have no friends for at least 90 days, and no posting access for 120 days, and you know what?  I don't care.  I've never really been comfortable here; there's always some distasteful sub-layer to this place I can never quite ignore.  The code is so-so, but less functional than it was before the upgrade.  There's no real common interest or purpose to the site.  There's no real content.  All there is are my friends, and a thread that satisfied my desire for a forum until I finally got a forum of my own a couple of weeks ago.  Or is there?  The only things binding me to this forum are gone, and I have no reason to ever come back, nor do I really want to.
       All my friends have left, been thrown out, even, over something that shouldn't be a big deal, but somehow is, and have relocated to a new forum.  My forum.  So I'm happy.  I've got all the parts of the forum I like, and none of the parts I don't.
       So why the spamfest?  Childish prank, sure.  Fairly stupid, admitadly.  Hypocritical, after a fashion.  Irony.  Karma.  Amusement.  Protest.  And maybe, just maybe, a bit of vindictiveness.  But not much.  Rich may be a poor admin, but he's not such a bad person.  I just don't like the way he runs a forum.  I didn't back when I first made The Sanctuary, and I don't now.  He's an okay fellow, but I wouldn't post on his forum without a reason, and guess what I just lost...
    82-1002268891Posted: 01-10-2002 21:27:06
    *nods*  That's an excellent post.  We were hyper, bored, and suddenly we were presented with more than a few reasons to slap this forum around something fierce.

    My intention was never to cause great anger and hostility among the locals; however, they were never truly much of a consideration to commence with.  Again, those searching for answers shall find very few.  Korivak's explanation of our antics is as close to whole as one is bound to come.

    RStefan01 himself has been a constant thorn in the side of my friend Psycho Sam! for quite some time, now.  He has also made his share of poor decisions which have affected me quite personally.  Knowing our forum careers were most definitely coming to a close, we unleashed a whirlwind of childish spam that was quite amusing to the three of us at the time.

    Therefore, I have no regrets.  Despite poor examples presented by Osiris that present us as vandals guilty of manslaughter, no one was harmed.  The forum will contine to exist so long as RStefan01 himself wishes for it to do so.  Life shall go on.

    And that's about it.

    MissCheetahPosted: 01-10-2002 21:34:45

    *hides in the RR until this is over*

    82-1002268891Posted: 01-10-2002 21:37:00
       Well, you know where we'll all be.  See you there.

    undertowPosted: 01-10-2002 21:40:22
    I'm with MC... this place is a mess..


    I shall return when things are less... ugly.
    MissCheetahPosted: 01-10-2002 21:57:43
    *moves into the hiding place with undetow and the rest*
    82-1002268891Posted: 01-10-2002 22:19:15
    Shawn:  I personally apologize to anyone--whom I respect or consider myself friends with (which is a select, few forumers to begin with)--who I have inconvenienced with the actions undertaken by myself and my friends, for what it is worth.

    Korivak:  If anyone was really hurt in this whole thing, then I apologize.  It was just a little thing we did for whatever reason, and there's no big motive behind it, no hidden reason for it.  We hardly even gave it any thought at all, in fact.  There, I said it.  It all means nothing.  But I'll still take responsibility for it.  But it's not like I reget it either.  Besides, it's just a bit of one actually got hurt, nothing got damaged.  I am sure Psycho Sam! feels the same [(homo)sexual intercourse] I do, even if he won't say anything about it because he's not posting anymore...
    OsirisPosted: 01-13-2002 20:12:21
    Anyone notice anything wrong with this letter from my electricity company?

    psychodrummerPosted: 01-13-2002 20:38:11
    LOL!!!!  How are you able to report an outage if the only way to do so is to use electricity?!?!?!?

    (phew, I needed that laugh after all that's happened to me today)

    edit: darn automatic smilies\n\n
    MistressBluePosted: 01-13-2002 20:44:25

    Ring them and point out there brainlessness.
    DebtAngelPosted: 01-13-2002 21:25:43
    Or better yet, start abusing the web site.

    "Hi, I'd like to report an outage, but normally I wouldn't be able to because the power would be out, so I'm reporting it ahead of time...oh, and your graphic artist sucks eggs. That is all."

    Edit: From the web site; of course, they leave the part that makes this all make sense out of the marketing material.

    Some customers use laptops, wireless personal digital assistants, or cell phones that have Internet access and do not require electricity. We also occasionally receive home outage reports from customers at their workplace.

    Of course, how in the hell they expect you to fill out this form from a cell phone escapes me...

    OsirisPosted: 01-13-2002 22:36:08
    I can just imagine some fat pimply nerd using his cell phone to painstakingly fill out the lengthy form.
    BrawnfirePosted: 01-13-2002 22:54:25

    *a single tear falls*
    MistressBluePosted: 01-15-2002 19:57:58
    Well last night I watched what I would have to say is the most mindless television show to come out of the USA to date.

    Do you guys know who Cindy Margolis is?
    I've just been reading the website. She is supposedly a superstar on the internet.

    Her tv show is a bunch of half naked woman dancing on an outdoor stage attempting to look intelligent.
    82-1002268893Posted: 01-15-2002 20:01:34
    shes the "most downloaded" woman on the internet.  I think she's a fucking dog.
    MissCheetahPosted: 01-15-2002 21:42:02

    Random note: being sick is no fun :(

    Big ZPosted: 01-15-2002 22:23:04
    I agree.  *goes to bed 3 hours early*

    Erg, I have finals tomorrow, I dont need to be sick.  ughh.  I especially dont need this headache while I'm taking tests tomorrow...
    XesonPosted: 01-15-2002 22:40:48
    Since I'm drinking, I'll drink one for you...........

    *passes out*
    OsirisPosted: 01-18-2002 09:13:03,,2-2002027475,00.html

    Neighbour returned Witnesses' cold call


    A MOTHER of three children became so fed up with Jehovah’s Witnesses calling at her home that she interrupted their Sunday service by banging on their church door and offering them free magazines.
    Jane White, 35, who has been visited by the religious group every month for more than 12 years, spent 30 minutes on the steps of the Kingdom Hall, in Peacehaven, East Sussex, until police moved her on. Afterwards she said:

    “I’ve never done anything like this before, but I had a visit from the Jehovah’s Witnesses the day before and that was the straw which broke the camel’s back.

    “I’ve been having regular visits from them in the 12 years I’ve lived in Peacehaven. It is not the religion I object to, it is just the intrusion into my privacy which I find annoying.”

    She added: “I timed my visit for 10am because I knew it would be in the middle of a service. One member of the congregation thought it was funny, others took it seriously.

    “I tried to hand out free magazines to see if they would like a copy, just like the copies of The Watchtower the Jehovah’s Witnesses hand out. Nobody seemed to want them though.”

    Paul Gillies, a spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses in Britain, said: “If someone states they do not want our representatives to call we make a note and avoid calling.”

    DebtAngelPosted: 01-18-2002 09:58:57
    Well, I guess that's better than attacking them with butcher knives or inviting them to the goat sacrifice at 6, like some people I know.
    rRaminrodtPosted: 01-18-2002 12:55:17
    Haha.  I got the funniest email today (well technically yesterday) its from one Junior J. Junior III... He emailed me about the random quote by him on my site.

    Tridus should be interested, since he added the quote.  He wrote:

    I was amused to see someone found me quoteworthy.  I feel like I've contributed to humanity or something.  Thanks.


    I wanted to pass this on, I found it quite funny.  :-)
    DebtAngelPosted: 01-18-2002 13:24:30
    I feel like I'm being ripped off: this man makes a quoteworthy contribution to humanity, and you don't provide the quote for us to read? Do you think we're going to visit your site and reload the page until we see it? Hit-whore. :)
    RStefan01Posted: 01-18-2002 13:47:41
    He has it so that it prints them all out, too.

    Give a man a fish, he owes you one fish. Teach a man to fish, you give up your monopoly on fisheries. - Junior J. Junior III
    Category: general interest
    Added by: Tridus
    Date added: 2001-06-15
    rRaminrodtPosted: 01-18-2002 14:11:18
    yeah...   what he said  :)

    All the cool options are listed on the quotes page (which is linked to both on the navigation page, and on the infobox titile)

    I should probably add a way to search for quote authors, since theres already category and user include.  So if you wanted to see all the quotes added by say one particular user you could ;)  Doing that with Tridus's name isn't too useful though since he added about 90% of them...
    RStefan01Posted: 01-18-2002 14:18:11
    Odd. I was just thinking of that.

    (Searching by quote author)
    OsirisPosted: 01-18-2002 14:23:24
    Who in the world is junior j. junior third junior extraordinaire SAUSAGE ELBOW GAP lord marion junior of the sea monkeys??
    RStefan01Posted: 01-18-2002 14:25:53
    Your true father.
    kwerkeyPosted: 01-19-2002 20:34:52
    The hypercrucifix

    For the ones not mathmatically inclined, that thing Hey-Zeus is nailed to is an unfolded hypercube.  Just as a cube is like a 3D square, a hypercube is like a 4D cube.  You make a cube from a square by attaching four line segments perpendicular to the plane the square is in and adding another square on top; you make a hypercube by adding six segments perpendicular to 3D space and attaching cubes to the ends.  Actually, I think it may be eight segments (one at each vertex), but I was told six.
    BevyPosted: 01-19-2002 23:18:15
    I do not see how it is 4d.

    I see how this could make a 2 block x 2 block x2 block cube, but how is it 4d?
    BevyPosted: 01-19-2002 23:25:19
    To make a 4d cube consisting of eight blocks, couldn't you just take one block, hold it out in front of you, and then move it to each of the other seven appropriate positions?
    kwerkeyPosted: 01-19-2002 23:28:00
    It's 3D because it's been unfolded.  Example, you can unfold a cube into six squares arranged like this (in it's 612 byte glory):

    That 3D shape in the painting is what you get when you unfold a hypercube into eight cubes.
    BevyPosted: 01-19-2002 23:36:32
    Yes, I know, what you mean, but when this 3d ultracube or whatever would be folded up again, how does that make it a 4d cube? Or do you mean that it's, like, kind of a hypocthetical cube only based on the unfolded 3d position?

    Also, am I right in my last post, about how one could potentially create a 4d cube?
    kwerkeyPosted: 01-19-2002 23:38:34
    No, smartass, when yuo're talking about 4D geometry, they're all spacial dimensions, not a time dimention =p

    Here's a java 3D representation of a tesseract.  A tesseract is another 4D shape, something like a hypercube (in fact, it may be the same as a hypercube, I'm not sure).

    Here's a better one.  Hit the "stereo" button twice so you see two spinning shapes, then do what you would do for those stereoscopic pictures (the black and white dots that, when you cross your eyes, makes a 3D picture) to see the thing rotating in 3 dimensions.  It's still (near?) impossible to visualize the whole 4D shape in your mind, but it's a little better.

    EDIT:  Fucking IkonCode screws up all my HTML
    BevyPosted: 01-19-2002 23:45:23

    How could 4d geometry not be based around the fourth dimension? Am I wrong in thinking that the popular theory is that the 4th dimension is time, or are we simply talking different theories?
    kwerkeyPosted: 01-19-2002 23:51:13
    Nature doesn't give numbers to things.  You can call the 4th spacial dimension the 5th dimension if you'd like, it makes no difference as to what it is.

    Time is another dimension, but it's irrelevent in geometry (at least any of the geometry I've seen).
    BevyPosted: 01-19-2002 23:57:22
    Humans do give numbers to things however.

    I see where we got confused, I believe. You called it a 4d cube, as in consisting of 4 dimensions. I thought you meant it was a cube corresponding or existing in the fourth dimension.

    Excellent. I was blind but now I see.

    Now... let's say we were talking specifically about the 4th dimension, would my 2 x 2 x 2 cube theory be appropriate?
    kwerkeyPosted: 01-20-2002 00:08:31
    Err, I'm not quite sure what you meant.  Elaborate on that.
    BevyPosted: 01-20-2002 00:11:46
    On my idea?
    kwerkeyPosted: 01-20-2002 00:18:16
    Wait, that's what you meant.

    No, that isn't a 4D shape, it's just a cube that is 8 times as massive as any of the smaller cubes.
    BevyPosted: 01-20-2002 00:31:45

    It isnt anything but one cube being moved around unless it is referred to in terms of time dimensia.
    OsirisPosted: 01-20-2002 00:48:59
    Note: Click the stereo button twice to get the two images-- then look at them crosseyed until the two images overlap and come into focus.  Then it has depth.  Pretty neat.

    And a terresact could be five dimensions if you believed there was a concept of time in this five-dimensional existence, so that might help you wrap your brain around it.

    kwerkeyPosted: 01-20-2002 00:52:50
    I already said that crosseyed thing =p

    In and of itself, though, a tesseract (or hypersphere, or whatever) doesn't have time any more than a square or sphere has time.
    OsirisPosted: 01-20-2002 00:55:47
    : I already said that crosseyed thing =p

    OMFG I am such a stinky jerk!  So you did!

    : In and of itself, though, a tesseract (or hypersphere, or whatever) doesn't have time any more than a square or sphere has time.

    Yeah I know, I just thought that would help bevy understand where the missing "time dimension" went.  4D objects, like 3D objects, would presumably exist in a universe that possesses the properties of cause and effect (time)

    In a purely mathematical sense, it's all the same, afaik
    kwerkeyPosted: 01-20-2002 01:47:53
    And on the eigth day, God looked down upon his creation and said, "suck it, bitch."

    And the heavens sang.

    kwerkeyPosted: 01-20-2002 02:49:43
    this is so fucking fun.

    the game of life
    kwerkeyPosted: 01-24-2002 23:56:22
    (hat trick)

    *wears his tuxedo he rented for Saturday night*

    Jennings.  Steve Jennings.

    This feels überspiffy.
    kwerkeyPosted: 01-30-2002 01:37:17
    "Apparently, there are these microscopic worms that are hermaphrodites by nature, and during the courtship process they are able to assume the female or male role. The most desireable role is that of the male, because it allows the worm to continue to distribute its genetic material while the "female" has to waste time in gestation before it can have another go, so to say. So before they have sex, they fight, and the winner gets to be male. So these worms have developed some rather aggressive sexual adaptations, including acidic sperm that eats away at the partner during one of these duels, comically called penis fencing."

    Am I the only one who cares about this thread anymore?
    DebtAngelPosted: 01-30-2002 08:18:31
    XesonPosted: 01-30-2002 08:42:16
    That sounds like my roomates sex lifes, except the part about the procreation.....
    PackheadPosted: 01-30-2002 09:03:51
    Oh my God... kwerkey has sinned.. he replied to himself three times in a row!

    Holy shit, we're doomed!
    BevyPosted: 01-30-2002 09:09:18
    Hmm.. yes.. four posts in a row.

    Trying to keep this thread alive on your own, are you?
    rRaminrodtPosted: 01-30-2002 09:19:31
    I tend to use this thread to post in since I don't think I'm very good at judging what is off topic or not.  :)

    I also like to use it to try and get people to visit my webiste at  Now is an especially good time to go there and make suggestions on what should be added to make it better.  This is because I'm actively working on the next version which is build on a much saner rewrite of the basic stuff. :)

    See, this thread has a perfect use.  :)
    BevyPosted: 01-30-2002 09:27:47
    Advertising your websites in this forum is directly prohibited.
    DebtAngelPosted: 01-30-2002 09:56:48
    Except the Drifting Vault is an affiliate, so not allowing it to be mentioned in the Forum would be grossly hypocritical.
    smacintyrePosted: 01-31-2002 00:19:44
    *reads kwerkey's last post*
    I wonder if they held a press conference about those worms. Perhaps they will cross worm and human DNA so humans can fight over whose the bitch!
    OsirisPosted: 02-08-2002 08:43:22

    Turn your volume up so you can hear the music (it's very subtle)

    rRaminrodtPosted: 02-08-2002 15:46:57
    Gah....   that managed to wake me up.  :)
    DebtAngelPosted: 02-08-2002 16:32:46
    And I happen to like Hikaru Utada, too.

    (The song was First Love, off the CD with the same name).
    PackheadPosted: 02-08-2002 16:45:06
    Quote from Osiris, posted on Feb. 08 2002, 08:43

    Turn your volume up so you can hear the music (it's very subtle)

    lol That reminds me of that one painting of the two kids I posted here once (I think I posted it here..)

    Good job Osiris.  Skilled are you.
    MistressBluePosted: 02-10-2002 22:52:10
    It seems Durin believes I need a new sig. This morning on arrival to the world that is icq I received a file via Tossy with the request that I use it as my sig.
    After much thought and advice from others I have decided to use it for a little while.

    See below for this new peice of art from Durin.

    Forgot to mention Thankyou to Tom for resizing it for me. The origional I found a bit too tall. :)\n\n
    kwerkeyPosted: 02-10-2002 23:10:34
    He didn't draw that himself, did he?
    El cazadorPosted: 02-10-2002 23:47:13
    I would add a "Demon" photoshop transfiguration to my sig's roster of Warcraft III characters, but the only one I've seen so far is the big glowing green dude, and his face is impossible to make out.

    Also the undead guy needs more grossy detail, like rotting scabs, dried up skin marks, missing teeth or some such but I was too lazy to keep at it.  He was the last one to get done.
    XelPosted: 02-11-2002 00:25:45
    This is actually thread #37 now.

    kwerkeyPosted: 02-11-2002 00:29:23
    You're a quick one, you are.  Nothing gets past you.
    MissCheetahPosted: 02-11-2002 21:12:02
    I officially like me new sig alot.  Thank you to those who assisted in finding the image and editing it.  *grins*
    kwerkeyPosted: 02-11-2002 21:16:20
    Where are y'all getting those sigs from?
    MissCheetahPosted: 02-11-2002 21:30:27
    Bevy gets credit for finding that image for me and undertow edited it and added the text. :)
    DebtAngelPosted: 02-11-2002 22:32:03
    When in doubt, start with a naked chick.... :)
    RaiderPosted: 02-11-2002 22:38:57
    I need a new sig, but I suck at graphics.
    kwerkeyPosted: 02-11-2002 23:16:21
    So do I.
    Open PSP7.  Write text.  Play with filters.
    RaiderPosted: 02-11-2002 23:20:15
    It would help if I actually had PSP7!
    El cazadorPosted: 02-12-2002 00:38:01

    Y'know Cheetah, that sig beats ANY leathered pants version I could ever come up with.   :)
    kwerkeyPosted: 02-12-2002 00:47:42
    BevyPosted: 02-12-2002 01:17:14
    Yay! This thread has truly elite replies.

    Of course, with this reply, I destroy all of that.
    cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 02-12-2002 01:21:39
    Nice new sig there, Tiff. Have fun with it.
    MistressBluePosted: 02-12-2002 03:03:57
    She is going to be so unhappy with you using that in your sig.
    If I was you I'd be scared. She has friends in the secret service.
    BevyPosted: 02-12-2002 03:05:42
    Oh brother.
    cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 02-12-2002 03:08:38
    Uh oh! I'm sorry, I might as well fork myself over to the police now. After all I didn't bother to ask her if I could use the img, and I didn't wait for her approval today whether the img was good or not. So I suppose I'm just a loser ;P
    VéKTöRPosted: 02-12-2002 09:19:47

    I should really have Pyro ink and colour this, and remove the lines.
    (it was a sketch he did during History class, on ruled paper, hence the lines)
    MissCheetahPosted: 02-12-2002 09:56:41
    YES!!! Color the sexy gecko!  hehe quite fun :)
    Durin did ask before using my image.  I told him it was ok as long as he did not alter it to be rude or insulting to me.  I had posted it for anyone to see anyway so its not like my tummy is a secret.  If he wants to have some girls in his sig I don't see any harm in it.
    VéKTöRPosted: 02-12-2002 23:39:05
    as requested.
    MistressBluePosted: 02-13-2002 00:16:17
    hehe he's cute

    OsirisPosted: 02-13-2002 16:10:35
    I noticed this while sending an icq message:

    What a loser!  He should stick to the truck drivin' and leave the ladies alone!


    Lord TreyPosted: 02-13-2002 16:44:02
    that iMac pic was funny the first time I saw it.  Nice looking girl (for a drawn one anyways) followed by kwerkey's sig

    MistressBluePosted: 02-13-2002 22:12:46
    While shopping for text books for school yesterday I came across a book I had to laugh out loud in the store about. Got lots of looks I did but hey you all would of laughed too.

    Its was  "How To Teach Yourself ICQ in 24 Hours"

    It was $16-95
    El cazadorPosted: 02-13-2002 23:06:42
    I'm actually used to laughing out loud everywhere, in public.  I'm loud that way.  It happens sometimes that I'm thinking stuff up, and end up thinking something funny, and I either smile or laugh, for no apparent reason to others.  I get looks too.  My GF loves it though.

    I even got told by a stranger once:  "El que solo se ríe de su picardía se acuerda".  It's an old saying that loosely translates into:  "He who laughs alone, his mischief is remembering".  Or something like that.  :)

    The books I hate the most are the dummy ones.  Who'd buy books that are actually insulting readers with their title?
    kwerkeyPosted: 02-15-2002 23:25:05
    On a completely unrelated note,

    MistressBluePosted: 02-16-2002 18:19:48
    Does anyone have the font Papyrus on their comp?
    No matter where I go they either dont have it or they want me to pay for it. I'm not paying for it.

    Dont worry about that I have it now. :)\n\n
    82-1002268893Posted: 02-16-2002 19:02:52
    MistressBluePosted: 02-16-2002 19:30:11
    I went there. They dont have it.
    But its ok I got it anyway.
    MissCheetahPosted: 02-16-2002 23:17:00
    Rather than spam the Forum Access thread I will put this here. After reading the banned posters list I think the forum has an unofficial theme song "Ban Canada". Set to the tune of "Blaime Canada" from SouthPark.  *giggles*  or not. It just made me think of it.  I think I have been staring at code to long and dealing with mother too much.. eep.
    82-1002268893Posted: 02-17-2002 00:31:54
    thats wierd. I got the font from that site.  oh well at least you have it.
    smacintyrePosted: 02-17-2002 00:36:37
    Me and Ravage! are now representing Canada! YAY!
    RStefan01Posted: 02-17-2002 00:39:23
    Nah, there's still Tridus and a bunch of others.
    smacintyrePosted: 02-17-2002 00:51:51
    Ya, I just found that out.
    Well, then, me and ravage represent Alberta and what a change of plans we have. It will no longer be the Evil-Albertans, but the Lovable-I'd-Like-To-Hug-Albertans. *grin*
    82-1002268893Posted: 02-17-2002 00:56:00
    yes indeed!

    in other news

    if you have the x-men dvd (this applies to anyone with the x-men dvd)

    go to the theatrical trailers/tv spots thing. then push the "left" button on your remote. it should highlight a rose. press the "enter" button on your remote to see a funny gag clip involving spider man.

    in the commentaries section, highlight the main menu button and press up twice. this will highlight the dogtags that are part of the background. hit enter, see what beast and the blob were supposed to look like.

    yay.  the spider man clip is actually somewhat funny.
    kwerkeyPosted: 02-17-2002 00:56:59
    Not with Ravage on your side, you won't.  More like the "People We Don't Feel Like Maiming At Times Anymore Who Happen To Live In Alberta"
    smacintyrePosted: 02-17-2002 01:00:41
    Doesn't the name "Ravage!" just inspire the thought of a cuddly, soft teddybear?
    82-1002268893Posted: 02-17-2002 01:03:49
    I could always go back to MutalisK_3.. but thats not cuddley either.

    Nor is my original online name of "Bloodrusher"
    kwerkeyPosted: 02-17-2002 01:49:29
    Is it just me, or does it feel extremely weird to refer to somebody by their handle when speaking verbally?
    82-1002268893Posted: 02-17-2002 01:52:54
    i do that all the time. except with scott. his net name is too odd and long to be spoken aloud casually.

    actually the only person i call by their handle is bevy. its like his real-life nickname now.
    BrawnfirePosted: 02-17-2002 02:04:34
    I've been referred to as "Brawny."

    Once by a girlfriend, no less.

    In a moment of rather loving conversation.

    Needless to say, that put me off, slightly.

    "I love you, don't be sad Brawny."

    It doesn't work...
    El cazadorPosted: 02-18-2002 19:12:59
    But "brawny" sounds cuuuuuuute!

    Almost like a dog name.  "Here Brawny... here brawny, FETCH!"


    My girlfriend has called me "el cazador" on very few ocasions, usually in a slightly mocking tone or when it's something related to the internet.  It'd never stick as a nickname, since my real name (Alex) is already a nickname.
    BrawnfirePosted: 02-18-2002 20:57:51
    I'll kill you.
    The-AtarisPosted: 02-18-2002 21:26:57

    El Cazador looks funny

    psychodrummerPosted: 02-18-2002 21:42:22
    "If she smoked it, I will kill you"
    Anybody know which webcomic that comes from?

    edit: had to fix the quote\n\n
    BrawnfirePosted: 02-19-2002 14:58:52
    MistressBluePosted: 02-19-2002 18:54:19
    Something I just got in my mail.

    Subject:  Interesting moment in time

    Believe it or not but 8.02pm on February 20 this year will be an historic moment in time.
    It will not be marked by the chiming of any clocks or the ringing of bells, but at that precise time, on that specific date, something will happen which has not occurred for 1,001 years and will never happen again.

    As the clock ticks over from 8.01pm on Wednesday, February 20,time will, for sixty seconds only, read in perfect symmetry 2002, 2002,2002, or to be more precise - 20:02, 20/02, 2002.

    This historic event will never have the same poignancy as the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month which marks Armistice Day, but it is an event which has only ever happened once before, and is something which will never be repeated.
    The last occasion that time read in such a symmetrical pattern was long before the days of the digital watch and the 24-hour clock - at 10.01am on January 10, 1001.
    And because the clock only goes up to 23.59, it is something that will never happen again.

    A passing'd have to read it the way we say the day and month because americans always put the month first, in which case it would be 02/20 so that doesnt work.
    RStefan01Posted: 02-19-2002 19:06:14
    Hmm, yeah. I saw that on a few days ago.

    It's interesting.
    Mais83Posted: 02-19-2002 19:11:53
    Jesus loves u
    MistressBluePosted: 02-19-2002 20:59:37
    By any chance does anyone have Homesite 5??
    DebtAngelPosted: 02-20-2002 08:12:19
    Homesite? Do they still make that?

    (Seriously; when Macromedia baught Allaire, it would seem like an obxious program to axe, seeing as its so close to DreamWeaver UltraDev).
    MistressBluePosted: 02-20-2002 19:50:50
    I need it for class.
    Well not for class I just want it on my home comp as well.
    Ravage!Posted: 02-23-2002 02:22:30
    testing to see my post count
    BrawnfirePosted: 02-23-2002 04:38:10
    Post count++ , eh Ravage?
    MissCheetahPosted: 02-23-2002 11:31:59
    All you had to do to check it was click on "Your Control Panel" at the top of the forum.
    Ravage!Posted: 02-23-2002 17:12:55
    my account broke before. richard had to remake it. my account was listed but when i tried to log in it said it didn't exist. i was seeing if richard got my count back in there to, because it could have been a seperate listing.  but its all good.

    anyways this thread is bullshit so I can do what I want in it.

    *spam *spam spam*
    MistressBluePosted: 02-24-2002 00:05:04
    My 2 year old thought my keyboard needed a drink. First of sticky cordial,then the next day,of coke.
    My keyboard found it not to its liking and refused to work completely a day later.

    My keyboard was a $45 keyboard expensive for me as I dont spend money on keyboards, i'd rather have a faster system.

    Anyway I now have a new cheap keyboard. The only good thing about it when compared to the broken one is that all its keys work.
    Other than that I hate it. It has a big enter key and a small backspace and its just plain evil. Sadly I can not afford a better one right now so it will have to do :-(
    BrawnfirePosted: 02-24-2002 00:21:19
    I HATE big enter keys.

    I hate those.
    DebtAngelPosted: 02-24-2002 01:31:46
    That so makes me wish I had liberated all those old IBM keyboards from my high school. I'd mail you one; them old keyboards were great.

    And yes, I do know you're half a world away, but making sure you have a good keyboard would have been worth it. :)
    RStefan01Posted: 02-24-2002 02:35:59
    i was seeing if richard got my count back in there to, because it could have been a seperate listing.

    I copied all of the information except for your password (because the new ikonboard is retarded and won't let admins see passwords, yet they can change them to whatever they want) right from the old account.
    MistressBluePosted: 02-24-2002 03:24:39
    Quote (DebtAngel @ Feb. 24 2002, 18:31)
    That so makes me wish I had liberated all those old IBM keyboards from my high school. I'd mail you one; them old keyboards were great.

    And yes, I do know you're half a world away, but making sure you have a good keyboard would have been worth it. :)

    Seeing as "its the thought that counts"...

    Thankyou :-)

    I shall live I suppose. Its hard but I'll make it hehe

    Give me a few months and I'll go get a decent one again.
    IntruderPosted: 02-24-2002 03:30:12
    I'm the guy who had to use scotch tape to make his keyboard work.  And who used that method for over a year, rather than get off his ass and buy a new keyboard :)
    RazaelPosted: 02-24-2002 14:47:59

    Spilled keyboard to Dishwasher top rack.

    After that, just let it dry for a couple days, preferably in the sun, but you can dry it in a lit place in the home (it takes a good while longer that way)

    It should be fine, so long as it's dry.
    TermPosted: 02-24-2002 15:35:21
    On a totally irrelevant note,
    Mistressblue's signature is the main thing that keeps me coming back to these forums.
    psychodrummerPosted: 02-24-2002 19:38:58
    What about Miss Cheetah's?
    TermPosted: 02-24-2002 22:26:49
    If she was posing like Mistressblue's, it'd be a full yes.
    MissCheetahPosted: 02-24-2002 22:37:56
    Mine's not all that bad though :)  Kind of cute even.
    smacintyrePosted: 02-25-2002 02:09:24
    Someone should start a poll on who's sig is the sexiest. But who can we find? Hmmmm.... maybe... YOU!!\n\n

    DebtAngelPosted: 02-25-2002 15:31:21
    I've had to disable .sigs because of MistressBlue's, MissCheetah's, and Durin's .sig. Some of us read the forum at work, you know. :p
    smacintyrePosted: 02-25-2002 17:16:12
    Ya I know what you mean. The guy behind me thinks I'm looking at some hentai pr0n page.
    BrawnfirePosted: 02-25-2002 17:26:40
    You mean this isn't?
    VéKTöRPosted: 02-25-2002 17:49:32
    without question, I think I have the sexiest sig of all!




    *looks back a few posts*

    MissCheetahPosted: 02-25-2002 18:05:55
    I think the gecko is quite cute!  :)   *cuddles the gecko*
    BrawnfirePosted: 02-25-2002 18:11:15
    *out of nowhere, the Hanson brothers come out and sing MmBop, then hand out chocolate to all the ladies*
    EskarelPosted: 02-26-2002 23:05:40
    I have to say that that has got to be the most moronic song ever created, I mean why on earth would anyone want to hear a bunch of effeminite looking pre-pubescent boys singing the same damned phrase over and over again.
    RStefan01Posted: 02-26-2002 23:09:36

    tehy r teh homo
    DebtAngelPosted: 02-27-2002 09:40:34
    Bah, if you grew up watching the Smurfs, you'd know the attraction to monosyllabic bands.

    La la la la la la, la la la la la. La la la la la la, la la la la la.

    Or may be Snow White.

    Hi ho hi ho hi ho hi ho.
    MissCheetahPosted: 02-27-2002 10:21:19
    NOOOOO! Now I have the smurfs theme stuck in my head.  :Þ
    DebtAngelPosted: 02-27-2002 10:36:45
    mu ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha. :)
    kwerkeyPosted: 02-27-2002 10:40:48
    *slap slap slap slap slap slap, slap slap slap slap slap*
    MistressBluePosted: 02-27-2002 22:58:26
    We'll all be wanting this game as soon as its out I'm sure. An article from today's news.

    Britney now a cyber pop princess

    Britney Spears has undergone hours of having her body scanned as she became a video game star.

    The 20-year-old singer is to star in computer game Britney's Dance Beat, which features a three-dimensional version of her on screen.

    Spears, whose film debut Crossroads has just been released in US, has been paid a "seven-figure" fee for allowing her likeness to be used in the game, the New York Daily News reported yesterday.

    Liz Pieri, of the game's manufacturer THQ Incorporated, told the newspaper: "It looks like Britney, it moves like Britney, it's the next best thing to Britney.

    "It's simply wild."

    The singer had her body scanned in detail to make sure her electronic version acts and moves realistically - complete with leather catsuit, flowing locks and ample cleavage.

    Ms Pieri said the singer was pleased with the result.

    "Britney's very protective of her image, but was quite pleased with our rendering," she said.

    "Audition to Britney's most popular songs to see if you can keep up with the other dancers," the company says on its website.

    "If you're really good, you'll get access to exclusive video and concert footage."

    Company bosses at THQ hope it will compete with video-game pin-up Lara Croft's Tomb Raider series.

    EskarelPosted: 02-27-2002 23:07:16
    How long before someone makes a naked hack and the only copies left are used for masturbatory purposes.
    kwerkeyPosted: 02-27-2002 23:25:30
    I'll give it three hours.  If it doesn't come by then, my opinion of the hax0rzing community will be lessened exponentially.
    IntruderPosted: 02-28-2002 01:45:14
    Thank you to Durin for my nifty new logo :)
    VéKTöRPosted: 02-28-2002 09:16:13
    All that picture needs now is a big sock over it's head and a fish being swing madly about.
    IntruderPosted: 02-28-2002 09:23:05
    Patience, my pretty!

    I need to bug Kainoss ;)
    Lord TreyPosted: 02-28-2002 13:36:27
    How long before someone makes a naked hack and the only copies left are used for masturbatory purposes.

    That reminds me of Drakan.  I was looking for the most recent patch and found a naked 'hack' for it.  Sad part was is that the hack was at the official drakan website.
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-04-2002 22:38:22
    I both reformatted my computer and upgraded to the newest version of ICQ (finally), so anyone who would enjoy having a little Sexay on their list can message me at 124189696...
    El cazadorPosted: 03-05-2002 00:10:11
    hEY, i'M CURRENTLY PLAYING dRAKAN, ...WI... sorry.... with the nude hack.  It's very well done.  She's wearing armor now though.
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-06-2002 23:39:19
    Hrm.  I just now noticed that there's a rather large hole in my flannel pajama pants at a very awkward location.  Eek.
    smacintyrePosted: 03-06-2002 23:41:57
    It happens to the best of us. Lucky you caught it before someone else did. I wasn't so lucky and now I'm emotionally scarred for life.
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-06-2002 23:44:11
    I think that after taking a glance at me, they'd be emotionally scarred for life!

    smacintyrePosted: 03-06-2002 23:51:19
    [surfer dude accent] dude, you just burned yourself [/surfer dude accent]
    XelPosted: 03-06-2002 23:53:13

    Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-06-2002 23:53:51
    Dude, your image is borked.
    XelPosted: 03-06-2002 23:57:36
    Dude, stupid ass hypermart makes me capitalize the JPG in the file name.
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-07-2002 00:00:22
    Dude, that picture was, like, totally not worth the wait.
    XelPosted: 03-07-2002 00:01:28
    I know.

    But can YOU make a face like that?
    kwerkeyPosted: 03-07-2002 00:01:38
    It's not their fault that you're too stupid to save your files with a lowercase extension.

    XelPosted: 03-07-2002 00:04:09
    It's not my fault that it can't tell the difference between .JPG and .jpg

    Damnit! I need a mac!

    *burns in hell*
    kwerkeyPosted: 03-07-2002 00:07:38
    No, you're saving files with all uppercase extensions.  Save them as .jpg instead of .JPG and it'll stop.
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-07-2002 00:08:30
    And on another note:

    *goes to bed*
    XelPosted: 03-07-2002 00:09:12

    Oh, I see, it was pbrush doing it.

    *curses pbrush*
    undertowPosted: 03-07-2002 00:14:22
    Am I the only person who wishes that the "Dell guy" would be devoured by rabid wolverines?
    smacintyrePosted: 03-07-2002 00:18:07
    by Thor's hammer I do!!

    kwerkeyPosted: 03-07-2002 00:23:51
    I'd rather lock him up in a room with Friendly:)
    MissCheetahPosted: 03-07-2002 00:28:55
    I think Friendly:) is still busy with Durin. I tied Durin up and handed him over the other day.  Although I'm sure Friendly:) can handle them both.  Evil.
    smacintyrePosted: 03-07-2002 00:42:11
    *lost look* Friendly:)?
    undertowPosted: 03-07-2002 00:49:13
    Friendly:) is CWAL's resident Demon of Sodomy.

    It's best not to look further into the subject.

    (pic by Paradox)
    DebtAngelPosted: 03-07-2002 09:32:52
    In other news, being able to see your guild emblem flying above enemy keeps in DAoC is very, very cool.

    And when I log back in tonight, I fully expect that the Hibbies will have taken the keep back over, and since I logged out in the middle of said keep, I shouldn't last very long. :)
    MissCheetahPosted: 03-07-2002 17:02:06
    Random note:  Is the forum more active lately or is it my imagination?
    MistressBluePosted: 03-07-2002 17:07:22
    It has its moments. It usually depends on school break times and work schedules.
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-07-2002 23:10:27
    Random note:  Is the forum more active lately or is it my imagination?

    Well, stuff has been actually happening, as of late.  *grins*
    kwerkeyPosted: 03-08-2002 01:40:08
    Does anybody know what ever happened to James (Crazieman)?
    MistressBluePosted: 03-08-2002 02:27:35
    Died of a broken heart?
    Chambli was the love of his life.
    OsirisPosted: 03-08-2002 07:19:13

    He's gone off to another forum, most likely, creating threads about news stories and explaining why he never wants to have children.

    Lord TreyPosted: 03-08-2002 15:00:44
    I missed the Chambli incident.
    It happened in one of my off spells of visiting the forum.
    ZPosted: 03-08-2002 15:47:15
    *posts in the random thread because he's bored*
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-08-2002 15:57:12
    DebtAngelPosted: 03-08-2002 16:12:48
    You called?
    OsirisPosted: 03-08-2002 16:41:56
    I just want a decent pair of pants
    Ravage!Posted: 03-08-2002 17:02:20
    ah the chambli incident,nearly half a year of Tossy's finest work. To bad he didn't get to deliver the big climax.
    kwerkeyPosted: 03-08-2002 22:32:52
    What was he going to do?
    Ravage!Posted: 03-08-2002 22:39:52
    the way I remember it is that since we dind't like richard or crazyman back then, he was going to essentially say "I'm a MAN BABY" On april fools and cause what would have been the biggest exploding head of rage that richard has every seen and crazy man would have gone away in shame.

    But the climax was lessened and the pleasure point, untouched.
    PackheadPosted: 03-08-2002 22:56:13
    Whatever happened to Crazieman, anyways..?
    MistressBluePosted: 03-09-2002 23:47:05
    Why are manhole covers round?

    This was a question on a job application.
    Found this site.

    EskarelPosted: 03-10-2002 13:29:59
    Crazieman was a jackass, but he was fun to argue with, he held every single position opposite to mine and was a winy cockwhore, so we used to get in massive arguments which spanned multiple threads, just like Durin and Rihard.
    MistressBluePosted: 03-12-2002 20:10:23
    Who knows JavaScript here. I am learing it at school and I'm sure I'll need someone to bug when things dont go right.
    Ravage!Posted: 03-12-2002 20:51:58
    I think basin knows some java.. hes banned though but maybe you could catch him on icq.
    BandWidthPosted: 03-12-2002 21:22:47
    Java != JavaScript

    They're completely different things.

    But we both know some JavaScript.
    Ravage!Posted: 03-12-2002 21:33:26
    ya right... .....bitch.

    HEy i have a gold star, awsome.


    Dan the Tuba ManPosted: 03-13-2002 03:47:19
    I know JavaScript.

    Java != Javascript is a very true statement. JavaScript was simply named for a marketing ploy. I've worked with both languages and JavaScript seems more BASIC like to me.
    MistressBluePosted: 03-13-2002 04:53:25
    Ok thanks. Now I know who to bug when I get out of my depth.
    Dan the Tuba ManPosted: 03-13-2002 05:52:31
    Have you ever really programmed before? If so, then JavaScript is incredibly easy to pick up. Once you learn the basic concepts of programming, everything else is just learning syntax and structure. There are a lot of things that I like about JScript, a lot of the things it has makes programming for it easy. Yet, it is limited to web pages only and not as powerful as Java or C. Not even close. If you have ever programmed in either of those languages, then JScript shall not trouble you at all.
    MistressBluePosted: 03-13-2002 06:41:31
    Does making a couple of batch files and macro's a few years ago count? LOL
    No I havent done any. Only html. The certificate is "Cert IV Web Development". The aim is php and by the end of the year I am supposed to be able to build you a massive secure shopping site. Remembering, I am doing this part time and only attend college one 8 hour day a week. A lot of the study we are expected to do at home.
    OsirisPosted: 03-13-2002 08:46:38
    Javascript is only easy up until the point when you actually try to do anything (with the DOM).  

    "Teddy: Don't believe his lies"

    Javascript is only good for a couple things as far as web scripting is concerned, form field validation, cookie manipulation, and cross-site 'javascript includes'
    OsirisPosted: 03-13-2002 22:18:21

    And make sure to listen to the ninja mp3

    DebtAngelPosted: 03-15-2002 10:53:24
    I feel so much dumber for having seen that.
    smacintyrePosted: 03-18-2002 01:28:36
    that site was sweet
    i laughed so hard i crapped my pants *this may be true or untrue*
    MistressBluePosted: 03-18-2002 02:02:52
    I am hot.
    You all needed to know that.
    It is 7pm and it is still about 100F (speaks american)
    MistressBluePosted: 03-18-2002 02:54:25
    Formatting tonight. I've given XP a decent go but it annoys me too often.

    Tonight was the last straw. I got sent a copy of Serious Sam The Second Encounter in the mail from the US and it seems XP and my Voodoo 5 and Serious Sam dont go well together. So I love my V5, so its XP that is going.

    Back to 2K.

    So hey if people are being naughty and noone gets banned its because something went wrong or I fell asleep before I got it finished.
    Lord TreyPosted: 03-18-2002 08:55:37
    V5 = Evil
    I had sooo many visual distortions on cstrike when I used mine
    *pets his Radeon*
    nice card...good card...yummy card
    DebtAngelPosted: 03-18-2002 10:47:47
    We already knew you were hot, MistressBlue. :)~

    And the Voodoo 5 isn't *that* bad a card, its just the third party drivers that are a pain. It took me a couple of tries to find one that would play nice with DAoC.
    Lord TreyPosted: 03-18-2002 11:20:27
    DebtAngel is right of course...the iMac Voodoo 5 is a fine piece of hardware that outperformed the competition that came out at the same time it did, the 3rd party support is just crappy/nonexistant.
    MistressBluePosted: 03-18-2002 14:53:16
    My new game and my V5 are running excellently with 2K.

    Now who wants to be banned. I live for my morning shower. It is one of my more enjoyable parts of the day and the hot water system just blew up and half way through my favorite morning activity the FUCKING WATER WENT COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now I suppose I should be grateful it did it now (beginning of the cold season) when its still pretty warm and a cold shower didnt entirely kill me.

    *Looks forward to Durins later today*
    Lord TreyPosted: 03-18-2002 19:45:22
    I am hot.
    the FUCKING WATER WENT COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I guess you don't have to worry about being hot anymore :p
    MistressBluePosted: 03-18-2002 19:54:30
    Nope your right a cold shower right now would be really good.
    Dan the Tuba ManPosted: 03-18-2002 21:39:44
    favorite morning activity

    I just find this line humorous. ;)
    MistressBluePosted: 03-18-2002 21:59:41
    Well the plumber has arrived to declare my hot water system dead and with the news that it cant be replaced until tomorrow some time.
    So its cold showers for now.
    OsirisPosted: 03-20-2002 16:43:04

    Hahaha! Is this not the funniest??
    MistressBluePosted: 03-20-2002 22:48:39
    I have a new addiction.
    Serious Sam II

    Anyone got it?
    Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-20-2002 23:09:21

    "He doesn't hurt to live...  He makes you hurt to live!"
    XelPosted: 03-20-2002 23:14:17
    :0  :0  :0  :0  :0
    OsirisPosted: 03-20-2002 23:49:47
    I love serious sam!  Me, Nicki, and whoever could join us, got together shortly after ss2 was released.
    MistressBluePosted: 03-21-2002 00:50:34
    I have an assignment to get done over the next few days but I'll have to talk you into playing with me early next week.
    I've just played for 5 hours and my hand is hurting.
    IntruderPosted: 03-21-2002 01:22:30
    They made a Serious Sam 2?

    You can tell I'm behind because I just bought Worms:Armageddon\n\n

    MistressBluePosted: 03-22-2002 22:33:07
    Its saturday afternoon. I have a 10 page assignment due in on tuesday. I have no interest whatsoever in doing it.
    Its on web site design. Boring.
    RazaelPosted: 03-22-2002 22:36:00
    A ten page paper on web site design?

    That's dirty. In the doubleplusungood way.
    El cazadorPosted: 03-23-2002 07:10:48
    It's not the subject, the time or the amount of pages that gets you in trouble, it's the lack of interest.   "Sometimes i go "Why do i have to sacrifice a beautiful weekend doing this piece of crap?"

    Then I end up slaving off late weekday nights wondering why I didn't do it over the weekend.

    It's a vicious circle.
    MistressBluePosted: 03-23-2002 07:36:40
    Its the subject. I find it incredibly boring.
    We spent 4 hours every tuesday morning talking about web site design and client requirements.  Web site design is boring. As to client requirements your average client doesnt have a clue what they want so why learn about it! I will be soooo happy when this module is done with. I still have no desire to start this paper. I will do as El caz says and do it monday night and get cranky because I didnt do it earlier.
    XesonPosted: 03-23-2002 11:03:38
    Wow, I made posts last night and I wasn't even drinking.  What'll happen next?
    Lord TreyPosted: 03-23-2002 11:24:42
    I was wondering why my eggs weren't getting cooked faster than they were...then I noticed I had the wrong burner on
    I'm hungry
    MistressBluePosted: 03-24-2002 05:57:21
    Well I got out of doing my assignment temporarily. I spent the evening and half the night at the hospital instead. My 2 year old daughter had a really high temperature and I couldnt get it to come down so off to the hospital we went. Hours and hours later we are home. She is full of drugs and has more to take over the next few days. I am tired and hungry. But she is a lot better than she was earlier tonight. She also has a new pink beanie baby teddy for being such a good girl at the hospital.
    Now my assignment is sitting here not done but I really dont give a fuck.

    *passes out*
    kwerkeyPosted: 03-24-2002 14:38:03
    She is full of drugs...

    Sorry, but I just find that hilarious.
    BevyPosted: 03-24-2002 17:14:19
    You don't do your work and have a reason and still plan on doing it?

    I don't do my work because I have nothing better to do than not do it.
    MistressBluePosted: 03-24-2002 17:30:27
    Ill work on it today. I still have a very sick little girl to deal with so if I get it done I hand it in if I dont I dont.
    OsirisPosted: 03-28-2002 08:51:05

    Got it from PA.
    OsirisPosted: 03-29-2002 11:00:14
    Too much traffic on the original site. Updated location.
    cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 03-29-2002 14:13:25
    My brother deleted my eleet MP3 collection! I'm going to tell my mom this. I want him STaPLED TO ThE STaKE!?
    RazaelPosted: 03-29-2002 14:23:16
    You didn't back up your documents to CD, did you?
    cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 03-29-2002 14:27:56
    I don't exactly have a burner and no one willing to take all my MP3's and put them on 4 CD's. I had likely over 2gb's of files. I just started my collection a while ago and I'm going over to a lan party shortly.
    BrawnfirePosted: 03-29-2002 15:25:04
    That... was a great film clip...  oh wow...

    That was excellent...  very well done!
    Dan the Tuba ManPosted: 03-29-2002 16:04:15
    My mp3 collection it over 15 GB and counting. Every single CD i have ripped myself. Good thing I have 120GB.
    OsirisPosted: 03-29-2002 16:45:22
    Yes yes, we know, you have 120 gigs
    Dan the Tuba ManPosted: 03-29-2002 17:16:56
    My friend has 400 GB, and my friend is a she! Quite a rare female. She knows more about computer than most of y'll.
    Lord TreyPosted: 03-29-2002 17:42:13
    My friend has 33B and my friend is a she!
    BandWidthPosted: 03-29-2002 18:33:33
    I have 24 gig and am using around 8-9.  I don't keep useless shit on my hard drive :p
    OsirisPosted: 03-29-2002 18:59:59
    Mine's a boring ol' 30gb.  I even NTFS compressed it.  I was running out of space, trying to complete my DBZ collection.  Now that it's more complete, I could probably start dumping it off to cd....
    cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 03-29-2002 20:05:52
    Or you could save around 300 american and buy a 120gb HD :)
    kwerkeyPosted: 03-29-2002 21:26:43
    I've got a pitiful 6GB hard drive.

    1GB is a FAT32 drive (that I'm considering converting to NTFS so I can compress it)

    3.5GB is my Win2k partition

    1.5 GB is an install of FreeBSD that I could never get online and therefore hasn't done anything for eons.
    Dan the Tuba ManPosted: 03-29-2002 23:07:28
    "My friend has 33B and my friend is a she!"

    Hmm, it seems she has a small package. I prefer women with at least doubles D's.


    Hey Osiris, wanna upload that DBZ collection to my server? I'll give you a super account that will access all of my warez.\n\n

    cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 03-29-2002 23:30:08
    Dan, I don't think any "Natural" woman would have something larger then DD. And besides, I prefer a woman with brains in her head and not in her chest.
    OsirisPosted: 03-29-2002 23:32:16
    Hook me up, chief, I'll upload it. I've even got 8 "unreleased" episodes or something.. Err, about 10-15 new majin buu ones, something like that.\n\n

    cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 03-29-2002 23:35:12
    Nm... Dan the TubaSpam keeps edited his post :p\n\n

    Dan the Tuba ManPosted: 03-29-2002 23:35:36
    "Dan, I don't think any "Natural" woman would have something larger then DD. And besides, I prefer a woman with brains in her head and not in her chest."

    *cough* joke *cough*

    Alrighty, be expecting an E-mail very soon.

    Edit: I can't find your E-mail.

    E-mail me with the account name and pass at\n\n

    MistressBluePosted: 04-01-2002 15:48:55
    I'm sorry Tridus I know you are superior in many ways when it comes to computers but ummm errrrr that image up there is so damn ugly we'll probably go blind before he comes back and removes it.
    Lord TreyPosted: 04-01-2002 17:35:29
    I agree with the Sue.
    MistressBluePosted: 04-08-2002 00:43:56
    *rings the Police*

    I am pissed. Some dumb bitch that lives a few houses away has her car parked on the footpath which in aussie is illegal and earns you a nice fine.
    Well my 6 year old while waiting for her school bus this morning lost her hat and it fell near this womans car so Sierra goes to pick up her hat and the woman yells out of her yard "Get away from my car you little asshole".

    She's lucky I dont go up and deck the bitch. But getting myself arrested for assault wouldnt get me anywhere.

    The cops are going to come for a visit now :-)
    Lord TreyPosted: 04-08-2002 00:52:43
    Kill her
    It is the only solution
    MistressBluePosted: 04-08-2002 01:17:24
    *police arrive*
    *sue complains*
    *police go for a visit to nearby house*
    *woman is made to put her fucking car in her EMPTY driveway and told it was inappropriate language to use to a 6 year old*
    *woman admits to yelling at kids that morning but certainly not using such language*
    *police return to sue's house to inform her that car has been moved and woman warned about using bad language*
    *sue rejoices*
    kwerkeyPosted: 04-08-2002 01:46:44
    *the forum rejoices*
    *CWAL sends Kazz to bitch-lady's house*
    Lord TreyPosted: 04-08-2002 11:57:13
    That's a temporary solution...she can still do it again.
    Burn her house down.
    DebtAngelPosted: 04-08-2002 12:22:34
    Nah, just call the cops every time she stirs up trouble, then burn your own house down.

    You collect insurance money, and she goes to jail. Hey, you even helped establish a motive for her.

    Okay, I admit, this is a really bad plan, but daylight savings kicked in and I didn't get enough sleep last night. :)
    Lord TreyPosted: 04-08-2002 18:25:22
    Now there's an idea...
    kwerkeyPosted: 04-10-2002 02:20:18
    *pimps it*

    You know you want it
    MistressBluePosted: 04-12-2002 18:56:30
    Funny website

    Just a site I found and think is funny. Make sure you click "Continue" when the first page is done so you can check out the depressed web server.
    IntruderPosted: 04-21-2002 04:46:19
    Hooray for the Penny Arcade background!

    IntruderPosted: 04-21-2002 04:47:42
    Anyone remember taht really long kung fu stick figure flash cartoon?

    Does anyone still know where to find it?
    CraziemanPosted: 04-21-2002 05:06:04
    OMG this is the biggest fucking thread I've ever seen.
    MistressBluePosted: 04-21-2002 07:06:35
    It was a really good idea of Korivaks. He has saved us from many a totally useless thread.
    El cazadorPosted: 04-21-2002 11:39:36
    I'm impressed that a thread about nothing has more posts than all the threads about something.

    And the flash animation Trudy speaks of, is here:

    (edit) Browsing around that site, it seems he did a fourth flash animation.  It's a shooting game.  You won't understand a word, but it's quite fun.\n\n

    Eye of the NightPosted: 04-21-2002 18:22:02
    The secret is out: undertow's secret photo shoot...

    The big question: did he have permission?
    BandWidthPosted: 04-21-2002 18:37:21

    EDIT:  Is it just me, or is her spine bent in such a way that it should snap and leave her paralyzed?  That's creepy...\n\n

    El cazadorPosted: 04-21-2002 19:53:10
    See?  And they criticize comic book artists for drawing them like that, saying it's impossible and crap.

    But you can't deny them curves are nice!
    kwerkeyPosted: 04-22-2002 00:53:09
    "Once, I, Protoss_King_, realized that the gorillas' lackluster performance exceeded my eyes, sexually. But, they were eating year- old round cheese that just fell onto my aunt's bum, although they are really poor, which causes them severe hatred towards feminists who are gigantically inclined to dramatically increase their lemon-flavored pudding. When Rich began to go toward the moose, named Eustace, it denied Venereal Disease, and licked Big Z's manly elbow. Then, it excreted hormones into undertow's left bum. Moreso, I have discussed our policy on the rather nasty influence of foul-mouthed communists. Yet, them pretzels ain't too sticky for Tridus, who gots the pretzels in SM_007's nekked, salad-covered elephant. Even today, he touched John's sweaty neck and then Dave ate Tridus' elbow, but without sin-related apples. Boobs make euphoric poker chips! Buddha said, while teaching coeds how to hand-wash boobies, 'My god has died!!!!!' Nevertheless, he still wanted pretzels covered with pudding. The end."
    IntruderPosted: 04-22-2002 01:24:34

    If cookies n' cream ice cream on a corn tortilla with chocolate syrup is wrong, I don't wanna be right.
    RStefan01Posted: 04-22-2002 05:37:47
    The hell with that. I want that girl a few posts up with some chocolate syrup.
    BrawnfirePosted: 04-22-2002 06:13:16
    No Richard!  Stay good, please stay good!
    MistressBluePosted: 04-22-2002 07:13:52
    I have something better that would go with chocolate syrup.

    For that matter I'm happy to do without the chocolate.
    El cazadorPosted: 04-22-2002 07:57:26
    I guess if we have a right to post things we lust over with, then she does too.
    MistressBluePosted: 04-22-2002 07:59:40
    My point exactly  :)
    Eye of the NightPosted: 04-22-2002 17:13:06
    Quote (El cazador @ April 22 2002, 14:57)
    I guess if we have a right to post things we lust over with, then she does too.

    True, but do we really have the right to post things just for that purpose? I, for one, did not post that pic with that purpose in mind, but rather as part of a you may or may not have noticed. What purpose did Sue's pic serve?
    El cazadorPosted: 04-22-2002 21:58:59
    You didn't?   Oh!  That's right.  She's holding a bunny!  haha!

    MistressBluePosted: 04-22-2002 22:38:39
    My post was a follow up to Richards most interesting post on the uses of chocolate syrup.
    kwerkeyPosted: 04-22-2002 22:49:39

    I could've sworn it was El Caz that posted that pic.

    Oh well.
    cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 04-22-2002 22:51:46
    I like the Buns myself. I've had that image in my head since the Late Late show.
    Orbital b o xXPosted: 04-25-2002 12:30:19
    i watch my fish a lot.
    he eats his poop sometimes....and then spits it back out.
    i dunno why.
    MistressBluePosted: 04-27-2002 20:10:05
    A story I found on another forum. Wow is all I can say. I think I'd be taking it further.

    Here's the link but I copied the whole story.

    About halfway down Poster called Some321

    I have had the most humiliating experience at Best Buy in Tucker, GA. This is what happened.

    I have been monitoring this thread from Feb-March, ever since the day this scam happened.

    So I went to BB at Tucker,GA last Friday armed with the receipts, my original and the copies I printed from the site. I was dumb enough to trust BB and I didnt have anyone to take along with me for the ride. I know I should have.

    There was only one card left on the aisle, so I grabbed with a couple of other things (a 80GB HD and a Platinum Audigy) and went to the counter. There was this fat bitch who told me that six or seven people have been trying to PM with the same receipt there and its not possible. She said that the receipt was a fake, the guy who created it is no longer with BB etc. She asked me if I wanted to talk to the manager, so I said yes.

    Out comes the biggest @#$% called Rod, whos the Store manager there. I politely explained why I am there. He asked me to follow him to a separate room. I was kinda hesitant at first, but I thought no better of it and followed him. Inside we sat down and started going through the receipts. Then another guy, a sales manager called Paul McKim comes in, and suddenly Rod jumps out and drags him out whispering something. Rod comes back in and we start going through the same shit again. I was polite at all times and I asked him whether he though the receipt was fake. He was giving me all fucked up reasons and all I wanted was a yes or no.

    15 mins later, cops walk in. Then I knew this bastard was leading me on all the time, that he was just waiting there, making sure I was there till the cops arrive. The three cops who turned up (all black officers from Dekalb county) had the brain the size of an almond. I was pretty sure they were in cahoots with the BB guys, anyway I still kept my cool and explained to them the reason why I was there. Half an hour goes by and I am still alone in the room with the cops talking to these assholes.

    In comes on of the cops, cuffs me (God that hurts) and then tells me that I was cuffed so that I wouldnt hurt anyone. Yeah right!. So here I am arrested for the first time of my life and humiliated. Then they told me that I was being arrested for Fraud and that I am being taken to the Dekalb Office and a detective would take it up from there on. They brought me out amidst the whole store, but I kept my head high and I was smiling, because I hadnt done anything wrong and I had nothing to worry about.

    Cops took me on a joy ride for half an hour and it was damn uncomfortable ride. Once there, they took me to this holding pen alone and made me wait there. In comes one black lady, who looked far more reasonable and intelligent than all the three cops combined, and she told me that she is going to talk to the BB guy (Paul) first and then myself. I waited there for almost an hour (the whole thing took from 11:30 till 3:30) and then she came in and asked me for my story. I explained her everything. She tells me then that she does not believe BB's story that I forged the receipt. I work as an Analyst for a firm in Atlanta and I was looking quite respectable in my work clothes. anyway, she told me that BB does not want me as a customer and I told her that I would be happy to take my business elsewhere.

    She told me that they had changed their tactics from "Forging the receipt" to "Trespassing - not leaving the store even when I were asked to". I told her that all the time the a@@#$$ manager Rod, wanted to keep me there so that the cops would come in, and never he asked me to leave the store. She sympathised with me and told me that they were letting me go free.

    I made sure that she ask the cops who brought me in, take me back to the BB parking lot to pick my car up.

    Well there it is. the whole story. I dont know what I would do now. I would like to see those idiots fired, but since the whole BB management is a farce anyway, I dont think any of my complaints would matter.

    PriNGLeSPosted: 04-27-2002 20:26:34
    Sucks to be her....
    cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 04-27-2002 20:55:54
    Fucking assholes. I hope that fat fuck gets fired. And those police bitches can go stick a dildo up there ass.

    *is enraged*


    *breakes computer*


    Eye of the NightPosted: 04-28-2002 17:05:39
    Heh...crazy know, she can always press charges against them for all harms inflicted (humiliation, damage to her reputation, suffered discomfort, etc.)
    MistressBluePosted: 04-28-2002 19:15:00
    Does anyone have some little typing program or something I am applying for a job and need to know my typing speed. I have no idea what it is.
    PriNGLeSPosted: 04-28-2002 19:23:35
    Get a friend with a stop watch... type an article out of a newspaper or magazine for one minute, count the number of letters and divide by 5.\n\n

    psychodrummerPosted: 04-28-2002 19:45:41
    Why divide by 5 Pringles?
    MistressBluePosted: 04-28-2002 20:13:53
    He is right but I thought it was 4. But then i'm remembering from secretary school a VERY long time ago lol.
    And one less word for every mistake I think it was.
    The-AtarisPosted: 04-28-2002 20:18:12
    use Mavis Beacon Teache Typing! It tells you your time. :)
    kwerkeyPosted: 04-28-2002 20:21:39
    Generally, I just type those phrases that have every letter of the alphabet over and over for a minute and count.
    MistressBluePosted: 04-28-2002 21:12:05
    Just a bit of trivia.
    This is where we shop for comp parts.

    The-AtarisPosted: 04-28-2002 21:23:07

    And what dollar are those in. The ever popular American dollar? or your Aussie Dollar or whatever it is you use there?
    MistressBluePosted: 04-28-2002 22:05:47
    There are 8 numbers and a 2 digit area code.

    Its in Aussie dollars of course. What else would aussies be using ;)

    And so you can compare prices its US$1 = AU$0.54
    At the moment.\n\n

    cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 04-28-2002 22:14:35
    This has become sue's own little thread ;)

    no offense sue, just having a little fun

    wpm? If your interested on how fast I type, I've been recorded at 100wpm but on average I type around 80 wpm. My friends are pretty amazed with how fast I type. Good luck getting that job.

    Hope you do well with
    OsirisPosted: 04-29-2002 00:59:31
    I'm about 90-95 WPM, with around 95-98 percent accuracy, although that was typing as fast as I could.  I know for sure I don't type code that quickly, so.

    I found a little program to measure it.  Some of the tests are locked without a registration key, but you can take the first few tests without one.
    El cazadorPosted: 04-29-2002 01:14:31
    I type with two fingers and looking at the keyboard.  The other eight are lazy.

    I used to draw little soldiers with the machine on typing class, hence why I never learned.

    And just because this is the random thread, I will bother to explain/bore you with how I drew the little soldiers.  It has to be done on a manual typing machine.

    1) type o several times, then pull the cylinder thing back without jumping to the next line.

    2) type - for as many times as you have o's and you'll have finished drawing the little soldier's heads and helmets.

    3) jump down a bit, but not a full line.

    4) type 0 to make the bodies, making sure they connect with the heads.  Move back and type / over the 0's to make the rifles.

    5) jump down a bit again, but not a full line.

    6) Type W to make the legs, wich connect with the 0's.

    7) Jump down a bit more, but not a full line, then type ¨ to make the shoes.  Make sure they end up under the W's pointy sides.

    tadaaaaa!  You'll have effectively wasted your time and flunked typing class!  :)
    VéKTöRPosted: 04-29-2002 01:19:37

    that's... beautiful.
    OsirisPosted: 04-29-2002 01:42:53
    That is the coolest thing I have read this month.
    OsirisPosted: 04-29-2002 01:47:37
    Is there a place where you can _sign up_ for spam?  Like, next time I get a piece of spam, I want to go to the company's website, get a program to scan the site for all addresses, and submit them all to a "Please send me commercial e-mail" list.
    Lord TreyPosted: 04-29-2002 01:58:41
    I dunno about that.  Some emails will say something along the lines of...

    "You signed up for this or someone signed up for you.  The sign up was done from the IP address of X"
    RStefan01Posted: 04-29-2002 02:42:02

    Does that look remotely like what you're talking about? :)
    El cazadorPosted: 04-29-2002 07:26:04

    Look at them tiny soldiers.  The / slash thing used to be a bit bigger, looking more like a rifle on the soldier's body.

    Imagine lines of those, when I was supposed to be doing asdf's and jklñ's.
    Ravage!Posted: 04-29-2002 09:34:48
    My average daily, everytime I type speed, which includes fixing most mistakes in the middle of typing a sentence is;


    My fastest speed ever was something like 110wpm, but that was a test and required effort.
    kwerkeyPosted: 04-30-2002 00:29:42
    This is my 7000th post.  ph34r.
    psychodrummerPosted: 04-30-2002 02:07:51
    You know, for some odd reason whenever I see the word ph34r I read it as phaser and not fear.  At least, when I first see it I read it as that only to realize it's fear and not phaser.

    And on other totally unrealted news that I'm sure none of you really want to hear, I just finished my Visual Basic project which is due tomorrow and I had put in 10+ hours of programming time into along with one other guy.  Hey, I think that's a legal sentence and not a run-on!  Yeah... I need to go to bed now.
    OsirisPosted: 04-30-2002 11:18:45
    Which just begs the question:

    What was your project
    psychodrummerPosted: 04-30-2002 11:26:26
    It was the 5th project of the year and basically what we had to make was a program that modifies a customer database.  The user can look up a customer record, add one, delete one, or modify one.  That's the gist of it.  Sounds small but it's the biggest project we've done yet.  It's also the last.  Although once I get a job in the business world I'll most likely be doing this but in a bigger scale.
    OsirisPosted: 04-30-2002 11:48:41

    Usually it's easier to write the database code yourself rather than using the data binding feature of VB controls.
    psychodrummerPosted: 04-30-2002 12:53:53
    No, we didn't use a database for this program but a text file.  The next project, if I choose to do it, does use a database.
    DebtAngelPosted: 04-30-2002 18:08:51

    Moo ha ha ha ha.
    psychodrummerPosted: 04-30-2002 18:28:57
    Isn't Sluggy Freelance one of the best webcomics?  I actually ended up reading the entire archieve and it's a great thing that Pete has going.
    BasinxPosted: 04-30-2002 18:45:29
    Unless the rest are amazingly better than this one, they all suck!
    DebtAngelPosted: 04-30-2002 18:59:33
    Dear Basinx,

    You suck!


    kwerkeyPosted: 04-30-2002 19:01:16
    Office 2000 or Office XP?
    kwerkeyPosted: 04-30-2002 21:15:11
    Note to self:  Don't punch a chain-link fence no matter how much it insulted your mother.
    OsirisPosted: 04-30-2002 23:13:02
    I like Office XP okay, although I only really use frontpage.
    psychodrummerPosted: 05-01-2002 00:33:14
    I think Win2k is good enough.  No need to get the most recent OS especially since it's still being fixed and patched up.  Of course, all the other OS's are too, but XP, being as new as it is, has more holes than the other OS's.

    But if you don't mind that, then go ahead with XP if you want it.
    Lord TreyPosted: 05-01-2002 13:41:08
    kwerkeyPosted: 05-01-2002 23:36:22
    I said "Office", not "Windows"
    MistressBluePosted: 05-05-2002 21:14:05
    *shows off her black eye*

    Wish I had a cam to show you all what happens when you piss off a 2 year old. She threw herself backwards while sitting on my lap and head butt me in the eye. Its all swollen and  lovely shades of black and blue and hurts. Even to eat!! Chewing is just not on at all.
    cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 05-05-2002 21:23:54
    When I read "*shows off her black eye*", I thought you got into a fight with that chick you wanted to deck.

    Oh fun! I've had many a black eye, mostly on camping trips. But thats another story.

    Time to go get some frozen koala(sp?) meat and press it hard against your face ;)\n\n

    BandWidthPosted: 05-05-2002 21:30:07
    Aren't koalas endangered?
    MistressBluePosted: 05-05-2002 22:10:24
    *shoots durin*

    Yes they are.
    El cazadorPosted: 05-06-2002 00:30:01
    You know what I hate most about having an accident like that?  Having to explain it to everyone.  "Ooh! what happened?"  And after you're done explaining, someone else pops up and goes "ooh! what happened?" too.  Grah!
    MistressBluePosted: 05-06-2002 07:24:50
    *suddenly realises its 10.30pm aussie time and she has kept Intruder up all night*

    Hey you were great Aaron. Just got better and better as the night went on  ;)
    IntruderPosted: 05-06-2002 07:27:09
    Yeah, every time I felt like I was about to run out of energy, you found a new way to keep me up.  Now I'm all worn out.  *yawns*  I think I'll pass out now
    kwerkeyPosted: 05-06-2002 20:40:17
    Umm, that sounded fairly wrong.
    psychodrummerPosted: 05-06-2002 22:08:36
    And I do believe that was the point kwerkey.

    What exactly were you two doing to keep Intruder up all night?
    IntruderPosted: 05-06-2002 22:38:25
    We were just playing.

    MistressBluePosted: 05-06-2002 23:06:23
    We were.
    It was fun.
    He does have stamina I'll give him that.
    He got it in over and over.
    IntruderPosted: 05-06-2002 23:09:35
    What can I say?  You were a good teacher.
    kwerkeyPosted: 05-07-2002 00:44:36 The Movie
    kwerkeyPosted: 05-09-2002 09:09:53
    Can anybody else tell the difference between a right and a left sock, or am I just neurotic?
    Lord TreyPosted: 05-09-2002 10:02:14
    After wearing them for a while I'm sure they would start to conform to your feet, kind of like how my middle ring is shaped almost Perfectly to my finger.
    psychodrummerPosted: 05-09-2002 10:57:52
    There's a right and left sock?  I just throw on a sock to each foot and only make sure they're a matching pair.
    DebtAngelPosted: 05-14-2002 22:20:48
    Get back on page one, you.

    After re-watching the end of Shrek, I have to say seeing Cinderella bitch slap Snow White is all worth it.
    kwerkeyPosted: 05-25-2002 04:32:28
    Well, a liter of mountain dew and about 2.5 hours alone have allowed me to make Fermat, the PHP news script I'm working on, semi-functional.  It can now add stories of its own accord, but for some reason I can't seem to edit them.

    Though I'm learning fast what kinds of mistakes I like to make.  mysql_fetch_row(), not mysql_fetch_rows(), things like that.

    I've been doing something really stupid.
    After parsing, the line in the form becomes this:
    <input type="hidden" name="postID" value="$postID">

    I thought I was in double quotes, but I was only inside single quotes (double quotes will expand variables and functions, single quotes won't).  It works, though.  On to delete()...\n\n

    kwerkeyPosted: 05-25-2002 05:09:08
    And lo, my body falls from its caffeine-induced peak with the grace of a fencing cow.
    MistressBluePosted: 05-29-2002 18:57:35
    *goes offline to install her new GF3 ti 200*
    cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 05-29-2002 19:04:52
    In a small twist of irony, my buddy is lending me his Voodoo 5 to put in my machine so I can play at least some of the games everyone else is.
    The-AtarisPosted: 06-03-2002 22:46:27
    If the Echo is the stupid Hybrid car, then Ricardo might want to reconsider. I read in a magazine that the hilariously terrible hybrid has a maximum weight of 300 lbs to even THINK about getting that crazy gas mileage...
    DebtAngelPosted: 06-03-2002 23:46:36
    The Echo's not a hybrid car. The Prius is.

    They look the same though, as in complete ass. Sorta like a Focus that's had one too many hits of the bad stuff.
    kwerkeyPosted: 06-04-2002 00:33:29
    A substitute teacher at my school has an Echo, and he happens to have one in a lovely shade of bile.  DA is correct, the Echo looks like an ass-Focus.
    OsirisPosted: 06-04-2002 00:34:53
    Waaaait a minute.. WAIT A MINUTE.. Wasn't the echo discussion in ANOTHER thread?  WTF people!
    RStefan01Posted: 06-04-2002 01:53:14
    Yeah, just a bunch of morons talking shit about my car in the wrong thread :p
    DebtAngelPosted: 06-04-2002 10:01:13
    I just randomly replied to a random comment in a random thread. So what if it was about something in some other thread I may or may not have had any interest in whatsoever?
    kwerkeyPosted: 06-05-2002 01:13:16
    I was thinking about my high school and came up with this.

    Postulate of Youthful Feminine Horsepower

    Any teenage feemale with a new muscle car her parents bought for her will drive like crap.  Mustangs seem to increase their crappy driving geometrically.

    Corollary of the PYFH

    Cars painted silver or black maximize the crappy driving.  "Un-megacool" colors such as dark blue make the effect of the postulate nearly nonexistant.

    Postulate of Youthful Masculine Stupidity

    Teenage boys think that putting street-sweeper tires on a truck make their penis bigger.  However, the enlargement does not occur unless they nearly kill somebody by not paying attention to what they're doing.
    OsirisPosted: 06-05-2002 08:35:30
    Anyone who drives an IROC must have a mullet or live in a trailer park.
    PeepersPosted: 06-07-2002 03:06:55
    This thread has been here way too long.
    ZoroastrianismPosted: 06-07-2002 16:42:07
    edit:  Stupid bro doesn't sign out.\n\n

    psychodrummerPosted: 06-07-2002 16:45:05
    Peepers, your point being...?

    And for those of you who don't know (which is almost everybody here) Zoroastrianism is my brother who has just recently joined the forum.  Hopefully he'll be posting here and not just in the Magic forum.
    DebtAngelPosted: 06-12-2002 14:29:07
    I just thought I would point out that I dislike Macromedia Director very, very much at the moment. Very, very much.
    PriNGLeSPosted: 06-12-2002 16:19:58
    On the subject of dislikes, I would like to point out that I dislike chicks with dicks... very very very much. That is all.
    DebtAngelPosted: 06-12-2002 23:28:03
    It is very, very difficult to find a laptop anywhere near as comparable to the 12" iBook with Combo Drive, for anywhere near the same price. My price checks with Dell and IBM seem to come in at around CDN$500-$1000 more expensive than the iBook.

    Hell, for the price of the Dell, I could get an iBook and an iPod.

    Craziness, I tell you. Craziness.
    kwerkeyPosted: 06-13-2002 00:54:27
    Apple is very, very sexy.
    Dan the Tuba ManPosted: 06-13-2002 01:49:59
    Gala Apples are much better.
    OsirisPosted: 06-16-2002 16:19:39
    El Nino is Spanish for "The Nino"
    El cazadorPosted: 06-16-2002 22:31:18
    Excuse me?

    You're missing an "ñ" anyway.  It's so simple.  Just punch the key located to the right of the "L" key.  :)
    BrawnfirePosted: 06-16-2002 23:13:46
    I think that what he was saying... while el niñññño is Spanish for "the boy," el nino means "the nino!"
    Lord TreyPosted: 06-17-2002 13:26:45
    I used to have a .wav with Chris Farley saying that.
    kwerkeyPosted: 06-29-2002 13:27:28
    Anybody want to buy a hockey team?
    PackheadPosted: 06-30-2002 12:27:38

    Did you?
    DebtAngelPosted: 07-04-2002 11:12:50
    Not having mouse gestures is teh suck. I keep trying to use them in IE, and it's driving me mad. Mad, I tell you, mad.

    Anyway, back onto page one with the thread of randomness.
    XesonPosted: 07-05-2002 15:39:07
    Non-monotarial based governments will work!!!!
    The-AtarisPosted: 07-05-2002 15:53:46
    I wonder if they take PayPal for that hockey team...
    rRaminrodtPosted: 07-06-2002 11:03:46
    GPS is stupid...  stupid and trendy.

    On the otherhand PIC chips are kinda cool.

    That's all for now.
    DebtAngelPosted: 07-06-2002 21:53:57
    But GPS makes stalking somebody so much easier than the old days.
    DebtAngelPosted: 07-12-2002 23:29:45
    Here's a quote that is a lot of fun to take out of context:

    Eat something fun - you only live once.
    kwerkeyPosted: 07-13-2002 12:39:52
    I hope SP2 is the last service pack for Windows 2000.

    *downloads the network install of SP2 then makes bootable slipstreamed CDs for Professional and Server*
    DebtAngelPosted: 07-14-2002 20:19:21
    Pizza Pizza requires you to download a 9 MB Java program before you can order a pizza online.

    This better be the best pizza ever....honestly, I'd prefer using a monster flash movie to order the pizza, rather than a bloody Java program.

    Actaully, I think the monster Flash movie would be rather fun to write, now that Macromedia has that whole MX thing going for it.
    IntruderPosted: 07-16-2002 02:51:03
    Rich Rich Rich.. you liked Mr Deeds?  I mean, it was OK, but highly recommended?

    Good sir, I am losing faith in thee.
    cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 07-16-2002 03:43:17
    I went to go see Mr. Deeds in my lovely comfirtable front row seats. I felt like my neck was going to snap off. The movie was pretty funny, and I think everyone who went to the theater with us had a good time ;D.

    (I was drinking...)
    IntruderPosted: 07-16-2002 04:35:04
    I took exception to the fact that it wasn't until halfway through the movie that we were treated to the first joke :p
    ProphetPosted: 07-17-2002 23:08:23
    Yeah I thought the movie was really funny but moved along a little slow with not enough comedy to make it easier to sit through.

    In other news.  I caught a kickass ribbon snake, it's like 1 foot long and it's tame as hell.  In fact he (or she whatever it is =P) is chilling in my lap while I type this =D.
    IntruderPosted: 07-20-2002 01:03:51
    Anyone happen to know of any good websites from which I can garner information about cars?  No I'm not in the market for a car, I mean more along the lines of mechanical information.
    XesonPosted: 07-20-2002 10:19:01
    I tried finding online repair manuals once.  Everybody wants money so I gave up.

    Sum of all fears really kicked ass.
    Big ZPosted: 07-20-2002 11:24:41
    If you dont know much about how they work, go to (note: it is currently down, or my dns just sucks.  probably the latter.)  and go to the auto section, it will learn your ass something.  If you are looking more about things on a specific car, let me know what car and maybe i can help you out.  for repair information, it's easiest just to go down to the local autozone or whatever and pick yourself up a manual on your car.  I dont know if autozone carries them but find yourself a chiltons and you'll be set.
    XesonPosted: 07-20-2002 13:53:48
    Chilton's is good for repiar diagrams.

    Hayne's has wiring diagrams that Chilton can't touch.

    If that doesn't work then dealerships have complete car breakdown books.  I got one on my 'vette that shows how the car was put together at the factory and where everything goes.  They can get expensive but its the last book on your car you will have to buy.\n\n

    IntruderPosted: 07-20-2002 14:51:13
    Big Z, I want to have your children
    Big ZPosted: 07-20-2002 17:34:23
    my brother has a haynes manual for 3rd gen firebirds, and the problem is that the instructions for whatever you're doing are pretty much as follows:

    Remove (insert item that you want to fix here)
    purchase new item and/or repair item
    DebtAngelPosted: 07-20-2002 23:50:01
    I just offered to purchase an iBook from some guy in the Agora Classifieds on the ArsTechnica OpenForum.

    Now , I can't really decide what the silliest part of this is:
    • that I'm buying an iBook;
    • that I'm buying it from a trading forum;
    • that I spent two days talking myself out of it, only to end up talking myself into it; or
    • that I'm making decisions that involve more than a thousand dollars at 1am.

    I'm not being completely stupid though. I am insisting on an escrow service; I'm not just sending the guy a $1300 money order.
    IntruderPosted: 07-21-2002 00:35:22
    That's pretty damned expensive.  Must be a nice one :p
    RStefan01Posted: 07-21-2002 02:01:29
    What book could possibly cost that much? That'd be a good down payment on a russian wife or something.
    DebtAngelPosted: 07-21-2002 03:07:14
    That was Canadian funds, eh. The dude's actually selling it for US$750.

    G3 500/380 MB RAM/ 10 GB HD. 12" screen, 24x CD-ROM. Your basic 2001 iBook.

    That's iBook. With an i. From Apple. Russian wife not included.
    RStefan01Posted: 07-21-2002 04:07:06
    ohhhh.. lol

    Sounded like you were going to get a word document of a book or something hehe

    Stupid Apple.
    kwerkeyPosted: 07-21-2002 04:45:44
    Don't be dissin' Apple, yo

    Those are the three sexiest pieces of hardware ever devised (apart from anything that comes out of Cray, Inc.)
    cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 07-21-2002 06:21:58
    The technology of the G4 is far more advanced then anything intel has put into the market. Their processor may run at 800Mhz, but it goes a hell of a lot faster then their top of the line processor P4 2.53(Don't remember the exact number). Plus the processor is a lot cooler. I know this guy at a local computer store was giving me the tour of the G4.

    "I will not give into capitalism"

    I know... I know, but I might actually buy one once i've finished buying my own PC for gaming.
    RStefan01Posted: 07-21-2002 07:52:26
    cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 07-21-2002 09:01:32

    ...yeah, you see thats the part that doesn't work for me.
    Dan the Tuba ManPosted: 07-23-2002 23:27:59
    Does anyone know where I can get a keygen program for the Palm App called PiDirect or PiDirect II?

    I recently bought a memplug module for my Visor Platinum for the purpose of memory expansion. Well, the thing doesn't work as it leads on. The consumer is lead to believe this module can seamlessly access the external flash card as if it were just more RAM on your handheld. This does work-ONLY by purchasing PiDirect for 20 dollars or PiDirect II for 30 dollars. Basically, you are buying a "code" from them that will unlock the software that is already there. Considering the module was 35 dollars to begin with, its a large sum and I do not want to pay for it and would rather put that money else where, such as a flash card or two.

    Can anyone help. Anyone in here good at cracking? If I can't find something that can uncrack this for me, I will pay any of you the 30 dollars to crack the program or show me how. Its better spent that way.
    DebtAngelPosted: 07-24-2002 09:39:31
    That's odd.

    The 2 MB module built into my MiniJam works pretty much exactly like main PalmOS memory. I have to use their little app to move blocks between the main memory and the module, but the menu will quite happily show programs on both.

    You sure a key didn't just come with the thing?
    DebtAngelPosted: 07-24-2002 21:32:14
    Now that I know what that mempack thingy does, just pay the $20 for the ridiculous amount of storage space.

    I am typing this on an iBook running MacOS 9.2. I opted not for the one I was talking about in the prior post, as the extra costs of shipping it across the border quickly soured the deal for me.

    However, the fiancee of one of co-workers is selling his iBook. Apparently he rarely uses it, and needs the money due to some sort of sob story which was not recounted to me.

    Anyhoo, this will be a third hand laptop, and the first guy who owned it failed to include Mac OS X. This is a problem, because all I really want to do is play with OS X. Not being able to ping another machine really, very much, turly bothers the hell out of me.

    Long story short, unless I get OS X on this thing, I'm not buying it, but if I can, I will. But I get to play with it tonight anyway.

    While I'm here, I feel like giving a mini review.

    This thing is *silent*. Dead silent. "Is this thing on" silent. The fonts this uses in the browser look *amazing*. Hell, the apple logo glows. How frigging cool is that?

    I can't stand Mac OS 9. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. Did I mention my hatred for it? It's terrible beyond terrible. This keyboard is a little on the freaky side. The left side is bouncing in a manner that I'm not altogether thrilled with as I type this. And the trackpad won't send a click event if you tap it. you have to tap the button under it.

    Oh, a sound. I think the hard drive span up or something. Yep, that was the hard drive. I hop ist spins down soon; I was enjoying the silence.

    Anyhoo, much fun is to be had by all. Can't wait to see what OS X looks like on this thing, other than slow.
    kwerkeyPosted: 07-24-2002 23:04:38
    I am truely mad.  I'm making a calculator using the Starcraft map editor.
    Dan the Tuba ManPosted: 07-24-2002 23:24:53
    A calculator with the StarCraft map editor?
    I never used it and never did like starcraft much so I can't visualize this.

    On another related topic. I am teaching myself to code with VBScript so that I can easily automate all of my registry needs.
    Dan the Tuba ManPosted: 07-24-2002 23:28:59
    Why would I want to pay 30 dollars for a palm application that I already have, just can't use? I don't want to pay 30 dollars for a one byte string. Besides, it doesn't come with any memory preinstalled. You have to buy a compact flash card separately in order to even use this thing. CF cards are not cheap.

    To bad this thing card use my microdrive, then I'd have a 1 GB of storage space.
    DebtAngelPosted: 07-24-2002 23:35:57
    What in the name of God does a Palm need with 128 MB of memory, exactly? How many addresses are you storing?!?

    And I'm aware of the cost of Flash memory, as my MiniJam takes MMC cards.

    The Mempack thingy looks great as a backup device. If you treated the flash cards as floppies, or as DAT tapes, you'd be fine. Hell, if the Handspring supports VFS, you're fine. All you need PiDirect for is if your Handspring/Palm apps don't support VFS. And $30 is not a lot to ask for a half decent utility like that.

    And kwerkey, is it a working calculator? Kill the Terran Civilians to enter in numbers, then kill the Hydralisk to get the answer?
    kwerkeyPosted: 07-25-2002 00:53:14
    It's not working yet, but I'm planning on implementing a full-adder and then a parallel addition unit.  Then I'll move on to subtraction.

    Basically.  There are five beacons right now on five separate platforms each with its own unit.  The whole affair represents a button, and moving the unit to the beacon presses the button.  There's a 0, a 1, a plus, a minus, and an enter (It's a binary calculator right now, I don't really want to even try to figure out how to create binary-decimal conversion gates).  It works like a normal calculator.

    I suppose I could save some time in the long run by making it an RPN calculator.
    Dan the Tuba ManPosted: 07-25-2002 02:45:35
    Basically, I am really into comparing the transaltion of the bible. Since I do not have a laptop, my Palm must suffice. There is a Palm app called "Bible Reader" that supports and supplies multiple version of the bible. There are about 30 versions in all with more to come. I want to have all of them with me at all times so that I can study, research, and compare the translation of the bible.

    The bible takes up a lot of space, surprisingly. Right now, I can only fit 4 on my meager 8MB of ram. With the extra space, I plan on putting a dictionary, a theasaurus, and books.

    I use my Palm everyday for various reasons and it has become as important as my PC.
    RStefan01Posted: 07-25-2002 03:06:39
    I use my Palm everyday for various reasons

    Me too.. me too.

    I think I'll at that one to the random quotes when I feel like it ;)
    cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 07-25-2002 04:03:46
    I think I'll at that one to the random quotes when I feel like it
    atting and sattrating is important..
    Dan the Tuba ManPosted: 07-25-2002 08:51:29
    My 56K modem is going to explode!

    I have internet connection sharing with 5 PCS all doing a windows uodate at the same time!

    I miss the days of broadband.
    RStefan01Posted: 07-25-2002 08:53:52
    Yeah, those were the days.

    (Remembers that he's downloading Minority Report.)

    Well, you get the idea.
    Dan the Tuba ManPosted: 07-25-2002 18:55:36
    Minority report was a good movie. Although, I thought how they "saw the future" was just stupid. Especially how they played it off. The first instance the audience ( in the theater I was at ) encoutered the "pre-cogs" floating in a tub while one said "murrrrrderrrr" a lot of chuckles could be heard throughout the audience as well as groans.
    kwerkeyPosted: 07-27-2002 20:36:37
    I'm tired.
    BandWidthPosted: 07-27-2002 20:50:25
    Your belief system is flawed.
    cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 07-27-2002 21:34:27
    And I take back all those bad means things I said.
    Psycho Sam!Posted: 07-30-2002 00:02:54
    XesonPosted: 08-02-2002 16:55:45
    I just spent 5 days in the hospital for kidney failure.  Now I have to quit smoking, cut back on drinking caffeine, and make other great changes to my life. 

    Life is so much fun.\n\n

    kwerkeyPosted: 08-02-2002 20:11:28
    That really sucks.  I'm sorry to hear that.
    MistressBluePosted: 08-02-2002 20:38:46
    Quote (Xeson @ Aug. 03 2002, 09:55)
    I just spent 5 days in the hospital for kidney failure.  Now I have to quit smoking, cut back on drinking caffeine, and make other great changes to my life. 

    Life is so much fun.

    Hope your feeling better.
    I have been in for similar reasons but mine was caused by my high blood pressure and some pain killers I was taking at the time.

    Your just going to have to remember your body has to last you quite some time yet and look after it.
    DebtAngelPosted: 08-02-2002 22:48:09
    Wow dude, here's to a speedy recovery.

    I find it interesting you decided to post this in the Random thread though, as opposed to making a dedicated one; this would seem worthy of a new thread, as opposed to, say, OMG I HATE YOU ALL I'M LEAVING NOW by Basin.
    XesonPosted: 08-03-2002 12:42:32
    How's this:

    You caused my my kidneys to fail.  I hate you all and I'm leaving forever.

    But seriously, I have self esteem and don't need attention.

    Thanks for your support.  I hope I get over this fast too.  I'm supposed to be leaving for college in less than a month.

    I went ahead and created a new topic complete with a lot of what happened.\n\n

    kwerkeyPosted: 08-04-2002 03:13:13
    My desktop

    Oh yes.  Multiple monitor powerz.  The one on the right is cropped because that display is set to 1024x768x16 while the left is at 1280x960x32.
    BrawnfirePosted: 08-04-2002 03:35:38
    Why do you have two monitors, and AWESOME
    DebtAngelPosted: 08-04-2002 03:41:19
    Two monitors is teh bomb.

    Failing that, having a desktop and a laptop on the same desk is pretty froody too.
    kwerkeyPosted: 08-04-2002 03:41:30
    Because (a) my Unix machine had a video card in it that wasn't being used (I access it over the network) and (b) we had an extra monitor.

    I suppose I could've left the video card in the Unix machine and hooked the second monitor up to that so I could get actual console access, but what fun is that?
    DebtAngelPosted: 08-04-2002 22:25:28
    I need to get a little something out of my system:



    Thank you.
    BandWidthPosted: 08-05-2002 20:08:23
    If I buy some cheesy little adapter, I could have two monitors.  I have an extra one sitting off in the spare room right now.
    BandWidthPosted: 08-05-2002 20:09:35
    Random fact:  A few minutes ago I caught my brother pissing on the side of our house.  I also found 2 diablo hacks (map and grabit) and a counterstrike hack (open GL) of his.  Rich was sooo right to ban him.\n\n

    The-AtarisPosted: 08-05-2002 20:27:35
    Who was your brother?
    rRaminrodtPosted: 08-06-2002 09:32:49
    I was just reading the Random Quotes thread and I realized that I have no Idea who Jack Handey is beyond a source of funny quotes.  
    I'm kinda curious, is he real or fictional and where do the quotes come from, a newspaper or website?

    (yeah, those of you who know will probably laugh at me, but I don't care :))
    PriNGLeSPosted: 08-06-2002 12:39:12
    It's a Saturday Night Live skit.
    BandWidthPosted: 08-11-2002 20:51:17
    Ravage! (ICQ#28210679) Wrote:
    hey FREAK! fuck any gophers lately?

    Ravage! (ICQ#28210679) Wrote:
    damn those gophers are tight.  I ripped one the  *kills himself over and over again*
    PriNGLeSPosted: 08-12-2002 01:24:50
    There's nothing wrong with map hack, or grabit.

    Rich uses grabit =)
    RStefan01Posted: 08-24-2002 15:11:27
    I got some really strange spam today. At first I thought it was something from Tridus lol

    Want to GET EVEN?

    Right now?

    Then call: 1-900-GET-EVEN (1-900-438-3836) today,
    to hear the world’s most ingenious revenge tips.
    Only $2.99 per minute.

    What are you waiting for?

    You’re only a phone call away!
    cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 08-24-2002 16:26:21
    Hmmm.... I think i'll call that number up ;)
    RStefan01Posted: 08-25-2002 02:17:28
    BandWidthPosted: 08-25-2002 09:37:10
    Quote (PriNGLeS @ Aug. 12 2002, 00:24)
    There's nothing wrong with map hack, or grabit.

    Rich uses grabit =)

    I disagree.

    And when you have a 10-year old kid who doesn't have the slightest clue about scanning things he downloads with an anti-virus program, then there is definately something wrong with it.
    BandWidthPosted: 08-25-2002 12:23:26
    PriNGLeSPosted: 08-25-2002 13:59:05
    Meh, all the diablo 2 hacks that are out there if they are infected with anything, it's going to be Net Devil. Why do I know this? I've scanned so many that I've downloaded.
    BandWidthPosted: 08-25-2002 14:07:06
    What's that all about?  Net Devil?

    I'm sure it's not something I want on my comp.
    cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 08-25-2002 17:12:41
    My brother got the clever idea for finding a program called the dupe hax. The funny thing is it isn't anything remotely close to that. All the program does is drop everything you have. He had 2 stone of jordans, and till this day he is still kicking himself. Sometimes I have to remind him not to use the CD-KEY either. Foolish, foolish children.
    PriNGLeSPosted: 08-25-2002 19:14:16
    Net Devil = trojan
    kwerkeyPosted: 08-25-2002 19:42:05
    Damn fucking script kiddies.
    Where's the fun in clicking a big red "hack" button?
    kwerkeyPosted: 09-13-2002 18:39:06
    Blockquoth the spambot:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have visited and found it is a thoughtfully-designed one with much helpful information but poorly listed in many search engines. It's time to do something. Find a most effective way of advertising, find FULLPROMOTE! Best Service, lowest cost! Fullpromote will instantly submit your website to all the famous searching engines around the world.

    To check our pricelist and submit to 500,000 search engines in the world, go to will try our best to publicize your website.

    Looking forward to your favorable reply.

    Best regards,

    Sales & Marketing

    Hell yeah
    cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 09-13-2002 18:44:12
    I didn't realize there were 500,000 search engins out there :p
    OsirisPosted: 09-13-2002 19:05:43
    There isn't, it's a load of horse shit.

    And after running one of those mass-submit programs, you would be AMAZED how much spam you get.. It's just staggering.  The web firm I used to own did those occasionally for clients, and you'd have to setup a special mailbox just for the occasion, you'd get like 600 messages of spam in about 48 hours
    DebtAngelPosted: 09-20-2002 21:05:51

    This scares me almost, but not quite, as much as the song "Get Your Juices Going" by "Starburst". Yes, like the candy. Damn you for pointing that out, Penny Arcade dude.

    I downloaded it out of mobid curiousity. Bad it is. Very bad.
    cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 09-20-2002 23:47:43
    Don't you just hate it when your working on a website, then for no reason your computer just desides to restart. Now you've got to make all the content all over again...

    That was like the first time in maybe a year my computer just restarted on it's own.

    So umm one more thing...

    Do you concider it wierd if a chick at school wants to play the note game while you pass a sheet of paper, then she mensions something about "whats with guys and there tool"...

    I simply replied "no comment"

    She called me a pussy ???
    RStefan01Posted: 09-20-2002 23:48:50
    Now you've got to make all the content all over again...

    Since when do you make content for your web sites? If anything, this sounds like an excuse for not having content :)
    cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 09-20-2002 23:54:00
    Meh... i'm not mensioning a lot about it right now... I want to get it done, but I took a bit of what eskarel(sp?) said about my sites, and well all I can say is, your in for a suprise.
    MistressBluePosted: 09-22-2002 18:53:41
    I find this disturbing.

    AMD Palladium To Include M$ Security

     September 20th, 2002 - by Andrew Charnley - 4 comments  

    Another stage in Microsoft's five-year plan to control our PCs and the Internet will kick off early next year with the launch of Advanced Micro Devices' latest chip, Opteron, aimed at business uses.

    The new microprocessor, which will run both existing 32-bit applications and specially recompiled 64-bit programs, will support "Palladium", a set of security and privacy features Microsoft is building into its products. Both AMD and Microsoft are members of the Trusted Computing Platform Alliance (TCPA), a cabal of 170 product makers developing a uniform approach to security and copyright protection. AMD has been working on the "trusted client" approach with Wave Systems Corp for two years.

    AMD's chips will increase the security of those accessing programs and the Internet, says company marketer Patrick Moorhead. But it will also refuse to play certain content if it is not digitally signed by Microsoft or an authorised party. For the end-to-end security features to work as envisioned by the TCPA, all parties along the network chain must build in complementary security features. Chips from the likes of AMD and Intel will only decode information, such as audio and video, if it comes with an unlocking key. Hard-drive makers will make drives that won't record certain types of information, and so on. It is envisaged that once the TCPA system is fully functioning, our PCs would quietly report to authorities any unauthorised content on our machines. PCs and other devices would also refuse to play content, such as a music CD, tied to another device, and may be instructed by a remote server to delete information from the owner's hard drive.

    Moorhead, AMD's vice-president of consumer advocacy, dismisses consumer complaints that the ever-tightening noose designed to stop online piracy, known as Digital Rights Management (DRM), will erode existing rights. But he says AMD believes that these technologies should be "opt-in" - that the user should control it - not government mandates. Hollywood and the music industry are lobbying hard to make DRM mandatory in all new devices, and existing laws here and in the US make it a crime to switch it off.

    Moorhead says the end user has been "unfairly branded" as a thief, and he believes most people would buy content online if it was available but it is being held back by a skittish film and recording industry. But Dan Bricklin, computing pioneer and co-developer of the world's first popular spreadsheet, VisiCalc, says attempts to copy-protect works are a "simple fix" to preserve out-dated business models.

    Further, he wrote, using legislation to bolster technological methods would be "bad for society", hobbling technology. "Copy protection, like poor environment and chemical instability before it for books and works of art, looks to be a major impediment to preserving our cultural heritage."

    Reported by theage (australia).

    Where I got it from.
    cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 09-22-2002 20:30:19
    How sad, and I thought amd was the last of the computer companies that was actually sane...
    kwerkeyPosted: 09-22-2002 23:06:16
    I don't know how this can possibly work.  It's going to disallow things that are perfectly legal under fair use, and people are going to complain.  This involves home users as well as people who know what they're doing.  When Joe User tries to make a mix CD and the computer won't let him, he's not going to be very happy.
    OsirisPosted: 09-22-2002 23:39:39
    Yeah, it's a bunch of nonsense, and once consumers get a taste of it, everyone involved is going to get stung.
    OsirisPosted: 09-22-2002 23:51:49
    Actually, there is a lot of conflicting information going around and it's hard to know which is right.  Read the FAQ on the system.

    Are we even talking about the same thing?  Their FAQ just talks about opt-in ways to verify the integrity of the OS and BIOS and other things.
    TermPosted: 09-23-2002 12:19:23
    239999 hits on the main page.

    that is all
    El cazadorPosted: 09-25-2002 14:02:06
    I don't get the "This is CNN" quote by James Earl Jones.  Is there supposed to be an obscure joke on that or what?
    TermPosted: 09-25-2002 14:35:30
    I'm not sure. Maybe it's just a popular phrase?
    BrawnfirePosted: 09-25-2002 15:56:59
    Uhm...  in that Simpson's episode, I think...
    The-AtarisPosted: 09-25-2002 17:16:39
    I watch CNN all the time, I never heard him say it.

    Chevelle is godly. Get the CD "Point #1".

    That is all.
    undertowPosted: 09-25-2002 17:38:41
    I have too much tea.


    someone.. help.. me...
    MistressBluePosted: 09-25-2002 17:49:14
    You stopped going to the meetings didnt you Rob. I told you. You must admit you have a problem first then attend alllll the meetings.
    undertowPosted: 09-25-2002 17:50:51
    OsirisPosted: 09-26-2002 07:54:03
    See, I'm a coffee lover myself.. I roast my own coffee fresh every evening in the garage, and every morning I brew up a strong pot of Kenyan or some Zimbabway peaberry or if I feel like splurging, a little Kona.  But one thing remains constant, you drink what you roast within a couple days because after a day or two of roasting, all coffees beging to break down due to exposure to oxygen and they become stale.  The difference between two-day old coffee and a week old coffee is very much noticable.

    Now my understanding with tea is that it is less succeptable to exposure to oxygen, but if you can, you should still try to use the loose-leaf kind as it minimizes exposure and surface area until right when you are ready to drink it.  It looks like you have a little of both kinds in there, although I can't be certain.
    OsirisPosted: 09-26-2002 08:47:03
    JEFFK's guide to warcraft 3
    El cazadorPosted: 09-26-2002 11:29:28
    We've got this company up in Chiriquí province who makes and exports good coffee.  I'm told they've got an ISO 9000 quality standard and are very close to getting another for environment treatment or some such.   My old boss's father used to work there.

    Fun thing is they only export.  They don't sell that locally.  And among their buyers is Starbucks, and we don't have any Starbucks around here, so we don't get to taste good stuff that comes from our own soil.  :(

    Doesn't affect me since I don't drink coffee, but on principle it sucks!
    The-AtarisPosted: 09-26-2002 12:16:46
    OsirisPosted: 09-26-2002 12:20:58
    Hey, do you know of the name of the farm?  I may have some here!
    OsirisPosted: 09-26-2002 12:24:37
    Is it from Hartmann Farm, aka "Songbird"? I know Hartmann farm is in Chirqui.. If that's the place, I've had some about six months (I don't have any now).  If I remember, it was a very clean coffee and all around delicious. I think they even won some awards
    OsirisPosted: 09-26-2002 12:27:37
    I found a website about them
    kwerkeyPosted: 09-29-2002 19:48:38
    Tomorrow, RStefan01 and Bandwidth reach 1000 days of joinage to the forum.

    EDIT:  And Gunslinger, and Crazieman, and BSS, of course.\n\n

    ()ver(V)indPosted: 10-01-2002 11:11:07
    WOOHOO for them.

    even though that was yesterday
    1001 DAYS!!!

    ()ver(V)indPosted: 10-01-2002 11:13:05
    I woke up sick this morning.

    Not only that, I woke up to the delightful sound of my cell ringing

    Tragically, the voice on the other end was wondering why I was 30 minutes late for practice.

    It really wasn't the best morning.

    To compesate, I'm not going to class today, ostensibly, I'm resting to relieve my illness.
    ()ver(V)indPosted: 10-01-2002 11:13:35
    Realistically, I'm just gonna spam some forums, and play GTA3
    ()ver(V)indPosted: 10-01-2002 11:14:12
    but hey, at least it makes a good excuse to skip Linear Algebra
    ()ver(V)indPosted: 10-01-2002 11:14:53
    as for Structured programming, I don't need an excuse to skip that.
    ()ver(V)indPosted: 10-01-2002 11:15:29
    I wonder if I can legitimately hit 75 posts today?
    ()ver(V)indPosted: 10-01-2002 11:48:49
    actually, at this rate, I could do it by 3 o'clock
    ()ver(V)indPosted: 10-01-2002 14:36:32
    This forum is REALLY dead today.

    C'mon people, where are ya?
    psychodrummerPosted: 10-01-2002 15:01:55
    Unlike you, Mr. sick and spammy, the rest of us have school and work to attend to.  Although on a whole this forum seems to be not very active.  More like a low to medium level of activity all the time.
    Psycho Sam!Posted: 10-01-2002 21:53:20
    I'm being layed off on Friday and I couldn't be happier!

    *dances with glee*
    The-AtarisPosted: 10-01-2002 22:05:06
    I worked 13 hours today. I'm tired.
    EoduinPosted: 10-02-2002 13:26:29
    "Once, I, Protoss_King_, realized that the gorillas' lackluster performance exceeded my eyes, sexually. But, they were eating year-old round cheese that just fell onto my aunt's bum, although they are really poor, which causes them severe hatred towards feminists who are gigantically inclined to dramatically increase their lemon-flavored pudding. When Rich began to go toward the moose, named Eustace, it denied Venereal Disease, and licked Big Z's manly elbow. Then, it excreted hormones into undertow's left bum. Moreso, I have discussed our policy on the rather nasty influence of foul-mouthed communists. Yet, them pretzels ain't too sticky for Tridus, who gots the pretzels in SM_007's nekked, salad-covered elephant. Even today, he touched John's sweaty neck and then Dave ate Tridus' elbow, but without sin-related apples. Boobs make euphoric poker chips! Buddha said, while teaching coeds how to hand- wash boobies, 'My god has died!!!!!' Nevertheless, he still wanted pretzels covered with pudding. The end." - Word by word story by various forumers
    TermPosted: 10-02-2002 14:39:40
    I remember that one. I contributed one or two words.

    MistressBluePosted: 10-03-2002 18:33:28
    Go Australia.
    Canadia didnt do too badly either.
    But Melbourne sucks. Its weather is crappy. It rains way too much down there.

    Melbourne 'world's best city'
    By Paul Mulvey in London
    October 04, 2002

    MELBOURNE has been rated the best city in the world to call home.

    In a survey of 130 cities, the Economist Intelligence Unit rated Melbourne and Vancouver in Canada as the best cities in the world in which to live.

    Perth ranked third and Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide tied in eighth place.

    Papua New Guinea's capital Port Moresby was rated the worst.

    The London-based EIU assessed the level of hardship for expatriates in the 130 cities, focussing on 12 factors including housing, education, recreational activities and climate.

    Melbourne's weather prevented it earning a perfect score of zero, so the Victorian capital and Vancouver scored one point, Perth two and Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane were all on four.

    Sydneysiders won't agree, but Melbourne's weather, based on humidity rather than rain and temperature, was adjudged better.

    And while Sydney received a near-perfect score in all categories, a high level of violent crime, on a par with New York and London, cost it points.

    "Really we found very little wrong with Melbourne, it's just about the perfect city," said Bill Ridgers, editor of the EIU's Cost of Living survey.

    "It got a perfect score in every single category we looked at, apart from slight faults in its humidity and the availability of recreational activities, but that's really splitting hairs."

    Cities were rated on a five-point scale in the 12 categories, with five indicating extreme hardship.

    Sydney earned a two for violent crime, the same as New York and London, while Port Moresby scored five.

    Melbourne received 1.1 for recreational activities, falling down on the availability of concerts and theatre, while Sydney earned one. Perth received the lowest score of the five Australian cities surveyed.

    The survey was split into three categories with the health and safety section rating the threat of violent crime, the threat posed by terrorism or armed conflict and a health and disease assessment.

    Culture and environment looked at the availability of nightclubs, restaurants, sporting events, sporting facilities, theatres, cinemas and concerts, as well as studying climate, levels of corruption and the availability of consumer goods and services.

    The infrastructure section ranked transport, housing, education and utilities.

    Ridgers said although the survey was based on expats' experiences, all the factors were broad enough to apply to locals as well.

    London was joint 44th on 13 points along with Hong Kong, Lisbon, Madrid and San Francisco, while New York (16 points) was 52nd, equal with Dublin.

    Canada performed strongly with Toronto equal fourth with Vienna, Geneva and Zurich, while Montreal joined Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Oslo in eighth and Calgary was ranked 16th.

    New Zealand cities Auckland and Wellington were both ranked 24th.


    EskarelPosted: 10-03-2002 22:54:35
    I was born in Melbourne ya know. It wasn't so bad, you never needed to bother checking the weather report because 99 times out of a 100 it was going to rain and the hundreth time you were too pleased to be upset about any lack of prediction.
    DebtAngelPosted: 10-09-2002 17:44:28

    I just goy phpPgAdmin running...on my iBook. ph33r t3h l33tn355.

    Feels like UNIX, tastes like candy.
    ßetaMantisPosted: 10-10-2002 01:22:51
    Eh, I used to post somewhere around fifty a day on certain days of the week a year ago.  That's why I've got this ludicrous post count that beats people who've been from around here since "the beginning", whenever that was.
    RStefan01Posted: 10-10-2002 05:32:45
    January 2000, as far as post counts and registration dates are concerned. I really don't know how long ago it was that I had my first forum up here. It was similar to the Rubber Room, with the same threading style and no user registration required. It wasn't too long after the birth of the War Room though.
    TridusPosted: 10-10-2002 09:19:45
    Don't know why I was browsing it today, but does anybody remember this?

    Damn that was a fun time.
    DebtAngelPosted: 10-10-2002 10:38:03

    Yes, yes it was. :)
    TridusPosted: 10-10-2002 13:39:19
    That whole first election campaign is full of great stuff. Maybe I should build a compilation of it.


    ßetaMantisPosted: 10-11-2002 00:42:13
    The great thing about Stef's post count is that there's a number of time he's "annexed" thousands of posts unto his count, when accounts are deleted, for example.

    Not to demean his accomplishment or anything.
    RStefan01Posted: 10-11-2002 01:23:55
    I doubt it's even a hundred posts. Basin's post count was the only big boost, and I removed that and readded it to his account when I recreated it.
    smacintyrePosted: 10-11-2002 01:51:34
    We should all become one with Rstefan01 and he will lord over his lone netscape while millions of souls cry out "release me! release me!".
    ()ver(V)indPosted: 10-24-2002 18:18:43
    I finally took some action re: the shittiness of my classes at present.
    Spanish... dropped
    Math... skipped
    Java... skipped
    Honors Seminar... I go when something's due.

    tragically, this seems to have absolutely NO effect on my grades.

    As for next semester...
    easy solution, transfer to a different school in the university, and switch majors!
    I'm now an Information Systems Operations Management Major in the School of Business Administration.

    my new and improved second semester schedule.

    ENGL106 Writing II (they made me, I swear) Wednesday 6-8:30
    HONR102/D102 History of the Development of Western Thought Lecture/Discussion  MWF12:30-1:20 + TTh 10-11:15
    ISOM247 Computer Concepts and Applications W 2:30-5
    PHED174 Weight Training MW 11:30-12:20 (nice GPA floater, I know the prof)
    THEO195 Intro to Islam TTh 1-2:15

    16 hours, and not one of 'em looks that hard.
    plus, only one class on Friday, two on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

    I'm hoping this'll be the last semester of Friday class period, the business school here doesn't have Friday classes, and the only reason I'm in one is for that Honors seminar, which isn't required, but it fulfills about a third of the honors requirements.
    TridusPosted: 10-24-2002 19:02:09
    "Information Systems Operations Management Major"

    What the fuck is that?
    ()ver(V)indPosted: 10-24-2002 19:04:14
    it's like a computer/business major.

    Essentially I graduate, and demand money.
    Well, that's the theory anyhow.
    The-AtarisPosted: 10-24-2002 20:42:21
    I'm more in demand then you.

    I'm the beer man. People love me.
    DebtAngelPosted: 10-24-2002 21:20:06
    Information Systems Operation Management

    Information Systems = the database.
    Operations = I use the database, I don't build it.
    Management = I get to have pointy hair.

    Okay, I'm lost too. I'm not sure what tangible benefit's going to come out of the course.

    *reads parent post*
    School for Business Adminsitration? Is that like DeVry?
    ()ver(V)indPosted: 10-25-2002 00:07:38
    SBA=Loyola University-Chicago School of Business Administration.

    As opposed to the Loyola University-Chicago College of Arts & Sciences, which is what I've been in for the past 3 months.

    in theory I'll graduate with a B.B.A. rather than a B.S., or if I'm crazy, I can get both, but I'm not feeling quite that insane, especially since it would require taking absolutely NO elective classes for the next 3 and a half years, and while I like computers, and I'm not opposed to business, I'd like to fit in a few personal interest classes along the way.

    DeVry is teh suck
    and as for pointy haired, yeah sometimes, depends on my mood.
    (Yeah, I know it's a Dilbert reference)

    *EDIT version 2.0*
    The purpose of the major is more for management than IT, the ideal is that you have a management type that understands enough about the technology that he's NOT the PHB from Dilbert.\n\n

    OsirisPosted: 10-25-2002 11:30:20
    No offense, but it always seemed to me that if you need to take a class on being a good manager, you probably aren't going to be one.   That sort of thing, in my opinion, is based upon a foundation of sound personal experience and requires a level of self-awareness and empathy that a class simply cannot teach.
    ()ver(V)indPosted: 10-25-2002 11:52:07
    I don't feel that I particularly need a class for management, however to get a business major, which is currently my intention and makes it hella easier to get a management level job, I'm required to take classes in management, the track I'm on only requires one or two "management" classes anyhow, most of the ones in the major are more business in general, ie. accounting, economics etc. (again, I understand most of that stuff without taking a class for 'em, but I've got to take them to get the degree.)  And there's a fair number of computer type classes involved, I'm doin Java now, then I've gotta do some web-development stuff, database management and such.  Plus some random classes I'm throwing in just for shits and giggles.
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