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RStefan01Posted: 12-29-2000 04:26:43
Instead of banning half a dozen people, and not saying anything about it, like I really feel like doing right now, I'm instead going to make this thread about it, and actually give somewhat of a reason behind it.

Sid6.9: Spamming 90+ messages, all the same. (Banned for some time now)

DurinBrown16: He was banned for spamming. All he was doing was constantly posting one line posts with some idiotic comment in them, and he was posting them faster than even I could keep up with. (Note that he was already banned for a couple days now)

PeEpeRs: One of the most noticable things is that he constantly harasses kwerkey, you can see that much just from his signature. Then there's also the fact that almost everyone one of his posts is insulting in one way or another.

There's probably more people deserving of being banned, and don't worry, I'll find you eventually. If I ban you, chances are that you'll stay banned until you convince me of why I should give you forum access back. I'm not going to just suddenly decide that you've learned your lesson and let you back in. You don't ask, you don't get back in. Period.
TermPosted: 12-29-2000 13:15:22
wow i didn't notice peepers being banned at first. When did this happen?
MaverickPosted: 12-29-2000 13:23:32
10:26 am on Dec. 29, 2000
TermPosted: 12-29-2000 13:28:10
I see, then.
3 hours ago!?
Doesn't make sense
MaverickPosted: 12-29-2000 13:34:42
that time is in GMT
RStefan01Posted: 12-29-2000 16:25:26
He was banned at the same time I made that post =p
MaverickPosted: 12-29-2000 16:30:13
thus deeming it, "10:26 am on Dec. 29, 2000"

RStefan01Posted: 12-29-2000 16:32:42
My way of saying it was less stupid =p

Not everyone is set to GMT, I know I'm not.
MaverickPosted: 12-29-2000 16:34:21
10:26 GMT am on Dec. 29, 2000
El cazadorPosted: 12-29-2000 17:45:26
My watch says 6:41 p.m.  I think that makes me "eastern".  In my little third world country, that's just "the time".

El cazador
TermPosted: 12-29-2000 17:50:47
Yes, that does indeed make you "eastern", i'm one hour behind you, and i'm "central"
MaverickPosted: 12-29-2000 18:37:56
im in EST too, biznitch!
RStefan01Posted: 12-29-2000 18:42:12
... you're not too bright if you think this is a good thread to post pointless crap on.
MaverickPosted: 12-29-2000 18:54:15
*walks away with hands in pockets and whislting*
lil bo shepherdPosted: 12-29-2000 19:05:28
Since when is there a problem with insulting people?

Did kwerkey start sucking your dick again or something?
RStefan01Posted: 12-29-2000 19:05:37
Hey, if you want me to ban you, just ask.

In non-idotic, on topic news, PeEpeRs is no longer banned, because he talked me into unbanning him =p

The first comment was to Maverick. As for lil bo, he just got himself banned. I really don't care for stupidity like that.

MaverickPosted: 12-29-2000 19:11:21
"Hey, if you want me to ban you, just ask."

am i doing anything bannable?
82-1002268893Posted: 12-29-2000 19:13:49
Richard. you've become a neo nazi administrator and need help.   the #### with this. if you all wanna talk to me on icq fine.  but I'll be here less often than before and i'll slowly post less and less in a gradual attempt to leave.
RStefan01Posted: 12-29-2000 19:14:22
Just the fact that you need to ask that question is a good enough reason.
BandWidthPosted: 12-29-2000 19:14:26
At least he didn't say he was leaving.
BandWidthPosted: 12-29-2000 19:15:06
Quote: from RStefan01 on 1:14 am on Dec. 30, 2000
Just the fact that you need to ask that question is a good enough reason.

That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
PeepersPosted: 12-29-2000 19:20:29

The funny thing is...lil bo is proud of getting rich mad...unlike everyone else that got banned.
RStefan01Posted: 12-29-2000 19:23:46
Richard. you've become a neo nazi administrator and need help.

I predicted to MistressBlue undertow that the above comment would be made, and of course I was right.

(doh, got confused on that one, because this morning I was talking to both of them about this)

That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Start talking to yourself, you might be amazed at what you hear.

82-1002268893Posted: 12-29-2000 19:28:13
Fuck man. go back to school. Your brain doesn't work at all.

"Am I doing anything bannable?"

"The fact you asked that is reason enough."

Basicly acting in a satisfactory manner is an offence.

I've seen and heard from some stupid people, but you take the cake.   You take a #### of a lot more than the cake actually.

Me and my dad are both laughing at this. He thinks your an idiot too.

BandWidthPosted: 12-29-2000 19:30:14
I'm cooler than anybody.  Can you taste my l33tness?
82-1002268893Posted: 12-29-2000 19:31:41
I have a giant penis.  Step up ladies.
PeepersPosted: 12-29-2000 19:31:46
I taste...cherry pie...yum...
BandWidthPosted: 12-29-2000 19:32:54
You know what?  I strongly agree with your value systems.  In fact, everybody here makes me sick.

You're all a bunch of sick bastards!
82-1002268893Posted: 12-29-2000 19:33:09
More like oneof those chicken pot pies that are filled with clam chouder.   you know. those cool microwavable pies?  I make the filling.
MistressBluePosted: 12-29-2000 19:33:52
Peepers deserved to be banned he was being a pain in the ass last night.
82-1002268893Posted: 12-29-2000 19:33:55
Lets have a religous debate.

I think your diety's suck anus.  What do you say to that?
BandWidthPosted: 12-29-2000 19:34:58
But Ravage, a religious debate would take this thread off topic.  We should move that into a whole new thread.
82-1002268893Posted: 12-29-2000 19:35:17
Peepers is l33t.

I have elephantitus.
RStefan01Posted: 12-29-2000 19:41:32
Well, I banned Ravage! and BandWidth for spamming up my thread, and unbanned lil bo since he asked nicely.

I like how I said in the original post that I didn't want to end up banning half the forum, but since everyone's being idiots, I guess it's going to happen anyway.
lil bo shepherdPosted: 12-29-2000 19:43:13
ya i asked real nicely...

PeepersPosted: 12-29-2000 19:45:55
Sue, what did i do to you lastnight?
MaverickPosted: 12-29-2000 19:50:04

(Edited by Maverick at 1:51 am on Dec. 30, 2000)

lil bo shepherdPosted: 12-29-2000 19:51:11
I wanna know too!

and tell the details

*rise my mage of sosarius*
MistressBluePosted: 12-29-2000 19:59:35
Nothing personally Peepers. It was the fact that every post you made was inane bullshit and could of been left unsaid.
Ok I'm happy for people to post shit. #### i hate it when its always serious in here but when the bullshit outways the  intelligence it gets too much.
RStefan01Posted: 12-29-2000 20:06:18
A couple people said that I should unban BandWidth, though I'd just like to point out that it wouldn't accomplish much since he changed his password to a long string of random characters, so he apparently doesn't want to be here anyway.
PeepersPosted: 12-29-2000 20:11:17
Lol...ok good.  I was hoping not to insult an aussie ever in my life.  I know abotu 30 of you kind people and everyone of ya likes me!
TermPosted: 12-29-2000 20:51:06
LoL i was laughing so hard at the beginning of this thread i accidentally kicked out my monitor plug so everything went black =0
but nonetheless, you don't post things like 'Richard fucks donkeys' if you're not prepared to be banned. Well if you do, then you're mentally retarded. Oh well, back to the more serious threads.
80-1002268887Posted: 12-29-2000 20:53:42
Umm Peepers, that's a very strange comment.

"I know about 30 of 'your kind of people'. and all of you like me"?

Think about what you say before you say it.
RStefan01Posted: 12-29-2000 20:54:33
This is supposed to be one of the more serious threads, and he new it and was an ####### in spite of that fact. That's why he got banned, and is also why I don't plan on unbanning him.

(Him and ####### both referring to Ravage! the Uberspaz, of course)
TermPosted: 12-29-2000 20:55:29
and you say you're doing bad in german ;)
PeepersPosted: 12-29-2000 20:56:54
I didh't say your kind of people, i said you kind people.  read f00
RStefan01Posted: 12-29-2000 20:58:48
I wish that I had somewhat of an artistic talent and a scanner. I'd draw a picture of Ravage! wearing a nazi uniform and calling me a nazi moderator at the same time. It'd be fun.
TermPosted: 12-29-2000 21:00:14
Why, i have a little bit of both =)
My moms an artist and i have a straight A in art
My scanner works on sometimes, granted that i find the plug-in sometime.
MaverickPosted: 12-29-2000 21:00:33
sorry sam, you were just killed
lil bo shepherdPosted: 12-29-2000 21:00:42
No it wouldnt.


Ma- no it wouldnt.
TermPosted: 12-29-2000 21:00:52
By my mom being an artist i meant that it's in the blood, not that my mom could draw the picture for me.
PeepersPosted: 12-29-2000 21:01:45
Ill make one for you!

Just so you guy sknow...i can't draw at a math boi not a artistic boi.
MaverickPosted: 12-29-2000 21:03:31
i thought you were a qb "boi"

and btw, wtf is "boi"

I thought you were on such a higher intellectual level than everyone else, and now your trying to be "cute"?
TermPosted: 12-29-2000 21:03:43
Could you get me a picture of Ravage? or should i maybe just draw hitler?
MaverickPosted: 12-29-2000 21:05:27
hitler ownz j00!
RStefan01Posted: 12-29-2000 21:05:48
I think Ravage! *is* Hitler.

You know.. none of this mess would have ever happened if Maverick just would have said "GMT" the first time he replied to Terminus.. then I would have never jokingly picked on him, and Ravage! would have never spazzed out. (He probably would have spazzed out over something else)
MaverickPosted: 12-29-2000 21:08:47
PeepersPosted: 12-29-2000 21:09:15
I finished my 1 min it will be here as my new sig!
RStefan01Posted: 12-29-2000 21:10:47
That's right Maverick, it's all your fault. Make sure to take this message 110.8% seriously, or you'll die a horrible death somehow related to Richard Simmons.
TermPosted: 12-29-2000 21:11:20
Be sure to add "DIE EVIL WKERY" somewhere in the corner. I made one using my computer and i'm uploading it right now.
MaverickPosted: 12-29-2000 21:11:27
*commits suicide*
TermPosted: 12-29-2000 21:16:37
Here it is*, i know it's not as good as a handdrawn picture would be, but i whipped it up in a couple of seconds.

*NOTE: I didn't make this picture because i hate Ravage!, i didn't make it because i like Rich, i made it because i thought it would be funny. If it was any other forumer, i would do the same. Should not be taken personally.
PeepersPosted: 12-29-2000 21:19:52
TermPosted: 12-29-2000 21:20:46
WTF is that?
PeepersPosted: 12-29-2000 21:22:05
Thats what rich wanted.
RStefan01Posted: 12-29-2000 21:22:27
On topic:

Durin's got his forum access back. I'm done picking on him.. for the time being.
TermPosted: 12-29-2000 21:23:27
err... ok.. can you atleast make it smaller? about 1 pixel wide and 1 pixel high? And could you make all the colors the same as the background color to this forum..?
TermPosted: 12-29-2000 21:24:48
Yeah, i think Durin has been banned the longer than most people have now. Well if you count both the times i was banned together, i might be the recordholder..   or wait, no, TerinUnit wins the cookie with never even having posting access.
MaverickPosted: 12-29-2000 21:24:51
PeepersPosted: 12-29-2000 21:25:36
I made this in macroslime.
MaverickPosted: 12-29-2000 21:27:13
my sig owns yours PeEpeRs. I am l33t
RStefan01Posted: 12-29-2000 21:28:51
Psycho Sam!'s signature beats both of yours.
PeepersPosted: 12-29-2000 21:29:16
ya ya ya...but i want it...!!!


And if anyone can figure out what the #### macroslime is ill give you a cookie.
TermPosted: 12-29-2000 21:30:20
macroslime is the color you made your picture in???
PeepersPosted: 12-29-2000 21:33:17

no, its the proggy I made it in.
TossyPosted: 12-29-2000 21:47:29
Hehe ya.  Just like my goat roper picture.

I have nothing against Bill Roper.  Or goats.  Or licking goat butts.

But people on the forum were talking about porn, then goat porn, and i had the urge to breathe life into Goat Roper.
TermPosted: 12-29-2000 21:59:56
LoL what the #### is up with your sig now?
PeepersPosted: 12-29-2000 22:02:48
That is what it will be...that is how i feel at the moment...

I will draw a new sig everytime my mood changes...prolly once a week.
RStefan01Posted: 12-29-2000 22:17:09
Your mood only changes once a week?
80-1002268887Posted: 12-29-2000 22:17:52
He's a very slow individual.
TermPosted: 12-29-2000 22:20:18
one would think.
PeepersPosted: 12-29-2000 22:20:26
No it changes more, but the sig has to get recognized...i figure a week at a shot.  I write down idea's for the next sig when my mood changes.  And shut ur pie crack sam!  j/k

In reality i am very i said in that thread w/lil bo.  I was born high.
TermPosted: 12-29-2000 22:22:19
what's that gun you're holding, anyway?
PeepersPosted: 12-29-2000 22:27:49

i know i fucked up on spelling annhiliation i think(eat me)
RStefan01Posted: 01-07-2001 17:02:25
kwerkey lost his posting access for posting a link to a certain sick image that I'm sure other people have already seen as well as a result of him. I'm not sure if this is going to be a permanent ban or not yet, though I don't have much motivation to unban him anytime soon at any rate.
MaverickPosted: 01-07-2001 17:12:40
I was wandering if you were going to do that
OsirisPosted: 01-07-2001 17:15:58
Do you have a list of rules posted somewhere?  I mean, I understand your point of view, but sometimes I think people are kind of fuzzy on where you draw the line exactly.  At least with set rules, it wouldn't feel as arbritrary.

Just an idea ;)
RStefan01Posted: 01-07-2001 17:19:20
I was wandering if you were going to do that

Haven't we already been over this? If you keep wandering eventually you'll get lost, and then we'd all wonder where you were.

Do you have a list of rules posted somewhere?

Of course not. With set rules I'd probably be expected to enforce them, and that wouldn't be any fun ;)
CraziemanPosted: 01-07-2001 17:22:01
Well that #### picture isn't kind of hard to know you've crossed the line.
OsirisPosted: 01-07-2001 17:35:32

I dunno, I think in aggregate, some of those signatures are more annoying!
TermPosted: 01-07-2001 18:47:29
I've never seen that picture, but once i got REALLY close to seeing it. (was so curious, i pressed the link. Then as soon as i saw hairy skin appear at the top i pressed the Back Button.)
But ya, everyone *has* been talking about that picture for a (long?) while, i figured it was only a matter of time untill the link came out.
RStefan01Posted: 01-07-2001 18:52:29
It's been posted before, but there was a warning by it. (Not that it made it right those times either, I deleted the links)
BevyPosted: 01-07-2001 19:00:12
*still doesnt understand why kwerkey would be in a site with an image like that*
PackheadPosted: 01-07-2001 19:03:50
I say we get someone to hack that server and replace that picture with one that says "No Animal Porn!"
PeepersPosted: 01-07-2001 19:06:14
Or we replace it with a picture of wkery.
PackheadPosted: 01-07-2001 19:08:27
with a giant red X on it saying "no wkery!"
BevyPosted: 01-07-2001 19:08:33
*reads the stuff with bandy and rav, skipping everythign else*

in some ways, i would have to agree that rich is a nazi cockwhore... he'll ban kwerkey for something less than bannable, which is simply posting a stupid link, which rich also erased. im sure most of us here would say you should erase the link, but not ban him. ####, you'll ban kwerkey because he posted somethign *you* didnt like, but you won't ban me when everybody in the whole fucking place wants me banned? thats fucked up you stupid cunt licker.
TermPosted: 01-07-2001 19:08:50
Quote: from PeEpeRs on 1:06 am on Jan. 8, 2001
Or we replace it with a picture of wkery.

the one with him in the diapers?
TermPosted: 01-07-2001 19:10:47
Oooooh Bevy...

*kicks back and watches the show*
PackheadPosted: 01-07-2001 19:11:28
BevyPosted: 01-07-2001 19:15:08
fucking ban me then you cockeater.
TermPosted: 01-07-2001 19:15:47
i'm putting 2 cookies on Bevy getting banned. The pot is now 5 cookies. Place your bets, everyone!

(Edited by TerminusEst at 1:16 am on Jan. 8, 2001)

PackheadPosted: 01-07-2001 19:17:34
*puts in two reese's* lol

terminus'll prbly get that one lol
PeepersPosted: 01-07-2001 19:20:09
Hm, I'll bet you 10 tater tots.
MaverickPosted: 01-07-2001 19:57:44
tater tots own you!
Big ZPosted: 01-07-2001 20:06:26
*Throws in a nickle*  High stakes!!  wheeeeeee
RStefan01Posted: 01-07-2001 20:09:16
If he gets banned, it's going to be for something other than his little third grade insults that he likes to throw around.
MaverickPosted: 01-07-2001 20:21:10
what kinda stuff would it be for? This stuff has to piss you off a little bit...
PeepersPosted: 01-07-2001 20:23:31
No, rich doesnt' mind being called things that aren't true.  Right richie?

Stick and stones may break his bones, but bevy will never hurt him.
RStefan01Posted: 01-07-2001 20:24:37
I'll ban someone if:

1. They spam
2. They do something illegal
3. I feel like it

This stuff has to piss you off a little bit...

What, Bevy's intelligently thought up insults such as "fuck you" and all those other things that take a whole brain cell to think up?
MaverickPosted: 01-07-2001 20:29:09
a lot of Bevy's shit is spam
RStefan01Posted: 01-07-2001 20:32:29
Really, could I see some examples?

(I'll be sure to compare them to your posts, to see if I can ban the both of you then)
PeepersPosted: 01-07-2001 20:35:33
I got an example!

"a lot of Bevy's shit is spam

Thats good evidence.
RStefan01Posted: 01-07-2001 20:36:35
*unbans kwerkey*
Big ZPosted: 01-07-2001 20:38:44
3. I feel like it

Hehe, like the time you banned me for 20 minutes because i was saying I stole the forum?  hahaha, that was fun =P

kwerkeyPosted: 01-07-2001 20:39:18
No, I'm still banned, you need to fix that.
PeepersPosted: 01-07-2001 20:40:20
So its true.  Dreams CAN'T come true.
kwerkeyPosted: 01-07-2001 20:45:25
Sure they can.  My dream is for you to click on this link to goatse
RStefan01Posted: 01-07-2001 20:46:59
That's not funny.
PeepersPosted: 01-07-2001 20:47:38
That picture is in your dreams?
TermPosted: 01-07-2001 20:49:33
LoL i was afraid that might be a real goatsie link at first, heheh
kwerkeyPosted: 01-07-2001 20:49:45
No, your picture is in my dreams.
RStefan01Posted: 01-07-2001 20:51:22
LoL i was afraid that might be a real goatsie link at first, heheh

I would have already deleted it and rebanned kwerkey if it was.
PeepersPosted: 01-07-2001 20:51:33
My picture?  Hm...maybe next time I go to a friends house I'll actually get a pic of myself.  Then you can dream of me with trinitron clerity!
TermPosted: 01-07-2001 20:54:06
*Goes off to dig up some dirt on Bevy*
Ya... I personally don't think i've been spamming more than any other forumer here since my last ban. Sure, i've spammed several times. But so has Rich, so has everyone (maybe even Tridus)
RStefan01Posted: 01-07-2001 20:57:54
The difference is that I'm not going to ban myself, while I don't have much of a problem with banning other people.
PeepersPosted: 01-07-2001 20:59:57
Term:  Tridus?  
RStefan01Posted: 01-07-2001 21:04:08
In my opinion, which is the only one that counts, I don't think anyone has been spamming lately. The last person was Durin, and he was banned for a while as a result.

(All he was doing was replying to threads constantly with pointless one line posts)
TermPosted: 01-07-2001 21:05:28
ya. Everybody here has spammed atleast once (maybe a few exceptions, like people with post counts under 10 [DSHU])

But then there's Tridus. A veteran to this forum who may or may not be a cyborg, never laughs, never cries, never shows human emotion. Tridus is always on-topic and helps people with their problems. Note: This is one of the main reasons why he's not on my Cool-People list. Funny people are the best.
TermPosted: 01-07-2001 21:06:53
Nevermind, Rich killed my post before i even finished typing.
RStefan01Posted: 01-07-2001 21:07:49
You obviously don't pay enough attention to Tridus' posts, only the ones where he's helping people.

People said the same things about me when they only read my posts in the Blizzard tech forum.
PeepersPosted: 01-07-2001 21:09:49
Ya, and rich isn't funny.
TermPosted: 01-07-2001 21:11:01
You gotta commend his tries though
PeepersPosted: 01-07-2001 21:13:11
Its pretty obvious who the funniest person in the forum is.  It's dhsu of course.
BevyPosted: 01-07-2001 21:15:01
so then, from this, id have to conclude that spamming is ok, but constant spamming is what gets you banned?

i like that, considering the recent two times i can think since i registered that ive spammed : "love", which threw the thread right off topic, never to agains resume its original course, and "love", a second attempt at the same thing in another thread which didnt do anything to it.

i wouldnt like it much if you couldn't spam once in a while...

"3. if i feel like it"

well there you go! all i was really looking for was some acknowledgement that your rules can be stupid and not always legitimately fair... but anyways, im off that topic.
CanisLupusPosted: 01-07-2001 23:40:34
*snicker* it's Rich's forum, so banning someone coz he feels like it is hardly stupid or unfair - it's part of the package when you registered for HIS forums.

You don't demand better meals in someone else's house, boy.
BevyPosted: 01-07-2001 23:42:36
he said he was just in his actions.

they said the food was good.

anyways, like i said, im not getting into that anymore.
RStefan01Posted: 01-07-2001 23:44:04
I was just in my actions, because I say so.
CraziemanPosted: 01-08-2001 01:27:56
Correction, I'm the only one who hasn't spammed, or been threatened to be banned =)

Probably because I think like Rich (scary thought)
CeegenPosted: 01-08-2001 01:42:32
I haven't been banned... And I rarely post spam, unless I feel like it. =P

Oh yes, it is 3:45 AM here right now. I am in alantic time zone. I don't know the GMT for that.

I would also like to state that I am older than Peak_Man.
CraziemanPosted: 01-08-2001 01:47:26

I also guage the forum's interest by both the number of replies I make, and the number of threads I've read.

However, I post much less than Tridus, which shows I have less tolerance for lower relevancy of a topic.
TridusPosted: 01-08-2001 08:18:13
You haven't been posting less then me lately, I've been posting very little lately around here.

And I didn't make the cool list... oh... darn. I guess I should go kill myself now.
HawkeyePosted: 01-08-2001 08:39:57
Personally I think i've yet to span here. My humor side of me is very dry, even worse in real life (my humor is also a joke about me at work, taken lightly of course.)

I try to reserve my posts for topics I'm actually interested in. Though I am doing slightly more random since all I do at school is look at this, cwal, and all day.  I need more entertaining sites! =)

School? I mostly read archived CWAL stories, finished the GHWF last week. I' read the GHW soon, probably starting next period.
RStefan01Posted: 01-12-2001 00:49:28
*unbans Ravage!*

*bans Mel Gibson*
BandWidthPosted: 01-12-2001 00:54:23
TossyPosted: 01-12-2001 00:55:38
Fuckin Mel Gibson.  With his money.  And talent.

BandWidthPosted: 01-12-2001 00:57:40
*Goes to bed*

I posted this here because I can.
GunslingerPosted: 01-12-2001 01:37:31
Quote: from RStefan01 on 9:07 pm on Jan. 7, 2001

People said the same things about me when they only read my posts in the Blizzard tech forum.

Yeah. I remember that. I remember when I first got around the post limit, that summer, me and you both attacked the tech forum about everyday. Most of the posts everyday were either by you or me, granted, mostly you. You just had all your autoreponses with QuickList and I was still typing them out.

Every now and then, you say a post by Blizzard Support or  an MVP hiding between ours. It was fun, though I don't remember anyone ever making similar comments about me.
TermPosted: 01-12-2001 08:13:40
If i could get past the posting limit, the world would be a better place =)
TossyPosted: 01-12-2001 10:52:35
The posting limit is ugly.
RStefan01Posted: 01-12-2001 12:28:01
It was fun, though I don't remember anyone ever making similar comments about me.

hehe... well I did spend insane amounts of time in the tech forum. For quite a while I spent a lot more time in the tech forum than in the war room. I remember one time where literally every other post on the first page was by me, that was scary ;)

QuickList was a fun program, especially since I typed much slower back then. I think I spent half of my time posting and the other half deleting cookies and reconnecting to the internet ;)
RStefan01Posted: 01-13-2001 19:54:50
Tridus lost his forum access for putting a link to the same site as kwerkey posted when he got banned in his signature.

(The entire signature was a link, but if you clicked in the right spot, it went to that site instead)
PackheadPosted: 01-13-2001 19:56:38
Never thought I'd see the day tridus would get banned lol

must mean my banning is long overdue? lol
MaverickPosted: 01-13-2001 19:59:41
Quote: from Packhead on 1:56 am on Jan. 14, 2001
Never thought I'd see the day tridus would get banned lol

must mean my banning is long overdue? lol

same here. That's crazy. Why would he do that? How long he stay banned Rich?
RStefan01Posted: 01-13-2001 20:02:29
Until I feel like it, because I can.
MaverickPosted: 01-13-2001 20:21:59
"Why would he do that?"

tha wasnt directed to you, rich. Rather at Tridus.
RStefan01Posted: 01-13-2001 20:24:45
.. and I didn't answer that question, dumbass. What I posted wouldn't even make sense in reply to that question. My post was in response to your question asking how long he was going to be banned. Directing a message to Tridus wouldn't be all that useful, considering the fact that he can't post.
PackheadPosted: 01-13-2001 20:27:07
what if tridus has takin over maverick's brain?
RStefan01Posted: 01-13-2001 20:28:17
Hmm, true.. that wouldn't be much of a task...
Big ZPosted: 01-13-2001 20:28:18
I think he was just clarifying, rich.
PackheadPosted: 01-13-2001 20:31:24
*steals z's duron*  won't affect you Mr Z.. you've gotta wait another week before your little case is there.. muwhahahaa

*slap* don't question the rich..  He has powers beyond your mental grasp..  actually.. not really.. only power is the word "Sexy!"
BevyPosted: 01-13-2001 20:33:19
Crazieman: "im the only one here who hasn't spammed and..."

shut up! everybody here has spammed and there's no way you can say you haven't!
TermPosted: 01-13-2001 22:03:11
Bevy: According to Rich's definition of Spamming, even I haven't spammed since my last ban.
PackheadPosted: 01-13-2001 22:05:39
What exactly is "Rich's defination of spamming"?

Isn't that the "whenever rich thinks it's spam" rule? lol
EskarelPosted: 01-13-2001 22:28:50
Spam : (n) A potted meat food product made by the Hormel  company.
      (v) To send annoying messages with little or no point. ex. This post.
RStefan01Posted: 01-13-2001 22:29:05
Yep, that'd be it.
PackheadPosted: 01-13-2001 22:31:02
like this too?
IkanaPosted: 01-13-2001 23:09:19
Quote: from Crazieman on 7:27 am on Jan. 8, 2001
Correction, I'm the only one who hasn't spammed, or been threatened to be banned =)

Probably because I think like Rich (scary thought)

I've never been threatened to be banned, though I'm sure I pissed Richard off a few times, unintentionally.

I don't think I've ever spammed either. Sure, I've participated in those pointless fun threads, but I don't really think it was ever to the point of spam. I don't even pay attention to my post count. To the best of my knowledge it's somewhere in the mid 400's.
TermPosted: 01-13-2001 23:12:15
or maybe.. 500?
IkanaPosted: 01-13-2001 23:18:38
Hmmm... So it's approaching 500.

Oh well, at least I'm not one of those people who's been here for 3 months and has 2000 posts.
TermPosted: 01-13-2001 23:28:04
1476, thank you very much.
Big ZPosted: 01-13-2001 23:28:57
lol, term =P  I layed off the spamming =P  mr packhead hasnt, he passed me up in posts tonight, but he joined a while after me.  And I was banned once (for 20 mins), because i claimed i had stolen the forum.  lol =P
IkanaPosted: 01-13-2001 23:32:23
Terminus, I wasn't referring to you, and I was exaggerating. The fact that you're almost where I mentioned in my post is kind of... Disturbing.
TermPosted: 01-13-2001 23:32:34
I was banned twice for a few days. And i'm gonna beat rich to the 20,000 mark, i tell'ya!
PackheadPosted: 01-13-2001 23:33:13
Hey, I don't spam!  I've never spamed!  I just post 99% un-intelligent useless crap.. That's not spamming.. spamming is Sending junk posts to the board.  My posts aren't junk, they just aren't usefull.

And it's not my fault you don't know howto use the post button z :p
TermPosted: 01-13-2001 23:34:30
i think i've been here longer than 3 months though.
Atleast that's what i like to think =P
RStefan01Posted: 01-13-2001 23:34:51
If you keep annoying me, then your posts will be considered spam =p
TermPosted: 01-13-2001 23:35:36
And you damned well better like it, too.
So smile, bastard, there's nothing you can do about it
So just let it be.
PackheadPosted: 01-13-2001 23:50:28
Well fine I see how it is!  *Leaves* And im not coming back till tomorrow!  That is once I go post the link to my new desktop :p
OsirisPosted: 01-14-2001 11:12:56
I didn't think anyone else noticed that extra link in the signature!  

I caught it before he set the font tags to cover up the active/visited link coloring. :b
RStefan01Posted: 01-14-2001 12:14:58
Well, thanks for not pointing it out just like everyone else here.
TermPosted: 01-14-2001 17:49:02
there's something wrong here
on the threadlist, it says Osiris made the last post. But rich did. Hmmmmmmm... ^_~
TermPosted: 01-14-2001 17:49:45
Oh, what do ya know, i fixed the problem by posting ^_^
PackheadPosted: 01-14-2001 17:52:09
or maybe you didn't since you posted twice in a row?  Therefore, if it puts the poster of the person before you, it'd be yourself which really didn't fix anything then.
kwerkeyPosted: 01-14-2001 18:12:24
It's because that between the time you downloaded the threadlist and loaded this page, Rich made his post.  It's not complicated.
RStefan01Posted: 01-16-2001 21:02:15
*gives Tridus' posting access back*
RStefan01Posted: 01-19-2001 15:27:01
Since people are constantly doing things that I find annoying, and I know I'd get bitched at if I just banned a lot of random people, I've decided to instead make a nice long list of strict rules for the forum, and how long you lose posting access for breaking them.

I've got a feeling that once that's done, this thread is going to become a lot more active.
EskarelPosted: 01-19-2001 17:38:40
That doesn't sound like any fun. :(
kwerkeyPosted: 01-19-2001 17:57:40
You mean.....there's going to be some sort of order in here?

EskarelPosted: 01-19-2001 18:12:07
*Fears the order*
XelPosted: 01-19-2001 18:32:41
*feels the order's boobs*
RStefan01Posted: 01-19-2001 19:26:04
This all depends on whether or not I actually feel like writing and enforcing rules, which I probably wouldn't do anyway ;)
TermPosted: 01-19-2001 19:27:46
A rule-list would be sortah funkayh tho.

RULE # 18: Bats (^-^) are grounds for immediate termination.
laborat[TG]Posted: 01-19-2001 20:31:06
My recommendation would be to set up 7 sets of rules, each random, vague, and even unfair...I would then code in a random scattering of each sets of rules per day of the week, and do auto ban based on that fact it could put some fun back in the forum as all of us try to figure out what would get us banned...a sort of verbal kickball...
certainly no one should ever know what the rules are, that way if they complain you could always lie and say there are no rules...then again without rules anything goes, but most of the peeps in here don't realize that works both ways...
RStefan01Posted: 01-23-2001 16:39:28
Protoss_King has lost forum access for the next two weeks (until February 6th) for posting the url of the same site that's gotten a couple other people banned now. It was posted as "hidden text" at the end of a post he made.
RStefan01Posted: 01-27-2001 20:28:04
I've given Sid6.9 his posting access back.
MaverickPosted: 01-27-2001 20:52:51
Quote: from RStefan01 on 5:39 pm on Jan. 23, 2001
Protoss_King has lost forum access for the next two weeks (until February 6th) for posting the url of the same site that's gotten a couple other people banned now. It was posted as "hidden text" at the end of a post he made.

The thread on the ols site power up forum that was named "Groovez" had this in it?
RStefan01Posted: 01-27-2001 20:56:54
You asked why he was banned, that's the reason.
Mr 8)Posted: 01-27-2001 21:05:22

Banning's the hot new thing! When can I get banned!? *puts on some shades, strikes a pose*
MaverickPosted: 01-27-2001 21:07:20
Quote: from Xel on 7:32 pm on Jan. 19, 2001
*feels the order's boobs*


Thats what makes this forum unique
RStefan01Posted: 01-27-2001 23:49:50
I unbanned Protoss_King_ so he could post on the Bevy thread, since he probably knows more about Bevy than most of us ;)
CraziemanPosted: 01-27-2001 23:56:36
I performed a citizen's ban on Bandwidth...
BandWidthPosted: 01-28-2001 00:07:27
So did I.
RStefan01Posted: 01-28-2001 02:01:25
Bevy has lost his posting access for putting code in his signature that made threads look incredibly annoying and not fixing it after being asked multiple times. The ban will last for one month and be over on February 28.

This is the longest ban I've ever handed out, but it's been a long time coming =p
Sid6.9Posted: 01-28-2001 02:04:27
But I thought he did fix it?  Or did you do it for him?

OMFG, I'm sticking up for Beverly? What's wrong with me?
RStefan01Posted: 01-28-2001 02:06:42
I deleted his entire signature, it was still there when I went to remove it.
RStefan01Posted: 01-28-2001 02:08:35
I thought I'd point out, since Durin mentioned it to me, Sid6.9 may have been banned longer, but his wasn't an official ban or anything where I said he was banned for a set amount of time. I had actually emailed Sid shortly after banning him saying that I'd unban him if he played nice, but apparently his email was no longer working and it didn't go through.
MistressBluePosted: 01-28-2001 02:20:34
awwwww sniff sniff. Bevy gone for a whole month!!!!

cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 01-28-2001 02:23:17
I can sense a lack of caring on Sue's part.
RStefan01Posted: 01-28-2001 02:34:13
I wouldn't doubt that a lot of people don't care that he's banned. I've given him breaks on multiple occasions that I could have banned him because I thought everyone else was giving him a hard time and I'd cut him some slack. This time, though, I asked him multiple times to fix his signature, both in the forum and on ICQ, and he didn't reply here or on ICQ at all, so I banned him. You give me no respect, don't expect to get much back.
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 01-28-2001 03:03:25
#### right authority figure :)
Sexay ShawnPosted: 01-28-2001 13:32:54
I think I might be the only Good Person™ left in the forum!

*Flutters eyebrows.*

Seriously, though, I've never spammed, never threatened anyone, and I've never been threatened with a ban.

Now why can't y'all be more like ol' Ess Emm, now?
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 01-28-2001 13:46:14
Because I'm not you Shawn ;P
Sexay ShawnPosted: 01-28-2001 14:05:35
Oh, I beg to differ.


Oh no. With comments like that, I'm turning into Rich...

All that's left for me to do is add...

*Gets a post.*
BandWidthPosted: 01-28-2001 14:10:44
Sounds more to me like you people are turning into cheap ripoffs of Basin.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 01-28-2001 14:12:33
Sounds more to me like I'm joking around.

Now why don't you turn around and admit to the world that there is no SM_007 and you were me all along?

cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 01-28-2001 14:13:19
No thanks :biggrin:. Love my signature!
BandWidthPosted: 01-28-2001 14:20:25
Actually, you were one of the people I considered claiming didn't exist.  Then I looked on my ICQ list and realized that Bevy was the perfect candidate.
TossyPosted: 01-28-2001 14:21:58
make that sig smaller, durin

Posted: 01-28-2001 14:52:18
Bevy scared me.  So good riddance ^^
BrawnfirePosted: 01-28-2001 21:23:38
I have a bit of a question.. I haven't found any more information on this in the other threads I checked, and my connection is sluggy today, so I'm not checking any more..

Why did Sid6.9 get access back?  Isn't he the epitome of evil?  ARE HIS POSTS YET IN THE DATABASE?!?  RUN!  *twitch*

 I have eaten some strange Spanish dish wrapped in a banana leaf.  I am convinced it is a way for the South Americans to smuggle drugs over the border.

RStefan01Posted: 01-28-2001 21:30:13
Why did Sid6.9 get access back?

He posted on the temporary forum. If you didn't see it, too bad, I closed the temporary forum so only people that were actually there at the time get to know what happened :)
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 01-28-2001 21:32:13
You know.. everyone should stop talking about Bevy like this. It isn't what he did killed someone or anything. Even if what he did was wrong in time he will eventually learn from his mistake.

Big ZPosted: 01-28-2001 21:34:43
Gua?  I was there, but i never saw him post there.
RStefan01Posted: 01-28-2001 21:34:57
Everyone can say whatever the #### they want about him. He deserved to get banned, and he deserves to get talked about. You're not exactly one to talk yourself, either.
MistressBluePosted: 01-28-2001 21:35:17
Shut up.
kwerkeyPosted: 01-28-2001 21:36:22
That doesn't mean he should get access back.  He had a fucked up sig, now he must pay.

That sounded odd.  Oh well.  Maybe it's all the chips I had this weekend.
RStefan01Posted: 01-28-2001 21:38:49
It's not just the fact that his signature was so messed up, it's also that he was an ignorant ass and totally ignored me on the multiple times that I asked him to change it.
BrawnfirePosted: 01-28-2001 21:42:37
Okay, sorry I asked!
Mad freakin' Max, fellas!
RStefan01Posted: 01-28-2001 21:44:00
Am I the only one that found MistressBlue's post incredibly funny? ;)
BrawnfirePosted: 01-28-2001 21:46:29
Actually, I was ROFFLMFAO
kwerkeyPosted: 01-28-2001 21:46:33
Nope, you're not.
It was utterly hilarious.

*glares at the people who didn't laugh*
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 01-28-2001 21:50:32
I didn't. Especially since I'm fucking tired of being told to shut up. Don't like too bad.
BrawnfirePosted: 01-28-2001 21:50:59
*flirts outrageously with people who did*
RStefan01Posted: 01-28-2001 21:52:48
Hey Durin.. shut up.
TossyPosted: 01-28-2001 21:52:57
Quote: from DurinBrown16 on 8:50 pm on Jan. 28, 2001
I didn't. Especially since I'm fucking tired of being told to shut up. Don't like too bad.

...shut up...
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 01-28-2001 21:53:48
Richard: Fuck off

Tossy: Fuck off

Sue: Fuck off
RStefan01Posted: 01-28-2001 21:55:15
I could fuck off... or you could shut up!
TossyPosted: 01-28-2001 21:55:28
I will, under ONE circumstance.  That you pay me... One HUNDRED... BEELION dollars.
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 01-28-2001 21:55:51
You could fuck off completely, and I'll continue to rap my fucking face off ;P
MistressBluePosted: 01-28-2001 21:57:18
Well Durin the fact that i dont usually say things like that to you should penetrate your brain and actually have you realise you have no idea what your talking about when you say things like that concerning Bevy.
80-1002268887Posted: 01-28-2001 21:57:55
Durin, shut up.
RStefan01Posted: 01-28-2001 21:57:57
If your rapping is even half as bad as your writing skills.. that's be quite a sight to see. Shut up.
MistressBluePosted: 01-28-2001 21:59:07
Gladly Durin.
Hmmmmmm who with?
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 01-28-2001 21:59:33
Richard: Shutup and Fuckoff

Sue: Don't tell me to shutup

Tossy: Fuck off

Sam: Seriously don't get involed.

(Edited by DurinBrown16 at 9:00 pm on Jan. 28, 2001)

kwerkeyPosted: 01-28-2001 22:00:08
Shut up durin.
TossyPosted: 01-28-2001 22:01:03
I like my sig
undertowPosted: 01-28-2001 22:01:03
I'm going to jump on the bandwagon here. Durin: Shut up.
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 01-28-2001 22:01:13
kwerkey: shut the fuck up and fuck off
RStefan01Posted: 01-28-2001 22:01:55
Yeah Sam, don't get involved. you don't want the fury that is Durin unleashed upon you. His lack of an ability to shut up will both amaze and astound you.
TossyPosted: 01-28-2001 22:02:24
Woah.... Durin, that's no way to make friends.  WHere are you manners?

Does your mother know you talk like this?
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 01-28-2001 22:08:13
Yeah swears at me all the time dumb fuck
PriNGLeSPosted: 01-28-2001 22:08:40
80-1002268887Posted: 01-28-2001 22:11:29
I think I can get into this if I want to...
GaftPosted: 01-29-2001 02:00:55
hey, uhh, durin...

shut up.
GaftPosted: 01-29-2001 02:04:19
And DurinBrown16... I very much doubt Bevy cares at all that they are talking about him like this. I talked to him earlier today, and he said he was just having fun and that he knew what circumstances came along with such fun.
RStefan01Posted: 01-29-2001 02:06:48
Gaft is posting using the same ISP as Bevy, so until I'm given proof that this just isn't Bevy posting, the account will remain banned.
RStefan01Posted: 01-29-2001 02:27:50
Well, I just had some interesting ICQ action.

Bevy drops off my ICQ list, and then Gaft comes online. (I saw this)

Gaft tries for a while to convince me to give him posting access back, but I say that I'm not convinced and that I won't do it. This goes on for a while, and then Gaft goes offline. Bevy comes online for a few seconds, and then drops offline again.

This being said, I don't know what the chances are that I'll be unbanning Bevy a month from now.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 01-29-2001 10:05:11
Durin is suffering from that "devil's advocate" mentality, where you naturally stick up for someone when everyone else is picking on him. He's arguing that Bevy is just being silly and foolish, much like Durin from time to time (the irony is that his behavior right now is a good example), and that, like Durin, he'll learn from his mistakes.

Here's the problem: He hasn't. He's been warned that it's not a good idea to fuck with Richie's forum and piss others off. If I did it, I'd get banned eventually. This isn't bias. Will Bevy learn from his mistakes? Maybe, if he cares enough (and odds are this forum was cheap amusement so he probably doesn't). But what's the best way to learn? Punishment. A slap on the wrist telling you not to do that stupid thing again. Durin's been slapped many times by Rich, and it's just so he'll smarten up. Bevy needs it, too.

It's just a forum. It's not like a group of rowdy teenagers are beating on the guy.
BandWidthPosted: 01-29-2001 12:10:27
This entire thing amuses me.
RStefan01Posted: 01-29-2001 14:56:28
Durin's been slapped many times by Rich

You've got no idea...

It's just a forum. It's not like a group of rowdy teenagers are beating on the guy.

Actually, it's exactly that. There's a guy at my school that's so incredibly like Durin that it's amazing. I don't pick on him any less than I pick on Durin. Well, Durin might even be smarter than this guy, but I also might be giving Durin too much credit since I've never met him. He could be far worse than I could ever imagine ;)
Sexay ShawnPosted: 01-29-2001 15:04:15
No, you miss the point. This isn't a situation where a bunch of guys surrounded Durin and started to physically beat the shit out of the guy. This is a situation where he acted stupid in front of authority, and now he's getting punished. The teasing was a consequence of his own temper tantrums.
BandWidthPosted: 01-29-2001 15:09:28
Actually, Gaft does exist.

Of course, that doesn't rule out the fact that Bevy still could have been using his account/ICQ, but he IS a real person.
RStefan01Posted: 01-29-2001 15:13:37
Gaft pretty much fits in the category of someone who shows up and post a few times, and then vanishes forever. I've got very little doubt in my mind that it was Bevy using the accounts the whole time, and not the real Gaft. In any event, if Bevy has access to Gaft's account, and he's going to use it, Gaft stays banned as well. I still haven't decided on what I'm going to do concerning Bevy and this. I'm sure there aren't many that'd object if I never unbanned him ;)
BandWidthPosted: 01-29-2001 15:17:11
It's not like we're missing too much.

MistressBluePosted: 01-29-2001 15:20:08
Quote: from RStefan01 on 8:13 am on Jan. 30, 2001
I'm sure there aren't many that'd object if I never unbanned him ;)

Rich stop teasing :-Þ
80-1002268887Posted: 01-29-2001 15:53:45
Who? Him or us?
BandWidthPosted: 01-29-2001 15:55:05
Us I'd think.
MistressBluePosted: 01-29-2001 16:22:17
RStefan01Posted: 01-29-2001 16:51:51
Bevy admitted to posting as Gaft, so I'm not going to increase his ban by all that much. I think I'll ban him for ten extra seconds. That should teach him.
RStefan01Posted: 01-29-2001 17:36:33
Gaft changed his password and once again has posting access.
RStefan01Posted: 02-01-2001 04:16:05
yay! Planning ahead apparently paid off.

Bevy's the first person to think to try and have his password emailed to him by the forum when I changed it, though I also changed his email address to so instead of going to him I get an error in my email saying that doesn't exist ;)
-=General=-Posted: 02-04-2001 11:55:15
That is because everyone else just whines until they get their access back, fortunately, Bevy will not have it back for another month.  Way to stand your ground Rich.
BandWidthPosted: 02-04-2001 11:57:47
He's not the first person to think to try that, I was.  Bevy is, however, the first person to actually try it.
RStefan01Posted: 02-04-2001 11:58:27
Protoss_King_ didn't whine to get unbanned, I unbanned him so he could post saying that BandWidth and Ravage! were lying about Bevy being a made up account ;)
80-1002268887Posted: 02-04-2001 12:00:49
Yeah, and I didn't whine when I got banned. I just waited out my 2 1/2 months like a good little boy.
BandWidthPosted: 02-04-2001 12:02:24
You were banned?


Shows how much I pay attention I suppose.
CraziemanPosted: 02-04-2001 12:03:34
Who hasn't been banned?

Besides me ;)
BandWidthPosted: 02-04-2001 12:05:22

Shawn's probably the only other person who hasn't (aside from Rich of course).
-=General=-Posted: 02-04-2001 12:13:12
I dont remember ever being banned, but if I had, I probably didnt notice =)
MaverickPosted: 02-04-2001 12:20:12
Quote: from Crazieman on 1:03 pm on Feb. 4, 2001
Who hasn't been banned?

me =)
PackheadPosted: 02-04-2001 12:24:06
I don't remember ever being banned.  Been pretty close to it though :)

I remember Big Z getting banned for stealing the forum, however ;)
BandWidthPosted: 02-04-2001 12:24:25
#### you banless people!

*Shakes fist*
MaverickPosted: 02-04-2001 12:27:08
stealing the forum?
PackheadPosted: 02-04-2001 12:31:35
hehe Yes.  Once I guess Rich and Big Z were discussing and he did:

"*steals forum and runs away*"

resulted in a 20 minute ban :p
Big ZPosted: 02-04-2001 12:52:56
ya heh, he unbanned me as soon as i went to bed ;)
rRaminrodtPosted: 02-04-2001 13:40:01
I've never been banned...  Along with all those other people near me with low post counts :\
80-1002268887Posted: 02-04-2001 14:18:16
Well, that's what you get for stealing the forum...
RStefan01Posted: 02-07-2001 21:52:56
Durin has been banned from the forum for two weeks from the time of this post.

Why? Because, as usual, he took something that I did far too seriously. I've got the script rigged up to display his username as "Gerbil Sex Man" as you can probably see. He spazzed out and put 67k of bad html in his signature which really screwed with a lot of threads, and was also posting similar bad html in posts. I'd ban him for a month like I did to Bevy, but I've instead decided to leave his name as "Gerbil Sex Man" since it annoys him so much ;)

.. and yes, I'm mean. Feel free to start a "Save the Durin" campaign if you feel like it, though I think we're in for a well needed break from his spamming ways :)

Oh, and how could I forget? I'll probably be adding a countdown to the web site for Durin's ban ;)
80-1002268887Posted: 02-07-2001 21:56:59
Well, I'm not at all surprised at how this turned out. Not one bit. If you didn't see it coming, you must be blind.
kwerkeyPosted: 02-07-2001 22:02:52
Durin should (kind of) thank me, I got his ban down to two weeks instead of a month, because while we did egg him on, he shouldn't have acted the way he did about it.
TridusPosted: 02-07-2001 22:04:21
Personally, I find the whole thing really funny. Its a good prank.

Kinda like when I closed Riptide for April Fools Day claiming my boss had found it and that I got fired, hehehe. So many people fell for that, it was great.

(of course, I couldn't bring the forum back online for a couple of hours after that due to a large problem, which was really lame. hehehe)

But anyway... this was funny, no Save Durin campaign is necessary, unless its to buy him a sense of humor.
82-1002268893Posted: 02-07-2001 22:05:54
I support durin's actions. theres a difference between telling a joke and being an #######.

Although I found it really funny actually, He obviously didn't. This leads me to the conclusion that you're incompetant and impotent.
80-1002268887Posted: 02-07-2001 22:06:12
Ah well, I don't take much all that seriously these days. It's better to be paranoid than caught with your pants down, unless you're Big Sexy.
kwerkeyPosted: 02-07-2001 22:06:52
*takes a bow for being the only one to see the April Fools joke*
82-1002268893Posted: 02-07-2001 22:08:16
Too bad its not april.

You bitches have a huge april fools joke ahead of you.
RStefan01Posted: 02-07-2001 22:19:28
This leads me to the conclusion that you're incompetant and impotent.

You'll change your mind very quickly once I sex you up.
82-1002268893Posted: 02-07-2001 22:38:12
No my pudgy friend, tis I who shall sex you up.

*grabs the egg beater*
AuruspexPosted: 02-08-2001 20:03:25
im glad i didnt get on your bad side rich
RStefan01Posted: 02-08-2001 20:08:09
im glad i didnt get on your bad side rich

Don't worry, you've only been here a week. That gives you plenty of opportunity ;)
XelPosted: 02-08-2001 20:08:30
Neat name.
XelPosted: 02-08-2001 20:10:15

I got #300

I'm special!

"Yes, you're verrrry special"

AuruspexPosted: 02-08-2001 20:10:23
ummmmmmmm...... I guess i should be scared :confused:
XelPosted: 02-08-2001 20:12:36
That would definatly be the safest way to get through this horrible episode of your life.

AuruspexPosted: 02-08-2001 20:14:06
*wonders what drugs Xel is on*
TossyPosted: 02-08-2001 20:29:54
Actually Xel, that was #300.  It was the 300th REPLY... but if you count the original post by rich, it was the 301st
RStefan01Posted: 02-09-2001 16:24:29
These people will be banned for three days:


These people will be banned for three days and twenty-four seconds:

Psycho Sam!

Ravage! will be banned for 90 days, that spamming whore ;)
EskarelPosted: 02-09-2001 16:55:59
I was afraid this was going to get out of hand, but I must say these punishments are fair.
MaverickPosted: 02-09-2001 16:59:53
yea, but as it says, be careful what you ask for, because you just might get what you ask for.
RStefan01Posted: 02-09-2001 17:23:51
I've added counters for the recent ban victims to the web site's General Information box :)
undertowPosted: 02-09-2001 19:39:53
Which, btw, makes the page look rather.. crappy.. at 800x600. oh well.
Posted: 02-09-2001 22:11:41
Oh nooooo!  I'm gonna miss them :(  Except for Ravage. He sucks.
RStefan01Posted: 02-10-2001 00:06:45
The following people have been unbanned:

Psycho Sam!

Their remaining ban time has been added to Bevy's, who so kindly volunteered to be banned for longer.
XelPosted: 02-10-2001 00:09:05

MistressBluePosted: 02-10-2001 00:20:54
awwwwww but but.
The month and a day thing would of worked out much much longer :-(
BandWidthPosted: 02-10-2001 01:26:05


Thanks Bevy :)
TossyPosted: 02-10-2001 13:38:28
*pats Bevy on the head* Good boy
RStefan01Posted: 02-11-2001 04:08:10
Dan the Tuba Man has been banned for spamming the threadlist. There's no ETA on when I'll unban him, because I don't think that's an event that will happen anytime soon.
RStefan01Posted: 02-13-2001 17:09:08
Instead of displaying banned posters' ban times on the web site, I've made a seperate script for counting ban times, which is linked to at the top of all forum pages, next to the Forum Posters link.

(This message is being posted in both the Board Updates and Forum Access threads for reference)
RStefan01Posted: 02-18-2001 18:15:38
On the off chance that Dan magically won't be a lamer three months from now, I've given him the same 90 day ban that I gave to Ravage! for doing the same thing. I put him on the Banned Posters countdown as well.
RStefan01Posted: 02-19-2001 01:29:27
Tossy and lil bo shepherd have lost posting access for one week for bringing up and replying to a closed topic through abuse of a bug in the forum script. The thread has also been deleted. (It was one of those "one word story" threads which I've pointed out my displeasure towards on multiple occasions)
RStefan01Posted: 02-21-2001 06:00:37
Chambli will be banned one week for spamming on this thread.
TermPosted: 02-21-2001 07:40:26
Heh, didn't expect her to get away with like, 15+ posts with all the same content.
undertowPosted: 02-21-2001 11:37:44
I'll be the judge of that.

*ducks and runs off*
BandWidthPosted: 02-21-2001 12:07:17

This is even funnier than you'd think too.  Of course, I'm not going to tell you why.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 02-21-2001 12:10:13
Ah ha! I knew that undertow was secretely Chambli all along...
BandWidthPosted: 02-21-2001 15:25:51
####, you've unravelled our scheme.

Now you must be destroyed!
RStefan01Posted: 02-21-2001 17:31:41
You don't need to tell me why, I'm just that #### good.

What happened? Well, here's what Chambli said and Tossy confirmed over ICQ:

He said he wanted to see something or other and wanted my password so I gave it to him (was going to change it later so he wouldn't have access later)

Anyway, she's unbanned, and the 12 hours that she was banned will be doubled (For those of you that suffer from math deficiency, that's one day) and added to Tossy's ban time, since he's already banned for something else. It'd probably be a longer ban if he weren't already banned, but since he is, it'd just take the fun out of it on my part.
80-1002268887Posted: 02-21-2001 17:34:16
Shouldn't you also add some ban time on for posting while banned?

Not only did he break the posting using someone elses account, he posted while banned, AND spammed the forum. That's got to be worth more than one day. >=)
Posted: 02-21-2001 17:48:01
Once again sorry :(

Stupid me!! gaarrrgh  **changes her password** :)

(Edited by Chambli at 3:49 pm on Feb. 21, 2001)

RStefan01Posted: 02-21-2001 19:37:07
lil bo will be banned a week longer due to his posting as Maverick and causing annoyances to anyone that had to change theirs.

What's funny is that I told him over ICQ that I would ban him for a year... good stuff ;)
RStefan01Posted: 02-21-2001 21:55:17
Durin has been released, beware ;)
RStefan01Posted: 02-22-2001 00:20:57
Durin changed his password to an incredibly long string of "ASDF" repeated many times as a sort of "self-ban." BandWidth tells me that Durin now wants help in getting his password, but I feel that I must respect his original wishes for the "self-ban" and ban him for three days.

Translation: Stupid Durin ;)

Update: "ASDF" was repeated 1152 times. That's 4.5k of pure stupidity :)

kwerkeyPosted: 02-22-2001 00:22:55
Why the #### does he do that?

Can't you lock his profile or something so he can't modify it anymore?  He must be taught how to leave the forum by himself.

(not that I'm objected to him being banned again, but still)

(Edited by kwerkey at 10:23 pm on Feb. 21, 2001)

BandWidthPosted: 02-22-2001 00:23:45
Holy crap, that's a lot of ASDF's.
RStefan01Posted: 02-22-2001 00:31:12
If I locked his entire profile, that would stop his post count from updating. It's too much effort to hack the profile script so that he can't access it, so I'll just let him go off on his normally stupid ways.. it's usually that more entertaining anyway ;)
BrawnfirePosted: 02-22-2001 00:32:23
It's like some kind of circus, where the elephants have their penises stuck in their trunks.
BandWidthPosted: 02-22-2001 00:34:03
kwerkeyPosted: 02-22-2001 00:37:27
I feel dirty.
At first I was about to bitch at you for making a stupid post.  Then I thought about it for a while and started laughing.
RStefan01Posted: 02-22-2001 00:39:01
Durin earned himself an unban, read about it here.
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 02-22-2001 00:43:57
Thanks and stuff
BandWidthPosted: 02-22-2001 00:44:29
Just stop changing your password :p
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 02-22-2001 00:46:04
*drinks coca-cola*

(Edited by DurinBrown16 at 11:46 pm on Feb. 21, 2001)

BandWidthPosted: 02-22-2001 00:47:39
...and there you have it folks!
RStefan01Posted: 02-22-2001 00:48:10
Durin, this is the worst thread to spam on. Don't give me a reason to ban you, because I won't hesitate.
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 02-22-2001 00:48:15
ignore this message.. point taken.

(Edited by DurinBrown16 at 11:49 pm on Feb. 21, 2001)

RStefan01Posted: 02-22-2001 00:50:42
The point was taken a bit too late, because you're already banned again. A week should be enough time to think it over.
kwerkeyPosted: 02-22-2001 00:54:49
If I weren't supposed to be in bed right now, I'd be laughing my ass off.

Bandwidth's rendition of the event didn't help much either =)

You have sent a message!
You got durin unbanned.
You shall be punished

You have received a message!

You have received a message!
he's gone again

When he said that, I got a picture of a horse race announcer saying "And they're off!" only talking about durin being banned.
RStefan01Posted: 02-22-2001 00:58:41
I had an incredibly good feeling that he'd do something Durinish as soon as I unbanned him, so I did the natural thing and unbanned him, thus leading to more fun and confusion.
RStefan01Posted: 02-23-2001 15:52:09
*random act of kindness.. or insanity*

Ravage!, lil bo shepherd, and Tossy have been unbanned.

Bevy's ban time has been set back to the original, before I added a week for no reason ;)

(That means Bevy is back in three days! muahaha!)

Dan and Durin still stay banned at the same times though.

Let's see how the increased criminal presence and sooner than expected release of Bevy affects things ;)

*watches the madness spread*
MaverickPosted: 02-23-2001 16:24:46
just out of curiosity, why'd you do that?
RStefan01Posted: 02-23-2001 16:46:08
Because I can.
TossyPosted: 02-23-2001 17:25:23
Well, I guess I can't complain... ;p
lil bo shepherdPosted: 02-23-2001 17:51:06

*is unbanned*
CraziemanPosted: 02-23-2001 17:53:12
*Waits patiently for Sue to see the Bevy news*
TossyPosted: 02-23-2001 17:54:20
*hides under his desk*
80-1002268887Posted: 02-24-2001 10:06:21
Be...vy? Oh, THAT guy.

Well, we'd better enjoy our last few days of freedom. I wonder if he'll be re-banned as quickly as Durin was...
TermPosted: 02-24-2001 12:39:46
not too long now
we'll find out
I've completely forgotten all about him.
RStefan01Posted: 02-24-2001 13:24:36
I doubt Bevy's going to try and get himself banned again, since for the most part he was just constantly asking me to unban him, unlike Durin, who was constantly telling me to go fuck myself.
MistressBluePosted: 02-24-2001 16:55:27
*looks for a "non bevy" infested forum*
RStefan01Posted: 02-24-2001 21:07:35
Hmm, now that I think of it, I haven't talked to Bevy on ICQ in like a week now, he might not even be around to notice that he's getting unbanned in a couple days ;)
82-1002268893Posted: 02-24-2001 22:43:15
he's at basin's
darfurPosted: 02-25-2001 14:36:51
So what exactly is wrong with changing your password?

Come to think of it, I'm not even sure I remember what I made my password.


(Edited by darfur at 3:37 pm on Feb. 25, 2001)

TridusPosted: 02-25-2001 15:11:42
Well Sue, if your willing to spend a bit of $$$, I can see to it that the bevy infestation is purged from the world once and for all.
kwerkeyPosted: 02-25-2001 15:21:51
When he changed his password, he changed it to a long string of random characters (or actually, last time it was ASDF repeated some-thousand times), apparently to keep himself from coming back.  He just can't control himself, it's strange.

Oh, and your password is displayed (unmasked, strangely) if you click Profile up at the top of the forum.

(Edited by kwerkey at 1:27 pm on Feb. 25, 2001)

EskarelPosted: 02-25-2001 15:49:44
It is indeed unmasked, though on the plus side you do have to log-in in order to see it.
kwerkeyPosted: 02-25-2001 16:13:28
It just seems strange since 99.999% of all password changing forms have it masked.
RStefan01Posted: 02-25-2001 17:47:53
It's unmmasked so that you don't make a typo and magically lose your password without noticing it. (Of course, you could always have your password emailed to you or ask me for it, but both of those are a decent waste of time just because of something like a typo.)
RStefan01Posted: 02-27-2001 00:56:49
*unbans Bevy an hour early*

BevyPosted: 02-27-2001 01:04:44

hahahahahahahahahaaaaaa *cough*

as you can see, father has joined me on the dark side.
MistressBluePosted: 02-27-2001 21:05:38
An hour early!!!!!!!!!!
No way!!!!!!
He has to do allllll his time.
80-1002268887Posted: 02-27-2001 21:07:50
Methinks you've got an agression problem there...
BevyPosted: 02-28-2001 01:30:06
Yea, maybe Sue should seek therapy...
Eye of the NightPosted: 02-28-2001 03:53:51
Don't worry, maybe theraphy will seek Sue. ;)
MistressBluePosted: 02-28-2001 06:42:00
But Bevy dont you realise??

You are my therapy. ;)

(Edited by MistressBlue at 11:42 pm on Feb. 28, 2001)

82-1002268893Posted: 02-28-2001 12:58:35
You guys scare me. You need to stop scaring me, otherwise I'll moisturize my pants.  I couldn't say wet, moisturize is a bigger word and demanded usage.
RStefan01Posted: 03-01-2001 00:49:10
Durin is unbanned.. again. Since I don't feel like dedicating this thread to Durin, his next ban will probably be at least a month long, regardless of what he does, because I'm getting tired of banning and unbanning him constantly.
TermPosted: 03-01-2001 07:43:55
oohhh, l33t. I'll go check on who's still banned and who isn't.

dan the tuba man.
banned for about 70 days  ^_^

(Edited by Term at 1:44 pm on Mar. 1, 2001)

RStefan01Posted: 03-01-2001 15:10:32
Yeah, I was originally going to just ban Dan permanently, but I figured it'd be more fun to ban him for 90 days and have his name be on that list forever. Not only that, but in a couple months from now I can say "Hey, this moron's unbanned!" .. and then ban him again as soon as he does something else stupid ;)

(Assuming he's still around two months from now, though I don't care one way or another)
Eye of the NightPosted: 03-01-2001 16:46:20
Isn't that just a bit mean?
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 03-01-2001 16:48:12
I hope Dan gets a parden by Bush ;). That way I can watch a boring 7 hour case with witnesses who know really nothing about what happen ;)
RStefan01Posted: 03-01-2001 23:43:38
Of course it's mean, that's the point. I don't care much for people spamming the forum. It's actually twice as mean and three times as fun because I know he still browses this forum even though he can't post.
RStefan01Posted: 03-02-2001 22:47:03
Tossy has been banned for making up and posting as "Chambli" here and basically fooling everyone into thinking it was a real person.

He'll be banned for 208 days, which is the amount of posts that he made as Chambli.
BandWidthPosted: 03-02-2001 22:48:52
lol!!  That's #### creative.
PackheadPosted: 03-02-2001 22:52:45
What about the "Chambli" account?  Is that going to be deleted or password change or what kind of fun stuff?
RStefan01Posted: 03-02-2001 22:53:32
I banned the Chambli account and changed the password and email address. That'll stay that way permanently.
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 03-02-2001 22:58:33
What? Well this proves my theary about how you can think up someone out of thin air ;)
TridusPosted: 03-02-2001 23:00:31
Thats a fairly easy theory to prove, Roleplayers do it all the time.
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 03-02-2001 23:01:29
Oh come on Richard, you can't be serious about banning him for that long... Even if he did fool a lot of us, it was still probably a really cool joke. And you never know that probably was going to end up as the best April Fool's joke ever ;)
RStefan01Posted: 03-02-2001 23:07:04
Playing off a fake account as a real person for over half a year isn't "a really cool joke."
TridusPosted: 03-02-2001 23:09:25
No see the email thing by itself was a good prank. This goes into the long term impersonation stuff that was rampant in the War Room for a while, and is just lame. April Fools Day jokes can't be used as a defense here, because if it takes this long to setup the joke, it has got to be a #### of a lot better then this.
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 03-02-2001 23:15:10
Well maybe not a "cool" joke, but perhaps a huge suprise. And indeed you have to admit, it was very ingenious to think of such a plan ;). Remember when I started talking to you about how you can easily just make up a different kind of person ;) when I gone, well guess what? If happen.
RStefan01Posted: 03-02-2001 23:18:02
... and you people really blame me that much for picking on Durin? He's just asking for it right now.
TridusPosted: 03-02-2001 23:19:54
Thats not ingenius, other people have been doing that for years.
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 03-03-2001 00:11:05
Unfortunitely Tridus, this is nothing like going on to a chat and pretending yout a 14 year old girl on a yahoo chat full of perverts waiting for girls to come in. This is a community. Whether or not you see it as a nonfunctional community or something thats easily tapped, we still all talk and be truthful in a lot of ways. I am who I say I am (Eminem).

To pull this on a community that has shown itself to becoming very fradual within the past year to all sorts of creative and uncertain outcomes to debates and internet folklore, is simply an example of how easy it is just to create a person.

So I am stretching the topic a bit.. I still think I had the right idea ;).
RStefan01Posted: 03-03-2001 21:18:22
Durin has been banned for spamming the lyrics thread. As I mentioned earlier, his next ban would be for one month, so that's how long this ban will be. Personally, I don't have any problems with this, because he was also doing various other annoying things in other threads.
PackheadPosted: 03-03-2001 21:20:22

Well, He lasted a little longer this time. :)
-=General=-Posted: 03-04-2001 10:03:43
How did Tossy get around you noticing the IP# similarity or did he use different internet accounts?
BandWidthPosted: 03-04-2001 10:05:58
He didn't.  Rich just kind of didn't notice.  Heh
darfurPosted: 03-04-2001 12:08:31
He used a proxy to post as Chambli (sp?), or so that's what I heard on this forum.

RStefan01Posted: 03-04-2001 19:03:57
Actually, I did notice it, when he spammed the forum as Chambli. He used the same @home proxy that half of the other people from that part of Canada with @home also use.
BandWidthPosted: 03-04-2001 19:24:44
Ahhh, but you fell for his lies and didn't investigate further.
RStefan01Posted: 03-04-2001 19:28:49
Yep, and that's why I've got absolutely no problem watching those 208 days count all the way down.
BandWidthPosted: 03-04-2001 19:31:14
I'm actually quite surprised/pleased that you didn't decide to ban everybody who knew about it beforehand.
RStefan01Posted: 03-04-2001 19:39:33
Don't worry, I'll deal with the rest of you.. when you least expect it.
BandWidthPosted: 03-04-2001 19:40:00
Cool.  That sounds like fun.
82-1002268893Posted: 03-04-2001 19:42:20
It does indeed. I just can't wait for the adventure of a life time to begin.  *Starts at camera with his thumb up*
MistressBluePosted: 03-04-2001 19:57:22
I only knew for about 4 or 5 days........ Am i to be dealt with later as well?
RStefan01Posted: 03-04-2001 20:00:46
Well, I am annoyed at the fact that I'm always the last to hear about these kinds of things, but the people that I've really got a problem with are the ones that have known about it from the start and never said anything.
PeepersPosted: 03-04-2001 20:07:38
You weren't the last, there were some people like me that neglected the forum and didn't find out for a while.
BandWidthPosted: 03-04-2001 20:07:48
The only person who knew it "from the start" was Tossy.  We had already made half of DF and put Chambli into the game before I found out, which was a couple weeks into her existance.  But yeah, close enough.

And Sue knew about it for longer than 4-5 days before. :p  More like a week or two.
Eye of the NightPosted: 03-04-2001 20:08:23
Well, there's the issue of telling or letting him reveal himself...if they waited on the latter, could they really be blamed?
BandWidthPosted: 03-04-2001 20:10:00
Actually, the only reason it was revealed is because Sue and I told Tossy to fuck himself because we were sick of it.  If we hadn't done that, Tossy would still be messing around.
66-1002268757Posted: 03-04-2001 20:11:40
If anyone out there saw the ending to dark franchise there was a brief clue as to Chambli's identity in it.

That is all.
RStefan01Posted: 03-04-2001 20:13:19
That's why I only banned Tossy, and not everyone, because I figured that it was mostly his fault since he was the one doing everything, including lying to me the first time I figured it out. Still, it would have been nice if someone had told me about it sooner.
MistressBluePosted: 03-04-2001 20:16:52
I'm amazed you didnt figure it out when I did considering I asked you to look at the ip's for me when I first thought it all a bit suspicious.
RStefan01Posted: 03-04-2001 20:19:40
That's because Tossy had already lied his way into convincing me that they were seperate people before that.
80-1002268887Posted: 03-04-2001 20:20:51
By the way... Did anyone ever mention who that was really a picture of that she posted?
PackheadPosted: 03-04-2001 20:23:37
Tossy said he got it off
80-1002268887Posted: 03-04-2001 20:24:33
How convenient. Maybe a little too convenient!
PackheadPosted: 03-04-2001 20:28:30
They just want you to think that.
RStefan01Posted: 03-04-2001 20:29:29
Hey morons, keep the stupid shit out of this thread.
RStefan01Posted: 03-06-2001 05:19:13
lil bo shepherd wanted to get banned, and he did what it took to get banned, so I've got no problem serving him up a nice and shiny 100 day ban, after all, that's what he wanted. Tridus reccomended 365 days, lil bo should be glad I didn't do that hehe.. I didn't want to beat Tossy's ban yet though.

*random scary music*

... and so begins, The One Hundred Days Ban!
AuruspexPosted: 03-06-2001 15:06:35
*plays "Another One Bites the Dust" in the background*
Eye of the NightPosted: 03-06-2001 15:25:51
*plays 'the show must go on' in the background*
RStefan01Posted: 03-06-2001 18:15:03
BlackTarrChris was banned, here's the reason that will go on the Banned Posters script:

"Spamming and general assholishness. Banned for 30 days, as per Tridus' reccomendation ;)"
RStefan01Posted: 03-06-2001 18:29:47
BlackTarrChris apparently posted on Maverick's account. Maverick's account has been banned until he can contact me and we can make sure his brother doesn't get on it.

BlackTarrChris' ban has been bumped up to 365 days, which is the longest ban ever served, and it should give him plenty of time to work on his awesome Boy Scout raping skills that he learned in prison.
BandWidthPosted: 03-06-2001 18:34:23
Holy shit.  Somebody who deserved it was banned!


Well...maybe not.  Tossy was banned too.  But hey
TermPosted: 03-06-2001 18:37:04
I don't think we'll be seeing any more of him.. ever..
TermPosted: 03-06-2001 18:39:02

wonder if we'll ever see the day when the Banned Posters page is empty? probably not, as soon as the BlackTarrPiss timer starts to run out, Rich'll probably ban random people to fill it back up a little.
RStefan01Posted: 03-06-2001 18:39:13
Maverick has been banned for 10 days for allowing BlackTarrChris to use his account, even if it was involuntary.

On another note, Maverick will have to contact me via email since his brother was spamming me on ICQ and I put him on my ignore list. I'd increase his ban even more, but ####, the moron's already banned for a year. Besides, those Boy Scouts can't endure anal action for too much longer than a year.
TermPosted: 03-06-2001 18:43:35
Those boyscouts chained up in his basement are way undernourished

PS. I'm an account made up by Rich. He better ban himself now.

(Edited by Term at 12:44 am on Mar. 7, 2001)

RStefan01Posted: 03-06-2001 18:49:07
Term forgot the fact that the rules don't apply to me. They do apply to him though, and since I'm really getting sick of this whole impersonation thing, he can join Maverick on that ten day ban.

Hmm, now you must ask yourself.. who will the ban spree hit next? I'm on a roll here.
82-1002268893Posted: 03-06-2001 18:50:22
The rules that you make up on the spot?
RStefan01Posted: 03-06-2001 18:53:31
Yes, those rules.
82-1002268893Posted: 03-06-2001 19:02:31
BandWidthPosted: 03-06-2001 19:03:47
Hehehehe, at least Rich still has his sense of humour, even if he has gone completely nuts.
AuruspexPosted: 03-06-2001 21:19:10
wanna know something funny........ im a boy scout and im not kidding
RStefan01Posted: 03-06-2001 21:21:33
I used to be, but I quit when most of my friends did, because that was the only reason for me to be there, I didn't really care that much about anything else but hanging out and causing trouble. Not surprisingly, I wasn't missed when I left ;)
AuruspexPosted: 03-06-2001 21:22:53
im staying in for the College scholerships
CraziemanPosted: 03-06-2001 21:23:00
I was never in any scouting program, and probably because my parents didn't want to dump that burden on anyone else.
RStefan01Posted: 03-06-2001 21:38:02
Basin has been banned for 30 days for claiming that he was a made up person created by Ravage!. This is as out of taste as Term's post, but Basin gets the Alberta Special and gets a longer ban =p
RStefan01Posted: 03-07-2001 17:10:00
The following people have had their bans reduced from what they were previously to one week:

lil bo shepherd

I was probably too mean to them when I first banned them, so the shorter bans should be a little more lenient ;)

Everyone else's bans are staying the same though.
BrawnfirePosted: 03-07-2001 21:29:47
For now....
AuruspexPosted: 03-07-2001 21:30:52
awwwww...... why not BlackTarPiss.... he was so fun
RStefan01Posted: 03-07-2001 21:41:12
He spammed, he was banned. He used Maverick's account and spammed more, he was banned longer. He can stay banned for all I care.

None of the other bans are being shortened.
AuruspexPosted: 03-07-2001 21:44:25
i was kidding around but ok
RStefan01Posted: 03-07-2001 21:48:47
If you're going to joke around, go do it somewhere else. The easiest way to get banned is to post crap on this thread.
AuruspexPosted: 03-07-2001 21:52:24
*shuts up*
RStefan01Posted: 03-08-2001 00:06:54
Bevy has been banned for trolling on this thread.

I was going to ban him for two weeks, but the kind "FUCK YOU" that I got on ICQ while I was in the middle of this message prompted me to bump it up to 20 days.
MistressBluePosted: 03-08-2001 00:21:00
I Love you Richie
TridusPosted: 03-08-2001 09:30:00
*nods in approval*

If you add up the total number of ban days, I wonder how many Bevy has.
RStefan01Posted: 03-08-2001 16:26:34
It'll be 50 days total. The first was 30 and this one is 20. It's a shame too, because he was actually being fairly decent for the first few days he was unbanned.
TridusPosted: 03-08-2001 16:29:23
Yes but then he regressed. Oh well. I don't miss him.
RStefan01Posted: 03-08-2001 16:41:31
I do.. I cried all night until I finally fell asleep in a pool of my own tears..

*bursts out laughing*
RStefan01Posted: 03-09-2001 18:05:02
Maverick was constantly annoying me on ICQ asking me to unban him, since he doesn't seem to realize the fact that he's responsible for any content posted with his forum account regardless of who is posting it.

He seems to think that this is an issue of the fact that it was his brother, and I said that nothing his brother does here would be taken out on him, though the context that it was said in referred to his brother's account, not his brother using his account without any form of hacking, just negligence on Maverick's part by leaving the account available.

Now, his ban will be increased by 14 days, and is officially his own fault, not that of his brother, since he apparently wants it that way. (Well, he wants it to be his fault, not the extra days.. those are a bonus because he's an #######)

Random note: Maverick managed to annoy me more in the few days that he's been banned than Bevy did the entire time he was banned, which is quite a bit since Bevy asked me to unban him almost every day. So there you have it folks, harassing me on ICQ to unban you isn't going to motivate me in the least to unban you.
MistressBluePosted: 03-09-2001 18:39:33
You'd have to ban me for me to test this theory.
TridusPosted: 03-10-2001 00:11:06
The funny thing was when Maverick tried to get me to ask Rich to drop the ban, not realizing that I had the exact same policy at Riptide.

RStefan01Posted: 03-11-2001 19:01:56
Bevy has been unbanned for two hours. If MistressBlue can say she wants him unbanned for a couple hours, he obviously deserves it ;)

I told him on ICQ, but if he doesn't post here, the two hours still count.
BevyPosted: 03-11-2001 20:47:52
where did Blue say that I should be unbanned for a couple of hours? I have to see this with my own eyes! =p
RStefan01Posted: 03-11-2001 20:51:22
The Forum thread.
MistressBluePosted: 03-11-2001 20:51:26
I did.
I'm in a bad mood thought you might like to come and be beat up on. I think the 2 hours is almost up tho :-(
CraziemanPosted: 03-11-2001 20:51:38
Bevy, just shut up and bend over.
BandWidthPosted: 03-11-2001 20:52:45
Oh my, Crazie's getting kinky with Bevy.
CraziemanPosted: 03-11-2001 20:55:49
You bet!  Bevy needs some loosenin' up!
AuruspexPosted: 03-11-2001 20:57:28
ummmmm.... nasty?
MistressBluePosted: 03-11-2001 20:58:22
I dont think Bevy wants to play.
BandWidthPosted: 03-11-2001 20:58:31
Good thing this is the wrong thread to have this discussion, or else I'd comment on how fucked up you are.

Hmm, shouldn't Bevy be banned again by now?
RStefan01Posted: 03-11-2001 21:00:13
Yeah, he's banned again.

You can take this crap to some other thread, it doesn't belong here.
CraziemanPosted: 03-11-2001 21:08:13
Sorry Rich.  I was having a Durin moment.
RStefan01Posted: 03-12-2001 21:10:30
lil bo shepherd gets unbanned eight hours early, because:

A. He pointed out a nasty forum password bug to me, and hasn't exploited it as far as I know.
B. I'd have to unban him at some stupidly early time in the morning which is inconvenient ;)
RStefan01Posted: 03-12-2001 23:28:01
I decided to lower Bevy's ban from 20 days to 7. I dunno, I guess I've just got this thing for 7 day bans lately ;)

20 days probably was a bit much for what he did though.
BandWidthPosted: 03-12-2001 23:28:46
MistressBluePosted: 03-12-2001 23:35:21
RStefan01Posted: 03-13-2001 18:42:06
Apparently Auruspex thought it would be interesting to be banned, so he's banned for a week ;)
RStefan01Posted: 03-13-2001 18:47:22
Term's ban time is over, he has been unbanned.
TridusPosted: 03-13-2001 18:53:40
well, now I see how Eskarel got so many posts.
RStefan01Posted: 03-13-2001 19:04:45
At any rate, we won't have to listen to Auruspex say *grabs a post* for another week.

The original *gets a post* got old fast, and I still didn't put up with that most of the time either when it was just plain spam, but this is just beating to death something that was half dead already =p
RStefan01Posted: 03-13-2001 20:02:39
I decided to unban Auruspex since most of the blame really belonged to Crazieman and Eskarel for being the first ones to post bullshit on that thread. I've unbanned him and deleted the crap from that thread.
sOmaPosted: 03-13-2001 21:38:23
testing account name change......

long story, but I wanted to getthis changed for a while now
RStefan01Posted: 03-13-2001 21:38:38
Basin's ban time is up, he's unbanned.
RStefan01Posted: 03-14-2001 06:16:02
lil bo shepherd has been banned for posting stupid html code on this thread. I'll fix the thread and decide how long he's banned when I get home this afternoon, I don't have time now.
Eye of the NightPosted: 03-14-2001 06:25:55
I suggest a's not all that serious, and quite likely the first be lenient ;)

kwerkeyPosted: 03-14-2001 08:36:12
First time?
*tries and fails to contain his laughter*

lil bo has done this kind of thing so many times it's just repetitive now.

I think he should get a permanent ban because he's obviously going to keep doing that.
TridusPosted: 03-14-2001 09:06:39
Thats not a big enough bad thing to do to warrant a permanent ban or anything of the sort.

A suitable punishment would be to remove his html posting ability, unfortunately this script doesn't seem to have permissions that are fine-grained enough to do that.
RStefan01Posted: 03-14-2001 17:41:45
lil bo shepherd's ban will be three days long starting from when I first said that I banned him. It probably would have been longer if it wsa in his signature or made that thread totally unreadable or anything like that, but it wasn't really that bad.
RStefan01Posted: 03-15-2001 06:33:20
Bevy's ban time is over, he's been unbanned.
82-1002268893Posted: 03-15-2001 10:13:32
Lets hope bevy somehow keeps it that way :)
MistressBluePosted: 03-15-2001 15:57:41
No lets hope only Michael makes an appearance and Bevy stays lost.
BandWidthPosted: 03-15-2001 16:00:07
I doubt that'll happen.  Michael is rarely seen online.
TermPosted: 03-15-2001 16:21:40
No one has been banned in a very long time.
RStefan01Posted: 03-15-2001 16:25:55
####, you're right.. I haven't banned anyone in over a day.. hmm.
AuruspexPosted: 03-15-2001 16:31:37
acually...... you have... i think it was me
BevyPosted: 03-16-2001 01:55:02

i am unbanned


thanks rich.
TridusPosted: 03-16-2001 08:59:20
I give it two days before your banned again. Maybe three.

And thank god for that.
82-1002268893Posted: 03-16-2001 09:22:41
Although if "micheal" made an extended appearance on the forum people would more than likely enjoy his presense.

*hint hint*
66-1002268757Posted: 03-16-2001 14:09:16
You suck!
BandWidthPosted: 03-16-2001 14:11:18
Something tells me that Bevy has infested Basin's soul.

This isn't good.  Not good at all.
RStefan01Posted: 03-16-2001 15:00:09
Basin made a pointless thread, which was deleted, and then posted an All Your Base image on this thread, which is spam since it's off-topic here. I also deleted that post. Then, he went and reposted the image.. but this time posted it 18 times in the same post. His ban will be for 30 days, and this one's not getting dropped down to a lower time like I do to some people, it's gonna stick this time.
undertowPosted: 03-16-2001 15:25:59
Setting the size of the pic in sig to ludicrous proportions.


stupid, but funny in a "he's gonna be banned forever" kind of a way.
rRaminrodtPosted: 03-16-2001 15:29:09
I think you're right.  
I'd say thats a 7.8 on the annoying scale.
RStefan01Posted: 03-16-2001 15:31:07
Basin's password has been changed, his signature has been deleted, and he will be banned for an additional 15 days, bringing the total to 45 days.
BevyPosted: 03-16-2001 15:34:47

That's not Basin...

BandWidthPosted: 03-16-2001 15:36:14
Yeah...this isn't like him at all.

Normally he only spams people who deserve it.

Also considering that he's currently sitting right beside me and I don't see him doing anything.  He's actually paying attention to the teacher, unlike myself.  He's also not laughing his ass off like you'd expect somebody who thinks they're funny to do.

(Edited by BandWidth at 2:37 pm on Mar. 16, 2001)

RStefan01Posted: 03-16-2001 15:37:50
He registered an account from what I assume is his school. The IP address has been banned from registering any more accounts, so I guess anyone that might go to that school is out of luck if they don't already have an account here.

Basin's ban has been increased by yet another 15 days, bringing it to 60 days.
TridusPosted: 03-16-2001 15:39:06
Some people just want to be banned, thats all. He probably thought he was fighting The Man™ by doing such stupid shit.
RStefan01Posted: 03-16-2001 15:39:41
Well, if it's not Basin, then who else goes to your school that's there right now and has access to Basin's account? (BandWidth fits the first criteria, at least)
BandWidthPosted: 03-16-2001 15:41:10
I actually probably fit both.  Well, not now that you've changed his password.

There's this one guy who it could be.  He's mean.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-16-2001 15:43:29
It probably wasn't either Basin or BandWidth, but I don't really care at this point, and I doubt others do, either.
BevyPosted: 03-16-2001 15:59:46
Basin just wouldn't do that... It doesn't make any sense..
82-1002268893Posted: 03-16-2001 16:43:41
Edit: fuck taht its not worth it. Nobody would listen anyhow.

(Edited by Ravage! at 6:44 pm on Mar. 16, 2001)

RStefan01Posted: 03-16-2001 16:46:08
(Well, since I already read Ravage!'s post...)

If I didn't ban people that acted like morons, this place would become overrun with them and it'd be the next War Room in no time. In recent history, I think this forum was the best when I had like ten different people banned at the same time. There was relatively little spam and for the most part everyone was getting along.
BevyPosted: 03-16-2001 16:47:02
That is very true indeed..

But still..
BevyPosted: 03-16-2001 16:48:06
my last post was not in reply to rich, it was to ravage!
82-1002268893Posted: 03-16-2001 16:51:11
This forum is the warroom. ANd your gfraizer.

really its a very accurate comparison. ALthough a mean one. but quite true.
RStefan01Posted: 03-16-2001 16:53:03
I'd really like to hear your logic behind that comment. GFraizer bans the intelligent posters and deletes good posts, while leaving the lamers to roam free and spam to be all over the board. I do the opposite.
BevyPosted: 03-16-2001 16:55:12
It's an accurate comparison on the level that the warroom is a forum, and that gfraizer is the admin, and also that gfraizer's username is siniliar to rstefan01's, and also that rich randomly bans anyone he wants to, although rich usually does it only if they have broken his rules, although as he admits, one of his standards for banning someone is if he feels like it.

In many other ways that I'm too lazy to point out (and ending it here kinda makes the post in rav's favor, whom I like alot more than Rich, although I don't hate rich that much either) is not like the warroom.
RStefan01Posted: 03-16-2001 16:57:11
If GFraizer has a reason for banning someone, he never points it out. If I ban someone, I'll say why, even if it's not a good reason ;)
82-1002268893Posted: 03-16-2001 16:57:24
Theres lots of idiots here. and you just ban everyone pretty much.

I have yet to actually see durin doing anything that truly warents a ban other than trying to talk to people.
RStefan01Posted: 03-16-2001 16:58:36
Just curious.. are you legally blind?
82-1002268893Posted: 03-16-2001 17:03:10
No my vision is quite good. the question is, do you have downs?
BevyPosted: 03-16-2001 17:04:05
There was two occasions he spammed big, aside from that Ravage! is right. (and we know durin has been banned much more than twice)
RStefan01Posted: 03-16-2001 17:05:34
I don't like Durin. The fact that I unban him at all amazes me.
82-1002268893Posted: 03-16-2001 17:06:38
But WHY do you not like him?  You don't seem to have a reason other than taht your dumb.
BevyPosted: 03-16-2001 17:08:07
He doesn't like him because rich is an #######. Durin tries very hard to be nice to everybody, and Rich is always the first to pounce on him for doing really nothing at all.
RStefan01Posted: 03-16-2001 17:09:50
He's annoying as #### and as dense as the pool of shit that I consider his intelligence. He spams almost as much as BandWidth does, and doesn't do nearly as well of a job at getting away with it. When you read something he says, you have to struggle to translate it into normal english, it's like he's from some foreign country where the people learn english by watching imported movies, and I have a feeling he's got that much of a problem understanding what people say to him as well.
BandWidthPosted: 03-16-2001 18:23:46
Quote: from RStefan01 on 4:09 pm on Mar. 16, 2001
He spams almost as much as BandWidth does

Feh, everybody knows I spam more then anybody else.

Well, maybe not, but hey.
RStefan01Posted: 03-16-2001 18:37:33
Seven "bullshit" accounts were registered via this IP:

In the event that I find out who it is, the smack shall be layeth down.
BandWidthPosted: 03-16-2001 18:41:09
Not me, I'm
RStefan01Posted: 03-16-2001 18:46:07
*gets out the proof*

This is from the Active Users script. I have it hacked to show me everyone's IP address and web browser information in addition to the regular stuff.

Mar. 16, 2001 - 6:13pm
Viewing forum Discussion Forum
Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows 98)

Mar. 16, 2001 - 6:18pm
Viewing forum Discussion Forum
Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows 98)

Mar. 16, 2001 - 6:20pm
Main board page
Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows 98)

Mar. 16, 2001 - 6:25pm
Viewing forum Discussion Forum
Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows 98)

Basin's ban has been increased to 90 days. I assume that he's going to keep trying to pull shit, so don't be surprised by any further posts which mention him being banned for longer.
Eye of the NightPosted: 03-16-2001 18:49:53
Could it be some folks at the same school network?
Usually that's groups of 30-50 computers, and I wouldn't be suprised if they got the same IP, at least externally.
kwerkeyPosted: 03-16-2001 18:52:42
At this point banning him further isn't going to make any difference and he knows it, so he can pretty much do anything now.  You're best off finding a way to ban him at the IP without taking away Bandwidth and Ravage.  How, I'm not sure, I don't know if they have static IPs or not.
82-1002268893Posted: 03-16-2001 18:54:24
They're the kind of IP that doesn't change for very long periods of time.

I can change mine at will but hey.
RStefan01Posted: 03-16-2001 18:59:22
Could it be some folks at the same school network?

Yeah.. and all nine of them decided to register at the same time =p

This is his @home IP, not the school one.

He registered yet another account, brining the total to nine. I wonder if I should just give him a lamer ban like I did to BlackTarrChris, like for a year.
BandWidthPosted: 03-16-2001 19:04:04
Wouldn't that be giving him exactly what he wants?
RStefan01Posted: 03-16-2001 19:06:44
I really don't care what he wants. If it'll get rid of him, then it'd be fine with me.
kwerkeyPosted: 03-16-2001 19:07:16
So what's he supposed to do?  Let Basin roam free and spam the forum up?  that's like what [I think EotN] was saying how Athiests just do exactly opposite of what Christians do.
Eye of the NightPosted: 03-16-2001 19:20:46
That wasn't me...someone else made that (in my opinion false) claim.
BevyPosted: 03-16-2001 22:22:35
I didn't take the time to read your post, but I saw "atheists", and since I know practically everybody here is a bible thumpin atheist hater, howabout kwerkeys gos fuck himself.

As for Basin, I truly do not understand this at all.

kwerkeyPosted: 03-16-2001 22:29:03
This isn't the best place to spam, you idiot.  Read through this thread to find out about the Basin thing.

Then Nighteye, I'm sorry.  It is a false claim which is why I brought it up.  I forgot who said it.  I don't think it was Ikana, he's smarter than that.  Perhaps one of the newbies.

(Edited by kwerkey at 8:30 pm on Mar. 16, 2001)

BevyPosted: 03-16-2001 22:39:09
I was prolly one of the first people to know about the Basin thing you fucknut. I was the third to post after Basin got banned. What I don't understand is the whole thing, because it's not like basin.

And where did I spam at all?

kwerkeyPosted: 03-16-2001 22:56:41
I didn't take the time to read your post, but I saw "atheists", and since I know practically everybody here is a bible thumpin atheist hater, howabout kwerkeys gos fuck himself.

That's spam.
*leaves to watch Farscape*

BevyPosted: 03-17-2001 01:05:51
how the fuck is that spam?

fuck you.

TridusPosted: 03-17-2001 09:50:01
Thats easy. You made a reply without reading what it was you were replying to. The reply is hopelessly offtopic and shouldn't be in this thread (which is one of the few 'can't go offtopic' threads).

Not that it matters, since the other two pages of spam are going to get you banned pretty much forever anyway. After all, third times a charm.

And good fucking riddence is all I can say.

RStefan01Posted: 03-17-2001 12:19:04
lil bo shepherd has been unbanned. His ban time was actually over like six hours ago, but I wasn't awake at the time. That's what you get for getting banned at inconvenient times ;)

Bevy has been banned for spamming the threadlist with 37 new threads. He'll be banned for 60 days. (It would have been more, but I think he's actually sorry considering the messages I got from him on ICQ)

TridusPosted: 03-17-2001 12:27:02
Oh come on. Thats a fucking joke.

This is the third time he's been banned in recent memory. Its the second time he's been banned after being unbanned for less then three days.

He's not sorry, he even has a post where it shows that he was spamming deliberately. The only reason he's sorry is that he wanted another short term ban instead of what he actually deserves.

All he's been doing for the two whole days he was back was pissing everybody else off anyway, why let him come back at all?

A third time deliberate repeat offender who has shown that he can't stay unbanned for any length of time gets 60 days, and Tossy gets 208 for what started as a joke that went horribly wrong?

Thats fucking pathetic.

RStefan01Posted: 03-17-2001 12:30:40
What Tossy did was much worse than what Bevy did. It was beyond just mindless spamming. Two months from now, no one's even going to remember or care that Bevy spammed the forum, but I think I can safely say that there's people here that will never forget what Tossy did, much less in 208 days.
82-1002268893Posted: 03-17-2001 12:39:10
What tossy did wasn't bad at all considering it only affected Crazieman, who had been acting like an extreme ####### since close to the day of chambli's first appearance. The only people that seem to have anything against Tossy anymore are You and Crazieman. I think it's that way for Crazie because he can never get over anything. He's the kind of person that holds an eternal grudge and stays bitter forever. Much like me in a few ways.

Yourself I think has a problem with being disproved or "one-uped" I have no real way of wording it. But an example would be when you changed everyone's forum names and then got mad and accused them all of spamming when It was your fault to begin with, then you banned all of them. The second time I've seen you, as some one put it, taken your ball and gone home to cry. You refuse to admit to being wrong even when proven to be as well.

I think like me, the two of you need to stop worrying about what bevy and tossy are doing and deal with your own problems, because you definately have some. And I can't see eather of you admitting to, or doing anything about them anytime soon.

I ask you, Richard, why you don't like Durin, I got the reason I expected "I don't like how he writes, how he talks, etc"

Thats the most pathetic thing I've seen in my life. Truly and definately.  And now that I've vented once again, I'm going to another thread.

RStefan01Posted: 03-17-2001 12:40:51
While you're off going places, you could always go fuck yourself as well =p
TridusPosted: 03-17-2001 12:41:10
Two months from now we won't have to remember what Bevy did, because he'll just turn around and do something else stupid in two months + three days.

But yes, we'll remember. Why do you think so many people want to see him gone permanently? Its not because of outrage at his recent bout of spam. Its becuase he has a track record of doing stupid shit like this constantly. Not to mention his great "fuck you" posts that contribute less then most spam.

I wonder how many more times he has to get banned immediately after being unbanned before you clue in? The guy is a fucking lost cause.

And no, I don't think that the one thing Tossy did is worse then the combined crap that Bevy has pulled. Any one individual thing of his, then yes. Combine it all, and fuck no.

82-1002268893Posted: 03-17-2001 12:42:44
Is that a hidden request?

Your a sad individual, Rich. I hope for your sake that one of these days you'll have a real life and maybe a small shread of decency.

(Edited by Ravage! at 2:43 pm on Mar. 17, 2001)

RStefan01Posted: 03-17-2001 12:43:44
Then how long should Bevy be banned? =p
82-1002268893Posted: 03-17-2001 12:45:23
I don't really care too much. I think 60 days is far beyond reasonable for what he did last night.  It's tossy's ban that I think is far beyond reasonable. But this isn't my forum and I expect everything I say is going in one ear and out the other.
kwerkeyPosted: 03-17-2001 12:54:24
Bevy should be banned until he realizes that what he's doing is stupid and he'll stop.  Which is at least a few years.  Bans obviously don't mean anything to him anymore because they're always over in a relatively short amount of time.  You have to show him that if he keeps doing stupid shit, then the consequence gets worse and worse.
kwerkeyPosted: 03-17-2001 12:57:09
And look, BTC has gotten banned for a year for spamming twice.  Bevy's done it at least 4 times and he only gets 2 months?
82-1002268893Posted: 03-17-2001 12:57:22
Bevy's never going to care. Its the internet. It's not like he's been locked in a padded cell and being deprived of human contact.
kwerkeyPosted: 03-17-2001 12:59:39
Which means he's going to do it for the rest of eternity.

Why put up with that every once in a while instead of just permanently banning him once and never thinking of it again?

RStefan01Posted: 03-17-2001 13:01:26
And look, BTC has gotten banned for a year for spamming twice.

That was just my way of saying "Go away, and don't let the door hit your ass on the way out." I don't expect in the least that he will be back after he's unbanned.

kwerkeyPosted: 03-17-2001 13:23:55
The question arrises...... so?
RStefan01Posted: 03-17-2001 13:28:10
What do you mean by "so?"

You questioned something I did, I gave my explanation.

kwerkeyPosted: 03-17-2001 13:35:18
That doesn't say why you wouldn't give bevy the same or worse punishment for doing the same thing BTC did over and over.
RStefan01Posted: 03-17-2001 13:37:57
That's simple. I didn't care for BlackTarrChris at all. He never once posted anything that wasn't garbage. Bevy's posted things maybe once or twice (;)) that weren't garbage, so I don't want to ban him forever.
80-1002268887Posted: 03-17-2001 14:03:22
You see, the thing is, Bevy seems semi-salvageable, where BTC is a freaking moron who will eventually crawl into a pit and die, no matter how hard we try to save him.

Though, with all the intelligent things that Bevy posts, He usually ends up ruining it for himself. He's his own worst enemy.

TridusPosted: 03-17-2001 14:21:58
Bevy's never going to care. Its the internet. It's not like he's been locked in a padded cell and being deprived of human contact.
- Ravage!

He's right, Bevy is never going to care. Thats why he should be banned permanentely. Not as a deterrant to him doing it again (since obviously that doesnt work), but rather to spare the rest of us from having to read his bullshit posts and spam again.

PeepersPosted: 03-17-2001 14:56:14
You guys, I don't think you are giving Bevy enough credit for his "normal" personality.  Yes, what he did lastnight wasn't very cool, but he apologized for it, especially after realizing what happened.  Also lastnight he had a "breakthrough" along with Ravage!.  When I was talking to him he agreed that what he did was stupid and that he was most likely not going to act like that anymore, especially after seeing how well we all took in Ravage! when he exposed himself.
TridusPosted: 03-17-2001 15:04:55
Yeah he apologized becuase he only wanted to get banned for 25 days and realized that he put up too much spam to get a ban like that.

So we should feel sorry for him because he accidentally spammed more then he meant to?

Bevy's normal personality is meaningless, its the one that we see here that matters. If he wants to be an idiot here all the time, then he should be treated as one. If the other personality shows up, then fine.

And "most likely not going to act like that anymore"?? Gee, I'm so comforted by that.

80-1002268887Posted: 03-17-2001 15:08:17
See, that's the thing. Even the greatest person on earth would have lost all credability by acting like bevy by now.
PeepersPosted: 03-17-2001 15:14:07
Tridus:  For the beginning of the night, I too believe that he was just saying he was sorry to lessen his ban.  But as the night wore on I believe he truly felt sorry for his actions, and that he won't do that kind of stupid shit anymore.

Sam:  Yes, but if we took away everyone's crediblity permanently, where would the world be?

TridusPosted: 03-17-2001 15:17:49
We don't need to do that because not everybody acts like Bevy.
PeepersPosted: 03-17-2001 15:21:09
People change Tridus.
80-1002268887Posted: 03-17-2001 15:23:28
People may change, but he was unbanned for all of a day or two, and already he's spammed the threadlist. Even if I believed he had changed, I still wouldn't trust him back just yet.
TridusPosted: 03-17-2001 15:24:23

People don't change because they suddenly decide that its wrong to act like a total idiot.

RStefan01Posted: 03-17-2001 15:26:39
What's funny is that Tridus said this:

I give it two days before your banned again. Maybe three.

.. and Bevy didn't even last that long ;)

PeepersPosted: 03-17-2001 15:27:06
Some people change of long periods of time.  Others change because of brainstorming events, where they realize what is wrong.  

I know about that first hand.  I was fucking up in school for quite a while(a few years), and just suddenly was overcome one night with the urge to actually do something.  From then on, even though I still do procrastinate, I've been getting shit done.

Sid6.9Posted: 03-17-2001 15:33:01
I for one agree with both Tridus and Rich on this one.  Not because of my hatred for the little turd, but because he has on a constant basis, posted bullshit that was meant to piss people off.  I'm with Tridus in saying that 60 days is too short.  And I'm with Rich because the spam attack wasn't directed at any of us, but to his Server.  But still, its like calling the kettle black.

And just because he says he's sorry now, doesn't prove a #### thing, cause I guarndamntee you when his ban is over (And I know Rich will lessen it, he always does for Bevy for some reason) he will come back and do the same shit again.  And if you believe Bevy is sorry, well ####, I've got a bridge that I will sell you.  

But does it mean a permanant ban?  Well that's in the eye of the beholder I guess.  To me, the spam really didn't bother me cause I can just scroll past it.  No, to me, it's what Bevy posts on regular strings that bother me, like that Racism one from the other day.  The spam last night shouldn't really bother anyone, but Rich, cause he's the one that will need to clean up the mess himself.

So if Rich says he gets 60 days, then fine, this ban was not an attack on any of us, it was on Rich and his server.  So in essence, really none of us can tell Rich what to do, but if I were him, and knowing how Bevy is, and how he will be when he gets back, I wouldn't have only banned him for 60 days, but more like 6 months, which in, on to itself is a lifetime ban.  Cause most people would start hanging out somewhere else before the ban would be over.

But I agree with Tridus, 60 days really is very lenient considering who he is, who he always will be, and what he will be when he comes back.

And trust me, I know Rich, Bevy will plead with him to lessen the ban 2 weeks in, and Rich will comply and shorten it up.  But it is his site, so if he wants to, and when he does lessen it, he can, and there isn't a #### thing any of us can do, short of leaving the forum entirely ourselves.  And who really is going to leave because of little Bevy?

RStefan01Posted: 03-17-2001 15:35:30
I don't recall shortening the 30 day ban that I gave to Bevy before. (That one was previous to the most recent one)
Sid6.9Posted: 03-17-2001 15:40:54
Am I thinking of someone else then?  I thought you shortened up one of his bans from 30 days to 2 weeks.  I must be thinking that happened to someone else then.  My appologies then if it wasn't Bevy.  But still, you do on occasion lessen bans, and I think, with Bevy pleading with you on how sorry he is, I know you will lessen his ban.  Don't ask me how, or why I think you will, it's just a gut feeling.  But if you don't, then I will appologize to the entire forum for saying that you will.  But that's 2 months away.
PeepersPosted: 03-17-2001 15:41:00
Now don't get me wrong.  I'm not saying that Bevy isn't a major pain in the ass in some, perhaps most, threads.  It's just that Bevy appears to have gotten over some of his annoying qualities.

As for rich doing what he wants, I know he won't hesitate to the slightest bit.  ;)

(Edited by PeEpeRs at 1:47 pm on Mar. 17, 2001)

RStefan01Posted: 03-17-2001 15:43:17
I thought over how long I was going to ban Bevy for quite a while before I did it, so I really doubt that I'm going to change the ban time to be either longer or shorter.
RStefan01Posted: 03-17-2001 15:46:19
Oh yeah, and I did shorten one of Bevy's bans. It was the one right before this one. He was banned for posting some ignorant stuff one some thread for 20 days, and I later lowered it to a week. That was the ban right before this one, and he was banned again the next day when he spammed the threadlist.
80-1002268887Posted: 03-17-2001 15:48:20
So, technically it didn't make a difference whether you kept the previous ban long or short anyway.
RStefan01Posted: 03-17-2001 15:49:24
He would have been better off staying banned, because now his ban is much longer.
Sid6.9Posted: 03-17-2001 15:49:53
Quote: from RStefan01 on 9:43 pm on Mar. 17, 2001
I thought over how long I was going to ban Bevy for quite a while before I did it, so I really doubt that I'm going to change the ban time to be either longer or shorter.

I wouldn't expect you to change it now.  That would look bad for you to do that after you've made a decession (Unless of course he tries to create new accounts like Basin did.)

No, I was just voicing my opinion basically on that to me, it felt short.  But I respect your decession, even though I don't agree with how long he was banned, I do agree that the reason why he was banned had nothing to do with me.  Cause the spam was an attack on you and your servers.  

So basically, I agree with the ban, I agree that the reason why he was banned has nothing to do with me, but I do disagree with the length of the ban, but do agree that it is your decession and I respect it.

Eye of the NightPosted: 03-17-2001 17:29:13
60 days is far too long...but that's my opinion, and it's your board, so I can only dutifully make a complaint, after which it'll probably just be noted and disregarded, like seen so often in Star Trek...
ElBobboPosted: 03-17-2001 18:49:37
I'm impressed.
RStefan01Posted: 03-17-2001 18:51:06
... you're impressed by what?
TridusPosted: 03-17-2001 18:58:40
I wanna know where you get the idea that 60 days for a three time repeat offender who can't stay unbanned for more then two days and just tells everyone to fuck off and makes otherwise general shit posts all the time is too long?

No, seriosly EotN, how the #### can you figure that? He posted over a full page of spam topics. He spammed this thread before that. And before that, he was posting such awesome stuff as "fuck you" as his replies to things.

If I ever have to read a post from him again, it'll be too soon.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-17-2001 19:06:24
I agree with Tridus on this one.

A permenant ban might be needed.

Eye of the NightPosted: 03-17-2001 19:09:13
The recent surfacing of michael proves that he is able to he deserves some leniency. I know what he did, but not why he did it. Unless he did it out of something like hate, 60 days is too long...30 would be better, then...
82-1002268893Posted: 03-17-2001 19:09:48
It's not like it would solve anything eather way.
kwerkeyPosted: 03-17-2001 19:13:52
A permanent ban wouldn't solve anything?  Do explain.
TridusPosted: 03-17-2001 19:16:40
Yeah, he spammed deliberately trying to get banned, and then got upset because he realized he was going to get a longer ban then he wanted.

This michael person has showed up before for brief moments, then he always turns back into that idiot Bevy.

People don't deserve as many chances as he has had. Leniency was letting him off easily on the second ban. Doing it again on the third ban has another word for it: Stupidity.

Besides, Dan did the same thing without being a three time repeat offender, and got 90 days. So wtf is up with that?

For that matter, shouldn't you be doing something about Tossy's 208 days instead? Thats the extreme one, considering it was his first time. Third time spammer/idiot/assholes deserve leniency, but first time pranksters that go awry don't?

I'm really missing something here.

82-1002268893Posted: 03-17-2001 19:27:14
Yeah, he spammed deliberately trying to get banned, and then got upset because he realized he was going to get a longer ban then he wanted.

** So does everyone else. **

This michael person has showed up before for brief moments, then he always turns back into that idiot Bevy.

** You don't know micheal, you don't know bevy. Both are far from stupid **

People don't deserve as many chances as he has had. Leniency was letting him off easily on the second ban. Doing it again on the third ban has another word for it: Stupidity.

** I really don't see validity here considering the majorty of Richard's bans are unwarented temper tantrums. And your begining to sound more and more like you belong to a Nazi youth group every time I hear an argument from you. **

Besides, Dan did the same thing without being a three time repeat offender, and got 90 days. So wtf is up with that?

** Dan is a complete #######, bevy is not. If you want I will go into detail. **

For that matter, shouldn't you be doing something about Tossy's 208 days instead? Thats the extreme one, considering it was his first time. Third time spammer/idiot/assholes deserve leniency, but first time pranksters that go awry don't?

** I should be doing whatever I think I should be doing and not what you want me to. You sound like a mob now. Like those wonderous "holy men" who commited the "witch" burnings. **

I'm really missing something here

** Yes. I call it common sense and attentiveness. **

** Yes that was mean but really guys. Grow up.  What's done is done and its not yours or my decision. **

RStefan01Posted: 03-17-2001 19:34:25
Actually, that was Tossy's third time. He was also banned as Tossy and also as Chambli previously, and on top of that, was lying to me about Chambli not being him.
PeepersPosted: 03-17-2001 19:41:50
RStefan01Posted: 03-20-2001 21:38:42
I was wondering how long it'd be before someone did something, and Tridus said it'd probably happen before a week, and it looks like he was right. People were posting off-topic posts on SM_007's lyrics thread, and after it was all gone, Term posted this:

Gone!! All.. gone!!

Since he's been banned before, and I don't like having to constantly ban/unban the same person over and over, he gets a 20 day ban this time. Here's another way of looking at it:

Tridus (ICQ#5441591) Wrote:
thats a 20 day ban? hehehehehe.

I get it. its a 5 day ban, and a 15 day administration fee. :)

hehehe.. :)

TridusPosted: 03-20-2001 21:42:58

One thing I like about these bans is that they're good for my poster rank. Since Durin is banned, I was able to catch up to him and get into 7th place, which I never would have done otherwise. I should be able to catch up to Tossy before he's unbanned too (I have like what, half a year left to get those 300 posts?). Now of course, I'm pretty sure I'll never catch the top 3, but thats ok.

Since this server is in Canada, you should be adding 7% GST to all bans. After all, the Feds need to be able to spend money on listening to the Alliance lie badly. :)

(of course in this case, that would make the ban 21.4 days, but I guess thats something that can be kept for future reference)

Just be glad its not hosted in Ontario, then you'd also have to add 8% PST on top of that. :)

DebtAngelPosted: 03-20-2001 22:01:22
Actually, since it's an American forum on a Canadian server, Customs would apply. So, that's the 7% GST *and* a 5 day OOOH! Pretty! fee.

I guess in this case it would be a Packet Sniffer fee or something? :)

kwerkeyPosted: 03-20-2001 22:16:48
Know what?
*invades Canada*

How come you're willing to give Durin and Terminus a longer ban because you don't want to keep rebanning him, but Bevy gets the same ban over and over?

TridusPosted: 03-20-2001 22:24:15
Well, first guess would be that Bevy's ban is twice as long as Durin's and three times as long as Term's. But thats just a hunch. :)

(I still think Bevy's ban should be permanent btw.)

RStefan01Posted: 03-20-2001 23:17:10
I don't keep giving Bevy the same ban. This is the longest one that I've given him as of yet.
RStefan01Posted: 03-28-2001 01:32:18
Earlier I had used my selective memory to conveniently go to sleep before unbanning Maverick, but I've been awake for a couple hours and just realized that I actually did forget to unban him now ;)

So, he's unbanned. Can't wait to see what that hypocrite's got to say ;)

MaverickPosted: 03-28-2001 07:23:23
hehe. Im back. Nice work on the banned posters list, rich. However, the explanations were good, but now they're not on there :(
RStefan01Posted: 03-28-2001 07:35:48
It was too much clutter, and I wanted to add the Time Served column as well, so I figured since this thread already tells why people are banned, I could take it out :)
RStefan01Posted: 04-02-2001 22:15:32
Durin has been unbanned yet again. Same rules apply as last time. If he acts up, the ban will be at least as long as the previous one was. (30 days)
RStefan01Posted: 04-09-2001 22:39:51
Term's ban time is over. Strangely enough, I've unbanned him. Go figure.
TermPosted: 04-10-2001 09:03:56
I wasn't really banned for such a terrible crime, anyway.
TridusPosted: 04-10-2001 11:26:34
Weren't you banned again the day after you were unbanned last time?
TermPosted: 04-10-2001 12:02:20
Uhh.. no...
My bans have been spaced pretty neatly.
TridusPosted: 04-10-2001 12:17:04
I just checked. It was 7 days. You were unbanned march 13, and banned again for spamming on march 20.
TermPosted: 04-10-2001 12:31:51
Oh. Well that's no fun :(
Wasn't really banned for spamming, i was banned for making a comment abouth the deleted posts.
RStefan01Posted: 04-16-2001 05:01:41
Xel has been banned one week (that's seven days for the more mentally impaired of you) for spamming on this thread.
RStefan01Posted: 04-23-2001 06:17:18
Xel's ban time is over, he's been unbanned. Of course, a little later than when his ban time was actually over, but that's the down side to getting banned at an annoying time.
RStefan01Posted: 04-28-2001 21:57:59
Durin has been banned for being stupid. This ban will last until I feel like unbanning him :)
BrawnfirePosted: 04-28-2001 22:11:09
You are never going to find a better reason for banning Durin than stupidity.
RStefan01Posted: 04-28-2001 22:12:05
The fun part is, I don't need a better reason :)

Or any reason at all, for that matter :)

CAPosted: 04-29-2001 12:02:32
December 20, 2000. A day which will live in infamy, the Empire of PeEpers was banned by the United States of RStefan01 suddenly, and deliberately. 4 people were sunk into desperation, and 3 others laughed their asses off. The US of R has declared war on the Empire of PeEpers.


RStefan01Posted: 04-29-2001 15:19:39
April 29, 2001. CA posted something stupid on the Forum Access thread. He has been banned for a week.
BrawnfirePosted: 04-29-2001 15:34:43
I must thank you, Richard.  I think that CA has gotten on most everyone's nerves of late, especially his insulting my religion without any due cause.  I mean, not debating, just blatantly insulting.
RStefan01Posted: 04-29-2001 15:36:15

This is basically the same deal with Durin. Quite a few people wanted him banned, but there wasn't a decent reason, so I found a reason ;)

RStefan01Posted: 04-29-2001 17:54:21
In a random act of kindness, I've changed my mind about banning CA, because I can do these things. It's mainly because he talked to me on the forum's Messenger and wasn't an ass or an idiot like most people are when they get banned ;)

In fact, not only didn't he complain about it, he even agreed with me. That wasn't entirely expected :)

Tip on what *not* to do: Durin sent me some random lyrics in my email. That isn't much motivation for me to unban him sooner ;)

RStefan01Posted: 04-30-2001 22:16:07
Here's a fun thought:

Durin shall remain banned until Tridus surpasses him in post count. In the event that Tridus is somehow unable to surpass Durin in post count, Durin shall be referred to as SOL.

BandWidthPosted: 04-30-2001 22:19:02
What a fun idea.
RStefan01Posted: 04-30-2001 22:20:50
He's actually rather lucky.

The original plan had Eskarel instead of Tridus, and there's a hefty post difference there.

TridusPosted: 05-01-2001 07:40:21
Cool. I guess I'll have to remember to limit myself to one post per day now.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 05-01-2001 08:24:27
Either Richie's plan has completely backfired, or somewhere Rich is giggling insanely, knowing that he's killing two birds with one massive stone...


MaverickPosted: 05-01-2001 12:13:36
how do you mean?

[its only 70 posts till durin is back, or so]

BandWidthPosted: 05-01-2001 12:19:54
By making Durin's ban dependant on Tridus posting, Tridus will post less to ensure that Durin stays banned longer.  Therefore, Rich has gotten rid of both Durin and Tridus as posters in one shot.

Nice going Rich :-)

MaverickPosted: 05-01-2001 12:23:03
i see =)

just for a mental note - why isnt Tridus' posts wanted, again?

BandWidthPosted: 05-01-2001 12:28:20
Because we don't like Tridus.  I'm not sure why, we just don't.  Probably because it's just so much fun.
MaverickPosted: 05-01-2001 12:35:45

Tridus < Everyone Else

CraziemanPosted: 05-01-2001 14:33:09
I can already hear Durin when Tridus is at 3121 posts (and keeps it there =)
Sid6.9Posted: 05-01-2001 14:38:01
Well, Tridus only posts like once or twice a week now, and only in threads that are worthy of his time.  So we probably won't see Durin for, oh, ummm, 2-3 months.
TridusPosted: 05-01-2001 14:53:33
Yeah... and I'm prepared to make the sacrafice of not posting at all for six months if thats what it takes. Or at least until people want Durin back, hehehe.

Just think, I get to be the local Martyr. ;)

Sexay ShawnPosted: 05-01-2001 19:38:35

Stop posting, dammit! :)

You're taking one for the team. There's no "i" in "team!"

TridusPosted: 05-01-2001 19:46:43
Isn't it just my luck that there is stuff I want to reply to today. hehe.
PeepersPosted: 05-01-2001 22:38:31
*reads last 300 posts*

I should pay attention more...and why ins't CA still banned?  He demolished my name on a pointless country.  And then said that you attacked me!

RStefan01Posted: 05-01-2001 22:39:48
He changed my mind about banning him.

Besides, there's a couple people right now more deserving of being banned. I'm just waiting for a reason. (Until I get bored of waiting and ban them just for the #### of it)

EskarelPosted: 05-01-2001 22:42:36
Scarily enough, Durin would probably be better off being dependent on my post count, and I've got over a thousand to go before I surpass him.
PeepersPosted: 05-01-2001 22:43:22
*glances at Susan*

She needs to be banned!  She's planning to take over the forum with her silly 'chat room' ideas.

RStefan01Posted: 05-01-2001 22:45:36
PeEprRs: Posting bullshit on this thread isn't recommended unless you want to be banned too.
PeepersPosted: 05-01-2001 22:48:23
Well, I wouldn't have posted bullshit if Susan didn't implant this chatroom idea into my head.  Also...that's not my name mr. rStefan10.
RStefan01Posted: 05-02-2001 20:39:24
Crazieman and Sid6.9 have each been banned for two weeks for posting garbage on this thread after complaints by myself and MistressBlue, the starter of the thread.
MaverickPosted: 05-02-2001 21:04:57
what, is that the 2nd time Crazie has been banned?
RStefan01Posted: 05-02-2001 22:08:15
Maverick: Please refrain from asking idiotic questions on this thread. If you wish to know if he's been banned before, read the thread.

I've updated the previous two bans. Sid6.9 has been unbanned, and Crazieman's ban has been changed from a two week ban to a ban of undetermined length.

TridusPosted: 05-02-2001 22:17:42
A ban of undetermined length? Geez.

You should also ban Z and kwerkey for posting offtopic crap in this thread. Thats if there is any plan to be consistant anyway.

RStefan01Posted: 05-02-2001 22:20:54
A ban of undetermined length? Geez.

Yeah, I'm sick of the little insults and things of the like that he throws in my direction. He's also found a nice place on my ICQ ignore list.

Thats if there is any plan to be consistant anyway.

The difference is that it's Maverick's thread and he's going along with it. If you want to drive your own thread off topic, it's fine by me.

TridusPosted: 05-02-2001 22:26:17
Oh, so if I start a thread by saying "(no offtopic shit please)", and someone goes offtopic, they'll be summarily executed?

I can live with that. Probably should have been made clear before it went into practice though.

RStefan01Posted: 05-02-2001 22:30:57
Actually, I've been doing that for a while.

That's why people have been banned because of the lyrics thread, SM asked people not to post garbage, and they did, so they got banned.

MaverickPosted: 05-03-2001 07:32:12
So what are you saying? If i start a new thread and dont want people to post the normal "nonsense" all i do is state that, and then anyone who does will be banned? This is a good idea. It will make all serious threads be replied to in a serious manner.

If this is NOT what you are talking about, you should think about this =)

RStefan01Posted: 05-04-2001 00:12:50
Tossy's ban has been increased from 208 days to an indefinite amount of time, which basically means more than 208 days, and probably permanent.

Why? Because he's an ####### and I don't care to see him here anymore. This would be related to a certain fake Diablo II Beta email I got that I believed for almost five minutes before I thought to check the headers for some odd reason. (Like I've said before, good things don't happen to me, I was suspicious)

RStefan01Posted: 05-04-2001 00:43:14
For some reason I decided to take Tossy off of my ICQ ignore and also set his ban back to what it was before.

Either I'm too tired or this hair dye is getting to me =p

BandWidthPosted: 05-04-2001 00:45:39
I think it's the dye.  Kill it!!!
RStefan01Posted: 05-05-2001 17:45:14
I've decided how long Crazieman's ban will be.

The ban will be as long as Durin's ban is. Basically, this means that about four days (Crazie was banned approximately four days after Durin) after Durin is unbanned, Crazie will be unbanned.

Of course, from the accounts of other people, they both claim to not be coming back to the forum when they get unbanned, so who knows how important it is when they're unbanned, but it's fun to talk about anyway :)

Now the fates of two posters rest in the hands of Tridus ;)

BandWidthPosted: 05-05-2001 17:50:14

You're a truly evil man Rich...

Sexay ShawnPosted: 05-05-2001 17:58:47
I'n glad he lowered Tossy's ban again, though. The e-mail didn't have anything to do with this forum and it reminds me of when people were saying that he should be banned for playing Crazieman over ICQ, but Richie said that it didn't happen in this forum and he was right. This is the same thing, so it should be the same precedent...

He just doesn't have to like him. :)

That's the way I see it.

RStefan01Posted: 05-08-2001 07:06:09
Brawnfire has been banned for spamming on this thread. Since I don't have time to deal with this right now, the ban length will be decided later.
RStefan01Posted: 05-08-2001 17:04:40
I've decided that Brawnfire's ban will be for five days.

Looks like it'll only take one more post from Tridus, and then Durin's unbanned and the countdown for Crazieman's ban starts :)

RStefan01Posted: 05-08-2001 17:08:50
Tridus posted, Durin has been unbanned.

Crazieman's ban time will be calculated shortly, and I will update the Banned Posters script with the new time.

MaverickPosted: 05-08-2001 17:33:45
*unleashes Durin*

I wonder (that one was for rich) if he will stick to his word, and not come back.

*bets a lollie (sp?) pop*

RStefan01Posted: 05-08-2001 17:37:00
*unleashes Durin*

You had nothing at all to do with Durin being unbanned. If anything, you're a perfect example of why people should stay banned forever =p

As for whether or not he'll come back, of course he will.

I find it amusing that he seems to have been logged onto the forum for a good amount of time today, but then he left shortly before he was unbanned :)

MaverickPosted: 05-08-2001 18:10:46
why am i an example?
RStefan01Posted: 05-08-2001 18:13:28
Because you've been banned previously and still do things that would get you banned.

One example being that every time someone else does something remotely bad, you make a post saying "You're gonna be banned for doing that!" Since you do that constantly, it's spam itself =p

RStefan01Posted: 05-12-2001 08:45:48
Dan the Tuba Man's ban time has been completed, and I have unbanned him.
RStefan01Posted: 05-12-2001 15:56:14
Crazieman's ban is complete, he has been unbanned.
TermPosted: 05-12-2001 16:12:24
Lots of people are getting unbanned this week.
blacktarr chris and tossy both have infinity to go... i don't think we'll ever see them unbanned (read: forum will shut down before then)
*makes 665th reply*
-=General=-Posted: 05-12-2001 22:29:24
Hey Rich, next time you need a ban length, make it until I post past them.  This, one post every month thing should kill them.
RStefan01Posted: 05-12-2001 22:33:25
Nah, I've got to keep it somewhat realistic, and at the same time pick someone like Tridus who might be mean and not post just to keep the person away.

You don't post regardless =p

-=General=-Posted: 05-12-2001 22:35:14
Yeah, I havent found anything with any good content that actually warrents a post.  Of course, most of the dirty, dirty spammers have been banned, except for that pesky kwerkey.
RStefan01Posted: 05-13-2001 11:42:55
Brawnfire's ban ended earlier this morning while I was sleeping, so he has been unbanned now.
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 05-13-2001 12:18:58
Brawnfire is funny!
Welcome back Brawnfire ;)
BrawnfirePosted: 05-13-2001 13:09:55
Hello, countrymen.  I've lost the migraine and the bad attitude.  Things are going fine now!


TermPosted: 05-13-2001 13:41:50
Ban him.
RStefan01Posted: 05-16-2001 18:16:21
I may or may have not forgotten that I was supposed to unban Bevy a few hours ago.

At any rate, he's unbanned now.

BevyPosted: 05-16-2001 18:58:10

I guess I'm back.

Although even this post is reaching for something to post about.

During my ban time I realized I don't need this #### hole as a life support system anymore.

Don't take that out of context, I'm not leaving.

MaverickPosted: 05-16-2001 19:01:15
wow. It took bevy 42 whole minutes to post. Thats pretty long for him =)
Sexay ShawnPosted: 05-16-2001 19:02:06
You know, he might be serious!

Oh well. I like the guy anyway. :)

cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 05-17-2001 00:06:03
Hi, and welcome back Bevy! Enjoy your stay!
PeepersPosted: 05-17-2001 01:23:30
Because, of course, that statement was very needed, right Durin?  There is no way you could have msged him over icq saying welcome back, or even possibly posted that within 3 hours after he said he was back.
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 05-17-2001 01:47:40
Well he wasn't on ICQ, but I like to give people a warm welcome any way ;)
MaverickPosted: 05-17-2001 08:38:33
Yea, ive noticed hes been on ICQ less, lately.
RStefan01Posted: 05-19-2001 20:02:24
I banned Thomas3.1, since he hasn't made one real post, it's all been crap. If any of the rest of you think it's a bright idea to invite your single digit aged siblings into the forum, think again.

I'm not putting a time on the ban, because I doubt he's going to magically grow up anytime soon.

OsirisPosted: 05-19-2001 20:37:48
Maybe after the upgrade to Thomas95.. Improved system mutexes and such.


kwerkeyPosted: 05-19-2001 21:25:10
I was thinking exactly the same thing =)
Maybe the 3.1 represents his IQ.

In any case, I think it would've been fun to harass him.

BandWidthPosted: 05-19-2001 21:47:43
He rarely posted here anyways, so it really doesn't matter.

I'm cold :(

82-1002268893Posted: 05-20-2001 01:54:33
single digit indeed.


RStefan01Posted: 06-04-2001 17:34:56
SM_007 has been banned two weeks for continuing to spam with those "Ya" posts after having been warned about it some time ago.
82-1002268893Posted: 06-04-2001 17:44:43
80-1002268887Posted: 06-04-2001 17:46:02
Well, it's your choice, but I think you're a freakin moron...

You can't just ban people for stupid reasons, and I don't intend to come back here til Shawns ban time is up.

Anyone who wants to talk to me can do so over ICQ, my number is 11434133.

undertowPosted: 06-04-2001 17:50:02
That's.. well, dumb. Ludicrously so.

I'll not post here until Shawn's access is reinstated.

bye now.

(Edited by undertow at 5:51 pm on June 4, 2001)

kwerkeyPosted: 06-04-2001 17:55:49
What the fuck?
You don't want Shawn to get banned for spamming, but you jump all over a newbie who does that?
82-1002268893Posted: 06-04-2001 17:58:32
PeepersPosted: 06-04-2001 17:58:39
wkery, it appears you cannot go a week without proving your idiocy.  Read that thread in which shawn said "ya" and you will see a few others that did the same thing.  Are they banned?  No, not hardly.
TridusPosted: 06-04-2001 18:04:45
I must have missed that one. Rich, where is the post in question?
PeepersPosted: 06-04-2001 18:08:10
kwerkeyPosted: 06-04-2001 18:29:01
I shall stand by my statement if Ravage is banned, since he's doing it too.
If he isn't, then I shall join you in your quest against Richard.

I think it's quite obvious that the only person who understood why everyone was agreeing was Terminus, so he's in the clear.  Everyone else was just continuing the trend except Brawnfire after Terminus explained it.

(Edited by kwerkey at 4:30 pm on June 4, 2001)

82-1002268893Posted: 06-04-2001 18:32:24
kwerkey you are such an idiot.
RStefan01Posted: 06-04-2001 18:39:52
Ravage! has been banned for 120 days.

Now, before you think that I'm going totally psycho here, 90 of those days are from a ban where I decided to unban him right away instead of making him be banned for the entire 90 days, and I said that he ever did anything to get himself banned again, those 90 days would come back to get him. Well, here they are.

The other 30 days are for both spamming on this thread and at least one other that I've seen on the forum.

kwerkeyPosted: 06-04-2001 18:41:32
I'm such an idiot for having my own opinions?
MaverickPosted: 06-04-2001 18:44:24
pretty much =)
TridusPosted: 06-04-2001 19:09:17

So Term and Bevy weren't also banned why?

Right... thats what I thought. More of the same old recycled bullshit that we're used to.

RStefan01Posted: 06-04-2001 19:13:20
Ravage!'s ban has been increased by a year (now at 485 days) for putting pornographic material in his signature and having the image set at a size of 9999*9999, which makes it even worse. Hopefully we're done with him for good now. It's a shame to see that some people never change.

As for Term and Bevy, what exactly did they do?

Dan the Tuba ManPosted: 06-04-2001 19:19:11
*hides from Riches Ban Gun*

Does this mean I might get banned too? Oh no, what shall I do?!?

Bevy shouldn't be banned, if he is banned the Durin, myself, and maverick should also be banned. I'm probably the worst out of that list, but Bevy is just hot headed. Recently, he has been quite contributive.

TridusPosted: 06-04-2001 19:25:20
"aye" and "yup" are two posts surrounding SM's "ya" post. Oddly enough they didn't get banned, apparently you didn't even notice it.


(well, not really. that kind of bullshit is normal around here)

RStefan01Posted: 06-04-2001 19:25:58
I've got no intention as of right now on banning Durin, you, Maverick, or Bevy.

Apparently when Shawn posts "Ya" twenty times and someone else does it once or twice, me banning Shawn and not the other person makes me inconsistent, even though those people weren't doing the same thing at all.

BevyPosted: 06-04-2001 19:33:13
My "aye" was 100% legitimate. Somebody said "All in favor of Osiris being drunk at least once a night say 'aye'", so I said aye.
MaverickPosted: 06-04-2001 19:38:04
i think kwerkey said that.

On another note, why should i be banned?

MightyKingPosted: 06-04-2001 19:46:03
I just read through some of this post. You people are dumb, respect Stefan and his forums. Why the need to act out and try to get banned just for attention? Also, he is right, if you feel the need to say "Am I gonna get banned" -Why would you ask such a thing? Either your begging for attention or you should be banned just for asking that. Respect people whose forums you visit and don't act like assholes like the people who have been banned.
TridusPosted: 06-04-2001 19:46:10
I didn't say it wasn't Bevy. But if that one is legit, then the next two should also be as they're essentially exactly the same thing. Either they're all spam, or they're all legit. If they're all legit, then this ban is for no reason, unless its being said that SM can never use the word "ya".
RStefan01Posted: 06-04-2001 19:57:47
Also, he is right, if you feel the need to say "Am I gonna get banned" -Why would you ask such a thing?

Actually, I'm fairly sure that Maverick was asking that because of Dan the Tuba Man's post above, where he said Bevy shouldn't be banned, if he is banned the Durin, myself, and maverick should also be banned.

If they're all legit, then this ban is for no reason, unless its being said that SM can never use the word "ya".

It'd be legit if he only said it in situations where it was legit, but come on already. Am I the only one that's been seeing him post "ya" as a response to practically everything on every occasion he gets?

BevyPosted: 06-04-2001 20:10:48
"You people are dumb"

Which proves how little you know most of us.

"respect Stefan and his forums"

yeah, and I got a bridge to sell ya.

"Why the need to act out and try to get banned just for attention?"

I don't know a person who has. The closest situation that would apply to is when I got banned for money. Basin owes me a dollar.

"Also, he is right"

No he isn't.

"if you feel the need to say "Am I gonna get banned" -Why would you ask such a thing?"

See richard's post.

"Either your begging for attention or you should be banned just for asking that."

Or you just might be inquiring if you're aboutt o be banned? Gee, I don't know.

"Respect people whose forums you visit and don't act like assholes like the people who have been banned."

Fuck off. We can act however we want. Everybody here knows the whole action consequence thing, professor. Sucking up to Richard won't get you anywhere but the insane asylum, just ask Durin, so until you knwo a shred of anythign about this place, why don't you go analrape a donkey.

MightyKingPosted: 06-04-2001 20:18:11
I am not fucking sucking up to anybody.
RStefan01Posted: 06-04-2001 20:24:24
lil bo shepherd has some input on this thread, but apparently he doesn't want to post here any more and wants me to post it for him, this was his explanation:

lil bo shepherd (ICQ#68906590) Wrote:
no i cant post

i refuse to

its like a drug

i changed my password to a random string like a month ago

no offense to you

.. and here's his message:

You guys are being biased because you all like Shawn and because he is generally very intelligent and mature on the forums.

You guys complain when he isn't strict enough on the spam, but the moments he is you complain because he bans a person you like.  And while several of you may argue its because hes not being consistant enough with his banning, it is fairly obvious that many of you would not be as upset over this had it been, say, maverick banned.  :D

It's impossible to be completely consistent, and he has to allow some fun, but he's not going to be able to please everyone on this one.  I agree with Kwerkey.  SM *was* spamming, same with Bandwidth, and several others?  Who cares if one or two people are banned and a couple others weren't?  The ban *was* justified, no matter what any of you say.  You all know SM has spammed alot, as have I when i was posting and most other people.  He got warned, or so Rich says.  That should be enough right now.

Then some of you retarded bitches get on to Rich like hes an ####### or something.  He was just doing his job.  If he never banned people for spamming things wouldn't be under control much.

Instead of being whiney bitches and defying his rules(like i'd do, but I do it for a purpose other than you guys), how bout you just do what he asks, SM serves his small ban time, and then everything is happy again?

All in all, Rich can't please everybody, but I think he tries and you guys just don't want to see it.

You are obviously going to find a flaw no matter what.

(Sorry if I seem kind of hypocritical in comparison to what I would post when I was there, but I'm not posting there anymore, instead im just a bystander :D)

BrawnfirePosted: 06-04-2001 20:54:31

But still... maybe I will not return 'till Shawn does.

See you then!

MaverickPosted: 06-04-2001 21:03:10
Quote: from Brawnfire on 9:54 pm on June 4, 2001

But still... maybe I will not return 'till Shawn does.

See you then!

thats the dumbest fucking shit i have ever heard. Well then, see you, well, never!

100% he'll be back.... =/

TermPosted: 06-04-2001 21:19:30
*Reads the thread a few times*
I think it's quite obvious that the only person who understood why everyone was agreeing was Terminus, so he's in the clear.  Everyone else was just continuing the trend except Brawnfire after Terminus explained it.
=D. You don't have to type up my name every time, it's the reason i changed it to Term. I did know what everyone was agreeing to, but I did spam. I don't think i spammed quite enough to earn a ban, if you look at the big picture here. The "Ya" thing has been going on for quite some time, and no one has been banned for quite some time (wow, that's something you don't hear every day..) If you're gonna ban SM_007 for posting 2 "ya"s today, you must be keeping check of some kind, "as soon as he reaches 100 "ya"s he will be banned" or something, because today was not a whole lot different from every other SM_007 posting day, and you never warned him before. But as most people say, it's Richard's website, and he can ban people for random reasons if he damned well wants to.

I Remember the fourth time I was banned, it was for making a joke in my signature :)
"Term is a a fake account made up by Rstefan01" i think it was.

RStefan01Posted: 06-04-2001 21:25:41
I do recall warning him at least one time.

because today was not a whole lot different from every other SM_007 posting day

The difference is that today was the day that I finally got sick of reading his spam and banned him. I've actually been thinking about banning him for those "ya" posts for a few days now, but I finally got tired of them and did it instead of just thinking about it.

BevyPosted: 06-05-2001 03:12:13
"You guys are being biased because you all like Shawn and because he is generally very intelligent and mature on the forums."

Bo you crackhead, why the #### should it be wrong to be bias in favor of shawn when the fucking admin himself admits to being massively bias on many other things concerning this forum?

cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 06-05-2001 03:21:45
Wow, after Richard basically warned Shawn 100 times not to post "ya" in threads, he did any way and I found it quite amusing at that ;). So now that he is banned and everyone thinks this Richard is being so, harsh think about this. 2 weeks, that’s pretty good if you consider posting 20 "ya" posts which don't really contribute to a thread. It could have ended up being a month and Richard has been most lenient and tolerant for the most part.

While I don't think he should have gotten banned rules are rules, and if we don't like it we will suffer whatever consequences we have to endeavor. Plus it's kind of retarded fighting back at a forum that is maintained for everyone here. People complain about how they don't want idiots and spamming morons in the forum any more but when a poster makes an example of him continuously they are only asking for a foot in their mouth.

RStefan01Posted: 06-05-2001 06:17:16
cRaZy MoRoN has been banned until further notice, which basically means until he can manage to pull his head out of his ass.

The short of it is that Durin, as he's done in the past, decided that he doesn't want to have an account here any more. I pointed out that I don't delete accounts, and the idiot went on to put his password in his signature and said something like "do whatever you want with it" in there as well. Now, I can't have an account up for use by any of the numerous morons that are banned right now, so I of course had to ban Durin's account to prevent it from being used.

Read this thread for the specifics.

I suppose I'll unban him if he asks to have access to his account again. It's a shame, too, because I was just starting to like him again. Too bad he's back to being the same old Durin.

Eye of the NightPosted: 06-05-2001 17:39:46
Well, I'm with Undertow on this one...see in a week or two...
TermPosted: 06-05-2001 17:50:21
KorivakPosted: 06-05-2001 18:08:43
   At this rate the only ones left will be those that are already kissing richie's ass...


BandWidthPosted: 06-05-2001 18:14:22
And me, because I'm too lazy to leave.
KorivakPosted: 06-05-2001 18:24:50
   It's okay...we love you BandWidth...


EoduinPosted: 06-05-2001 18:54:48
Quote: from RStefan01 on 6:13 pm on June 4, 2001
Ravage!'s ban has been increased by a year (now at 485 days) for putting pornographic material in his signature and having the image set at a size of 9999*9999, which makes it even worse

so that's what that was....ROFL
BandWidthPosted: 06-05-2001 20:22:08
The image never did load for me for some reason.  All I saw was a 9999x9999 pixel blue square.
TermPosted: 06-05-2001 20:26:51
I missed all the action :(
BevyPosted: 06-06-2001 03:11:58
"   At this rate the only ones left will be those that are already kissing richie's ass..."

And me.

I'm still here.

BevyPosted: 06-06-2001 03:35:21

There's a fancy use of Opera.
You could go to 20% and actually see some of that image.

Opera is fun.

RStefan01Posted: 06-07-2001 01:34:47
I've decided that Ravage!'s ban will be two weeks instead of 485 days. I know that's only a slight difference, but I thought I'd point out the change.
KorivakPosted: 06-07-2001 06:58:27
   Getting desperate for posters, Rich?
MaverickPosted: 06-07-2001 11:45:18
hmmmm. yea, whats the deal with that?
TridusPosted: 06-07-2001 12:05:42
It could be interpreted as an attempt to say "I fucked up tremendously, and hope that this fixes it". Or it could be taken as a sign that making the image in your sig 9999x9999 is worthy of the same punishment as replying to one of Osiris' posts in the same manne as two other people did, by using a dreaded one syllable word.
lil bo shepherdPosted: 06-07-2001 12:41:45
Or maybe both Korivak and you are idiots and he decided that he just plain didn't want to ban ravage as long.

Ravage did it in the heat of the moment out of anger.

SM had been warned.

Ok, I take that back about Tridus being an idiot, but Korivak has been looking like one to me lately.

KorivakPosted: 06-07-2001 13:41:25
   So doing something very offensive and against several rules out of anger is okay when it's in the "heat" of the moment...where shawn saying one one syllable word in his post as a joke which doesn't hurt anyone is bad because he had been warned?
   Oh, and lil has warned people many many times about doing stuff like that, both regarding pr0n and also regarding making your signatures gigantic after being banned...
   All i am saying is that rich is being inconsistent, and as tridus has said in the past, that's what's driving away the forumers...


OsirisPosted: 06-07-2001 16:59:35
I wasn't part of whatever ICQ or private e-mail exchanges went on between RStefan and SM previously, so I can't really comment fairly on whether it was an appropriate decision, either.

I'm pretty indifferent, as long as I have somewhere to chat with people.  It seems like an awful shame to lose those posters, as I was never personally annoyed by SM's posts, and it seems like some of the other conversations would at least serve as a counter-balance to whatever else happened, but ahh well. *shrugs*

RStefan01Posted: 06-07-2001 19:51:42
Ravage! apologized about the image over ICQ to me.

If you know anything about the recent fun conversations between Ravage! and I, then I don't need to go into any further detail.

RStefan01Posted: 06-07-2001 20:43:09
Now that I've been awake for more than five minutes, I can reply to some stuff...

(I had just gotten out of bed, got dressed, and skimmed and replied to this earlier)

Getting desperate for posters, Rich?

If I really was, I'd do a lot more than shorten Ravage!'s ban length. I'd probably unban Ravage! and Tossy right away if it came to that, but unfortunately, not everything that goes on in this forum revolves around your little friends having left the forum.

It could be interpreted as an attempt to say "I fucked up tremendously, and hope that this fixes it".

It could. It could also mean that I'm now the King of England and I need Ravage! to lead an invasion force against Canada (Since he's Canadian, and he'd know the way around and all of the cool places to eat). Or, it could be for the purpose that I actually did it, because unlike SM_007, who cried about it and got all of his friends to leave the forum, Ravage! did something which I've recently not even bothered to expect: He apologized for what he did. He actually seemed to mean it, too, so he's getting a shorter ban length. Feel free to reread this entire thread if you like throwing out little technicalities. This isn't the first time I've shortened someone's ban length for the same reason.

RStefan01Posted: 06-07-2001 20:48:42
Bleh.. one more:

All i am saying is that rich is being inconsistent, and as tridus has said in the past, that's what's driving away the forumers...

Oh yes, It's inconsistency that's driving the forumers away, allright. Not my inconsistency, though, it's their inconsistency. The only reason any of this happened is that it was SM_007 that I banned, and people seem to think that he's someone special, like he's immune to being banned an incapable of doing anything remotely wrong. Unfortunately for them, I treated him just like I would have treated any other poster that had done the same thing.

I'm telling you, if it were anyone other than him, no one would have even given it a second though. Yep, *I* am sure inconsistent here.

KorivakPosted: 06-07-2001 20:48:47
"I'd probably unban Ravage! and Tossy right away..."

What makes you think that Tossy wouldn't have moved on to something else in the 96 days, 20 hours, 58 mins, 20 secs he's been banned?  Why would he want to come back after that harsh of a punishment?  I talked to Tossy a few months ago, and he seemed pretty pissed about how you treated him at the time.  Maybe there's a reason everyone but the rats is jumping ship, Rich...

RStefan01Posted: 06-07-2001 20:53:44
I don't know, but even after having been banned for so long, Tossy still seems to check here on a somewhat regular basis. That doesn't guarantee that he'll post, of course, but it also doesn't mean that it won't.

Maybe there's a reason everyone but the rats is jumping ship, Rich...

Well, not "everyone" is leaving. Just those that have even less intelligence than the rats, who are smart enough to realize that the ship isn't sinking.

KorivakPosted: 06-07-2001 20:58:08
If you say so, sir...
RStefan01Posted: 06-07-2001 21:00:35
There have been times where the forum has been much slower than this, like say only a couple posts a day, and the forum was still just fine after that. This, like that, will be forgotten before long.
KorivakPosted: 06-07-2001 21:02:31
   I won't forget it...i don't think shawn will forget it...
RStefan01Posted: 06-07-2001 21:06:31
Shawn doesn't post here any more, don't you remember? He doesn't count. As for you, well, you'll be one of the people that gets to tell all the newbies what happened, just like I have to all the time =p
KorivakPosted: 06-07-2001 21:15:28
   If and when you get these newbies you seem to think will magically revitalize your forum, i'll tell them exactly what's going on here...a little boy with the ability to ban ppl without reason encourages penis jokes, and then bans those same ppl for making them.  A little boy who thinks the ability to hack a forum script makes him God bans his best posters, then pretends that they are the ones who make the forum a chaotic #### hole.  A little boy who takes his frustrations out on the poor saps that dance for his amusement, and then come crawling back for more.
   I'll tell them, all right...
RStefan01Posted: 06-07-2001 21:17:53
####. I guess the newbies will have to look elsewhere for a reliable source of information, then :(

You've got quite the knack for fiction though.. do you have any plans on being a writer?

KorivakPosted: 06-07-2001 21:21:20
"####. I guess the newbies will have to look elsewhere for a reliable source of information, then"

   What, like you?
   And yes, i am a writer...and on of the things that i've learned is that reality is far worse than fiction can ever be...

RStefan01Posted: 06-07-2001 21:30:59
Well, at least from that last post, if you're a writer, you could have done a #### of a lot better.

Here, let's tear this up a little:

If and when you get these newbies you seem to think will magically revitalize your forum

The forum doesn't need revitalization. Newbies show up at random times and join the forum. That's what I was talking about. Again, not everything revolves around your little friends and their escapades leaving the forum.

i'll tell them exactly  what's going on here...

If you use as much bias as you did in this post, hopefully they'll realize that you're talking out of your ass.

a little boy with the ability to ban ppl without reason encourages penis jokes, and then bans those same ppl for making them.

Really now? I didn't realize that I was a little boy, but I guess that weight I've been losing lately finally caught up to me. I'll take that as a compliment. I'd really like you to name one instance that conforms to the situation you mentioned above.

A little boy who thinks the ability to hack a forum script makes him God bans his best posters, then pretends that they are the ones who make the forum a chaotic #### hole.

No, being the administrator of a forum on a personal site about me makes me God. The ability to hack the script is just a bonus. See? There we are again with that bias thinking that some posters are better or more important than others. I treat everyone the same way, and when one of these super important posters gets banned, everyone gets mad. I've  still yet to see you debate this point.

A little boy who takes his frustrations out on the poor saps that dance for his amusement, and then come crawling back for more.

If I have any frustrations, they're the result of the people that I'm taking them out on.

I'll tell them, all right...

Oh, you will. I'll try and make sure that I'm there to correct you, too.

KorivakPosted: 06-07-2001 22:06:20
   You just don't get it, do you...and why would you want to, when your little fantasy world is so much nicer...
RStefan01Posted: 06-07-2001 22:09:57
So, basically, you've got no arguement and now you're resorting to attempting to insult me?
KorivakPosted: 06-07-2001 22:13:11
   I already made my just compared it to your dream world, found discrepancies, and ignored it.  When reality and Rich are in dispute, Rich is always right...
RStefan01Posted: 06-07-2001 22:15:57
That's for confirming that whole "no arguement" thing there.
KorivakPosted: 06-07-2001 22:23:39
RStefan01Posted: 06-07-2001 22:27:16
So you're going to spam as well now? If you're trying to totally validate everything I've said, you're doing a good job of it. If you continute to spam.. well, you should know by now.
KorivakPosted: 06-07-2001 22:28:38
   Hey, i'm just agreeing with you...
RStefan01Posted: 06-07-2001 22:30:39
No, you're spamming.

This is basically the same thing as the "*gets a post*" thing with the exception that it's an even shorter pointless post.

MaverickPosted: 06-07-2001 22:37:07
well, over the past week or so, i would say Korivak was massively sucking up to rich. However, inside of the 15 last posts to this, thread it has turned around very quickly. I wander (i love you rich - "wander", heh) what sparked this... =p
KorivakPosted: 06-07-2001 22:41:23
I said: "I already made my just compared it to your dream world, found discrepancies, and ignored it.  When reality and Rich are in dispute, Rich is always right..."

You said:"That's for confirming that whole "no arguement" thing there."

I said:"Ya", by which i meant: ya, my point is for confirming that you have no argument (an admittadly poor snappy comeback, but they can't all be great).  I also thought it would be ironic if you did ban me for not writing out an essay-lenght answer while agreeing with you.  Do you also smack ppl in real life if they have the nerve to just say "hi" instead of "hello, how are you on this fine and lovely day with the sun shining oh so high in the bright blue sky have i added enough useless filler to my simple sentance so that it is no longer a waste of your extremly important time, sir?".
   Isn't spam best defined as quantity over quality?  If so, why do think that short, to the point posts are spam?  Is this post long enough yet, sir?

RStefan01Posted: 06-07-2001 22:45:06
There's plenty of quantity. When people decide that "Ya" is an acceptable response to just about any post they want, and it starts becoming a large amount of the post content, it is spam.

People used to do that with the "*gets a post*" phrase, and for a while there that'd get you banned as easily as "Ya" does now. When people stopped using it constantly, "*gets a post*" became acceptable again, just like "Ya" probably will once it stops being spam =p

KorivakPosted: 06-07-2001 22:45:18
   I never "sucked up to Rich"...i just laid low to escape his wrath.  However, this whole thing with Shawn showed me that no matter how carefully you tip-toe through the mindfield, Rich will find something, no matter how small, to bitch you out over.  I'm now just saying all the things i always wanted to say, but was afraid to.  If none of my friends post here anymore, why should i care what Rich does to my account?
MaverickPosted: 06-07-2001 22:48:36
RANDOM ADVICE TO KORIVAK: Get used to it. I am, i dont bitch about shit. =) Let it go =)


RStefan01Posted: 06-07-2001 22:48:57
.. and who says that I'm going to do anything to your account? As long as you don't start spamming the place up or doing other various foolish things that'd get you banned, I've got no reason to do anything to your account.

I don't ban people for saying what's on their mind, so arguing with me or whatever isn't going to get you banned =p

KorivakPosted: 06-07-2001 22:51:46
   I generally react poorly when some power-drunk punk imposes on my sense of freedom...always have, always will.  I understand that control is neccesary for structure, but this forum is anything but structured.  This forum is a fine example of the abuse of power...
KorivakPosted: 06-07-2001 22:54:01
   My goal isn't to be banned, me goal is to say all the things i didn't say before.  I could care fuck all if you banned me now.  When i'm done ranting, i'm going to follow Shawn's example and change my password to random gibberish and head for somewhere a little saner.
MaverickPosted: 06-07-2001 22:55:32
rich - i wasnt saying anything bad about you =)

im aware, that you dont ban for nothing =)

RStefan01Posted: 06-07-2001 22:55:38
I'm still curious as to what makes you think that I'd ban you just for giving your opinion. I've never done it before, I don't know why I'd start now.

I'd also like to know exactly how I'm abusing my power. I'd be perfectly happy never having to ban people, but unfortunately they give me reasons to do it, and I do.

RStefan01Posted: 06-07-2001 22:56:27
Maverick: I was replying to Korivak. You posted just a few seconds before I did, and that's why my post showed up after yours.
KorivakPosted: 06-07-2001 23:01:09
"I'd also like to know exactly how I'm abusing my power. I'd be perfectly happy never having to ban people, but unfortunately they give me reasons to do it, and I do."

   You know what that sounds similar to?
   "You know i love you very much baby, and i don't mean to hurt you, but then you go and do something stupid and i just have to teach you a lesson.  Why you always got to make me hit you, bitch?"
   If you really didn't like banning ppl, you wouldn't have a 15 page long thread where you recount with glee your latest ban of Durin or say "so-and-so is unbanned, let's see how long they can go without spamming!  LOL!"  Go ahead, read it...your posting in it right now...

RStefan01Posted: 06-07-2001 23:03:55
I never claimed not to be at least a little cynical. If someone spammed once, I don't trust them not to do it again =p

Banning Durin has come to be practically a joke now. He'll get himself banned, last a couple days, and then get himself banned again. It's seemingly random, too, but he manages to do it.

When I say the things like "let's see how long they'll last" it's usually on the people that did something pretty bad to get themselves banned. I think Dan the Tuba Man may have been one of those, because he posted a #### of a lot of spam to get himself banned. Strangely enough, he seems to be totally normal now.

MaverickPosted: 06-07-2001 23:05:12
16 pages. Most of it is people bitching/arguing the ban...
RStefan01Posted: 06-07-2001 23:08:05
Exactly. Korivak is well on the way right now to having a page just to himself =p
MaverickPosted: 06-07-2001 23:10:37
Ya, and he complains of it being to long =p
KorivakPosted: 06-07-2001 23:17:57
   I dream of a forum where there is no Forum Access thread because there's no banning, and there's no banning because there's no admin...but i'm crazy that way...
RStefan01Posted: 06-07-2001 23:19:48
.. and who would be there to keep the people that can't control themselves in check? I know that what Shawn did isn't nearly the worst of what's gone on in this forum, and he'd be at least tolerable, but those people that do multiple pages of spam and things like that.. where would they be without an admin? Right here, spamming the place up.
KorivakPosted: 06-07-2001 23:21:05
   You're right...a forum without admins wouldn't last three days...
RStefan01Posted: 06-07-2001 23:22:46
What exactly are you trying to say there? If you're talking about that forum that the people that left here set up, then yeah, of course that forum would be fine without admins, because no one knows about it except the people going there. This forum is different because it's all over the search engines, and it also gets traffic from sites that are affiliated with this one. There's no targeted group of people here. Anyone can show up, and there's no prediction as to how they will act, either.
KorivakPosted: 06-07-2001 23:24:48
   Forum?  What?  Are you being paranoid again?
MaverickPosted: 06-07-2001 23:25:26
what is the point to this spam?
RStefan01Posted: 06-07-2001 23:25:53
I thought I read or saw somewhere that the people that left this forum setup a forum of their own or went somewhere else.. something like that.

If that's not what you were talking about, what were you talking about?

KorivakPosted: 06-07-2001 23:26:29
   Spam?  I'm just posting, man...that's what a forum is for, right?
MaverickPosted: 06-07-2001 23:27:54
RStefan01Posted: 06-07-2001 23:28:51
Maverick, you're the only one spamming here right now. Please stay out of it.
MaverickPosted: 06-07-2001 23:30:11
Alright, my bad. Sorry
KorivakPosted: 06-07-2001 23:30:50
   I'm arguing about forum politics...i am a mildly idealistic libertarian, and so i think that the ideal forum would be one where everyone is free, but only earns this right through the responsobility to not abuse their freedoms.  You are taking an authoritarian view, saying that only leadership with an iron fist can keep a forum running.  Your position is much more realistic, mine is pure ideology.
RStefan01Posted: 06-07-2001 23:34:19
That "iron fist" is a little over where I am, though, because I'm really not that strict most of the time. The most recent example of that was actually just today, where I lowered Ravage!'s ban by quite a bit just because he said he was sorry. Ravage! has done quite a few things on this forum, and if I really were incredibly strict, he'd probably be on a permanent ban by now. He's not though.
KorivakPosted: 06-07-2001 23:36:57
   Touche...but what about Shawn, then?  Does posting "ya" in response to a yes/no question directed at him really warrent two full weeks of ban?
RStefan01Posted: 06-07-2001 23:39:09
Perhaps not, though longer bans generally seem to have more of an effect on the poster than shorter ones. When/If they come back, the posters that were on longer bans seem to act up less than the ones that were on shorter ones.
KorivakPosted: 06-07-2001 23:44:38
   Ahh, good old structure through fear, eh?  Spare the rod, spoil the forumer?
   In my experience, however, that type of control breeds resentment and rebellion, and the person in charge often mistakes rebellion for poor behavior and tightens up things even more, creating a downwards spiral...for example, me...if you didn't piss me off with your heavy handed tactics, i never would have considered bitching you out on the Forum Access thread (of all places!).  You can also look at the history of the British (or Brutish) Empire for more evidence...America is free today because Britan pushed them just a bit too hard...
RStefan01Posted: 06-07-2001 23:48:36
I respect you more for actually saying what was on your mind and trying to argue with me than those people who just got up and ran away without saying a word.
BandWidthPosted: 06-07-2001 23:49:09
I think you should all be banned for defiling the forum access thread.
KorivakPosted: 06-07-2001 23:50:42
   I believe Sam had a few things to say to you as well...and then there's poor Shawn, who was unfortunetly unable to argue his side in the forum...
RStefan01Posted: 06-07-2001 23:51:12
I consider these posts to be on topic.

Korivak is arguing about a ban and the way with which people are banned.. this is as good of a place as any for that.

BandWidthPosted: 06-07-2001 23:52:02
I still think you should all be banned, mostly because it would be fun to see the admin banned for a day or two.
KorivakPosted: 06-07-2001 23:53:06
"I think you should all be banned for defiling the forum access thread."

   All?  It's just me and he supposed to ban himself now?

"I respect you more for actually saying what was on your mind and trying to argue with me than those people who just got up and ran away without saying a word."

   Ironic how i only get your respect when i'm about to leave, eh?

KorivakPosted: 06-07-2001 23:55:10
"I still think you should all be banned, mostly because it would be fun to see the admin banned for a day or two."

   But who would unban him then?  Chaos ensues!  The world crumbles!  God unmakes himself and all of creation in a moment of humbleness!

RStefan01Posted: 06-07-2001 23:55:42
Who says that I didn't respect you earlier? I'm just saying that in comparison to those people that left the forum, I respect you more.
KorivakPosted: 06-07-2001 23:57:06
   When did you start respecting me?  I hardly even talked to you...i was just here for Shawn and Tom...
RStefan01Posted: 06-07-2001 23:58:58
You forget.. I'm the forum admin. Just because you weren't talking to me doesn't mean that I wasn't reading what you said. I read everything posted on this forum, which includes your posts.
KorivakPosted: 06-08-2001 00:06:52
   I don't remember saying anything wonderful or anything...just a bunch of posts about stuff...
RStefan01Posted: 06-08-2001 00:10:14
Well, they definitely weren't "Ya" posts ;)
KorivakPosted: 06-08-2001 00:11:54
   Hey!  I wish my posts were as good as Shawn's!  Even if he says "ya" in context sometimes, his posts are still some of the best and most insightful i've ever seen here...
RStefan01Posted: 06-08-2001 00:14:23
Perhaps they used to be, but in the short time previous to his ban, all he did was post pessimistic things about how bad this forum was, and then he started posting all of those "Ya" posts.

Oh yeah, and Random Crispy's account was authorized earlier tonight, and he didn't come.. your signature is false advertising =p

KorivakPosted: 06-08-2001 00:19:42
   Hey, i posted pessimistic things about the forum and you, and you respect me for it now...what's with that?
   Random Crispy is an infrequent poster...he checks his forums about once every two days...he'll be here...
RStefan01Posted: 06-08-2001 00:21:17
You're actually making valid points. He just said things like "this place sucks" and things along those lines. Complaining about a problem and trying to do something about it are two different things. Contributing to the problem, like he did, doesn't help anything.
KorivakPosted: 06-08-2001 00:24:53
   Valid points?  I thought i was "talking out of my ass"...
KorivakPosted: 06-08-2001 00:26:44
   Wait, i need a good reason to get banned? This is the impression i've been given from reading this thread...Maybe we should tell richie about us, eh, K? Whoops, I've said too much...I love it when people say I've been acting a tad differently lately...


KorivakPosted: 06-08-2001 00:29:26
   Shhh!  Get back in my pants!
RStefan01Posted: 06-08-2001 00:31:03
Well, I guess that's the end of that. I'm incredibly disappointed.

Korivak has been banned 30 days for allowing SM_007 to post using his account.

KabukiPosted: 06-08-2001 00:54:23

Hey, Rich...Korivak here.  Just wanted to let you in on the secret.  Any post with "-K" at the end was Shawn.  Any post with the "Random Crispy is..." sig was mine.  It's been fun, man.  See you in the next life!

RStefan01Posted: 06-08-2001 00:58:13
Going back I can just check by the IP address on the post to see who it was.

I find it highly amusing that Korivak was disputing the need for forum administration while all the time he was doing something that required exactly that. Oh well. It's a shame, too, because I was rather enjoying this discussion that we were having.

KabukiPosted: 06-08-2001 01:09:47
Oh, Dang.  So I guess you know that Korivak wasn't making that post as me, huh?  Too bad haha.  Everyone loves a good joke now and again....
RStefan01Posted: 06-08-2001 01:11:11
The IP address on that post didn't match that of either SM_007 or Korivak. I suppose I probably should compare the IP you're using now against any others that you've used previously though =p
KabukiPosted: 06-08-2001 01:12:15
Oh, Rich, Korivak does have a Special Message:

"If there was no forum admin, Shawn would not have been banned and would not have used trickery to make his views know...this is the "control leads to more control" downwards spiral i was talking about earlier.  If you just left us the fuck alone, we wouldn't resist."

RStefan01Posted: 06-08-2001 01:13:42
Well, that's enough from Korivak now. If he has anything further to say, he can say it in a month.
KabukiPosted: 06-08-2001 01:16:31
I've said everything i wanted...just read the disscussion we had when you miss me!
KabukiPosted: 06-08-2001 01:18:05
I probably should have told you that that was another quote from Korivak he asked me to post haha.  Oops sorry.
KabukiPosted: 06-08-2001 01:36:27
How tight will you crack down on those evil account stealing spammers before you stop?  Will there be any freedom left for the rest of us?
RStefan01Posted: 06-08-2001 02:03:23
This is just plain sad.

Kabuki has been banned 30 days for allowing SM_007 to post using his account.

RStefan01Posted: 06-08-2001 02:08:33
SM_007's ban length has also been increased by 60 days, 30 days for each of the two accounts that he has posted on while banned.

Remember, I don't care who you let post on your account as long as it's not someone who's banned or if that person does anything bad while using your account. You are responsible for anything done by people using your accounts, whether it be with or without your permission.

RStefan01Posted: 06-08-2001 09:52:52
Amazingly enough, I've got something totally unrelated to recent events in the forum...

I've been talking to Durin (cRaZy MoRoN, for the few of you who don't know) a bit on ICQ (yep, I cleared my ignore list!) and it's been decided that we'll unban his account.

If you'll recall, the reason that I banned him is that he posted his password in the signature of his account, which would allow anyone to have access to and post with his account, and we couldn't have that.

His reasoning wasn't all that clear at the time, though by talking to him it's been cleared up a little. Basically, the problem was that he was spending too much time on the forum and wanted to focus more on school, since it's near the end of the year for him and I suppose he has finals and all coming up.

Now, that's totally understandable that he'd need more time to focus on school, but throwing his forum account away was quite a stretch to get that, and we talked about it a little. His account is now unbanned, but you shouldn't expect to see him much until school is out ;)

TermPosted: 06-08-2001 11:00:50
SM has been banned for 2 months
Apparently this thing is gonna take a while.
TridusPosted: 06-08-2001 11:13:10
This is only sort of on topic, but I just noticed it... something about this quote bugs me...

""control leads to more control" downwards spiral i was talking about earlier.  If you just left us the fuck alone, we wouldn't resist"

Isn't that like a serial killer justifying why he had to kill a couple of cops who tried to arrest him? After all, if they would have just let him go about his serial killer business, then he wouldn't have resisted and shot them.

BevyPosted: 06-08-2001 13:45:33

Chris, seek therapy.

I believe Shawn's ban was totally legitimate, a little too legitimate in fact. This was the first ban in quite awhile that was actually deserving, which, considering the way Richard has been administrating lately, a ban for something just a shred away from what Richard himself does all the time is so horribly unjustified. I could leave if I don't like the rules the almighty uses, but instead i think I'll just stay and bitch about them.


TridusPosted: 06-08-2001 15:44:37
I don't see how my last post would need therapy in your PoV, since its talking about Korivak and not Rich.
RStefan01Posted: 06-10-2001 12:11:30
Brawnfire has been banned 30 days for continuing to spam those "Ya" posts after ample warning. This ban is longer than that of other posters banned for the same offense because not only should everyone know by now not to do it, but he was doing just to be an #######, and I really don't care for that.
RStefan01Posted: 06-10-2001 13:06:17
SM_007 had actually earlier apologized for using those other accounts, but I didn't really act on it much as far as the forum is concerned. While talking to him just now, it was brought up, mostly by my initiation, and I've decided to reduce his ban length back down to the original two weeks, for the "Ya" posts, which he stands by his opinion that it's a bad decision on my part, which is cool with me.

So, he's got around eight days left, but that doesn't guarantee that he'll be back. The "Except SmasherBob" rule, on the other hand, does guarantee that he'll be back ;)

RStefan01Posted: 06-11-2001 23:24:14
The following people have been unbanned.


Yes, this is a direct result of the Sanctuary forum being closed. I figure some people got into this that might want to come back now, or things of that nature, so I just unbanned everyone that was banned for something related to the whole incident.

PackheadPosted: 06-11-2001 23:28:14
Oh my God!  The Nazi's releasing Jew's, erm, Posters?! (:
KabukiPosted: 06-11-2001 23:33:11
I changed my password to gibberish. You can message it to me if you really want me to come back, hehe.

I, personally, don't care all that much, so you can do as you wish...

Of course, I'm going to bed at the moment.

-Shawn posting as Kabuki who he just realized he is still logged in as

RStefan01Posted: 06-11-2001 23:35:14
Log out of that account, I'll give you your password, foo =p

Actually, I asked you to log out earlier via ICQ, too =p

KabukiPosted: 06-12-2001 12:33:20
No more posting as me, think I've learned my lesson from that one hah.

I've also learned that I'm too weak willed to resist favors asked by friends...

Sexay ShawnPosted: 06-12-2001 13:09:17
Oh, come on.

I made that last post simply because I had forgotten to log out and didn't have my password to post as SM_007. :P

RStefan01Posted: 06-14-2001 07:46:32
Though Basin's ban technically won't be over for a few hours, I'll probably be sleeping at that time, so I'm unbanning him now :)
Dan the Tuba ManPosted: 06-14-2001 08:25:44
good god no!
RStefan01Posted: 06-19-2001 03:40:04
Tossy has been unbanned for one week. In the event that he plays nice, I might be convinced to make this a permanent change. Until that point, his name will remain on the Banned Posters page.
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 06-19-2001 05:56:32
*screams out on the streets*
BandWidthPosted: 06-19-2001 09:06:20
MaverickPosted: 06-19-2001 14:00:28
Sexay ShawnPosted: 06-19-2001 14:30:51
BrawnfirePosted: 06-19-2001 15:32:55
TossyPosted: 06-19-2001 17:21:32
Richie! You need not worry about me not playing nice.

I'm nicer than ever in this day and age.
*hugs Rich0rd*

RStefan01Posted: 06-25-2001 01:14:25
Xel has been banned for constantly posting idiotic responses to just about everything. I'm really getting sick of people doing that and trying to ruin perfectly good threads. I haven't decided how long his ban will be yet, if I even plan on unbanning him, that is.
66-1002268757Posted: 06-25-2001 01:40:20
I loved him
Sexay ShawnPosted: 06-25-2001 02:13:02
Hopefully, he won't be the last... Many people seem to be following his lead.

*Clasps hands together*

The forum must be CLEANSED.


kwerkeyPosted: 06-25-2001 02:21:54
The return of Edge, is it?
Sexay ShawnPosted: 06-25-2001 02:23:21
*Swoops off to find some young, nubile virgins*
RStefan01Posted: 06-25-2001 02:32:09
Well, for Xel, it's quite a lead. He never really contributes to anything, at least not in a positive way.
BevyPosted: 06-25-2001 03:25:01
SHawn, why the fuck do you act like you never spam and every post you make is super contributional and you're some kind of a god or saviour to this forum? You act so fucking high and mighty and then turn around and do the things you preach at others not to do.

Fuck you, cockfuck.

RStefan01Posted: 06-25-2001 03:31:16
As opposed to you, on the entirely opposite side of the spectrum, acting like an immature little kid, hurling random insults at just about everyone, and doing all of this just to get reactions from people? That's a #### of a lot lower than anything you can accuse anyone else of.
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 06-25-2001 03:35:30
At least he admits it. And besides.. a lot of people have gotten over it and understand his way of thinking.
BevyPosted: 06-25-2001 03:48:26
While I thank you for the... er... compliment, Durin, I don't think anybody will ever understand my way of thinking.

Rich, I do "hurl" alot of curses, but what shows you to be really fucked is the fact that you claim that there's no content surrounding them.

Also, I can accuse anyone of doing anything, #######.

I accuse you of picking up my house and walking away with it. Gimme back my house.

cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 06-25-2001 03:51:17
Okay you can have your box back.

Seriously though...

I suggest this whole thing just stops complete. Organize ourselves in the morning and try to discuss about something.

BevyPosted: 06-25-2001 03:54:45

"Good times."

TossyPosted: 06-25-2001 09:49:02
Quote: from Bevy on 2:25 am on June 25, 2001
SHawn, why the fuck do you act like you never spam and every post you make is super contributional and you're some kind of a god or saviour to this forum? You act so fucking high and mighty and then turn around and do the things you preach at others not to do.

Fuck you, cockfuck.

I think, deep down inside, that's what YOU think, not him

Sexay ShawnPosted: 06-25-2001 11:42:28
Also, I can accuse anyone of doing anything, #######.

Of course, it completely invalidates any serious argument you might have had.

As far as me joking around goes: I still do that once in a blue moon but those are only SOME of my posts; for example, in this case I made a serious post and then someone else cracked a joke which I responded to. That was ONE joking post, not an entire thread, not several, et cetera.

TossyPosted: 06-27-2001 01:17:22
*rings a little bell*

The day of Judgment is at hand!

Seven (7) days have passed with the release of Tossy upon the land.

Has been Tossy good, his ban is removed.
Has been Tossy bad, his ban remains and shall no longer be on parole.

Audience -- Please pick up your voting utensils now, and decide!

Tossy: Good or Evil?

We'll be back after these messages with the results.

82-1002268893Posted: 06-27-2001 01:19:39
Quote: from Bevy on 9:48 am on June 25, 2001
While I thank you for the... er... compliment, Durin, I don't think anybody will ever understand my way of thinking.


66-1002268757Posted: 06-27-2001 01:59:54
I vote for tossy to live.
RStefan01Posted: 06-27-2001 04:22:38
I vote for him to die. Unfortunately, I missed tribal council, so he can stay unbanned... for now.
TossyPosted: 06-27-2001 11:17:43
*gets a post*

Wait! You did not see that.

BevyPosted: 06-28-2001 03:07:21
Something I don't understand: Why can't Tossy have an alternate char if Richard can? Is it just another "because I'm an #######" reason?
RStefan01Posted: 06-28-2001 03:28:33
Everyone knows that BSS isn't a real person. If they don't know that, then they should.

Besides, I'm special. (And not in the short bus kind of way, in case you were planning on attempting to find a way to identify with me)

BevyPosted: 06-28-2001 03:32:53
So if I create another char that is obviously me I'm allowed to use both?
RStefan01Posted: 06-28-2001 04:16:57
No, we've already been over that. I'm the only one that can do that, because it's my forum and I can do these things.

Besides, you're lucky I'm letting you use the account that you're already using.

TridusPosted: 06-29-2001 10:47:54
I'm not an expert on the subject, but past history tends to make me think that bringing this thread off topic like this isn't a very wise thing to do.
RStefan01Posted: 06-29-2001 11:18:06
Tridus is right. I've deleted the six posts that were above his.
RStefan01Posted: 07-08-2001 01:17:36
Tossy was constantly bringing the Chambli thing up after being unbanned, and I pointed out that I was getting sick of it. Then he apologized, which was a good thing.

Then he entered Bevy's tournament as Chambli, and let that pass too. Then I confonted him on having two accounts in the tourney, one as Tossy and one as Chambli, and he started going off on that shit about Chambli being a real person again. If you want to read it, the thread is here.

I'm not adding the time that he was unbanned to his ban, because it's my fault for unbanning him in the first place.

66-1002268757Posted: 07-08-2001 01:20:44
No.  Don't take it out on HIM!  *I* was the real mastermind behind Chambli!
RStefan01Posted: 07-08-2001 01:27:17
You just keep telling yourself that. Meanwhile, he'll remain banned.
BevyPosted: 07-08-2001 02:42:59
I don't really think it would have been fair to have banned him just because chambli was in the tourney, but considering the way he kept bringing it up, not to mention that bringing it up was offtopic, was worthy of a ban.

Plus I don't think he cares anyway.

RStefan01Posted: 07-08-2001 02:45:29
Probably not, as I've gotten no complaints from him.
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 07-08-2001 11:29:55
If he didn't care he wouldn't have posted in the forum. He took out his petty little anger in a livejournal stating that he could care less if you Richard unbanned him. But instead I see him posting in the forum being as much as a smart ass as ever. I don't really care about this whole chambli thing either, simply because I'm not involved with it, but it was kind of dumb to make a Tossy signature similar to the one chambli had, constantly bringing up chambli in the tournament therad as a perfect means to bring up a bad joke.

Oh well, Tossy is still a good guy, he's turned into one of the smarter people in this community. While I don't agree with some of his actions, when he doesn't bring up chambli and doesn't spam, and actually has something to say worth reading, he's a good poster.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 07-08-2001 11:52:36
Tossy did enjoy posting here and was obviously annoyed at being banned again, but he simply does not care enough to try and get his access back, or to fight Richard tooth and nail on this one.

In my opinion, though, some people really need to let go of their anger towards the now-infamous 'Chambli Incident.' I am not saying that Tossy should not have been banned, but I didn't find his jokes extroadinarily tasteless. I laughed when I saw Chambli as being listed in the tournament.

Anyhoo, this is Richie's thread, so I shall shut up, now.

TermPosted: 07-08-2001 13:36:27
I'll miss you, Toosy T_T
RStefan01Posted: 07-08-2001 14:18:44
He wasn't banned for making the character in the tournament. It was for bringing up the "Chambli is a real person" bullshit afterwards in that thread.
PackheadPosted: 07-08-2001 14:42:28
*retracts my post*  You can delete this Richard.

(Edited by Packhead at 2:55 pm on July 8, 2001)

Sexay ShawnPosted: 07-08-2001 14:50:19
It was for bringing up the "Chambli is a real person" bullshit afterwards in that thread.

Of course, it was obviously sarcasm. As I noted before, it is obviously just a sore nerve for some people in here, I guess...

66-1002268757Posted: 07-08-2001 14:51:27
Aha!  So the spectral phase actuator is at 400%!!!
TridusPosted: 07-08-2001 14:52:03
Questioned what? Chambli is supposed to be his alter ego, so he *does* have two accounts in the tournament. Thats when he started saying that Chambli is a real person. I don't know if its worth a ban or not, but at the very least that prank is extremely old and dead now. Bringing it up again by saying its a real person is just stupid.
MaverickPosted: 07-08-2001 14:54:17
So he is going to remain banned for the rest of the 80 days?
82-1002268893Posted: 07-08-2001 14:56:01
Hahahahhaah.. actually.. supposedly there now actually is a REAL chambli.  some person who decided to use the name.

Or so I hear.  I can't remember from who..

Its probably tossy again but whatever.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 07-08-2001 15:04:47
Tossy did know a real Chambli, once...
TermPosted: 07-08-2001 15:44:22
The Plot Thickens...
rRaminrodtPosted: 07-08-2001 15:50:35
I thought it was just some random person who he didn't actually know.
RStefan01Posted: 07-09-2001 09:28:42
So he is going to remain banned for the rest of the 80 days?

... at least.

The-AtarisPosted: 07-09-2001 16:06:46
You're as cold as Ice!!
RStefan01Posted: 07-24-2001 23:30:15
Basin has been banned for creating a second spam thread after I had locked the first and warned that I may banned him. His previous ban was for 90 days, and this ban will be for 120.
lil bo shepherdPosted: 07-24-2001 23:37:23
120 days???
you suck
RStefan01Posted: 07-24-2001 23:47:50
It's only that long because he's been banned before. Whenever someone has been banned, their next ban will always be at least as long as their previous one. It's more incentive not to get banned again.
lil bo shepherdPosted: 07-24-2001 23:54:20
Ive been banned before many times but they keep getting shorter.
RStefan01Posted: 07-25-2001 00:06:52
I think those were ones where I also unbanned you early because I thought the original time was too long.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 07-25-2001 00:15:52
Either way, I agree with the rule stating that forumers who are banned multiple times will have longer ban times with each banning -- even if Richie is just making it up right now, on the spot, hehe...
RStefan01Posted: 07-25-2001 00:18:14
This isn't the first time that I've done that. I usually try and go back to see how long the person was banned previous times and make the new ban longer.
Ryken2Posted: 07-25-2001 00:19:16
If you guys get so pissed every time he bans someone, then why don't you we make a list of things that we feel should lead to banning and the consequences for repeat ofenders.
kwerkeyPosted: 07-25-2001 00:22:03
Because he won't pay any attention to it anyway.
Ryken2Posted: 07-25-2001 00:23:26
Why do you say he wouldn't pay attention to it?
RStefan01Posted: 07-25-2001 00:27:14
Because I wouldn't. I run things my way, it works.
Ryken2Posted: 07-25-2001 00:30:08
I'm not saying to let them run things. I'm saying to let them know what would cause you to ban them and what consequences they would have. At least that way they would know well before they do anything.
kwerkeyPosted: 07-25-2001 00:31:09
You know him in real life.  Think about it.  Do you really think he gives a #### what we think?  It's not like he's making money off of us (quite the contrary).
Ryken2Posted: 07-25-2001 00:33:14
That's true, but I think you should still know what is going to happen to you if you do something.
kwerkeyPosted: 07-25-2001 00:38:04
Oh, I thought you were saying that we should make the list and Rich should follow it.

Anyway, everybody knows what deserves bannage.  And besides, there are exceptions to stuff.

RStefan01Posted: 07-25-2001 00:38:50
It doesn't take more than common sense to keep yourself posting here. If you don't have that, then you learn the hard way.
82-1002268893Posted: 07-25-2001 00:40:57
banning him his pretty useless. he WILL do the samething the INSTANT he gets unbanned.  he doesn't give a shit about your forum or what you do and don't like.
RStefan01Posted: 07-25-2001 00:45:54
Then he'll get banned longer next time. Eventually the ban will become long enough that we won't have to worry about him anymore.
Ryken2Posted: 07-25-2001 00:50:04
It doesn't take more than common sense to keep yourself posting here. If you don't have that, then you learn the hard way.

And yet another skirmish won by Rich.

82-1002268893Posted: 07-25-2001 00:51:25
how the fuck did he win he just proved that he's as stupid as my rant said.

it doesn't matter how long you ban him. he will ALWAYS come back and do something like that and then leave.

Also his favorite part of this forum is getting banned.

He's getting what he wants and coming back for more :)

(Edited by Ravage! at 6:52 am on July 25, 2001)

RStefan01Posted: 07-25-2001 00:53:08
Well, I do try to please as many people as I can. It looks like it's working.
Ryken2Posted: 07-25-2001 00:55:06
Every so often some how we come upon a topic and think of ways to argue each other. Well, this one was to let you why you would get banned. And it is simply common knowledge to know what will get you banned and what won't. Even if you're a newbie.
kwerkeyPosted: 07-25-2001 01:10:34
Can't we all just get along?


Sexay ShawnPosted: 07-25-2001 14:52:47
Ryken2, you don't have to constantly defend Rich, you know -- especially to the point of changing your arguments. For example, you made the comment that the forumers should write a list of rules and appropriate punishments we'd like to see used. [Original comment: "If you guys get so pissed every time he bans someone, then why don't you we make a list of things that we feel should lead to banning and the consequences for repeat ofenders."] Then, when Rich said that he would not follow that list, you claimed that you had originally stated that Rich should write up a list of rules, even though it's evident that that's not what you said. [Original comment: "I'm not saying to let them run things. I'm saying to let them know what would cause you to ban them and what consequences they would have."]
RStefan01Posted: 07-28-2001 04:59:33
I've decided to unban Xel, since it's been a while now. His ban lasted 33 days.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 07-28-2001 11:50:16

No, wait. Xel posts spam, constantly. :P

BevyPosted: 07-29-2001 01:06:28
As opposed to Shawn.
XelPosted: 07-29-2001 01:13:51
Oh, yay.

*goes back to AO*

Sexay ShawnPosted: 07-29-2001 02:16:00
As opposed to Shawn.

Oh, trust me: There's a difference between my unique brand of spam, and what Xel posts. You'll see...

kwerkeyPosted: 07-29-2001 02:18:59
Sexay ShawnPosted: 07-29-2001 02:35:00
Um, what?
BevyPosted: 07-29-2001 02:56:35
I'd suspect an ICQ UIN.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 07-29-2001 02:59:43
It's too high (numerically) to be a UIN, I believe. And it's not mine, yours, or kwerkey's...
GaftPosted: 07-29-2001 03:02:09
Yeah, it has far too many digits.
BevyPosted: 07-29-2001 03:06:29
I searched for it, it doesn't exist.

But it doesn't have too many digits.

The highest number is ten digits, that number is ten digits.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 07-29-2001 03:18:50
Well, I just made a new ICQ account recently, and my UIN is 124189696; and as ICQ UINs are given out numerically, and counting up, this means that quite a few million users have registered within the last two weeks. I've only seen nine didget UINs, myself.

Either way, we've established that it's not a UIN. I think it's simply spam. kwerkey is, after all, a dirty spammer. A dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty spammer. Dirty.

BevyPosted: 07-29-2001 03:35:41
If you search for that number it gives you the minimum and maximum number entries, and the maximum number entries holds ten digits.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 07-29-2001 10:27:15
That doesn't mean that the number is in use or that there are that many ICQ users.
BevyPosted: 07-29-2001 11:32:30

But I'll go with it.

RStefan01Posted: 07-29-2001 13:22:15
I'm truly interested in the meaning of kwerkey's post. For, you see, if there's no meaning, then it's spam, and you know what happens to people that spam on this thread...
Eye of the NightPosted: 07-29-2001 17:04:48
Long ago those individuals would be banned...but what is the current situation? Are those individuals now forced to bend over instead? Or something more horrid?
kwerkeyPosted: 07-29-2001 21:40:15
I posted it for two reasons.

1. It was in my head at the time
2. I thought it would stop Shawn and Xel.  But I guess it caused more chaos than it stopped.

Oh, and it's my IP address, in case you're wondering.

RStefan01Posted: 07-29-2001 21:42:00
How, exactly, is that your IP address?

Remember that I can see IPs on every post here.

I'm really starting to get sick of bullshit being posted on this thread, and so far it looks like it's all coming from you =p

kwerkeyPosted: 07-29-2001 21:59:46
all from me?!

Hardly any of the spam is from me.

For an explanation, goto

lil bo shepherdPosted: 07-30-2001 00:20:43
yeah he found the great miracle of converting his address to binary then decimal.
RStefan01Posted: 07-30-2001 00:24:38
Just the kind of spam that really isn't needed on this thread.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 07-30-2001 00:34:08
Can it be assumed that someone who posts senseless and completely irrational and illogical arguments while hurling insults at random forumers is as bad as someone who posts random spam -- simply for the reason that being so illogical borders on simply ignoring the original posts in the thread and posting and therefore writing off-topic messages? This would be appropriate justification for the banning of Bevy, in my not so humble opinion.
RaiderPosted: 07-30-2001 00:37:32
The only thing that sums up Bevy in my opinion, is that he's an ass, and always has been. That's a good enough reason to ban him in my opinion.

But you did say exactly what he does

GaftPosted: 07-30-2001 00:50:26
That's a good enough reason to ban him in my opinion.

No it's not.

The only thing that sums up Bevy in my opinion, is that he's an ass, and always has been.

He hasn't ALWAYS been an ass. You haven't known him his whole life.

And you don't have to post in every thread stating Bevy is an ass.

BevyPosted: 07-30-2001 02:37:08
I'm one of the few people here that hardly ever spams.

What I do, is say the things I want to say, the things you don't want to hear.

Just because your personal opinion of me is negative, doesn't mean I should be banned.

Richard's been giving me warnings left and right, I'm assuming to try to get me to stop talking and also to please all the people that don't like me. I suspect though, that the reason he actually hasn't banne dme yet is because he knows I'm more or less right about everything I've written above.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 07-30-2001 03:54:17
What I do, is say the things I want to say, the things you don't want to hear.

The "things" we "don't want to hear" doesn't necessarily imply some terrible truth we are trying to hide. There are simply some things that people don't want to hear, because they're nonsensical and off-topic, vitriol-filled comments or statements from an immature and insecure teenager.

Just because your personal opinion of me is negative, doesn't mean I should be banned.

This, I agree with.

BevyPosted: 07-30-2001 04:01:04
I hardly think you are in any position to call me insecure.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 07-30-2001 04:16:54
I neved denied that I am insecure (or at least, have been in the past). It doesn't change the fact that most would probably perceive you to be quite insecure, does it?
BevyPosted: 07-30-2001 08:35:28
Why? Because I curse sometimes?

I don't believe that most ***unbiased*** people would consider me insecure, no.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 07-30-2001 12:33:58
What constitutes unbiased, in your mind? Do you actually think that it's possible for any human being to be unbiased in the grand scheme of things? Sorry, bucko, but I haven't met one single human being who isn't insecure about one thing or another.

And I am saying that people could easily consider you to be insecure for a lot more than the fact that you curse sometimes. If you think that that's what I'd base my conclusion on (actually, I stated that it was a conclusion that others could possibly come to), you don't know me all that well at all.

Mais83Posted: 07-30-2001 18:23:35
Why don't we all suddenly stop posting here, and while were at it why don't we all get a clone :)
82-1002268893Posted: 07-30-2001 18:47:51
Thats because you're the most insecure person on the planet and you gain security by thinking others are insecure

Quote: from Sexay Shawn on 6:33 pm on July 30, 2001
What constitutes unbiased, in your mind? Do you actually think that it's possible for any human being to be unbiased in the grand scheme of things? Sorry, bucko, but I haven't met one single human being who isn't insecure about one thing or another.

And I am saying that people could easily consider you to be insecure for a lot more than the fact that you curse sometimes. If you think that that's what I'd base my conclusion on (actually, I stated that it was a conclusion that others could possibly come to), you don't know me all that well at all.

Posted: 07-30-2001 18:49:35
Shove it up your fucking ass Ravage!
82-1002268893Posted: 07-30-2001 18:59:23
go fuck your mom v-stevens

i KNOW where you live bitch

lil bo shepherdPosted: 07-30-2001 19:01:46
I do also.


Fine, don't believe me.

Mais83Posted: 07-30-2001 19:20:18
#### You Ravage! #### YOU! MUHAHAHAHHA AHHHA
*puts a gun to head and pulls the trigger*
Sexay ShawnPosted: 07-30-2001 23:58:18
Thats because you're the most insecure person on the planet and you gain security by thinking others are insecure


I know plenty of other human beings much more insecure than I am, and much more aggressive with their insecurities; on the other hand, when did I deny being insecure? Still, that does not invalidate anything I've had to say, because it's logical, and truthful -- or opinion. Simply because I have my own insecurities does not mean that others, such as Bevy and such as yourself, aren't ridiculously insecure in other ways. Because they are.

kwerkeyPosted: 07-31-2001 00:11:25
SHUT UP you two.  Or three.  Or five, or however many people there are.
RStefan01Posted: 07-31-2001 00:34:55
What kwerkey said. If any of you #### newbies spam up this thread any more you're going to be banned.
RStefan01Posted: 07-31-2001 01:08:33
I don't know why I couldn't put this together earlier, but V-Stevens is actually Basin. Both accounts will be permanently banned from the forum.
GaftPosted: 07-31-2001 01:10:13
No, it can't be!
BandWidthPosted: 07-31-2001 01:10:24


82-1002268893Posted: 07-31-2001 01:11:12
its funny cuase he'll be back in a few days anyways.
lil bo shepherdPosted: 07-31-2001 01:11:20



RaiderPosted: 07-31-2001 01:12:48

*is speechless*

RStefan01Posted: 07-31-2001 01:15:09
Don't worry, I've got a feeling that there won't be many people here from that part of the continent with posting access on this forum for much longer, at the rate they're going anyway, so it won't be too hard to weed them out. Gaft is already more than well on his way to being banned, since just about everything he's been posting is spam.
GaftPosted: 07-31-2001 01:15:46
I love you too.
RStefan01Posted: 07-31-2001 01:17:06
Gaft has been banned 90 days for spamming the forum.
BandWidthPosted: 07-31-2001 01:20:23
That's an interesting theory Rich.  In order to avoid having to do any actual moderating work to pick out a few troublesome individuals, you ban an entire province containing people who actually behave themselves.

Geeze, you really are one of the great moderators of our time.

BrawnfirePosted: 07-31-2001 01:21:10
Was Basin posting from another computer, a shifted IP, what?

Or did you just not notice?

I know you don't always check...

RStefan01Posted: 07-31-2001 01:23:17
That's an interesting theory Rich.  In order to avoid having to do any actual moderating work to pick out a few troublesome individuals, you ban an entire province containing people who actually behave themselves.

The majority of people from Alberta that post in this forum are troublemakers. That's not something I'm making up, you've got the numbers. There's Tossy, Bevy, Durin occasionally, Gaft, Basin, and whatever other of your brothers that come around here.

Was Basin posting from another computer, a shifted IP, what?

Some of the IPs were different from his usual ones, but not all of them. Enough to see that it wasn't him, at any rate.

82-1002268893Posted: 07-31-2001 01:24:27
I'm better than you richard. give me admin access now.
RStefan01Posted: 07-31-2001 01:25:31
How about I let you keep your normal posting access and we call it even?
BandWidthPosted: 07-31-2001 01:26:48
So then why don't you just ban those who deserve it and leave the rest of us alone?  I don't think it's all that mature of you to threaten to ban ALL of us based solely on our geographical area.

As for the IP, he registered the account at his cousin Dustin's house and has been posting on it from home since then.

RStefan01Posted: 07-31-2001 01:30:34
I don't even know that I can trust all of you, since you knew about this and didn't say a word, you're obviously not helping anything. Then there's also this Mais83 character running around as well which I don't trust is a legitimate account either. Really, the only one of you that doesn't have a shitty track record is Eoduin.
RaiderPosted: 07-31-2001 01:33:39
Wow...then what did I do to get a bad record?
RStefan01Posted: 07-31-2001 01:34:08
Are you from Alberta, Canada?
RaiderPosted: 07-31-2001 01:35:23
Heck no!
I be from da states.

(Edited by Raider at 1:35 am on July 31, 2001)

BandWidthPosted: 07-31-2001 01:36:17
Last I checked you didn't even believe that Eoduin was a real person :P

And Mais is real, whether you want to believe it or not.

82-1002268893Posted: 07-31-2001 01:36:41
and then theres richard. stupidity to an extreme. How many times do you have to be shown, You fucking moron. Man my rant was fucking accurate which is why you cried.  You bitched and complained about how you thought we were your friends. WHo would be your friend when you ban them because you don't like being told your a dick head. you ARE a dick head. Fuck this and fuck you I"m out of here. if you dont ban me forever I'm going to post pornographic images and unfit content every time I get unbanned. *goes to change his password to a random string of letters*
RStefan01Posted: 07-31-2001 01:38:39
Last I checked you didn't even believe that Eoduin was a real person :P

That was like right when she came to the forum =p

And Mais is real, whether you want to believe it or not.

Of course, I don't know which is more sad, him being real or not ;)

In other news, Ravage!'s post makes me very happy.

Mais83Posted: 07-31-2001 01:41:07
You suck ass kwerkey
BandWidthPosted: 07-31-2001 01:45:16
Don't worry, his existence is indeed a very scary concept.  We should all fear for our souls.
RStefan01Posted: 07-31-2001 01:49:06
Mais83 has been banned under the same concept that Thomas3.1 was banned. Don't bring little kids into the forum. There will be no set time on the ban, but like that of Thomas3.1, it also isn't permanent, I can lift it whenever I see fit.
RaiderPosted: 07-31-2001 01:50:50 still never answered me...why is my record "bad?"

That's all I wanna know.

RStefan01Posted: 07-31-2001 01:52:50
Please don't spam on this thread.

I don't see how you possibly can't gather that I'm talking about people from Alberta, Canada.

RaiderPosted: 07-31-2001 01:54:10
I'm sorry...I'll quit now. I just thought you had something against me.

Sorry if I spammed this thread.

*Leaves this thread*

Sexay ShawnPosted: 07-31-2001 01:55:21 still never answered me...why is my record "bad?"

He said the Albertonians have a bad track record, save for Eoduin.

And although he shouldn't ban the province or threaten the posters from said province, he's generally right. Most of the Albertonians have warranted bans in the past or are in the process of begging for bans right now. It is a major headache for a forum administrator to have to track them down when some of them have (in the past) lied, made fake accounts, shared accounts, et cetera.

Again, I disagree with him making vague threats directed at the entire province (or that side of Canyda, in general), but I can completely understand and sympathise with his frustration at this point.

BandWidthPosted: 07-31-2001 01:58:39
Hey now.  I may have been bad at times in the past, but I've been good lately.  Don't put me on the bad list.  I've served my time and I only want to love each and every one of you now.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 07-31-2001 02:02:15
I said most of the Albertonians are bad, bad people. Eoduin is an example of someone who has never crossed the line. I agree that you are a good person, BandWidth, worthy of love and my nudity.

The problem is that if someone is considered a 'lamer,' it is obvious that they won't consider themselves one and when they invite their friends into the forum, their friends'll probably defend them to the death and behave in a similar manner to them. So, I don't think the Albertonians being a bunch of troublemakers is coincidence: it has nothing to do with Alberta but a lot to do with the fact that many of them are like-minded friends.

TridusPosted: 07-31-2001 07:01:30
So in one night we got rid of Basin, Gaft, and Ravage? Wow, that was productive.

And no, banning * may not be fair, but it'd be effecient. Far more bans go there then anywhere else on the planet.

RStefan01Posted: 07-31-2001 07:05:05
I know Ryken found it pretty #### amusing too, since he was reading at his house and then again when he came here. I think one of the funniest things, though, was Shawn's "Albertonians" thing :)

Mais83 asked to be unbanned over ICQ, but I'm still thinking about that one. I dunno.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 07-31-2001 11:33:23
Yup. This situation is hilarious when you put it all into perspective. Even though my post(s) discussing what should become of the Albertonians was serious (in the arguments it raised, at least), how can you read the entire thing with a straight face? :)

Now, we still need to see Bevy and lil bo shepherd banned. Just because there's a lot of bannings going on, hehe...

Sexay ShawnPosted: 07-31-2001 11:35:27
Hey, Ravage! isn't banned! Tridus lied.

Shove him on the list with Bevy and lil bo shepherd, hehe...

TridusPosted: 07-31-2001 11:56:30
No he's not banned, but he did have this insightful commentary:

Fuck this and fuck you I"m out of here. if you dont ban me forever I'm going to post pornographic images and unfit content every time I get unbanned. *goes to change his password to a random string of letters*

Of course, one does wonder how he's going to post pornographic images if his password is now a random string of characters (unless of course the autologin thing still works - but in that case why bother changing the password?).

Since he did say that he's out of here (and nobody ever comes back after saying that), why ban him?

Sexay ShawnPosted: 07-31-2001 12:11:06
As long as Richie doesn't message him his new password, I will continue to giggle like a schoolgirl. :)
undertowPosted: 07-31-2001 13:47:27
Hmm, from the looks of V-Stevens' sig, I'd say he's looking for a ban, despite what it says :)

Hmm, why would someone not banned do that?

I don't suppose that account was a double for someone who is banned...

80-1002268887Posted: 07-31-2001 13:50:17
I'm pretty sure it was Basin. Didn't someone say that somwehere in this thread already?
undertowPosted: 07-31-2001 13:52:52
I don't have time to find out the facts in the situation before posting! What do I look like, someone with a clue?

TridusPosted: 07-31-2001 14:05:03
Yeah, it was Basin. Rich said that.
lil bo shepherdPosted: 07-31-2001 14:47:09
Now why would you want me banned?

Im like.. the coolest person here!

RStefan01Posted: 07-31-2001 22:57:28
As I've seen messages saying Basin had "unban me" in large letters repeated constantly in his signature, but it was removed by the time I got here, I have changed the passwords on his Basin and V-Stevens accounts, and his permanent ban if of course still in place :)
80-1002268887Posted: 08-01-2001 10:20:30
Well, I think after that, Basin deserves it.

There was more text in his signature than there were posts in that cross-threaded thread in the Rubber Room, and that was more than 3 pages long at 20% magnification.

(Edited by Psycho Sam! at 4:26 pm on Aug. 1, 2001)

RStefan01Posted: 08-06-2001 18:35:19
The below quote got Maverick banned for a week.

"first post on the 4th page! yay"

I've made it clear that I find posts like that to be spam.

RStefan01Posted: 08-06-2001 19:33:55
lil bo shepherd has been banned 30 days for spamming on this thread. Most of the ban length is due to his continued spamming after my warning.
BevyPosted: 08-09-2001 00:54:02
How do me and ravage etc. misbehave? This forum is entitled "discussion", to which I would assume one is encouraged his own opinions. Alberta merely seems to have raised more opinionated people. You're such a sack of shit Rich. Banning Gaft was a pathetic attempt at making people fear your power. Gaft has, like, 60 posts altogether, and he gets banned for spamming? That doesn't even make sense. Of course you won't ban every other fucker who spams on this thread.

Fuck you're a loser. It would be interesting to see how terribly sad a pshychological report on you would be without this place to continually enlarge your ego, because you're such a big powerful man. As much as you pretend to hate the existence of misfits in your domain, you know you just get so excited when somebody who doesn't call you sexy and think you're the man, man, and might even have their own thoughts and such walks in because you might get to act tough and cool in front of your people.

You're really very cool and tough behind your ban icon, you stupid fucknut. You're my goddamned mother fucking hero.

Ryken2Posted: 08-09-2001 01:14:22
"Alberta merely seems to have raised more opinionated people."

Or Alberta raises people who are to stupid to realize when they are crossing the line.

BevyPosted: 08-09-2001 01:30:54
No... omg.. you cannot cross a line with opinions in the sense tat it should get you banned unless your opinion is that you should spam as much as possible or something. Come on man, quit sucking up.
kwerkeyPosted: 08-09-2001 01:36:44
The first 1000-post thread ever.  It wasn't insightful, it wasn't cool, it wasn't even funny.  It was Bevy.   .....  I'm off to go shoot myself now.

Rich owns this forum.  He has no obligation to let you do whatever you want.  This is not an open discussion board, it's a fucking monarchy.  Get over it or go somewhere else.

BevyPosted: 08-09-2001 01:38:59
Calm yourself. After the rain will come sunshine.

(Edited by Bevy at 7:40 am on Aug. 9, 2001)

RStefan01Posted: 08-13-2001 18:18:30
Maverick's ban is over, he has been unbanned.
MaverickPosted: 08-13-2001 19:04:15
Nice =)
I had some things to post about but now I forgot =p
XelPosted: 08-13-2001 19:20:38
make it stop... ahhh
MaverickPosted: 08-13-2001 19:21:45
Make what stop?
XelPosted: 08-13-2001 19:25:01
make the voices stop ahhhhhhhh
MaverickPosted: 08-13-2001 19:25:58
hmmmm. I see =)
Isnt spamming on this thread what Rich hates the worst? =/
XelPosted: 08-13-2001 19:31:57
I'm talking about you, woman.
MaverickPosted: 08-13-2001 19:35:20
That doesn't clear much up...
Sexay ShawnPosted: 08-14-2001 00:43:19
Please. Ban. Xel. all.

MaverickPosted: 08-14-2001 00:45:59
I second that motion.
that is all.
RStefan01Posted: 08-14-2001 06:30:13
Xel has been banned 90 days for spamming this thread.
RStefan01Posted: 09-03-2001 00:39:06
Since Xel asked nicely, and he's been banned for a decent amount of time already, I'm unbanning him.
RStefan01Posted: 09-05-2001 09:15:18
I'm unbanning lil bo shepherd a little early, because I won't have time to later. I'm coming straight home from school, changing for work, and then going to work.
MaverickPosted: 09-05-2001 17:42:25
Rich - My brother, Chris (Forum Poster Name - BlackTarrChris) wants to know if he can be unbanned now. He says he is sorry for his actions, and he won't let it happen again.

On that note, he has served exactly 50% (182 Days) of his ban time.

CraziemanPosted: 09-05-2001 17:45:52
Holy shit, its been 1/2 a year already?
BevyPosted: 09-05-2001 17:47:21

Are you a fucking moron? There's no fucking chance!

And, hey, isn't this both spamming the forum access thread (because of how obvious it is that he won't be unbanned) AND posting for a banned person?

MaverickPosted: 09-05-2001 17:47:21
Yea. Went by fast, eh?
kwerkeyPosted: 09-05-2001 17:55:01
No.  Your brother is a moron.  Besides that he did something to get himself banned, we don't really want him here anyway.  A lot like Durin.
KorivakPosted: 09-05-2001 17:58:02
   There are plenty of forums full of people who don't already hate him...send him to one of them.
MaverickPosted: 09-05-2001 17:59:20
He wants here =)
Where I post...
KorivakPosted: 09-05-2001 18:00:55
   Then both of you go somewhere else and tell him to behave this time.
MaverickPosted: 09-05-2001 18:01:50
no. =/
im not leaving.
BevyPosted: 09-05-2001 18:08:54
I know rihard won't agree to this, but f maverick so badly wants his brother back, he should share the rest of his time. They can both be banned for 61 days. =D
KorivakPosted: 09-05-2001 18:12:00
If Rich won't agree, and he controls the forum, why the #### are you offering this as an option?  Are you going to adjust the forum script for us?
BevyPosted: 09-05-2001 18:18:02
You truly are an idiot.
KorivakPosted: 09-05-2001 18:19:21
   Thank you, sir.
ßetaMantisPosted: 09-05-2001 19:57:30
Bevy, if 182 days is 50%, how the #### do you figure they have 61 left!?

Mind this "spamming" - but I had to know what mathematical concept he's abusing.

BrawnfirePosted: 09-05-2001 20:14:49
Maverick and his brother each get half of the remaining time, thus SHARING the remainder of the time?  Heeeellllloooooo?
BevyPosted: 09-05-2001 20:24:15
Yeah. Stupid mantis.
ßetaMantisPosted: 09-05-2001 20:28:03
Since when is one eighty-two divided by two  sixty-one?

(Edited by ßetaMantis at 9:29 pm on Sep. 5, 2001)

BevyPosted: 09-05-2001 20:29:07
Ok. 91.


MaverickPosted: 09-05-2001 20:44:47

everyone went with it too =p

BrawnfirePosted: 09-05-2001 21:13:12
I went with it because my math skills = teh suxxor
BevyPosted: 09-05-2001 21:34:09
I always get that backwards (16/2 = 8)

I don't care, it's not a deal that will slag my life or anything.

TermPosted: 09-05-2001 22:11:43
You would think so, wouldn't you.
ßetaMantisPosted: 09-05-2001 22:45:40
I mean, it isn't right in any base, even.


Assume 182 / 2 = 61 in a base x, where x > 8 (since eight is the highest digit within).

182, in base x, is equal to x2 + 8x + 2
61, in base x, is 6x + 1

So, in base x (steps shown for the ignorant):
182 / 2 = 61
182 = 2 * 61
x2 + 8x + 2 = 2(6x + 1)
x2 + 8x + 2 = 12x + 2
x2 - 4x = 0
x(x - 4) = 0

x = 0 or x = 4

Both are inadmissible, and so a contradiction results, as x > 8.

*shrugs*  I got bored.  Anyway you could think of it, you're still horribly wrong.

RStefan01Posted: 09-05-2001 22:52:17
BlackTarrChris isn't getting unbanned until his time is up. That's probably one of the worst spam jobs ever done on the forum, especially since he got on Maverick's account and started spamming more once he was banned.
RStefan01Posted: 09-06-2001 22:26:22
Bevy has been banned 90 days for spamming on MissCheetah's Introduction.

I would have actually made the ban longer, because as many people would agree, he deserves it, but following the normal tradition, it's at least longer than his previous ban.

MaverickPosted: 09-07-2001 22:43:08
no more bevy? *rejoices*

what exactly did BTC do again? what did he spam?

ßetaMantisPosted: 09-08-2001 13:12:51
In all truth, how is irrelevent.
TermPosted: 09-08-2001 13:17:46
Worst spam-job was probabe [fake] sid, when he nuked the forums with those "Richard Sucks" "It's true, it's true."
RStefan01Posted: 09-09-2001 00:59:58
Ravage! has been banned 30 days for registering a second account on the forum. Regardless of the fact that he's changed his original account's password to a string of garbage, I'm still putting the ban up.
RStefan01Posted: 09-16-2001 19:20:47
Psycho Sam! has been banned 20 days for spamming the forum. This is in reference to this thread.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-16-2001 19:32:17
But, he apologized!

Besides, he wasn't even responsible for the first post in that thread...

RStefan01Posted: 09-16-2001 19:37:59
From what I gather, he walked away from his computer while logged in, and someone got on it and posted. That's like leaving your front door opening and then crying when you find out someone stole your stack of porn.

This young lad said it best:

Bevy (ICQ#84072109) Wrote:
Is shawn implying that apologizing should get a person unbanned, and that if he didn't begin the spamming he isn't responsible for his own spam?

In that case, I'm sorry richard, and beta started it! =p


Proman911Posted: 09-16-2001 19:45:54
Well, on that note Rich, you may want to consider the accomplices to a crime are as guilty for that crime as the parties who started it.

Just my opinion. I personally think the spamming was mild at best.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-16-2001 19:46:39
Rich, you've decreased bans before when a person has apoligized.  Don't act like you haven't.  You've done it for me, and that's what my (albeit sarcastic) comment was making reference to.

And considering he lives in my house, there aren't very many people he'd expect to post as him, here.  My parents wouldn't, and neither would my oldest brother...


KorivakPosted: 09-16-2001 19:48:43
"That's like leaving your front door opening and then crying when you find out someone stole your stack of porn."

   Interesting analogy, sir...when you think of people stealing precious valuables, this is what comes to mind?

RStefan01Posted: 09-16-2001 19:49:18
Well, on that note Rich, you may want to consider the accomplices to a crime are as guilty for that crime as the parties who started it.

There isn't adequate proof to determine who did it, since it was from the same computer that he normally posts on. Unless, of course, someone wants to step up and take the blame, and get themselves banned (which wouldn't alter Psycho Sam!'s ban time).

Rich, you've decreased bans before when a person has apoligized.

I've done it when I've accepted the apologies. There's a difference.

And considering he lives in my house, there aren't very many people he'd expect to post as him, here.

Riiiight. You've never posted on anyone else's account, right?

Eye of the NightPosted: 09-16-2001 19:58:46
Rich, maybe you're overreacting a bit...even IF he did make that first post, I still wouldn't see any reason for banning.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-16-2001 20:00:52
And that was what my 'But he apologized!' exclamation was referring to.  It was a half-joke, sir.  Calm down.

And, yes, I never post with anyone else's account, Rich.  Nope.  Not me!



TridusPosted: 09-16-2001 20:15:42
/me changes to the rules nazi hat.

Well... From the guidelines:

Using a poster's account without their permission is also a bannable offense.

I'm also going to paraphrase one of the insanely old rules that both here and Riptide shared:

Your responsible for what people do with your account. Leaving it open for other people to use and then saying "I didn't know they were going to do that" is not a valid execuse.

That being said, either someone is responsible for hijacking the account and posting the offending posts (and probably should be banned for the hijacking on top of the spam), or Sam left the account wide open for use and is responsible for whatever got posted with it.

So which type of ban do you want, and if its #1, who do we assign it to?

Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-16-2001 20:28:13
Actually, Rich has quite clearly stated in the past that he has no qualms with users sharing accounts so long as the person using someone else's account is not banned.

I have also, personally, made several posts in the past as Psycho Sam!, Korivak and other users when I was at their respective houses and Rich did not complain once.

And for the record, we all know that Psycho Sam! is generally a harmless fellow.  He's not prone to massive spam attacks such as the one initiated by BlackTarrChris, for example...

(Edited by Sexay Shawn at 9:29 pm on Sep. 16, 2001)

XelPosted: 09-16-2001 20:35:01
It was Shawn!

Sam would never post Shawn's picture from Shawn's website, he'd rather post the sock pr0n!

And Shawn did cough a considerable amount back there, eh?

(Edited by Xel at 2:35 am on Sep. 17, 2001)

BandWidthPosted: 09-16-2001 20:39:02
While I do agree that Tom was needlessly banned since he did nothing wrong, I think he should stay banned.  Why?  Maybe if he stays banned, Shawn will feel bad and stop posting with people's accounts.  I feel bad for Tom, but that's how it is.  As well, Shawn should keep his posting access to make him feel worse about it.

I do think his ban should be shortened though...10 days...maybe 14.

TridusPosted: 09-16-2001 20:51:03
Amazing Shawn, you made an entire post that had nothing to do with what I said.

The first part of your post conveniently ignores the "without their permission" part of the guideline.

The second part neglects to mention that none of those earlier posts using his account were bannable material. Had they been, his account would have still been hit, since you were using it with permission.

Blacktarr's ban is also 18x longer then Sam's, which would seem to indicate that nobody is arguing that what Sam did was just as bad as that.

lil bo shepherdPosted: 09-16-2001 20:59:54
Shawn is being a hypocrite.  If it was me that had posted that, he wouldn't be debating the rightfulness of the ban.
BandWidthPosted: 09-16-2001 21:01:12
lil bo makes a very, very good point you know...
KorivakPosted: 09-16-2001 21:04:04
   Ah, but Shawn doesn't feel guilty for you getting banned, now does he?
lil bo shepherdPosted: 09-16-2001 21:07:08
doesnt change that its hypocritical
EskarelPosted: 09-16-2001 21:07:37
As much as I believe that there should from now on be an instant ban for anyone posting a picture of anyone wearing nothing but socks on their head, I don't think Tom deserves this ban. That's my 2 cents.
KorivakPosted: 09-16-2001 21:08:42
*stockpiles MC sock pr0n in fear of a crackdown*
kwerkeyPosted: 09-16-2001 21:09:11
I think 20 days is a bit much, even though that picture was almost as disturbing as  7-10 days would be more fair.
EskarelPosted: 09-16-2001 21:13:26
Ok, even if Tom had been full frontal nude in that it wouldn't have been as bad as
XelPosted: 09-16-2001 21:14:19
I disagree.
kwerkeyPosted: 09-16-2001 21:15:59
Of course it would.  i can handle just fine because I can brace myself for it.  No matter how many times I see Tom naked (implied, anyway), I shudder.
MistressBluePosted: 09-16-2001 21:49:09
I'd need a full frontal nude pic of Tom to decide that.
kwerkeyPosted: 09-16-2001 21:56:23
So are you actually requesting one?
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-16-2001 22:06:41
Unfortunately, I will not be able to please those that are expecting me to suddenly be overcome with remorse and a sense of guilt, as I personally find Sam!'s wacky antics, and therefore this entire situation, to be quite amusing...

(Edited by Sexay Shawn at 11:07 pm on Sep. 16, 2001)

El cazadorPosted: 09-16-2001 22:06:47
You know, I came here with hopes of supporting Sam! and getting him unbanned, and even thought we could come up with a "ban me too!" strike, but then it turns out he's banned for 20 days.  That's not unbearable.  And if the point is if he's innocent or not, Tridus said it best and it's written in the guidelines.  Good thing none of my brothers care a flying hoot what goes on around here.

And Shawn, as punishment, you should let Tom post with YOUR account, so far as Rich can't tell it's him, so he can get his posting jeebies out of his system.  Yeah, and if you're found out, well gee... I dunno.   Just don't let him post the sock prOn.  It's a dead giveaway.

ßetaMantisPosted: 09-17-2001 12:11:28
I am going to stick with my point I made earlier:

Stef is the law.

Sure, if one thinks he's an inconsistent bastard, fine.  But he is still the damned law.  I mean, I could argue with him, but what point would it serve?  He owns the server, he owns the forum.  We have no power beyond not posting.  We are naught but his puppets who choose to be so for our own mutual amusement.

*closes folder*

I rest my case.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-17-2001 13:16:45
We argue in an attempt to persuade him to change his mind, which has been successful in the past, you silly and yet incomprehensibly naked twit!  After all, why do people argue in this forum in the first place if not for the sake of a debate?  Most people here wouldn't change their minds if...erm, some hilarious pun transpired...
RStefan01Posted: 09-17-2001 16:30:55
And Shawn, as punishment, you should let Tom post with YOUR account, so far as Rich can't tell it's him, so he can get his posting jeebies out of his system.

If he did that, then I'd also have to ban Shawn's account. The idea of being banned is that you can't post.

El cazadorPosted: 09-17-2001 19:19:53
yah, but you'd actually have to guess it's Tom, not Shawn.

Not too hard though.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-18-2001 01:06:42
Geez.  Now I'm even confused...
ßetaMantisPosted: 09-18-2001 09:24:24
Possibly, Shawn.  Always possibly.  Has he ever shortened a mere three week less a day ban before?
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-18-2001 10:10:16
He's shortened bans that were shorter, I believe.  But regardless, as you've stated, it is his forum, and there is no precedent set.  What is the harm in trying to come to some reasonable middleground (on Sam!'s part)?  No one ever claimed that Rich has to unban Sam!, merely that has has, in the past.
ßetaMantisPosted: 09-18-2001 10:16:32
I am only going to post this on the subject, unless Stef deems this argument appropriate on this thread - as I wish no reason to be considered spamming it.

I never meant to insinuate there was harm in trying.  I merely presented my opinion that what Stef says goes and you can argue, but you basically have no guarantees on outcomes even not being negative.  That's all.

TridusPosted: 09-18-2001 10:20:12
I'm pretty sure thats happened before, a lot of bans have been shortened. Can't remember a specific example right now unfortunately.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-18-2001 10:21:41
I merely presented my opinion that what Stef says goes and you can argue, but you basically have no guarantees on outcomes even not being negative.


I never even insinuated otherwise, you twit!

TridusPosted: 09-18-2001 10:39:43
Beta - my experience suggests that this thread is about Forum Access, and that any ontopic discussion of that (say a specific ban) is generally ok. I wouldn't veer away from that at all, but if you stick to that, there shouldn't be any problems.
ßetaMantisPosted: 09-18-2001 11:37:01
*smiles at Tridus*  Just checking on that.

Shawn, I merely meant to clarify that I didn't mean arguing was useless.  It just could be.

He's shortened shorter bans you say, why, and what were there circumstances?  I mean, you could illustrate precedent and then Stef MIGHT listen to you (although again, he truly has no obligation to).

OsirisPosted: 09-18-2001 14:59:09
I missed it, what did he post?

Sorry if someone already mentioned what it was, but i didn't notice.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-18-2001 15:09:43
Shawn, I merely meant to clarify that I didn't mean arguing was useless.  It just could be.

However, this was understood.  Obviously, arguing could be useless because obviously, RStefan01 is the forum's moderator and obviously, he can choose to ban anyone or delete any given post or show forgiveness.  I do not see why you felt a need to mention this...

Anyhow, this is the same reason why it is not necessary to illustrate past circumstances:  regardless of how many I do post, it does not change the fact that Rich shall react to said argument based on his mood, and opinions.  Which, in and of itself, is a precedent, I suppose.  You can easily find precendets inside of presedents ad infinitum, but I also believe there is little point to this.  I simply felt that there was no harm in defending Sam!'s apology, due to the possibility that Rich might be in a good mood and shorten his ban, and whatnot.

####, he even did it for Tossy, at one point!


TridusPosted: 09-18-2001 16:09:23
Osiris, this piece of spam.
RStefan01Posted: 09-20-2001 21:47:50
ßetaMantis and Eye of the Night have each been banned one week for their off-topic conversation in the World Trade Center Attacked thread. I'm not going to continue to tolerate people posting garbage on that thread. Those posts will soon be deleted.
RStefan01Posted: 09-20-2001 22:05:43
Ankh has been banned one week for bringing this thread up from the back of the threadlist for no good reason.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-20-2001 22:09:38
Well, this is rather silly.

I might as well join the party, eh?

I was the one who created that 'spam' thread by Psycho Sam! and then I snuck on his computer afterwards and changed his signature to something irritating.  He actually laughed as I commited the first act and was not angry.  This is, after all, simply a forum.  However, I also changed his signature and then immediately forgot that I had done it; also, I had expected Sam! to catch the signature change immediately.  I doubt that he was content with that.

For the record, however, I only created that the first post in that thread and it was not to the unbearable rage from Psycho Sam! that many had possibly assumed.  He posted the other messages, including the sock pr0n.  Under no possible circumstances would I ever post said pr0n.



In fact, I think Sam!'s been enjoying accusing Rich of being a jerk and creating his propoganda to have himself unbanned.  Like a metahorical child on Christmas, really.  So, believe it or not, I am not a terrible, terrible person who stabs his own friends in the back.  Rather, I have very few friends who's lives depend on this forum, hehe.

I would have admitted this sooner but Rich himself stated that were the culprit to come forth, he would ban that very individual and would do nothing to lessen Sam!'s ban, which isn't very convincing.  Now, two of my friends are banned and I'm in an odd mood for self-punishment.  Don't ask.  I doubt I'll be able to respond, even if you do.


*Squints, anticipating Rich's wrath*

(Edited by Sexay Shawn at 11:11 pm on Sep. 20, 2001)

XelPosted: 09-20-2001 22:13:18

I knew it!

Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-20-2001 22:14:18
RStefan01Posted: 09-20-2001 22:14:26
Actually, you aren't getting banned. Since he gave you permission to do that, it's his own fault for letting you do it. If you had done it without his permission, however, then I would have banned you.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-20-2001 22:15:41
*Knocks on your forhead*

He didn't give me permission.  He just didn't lose any sleep over it.  And I certainly didn't have his permission to change his signature.

RazaelPosted: 09-20-2001 22:18:04
Wait a minute, Shawn.

Are you saying you WANT him to ban you?

BrawnfirePosted: 09-20-2001 22:19:20


XelPosted: 09-20-2001 22:19:40
I think he does.

I also think Richie should, since he does.

That would be the logical conclusion.

RStefan01Posted: 09-20-2001 22:19:46
He actually laughed as I commited the first act and was not angry.

That implies that he was watching you do it, and didn't object. Not resisting is good enough to say that you had his permission.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-20-2001 22:21:44

I'm mostly arguing that Rich makes little sense and is not consistent in the least in his moderating of this forum...

BrawnfirePosted: 09-20-2001 22:23:31
Well, it doesn't matter.
Again, his forum.
Complaints slip through him.
KorivakPosted: 09-20-2001 22:23:41
   And that is not the first or last time that that has been said...
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-20-2001 22:25:09
That implies that he was watching you do it, and didn't object. Not resisting is good enough to say that you had his permission.

Or perhaps I worded this sentence in the wrong tense?

*Cheesy mysterious horror music plays*

RStefan01Posted: 09-20-2001 22:27:36
I'm mostly arguing that Rich makes little sense and is not consistent in the least in his moderating of this forum...

I'd really like to see some proof or examples here, because you're really talking out of your ass. ßetaMantis and Eye of the Night have been ruining various threads lately with their inane arguements, and I finally got sick of it and banned them. Their bickering got so bad in this case that Xel went and started a new thread because he thought it was too off-topic to continue the conversation there. Ankh did something that I've on various occasions said I do not like happening, and I'm fairly sure that I've banned someone for this before.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-20-2001 22:33:01

I still fail to see how they were 'ruining' a thread with their argument (which I contributed to, I should note).  It was still completely possible for other posters to post an on-topic message.  Their abilitity to post was not at all physically hindered.  Xel did not have to start a new thread, hence why you locked it.  Remember?

In any event, I was arguing that you are not consistent as you have stated that if the user came forth, you would ban said user.  I have also admitted to changing Sam!'s very signature to a seven-point large text message which was insulting and obnoxious -- without his consent, and even his knowledge.

I'm a bad, bad person.

(Edited by Sexay Shawn at 11:34 pm on Sep. 20, 2001)

RStefan01Posted: 09-20-2001 22:38:32
I still fail to see how they were 'ruining' a thread with their argument (which I contributed to, I should note).

Yes, you were part of the problem, thanks for pointing that out.

It was still completely possible for other posters to post an on-topic message.

Yes, it was, but why should anyone taking that thread seriously have to wade through half a page of bullshit just to read what they came there to read? Threads have topics for a reason. If they wanted to talk about the bullshit that they were, they should have started their own thread for it.

In any event, I was arguing that you are not consistent as you have stated that if the user came forth, you would ban said user.

That was under the assumption on my part that the user was doing it without the knowledge of Psycho Sam!. Since he was there watching you, he played a part in it and takes the blame, as it is his account.

I have also admitted to changing Sam!'s very signature to a seven-point large text message which was insulting and obnoxious -- without his consent, and even his knowledge.
I, personally, didn't have a problem with that signature. It seemed like the annoying type of thing that he'd do as a result of being banned, as he seems to be a huge whiner where things like that are concerned, and I didn't give it a second thought. I really don't care that you did that, since there wasn't anything in it warranting a ban, thus neither he nor you will be affected in terms of being banned from the forum (though, I'm perfectly free to think you're foolish :)).

XelPosted: 09-20-2001 22:39:11
The ability to post was not at all physically hindered, but the thread wasn't being regarded as 'THE thread for WTC discussion' anymore.

Therefore, if people wanted to discuss the address the president made but knew that the WTC thread had changed to something else, what would you do?

I made a topic. Richard fixed the topic, and it is now once again regarded as 'THE WTC thread'.


Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-20-2001 22:47:53
Richie's logic (regarding the signature issue) is flawed or is at least based on his personal opinion of Sam! (which is quite low to begin with), but there is no sense in arguing this anymore, it would seem.


I tried.

And Xel:  You're a nincompoop.

RStefan01Posted: 09-20-2001 22:52:11
Richie's logic (regarding the signature issue) is flawed or is at least based on his personal opinion of Sam!

Hey, you might as well go for at least a decent array of multiple choices to make it more likely that one of them would be right. You seem to be a bit uncertain. It's either flawed, or it's based on my opinion? What if you don't know what the fuck you're talking about and it's neither? That's more likely the correct answer. Too bad you didn't include that one.

but there is no sense in arguing this anymore, it would seem.

Of course not. Unless you actually find a real arguement in the first place, you really are wasting your time. I do suppose, however, that this *did* give you good practice at attempting to make an arguement, good job! :)

And Xel:  You're a nincompoop.

Of course, because he's right, and you're wrong, correct?

Proman911Posted: 09-20-2001 23:03:35
You know, this might span as a surprise for alot of you as, but I am actually gonna stand behind Beta on this one.

Did they sku the WTC thread, yes, but you know what? Threads can get off centered pretty easy and sometimes it takes another person to make them see that. In this situation I was that person and they did lissen to me. If they would have kept messing the thread up, yeah, I can see a ban, but in this case, I disagree with it.

XelPosted: 09-20-2001 23:07:45
Well, I just know that personally I wasn't even reading the WTC thread anymore because it had gone too offtopic for me to bother (in my opinion).

Either way, this discussion is also offtopic, so I'll stop.

I still think Shawn should be banned for concealing the fact that he did it, or something of that sort.

RStefan01Posted: 09-20-2001 23:09:23
Either way, this discussion is also offtopic, so I'll stop.

Actually, it isn't. It's a discussion on whether the bans of a few people were warranted or not, and so far no one has come up with any good evidence other than flinging random insults at my moderation capability.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-20-2001 23:10:25
You're an awfully defensive fellow, Richie.  I stated that I have my opinion, and you have yours, and was content to agree to disagree.  I also had no intention of taking this supposedly serious thread off-topic with a silly personal debate.  Oh well.

You seem to be a bit uncertain. It's either flawed, or it's based on my opinion?

An opinion can still be flawed once logic and truth is introduced, you nitwit.  Have you ever read one of Eye of the Night's arguments?

I rest my case.

What if you don't know what the fuck you're talking about and it's neither?

This makes no sense.  I was there.  I have more of an idea of what happened than you do.

I do suppose, however, that this *did* give you good practice at attempting to make an arguement, good job!

Feel that bitterness!

*Waits for Rich to make an innuendo-based joke in retaliation*

Of course, because he's right, and you're wrong, correct?

Oh, yes.  Obviously.  He was forced to create a new thread which you then locked because you thought there was no reason to create it.  It all makes sense to me, now.

(Edited by Sexay Shawn at 12:11 am on Sep. 21, 2001)

XelPosted: 09-20-2001 23:14:56
Oh, well it just seemed -to me- that it was getting a little bit out of hand, and that I've said all I really need to, starting after what I say next.

I made a new topic because the topic it related to had gone offtopic. Richard fixed the topic it related to and put it back on topic, hence my topic wasn't needed.


RStefan01Posted: 09-20-2001 23:15:56
This makes no sense.  I was there.  I have more of an idea of what happened than you do.

Unfortunately, it's not what you think that matters, it's what I think that does. You question my logic, but I've given perfectly good reasons as to why I did what I did. I think this just all comes down to the fact that it was a friend of yours that was banned. If it was some random person that you don't have any personal attachments to, chances are that you wouldn't have commented.

Oh, yes.  Obviously.  He was forced  to create a new thread which you then locked because you thought there was no reason to create it.  It all makes sense to me, now.

I read his thread before I read the WTC thread, that's why I did that (not that I wouldn't have locked it anyway, but that's beside the point). I hadn't even read the spam in the WTC thread at that point.

Proman911Posted: 09-20-2001 23:20:44
Rich, I'd like to contest that no one has given you a good reason yet.

I'm not being bitter here, most people here know I am not a big fan of Beta and that should speak for it self that I am actually defending him.

Moreover, I didn't mock your administration skills, as a matter of fact, at first glance; if I were in your shoes, I probably would have done the same.

But I would like to re-declare that Beta, EotN, Shawn and who ever else was involved in that debate DID take it outside of that thread when I screamed my head off at it. I didn't require a third post from me, it didn't even require a second post, it required but one post.

I think that shows that he realized he accidentally went off topic and conceited to argue in that thread. He made another thread minutes after I made my post.

I think that deserves recognition and thus both Beta and EotN should be unbanned.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-20-2001 23:26:11
Unfortunately, it's not what you think that matters, it's what I think that does.

Now you're not even making sense.  Your original statement which I was replying to stated that I did not know anything about this situation, and had nothing to do with whether or not you were the deciding power in this case.  I know that you are, and have never debated that you are not actually the administrator of this forum.  I was debating your claim that I know nothing of the situation which I was involved in and responsible for, which is ridiculous at best.

You question my logic, but I've given perfectly good reasons as to why I did what I did.

In your opinion.  If you couldn't tell, I disagree with them.  If you find my counter-arguments stupid, that's still your opinion.  Hence why I had initially offered to drop this debate:  We simply disagree.

I think this just all comes down to the fact that it was a friend of yours that was banned. If it was some random person that you don't have any personal attachments to, chances are that you wouldn't have commented.

Wow.  You're resorting to ad hominem attacks.

And no, I would have.  I disagree with plenty of your bannings and in this instance I was responsible and someone else was banned, so of course I am going to argue with you when you still blame him.  Nevertheless, what you have posted is libel and cannot be conclusively proven one way or the other, so it's a moot point.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-20-2001 23:35:06
Amazingly, Proman and I agree on yet another issue:  I do not think that ßetaMantis and Nighteye should have been banned for their debate in that specific thread.  Not only was their debate semi-related in its own way, but as Proman mentioned it's quite easy to get off-topic in a debate and lose track of how far its gone.

That thread is definitely an emotionally charged one and features plenty of various, unrelated debates -- which are skimmed or ignored by users who do not wish to read them.  Not only did the argument end once someone had requested it, but Mantits himself had already created another thread which he took plenty of his arguments into simply to appease you.  Name another forumer who created a thread for this purpose...

In this instance, he simply got carried away.  He was not purposely and/or maliciously attempted to 'ruin' that thread.  He's been conscious and respectful of your rules in the past, as has Nighteye.

RStefan01Posted: 09-20-2001 23:53:20
Proman911: I didn't require a third post from me, it didn't even require a second post, it required but one post.

First of all, your count is off. You did complain once before on the thread, quoted below. Secondly, as other quotes show, you also weren't the first person to complain about off-topic posts on the thread. I spent a bit of time skimming the thread to find these, but it's possible that I may have missed something. Still.. this is enough..

MissCheetah (page 1): EotN STFU!


Tridus (page 2): EotN, this is not the thread for stupidty, so I'm going to second the notion to STFU!


Sexay Shawn (page 2): Eye of the Night, this is a serious fucking thread, if you have failed to grasp that concept thus far.  I would also like to note that there is no true Canadian or American hostility or rivalry.  Even with sports, it is pretty mild.


Sexay Shawn (page 2): Interrupting and disrupting a serious thread meant for real updates regarding this situation, if you haven't noticed, isn't helping anyone at all, Eye of the Night.  Now, for the sake of all that which is good and pure, stop debating this matter and stop posting!


Tridus (page 2): EotN, you understand nothing about North American rivalries obviously. Now kindly Shut the Fuck Up and let those of us with a clue update the situation.


Osiris (page 3): OK guys, let it drop.  If you're not comfortable with EOTN's comments, then just ignore them.  Talking about how much his posts are bothering everyone is cluttering up the thread more than anything :b


Tridus (page 3): Now if you learn how to read, you'll notice that. This thread has nothing to do with Innane BS like you've been coming up with, or you trying to defend such a worthless opinion.

Its horrificially off topic, and really you should be banned for it, this is the absolute last thread where that kind of bullshit belongs.


Packhead (page 9): I thought we said earlier that we wanted this thread to stay on topic?  I'm not pointing out just you Beta, but everyone else..

I don't suppose you guys could stop your bickering in this thread and take it somewhere else..?


Packhead (page 9): This thread has to do with the World Trade Center attack.  You talking about people dieing at random times, and random others, has nothing to do with it..  This thread is pertaining to updates about that.


Proman911 (page 10): God Fucking damnit you two. Stop the fucking bickering.

Our world is in tomoil you two STILL fucking triffle with fucking nit picking facts.



Packhead (page 11): I love how every thread in here has to turn into a huge ass argument..  I hope Richard comes back and does something about this.. It's rediculous.. I've asked NUMEROUS times to keep this crap OUT OF THIS THREAD..  *sigh*

Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-21-2001 00:12:18
You have a case for banning Eye of the Night, but Mantits?  He was only responsible for perhaps a third of those same complaints you quote, and in two of those cases he was arguing about the World Trade Center events (you have neglected to display the quotes that the forumers were complaining about) but the posters in question simply disagreed with what he was arguing.  Packhead was especially defensive, for example.  Some of those complaints that Mantits' posts were off-topic weren't accurate, just angry.
RStefan01Posted: 09-21-2001 00:15:36
Even though ßetaMantis didn't do as much initally as Eye of the Night did, what they both did together in the latest incident after taking into consideration what occured previously was reason enough to ban them. I'm not quoting these people to lay blame on either one of them specifically, just to point out how much off-topic posts have already affected this thread, and how at this point they should have known better than to post even more off-topic posts, as complaints had been made numerous times previously in the thread.
RStefan01Posted: 09-21-2001 01:19:40
Bevy has been unbanned. He just pointed out something very interesting to me. He was banned for the very same reason that ßetaMantis and Eye of the Night were, yet no one said even one word in his defense. In fact, if you recall, the off-topic crap that was posted was even between him and ßetaMantis. Since, as I still suspect, who you are friends with has a great deal to do with whether you get support from when you do something wrong, and no one stood up for Bevy, I'm taking the initiative to do it myself and decide to give him his posting access back. I'm not going to sit by for the next 90 days knowing how easy ßetaMantis and EotN got off in comparison, especially with how much I'm getting bashed for that, while people that dislike Bevy enjoy the time he's banned.

In case you are curious, he's already been banned 14 days, twice the time that ßetaMantis and EotN are banned.

TridusPosted: 09-21-2001 10:59:13
All I'll say is that I stopped reading the WTC thread (which I was a major contributor to for a good deal of it) when it turned to crap not related to the WTC anymore. So I guess now I can start reading it again, since I won't have to wade through all kinds of garbage to find relevant stuff.

Thats the problem here. Its not that one can't physically post, its that it takes too long to sort through whats garbage and what actually belongs there. Some of us don't have all day to read it, I've got a lot of other things to do, and a lot of other message boards (and especially email lately) to read. If I go to read a thread with a defined subject, there should be a reasonable chance that thats whats being talked about.

Anybody who gets banned for putting offtopic stuff into a thread deserves it IMHO. Threads exist for a reason.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-21-2001 11:41:50
... and no one stood up for Bevy, I'm taking the initiative to do it myself and decide to give him his posting access back.

So, you're unbanning Bevy simply because no one came to his defense when he was banned?  Or more accurately, because I had initially came to the defense of ßetaMantis, Psycho Sam!, and Eye of the Night (whom I am not friends with, you twit)?

And you wonder why people critisize your competence as a forum administrator now and again.  Sheesh.

Oh, and as a final note:  I have absolutely no hatred or dislike for Bevy in the least.  Simply because I do not dash around fighting every perceived injustice in this forum (where it's often proven useless, anyway) does not mean that I was revelling in glee when he was banned.  As sad as it is, I simply don't have the time/desire to scan every single thread of this forum simply to point out your inconsistences, Rich.

And frankly, I haven't been 'bashing' you.  I disagreed with a decision you had made, albeit harshly.  However, you took my complaints personally and responded sarcastically and insisted on continuing the debate.  I have stated that my complaints are my opinion, time and time again, and you continuously act as if an entire mob is after you.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-21-2001 11:49:57
Oh, and...

I'm not going to sit by for the next 90 days knowing how easy ßetaMantis and EotN got off in comparison, especially with how much I'm getting bashed for that, while people that dislike Bevy enjoy the time he's banned.

And yet, you were the one who banned him this long, based on one of your own rules.  He was banned many, many times previously and as such each ban has been longer than the last one...

Your own quote:  'I would have actually made the ban longer, because as many people would agree, he deserves it, but following the normal tradition, it's at least longer than his previous ban.'

BevyPosted: 09-21-2001 12:34:46
Either way, Shawn, I'm here and your little buddies are not.

What can YOU say to change that?

Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-21-2001 12:45:32
Depends on whether or not Rich agrees with what I say and invokes change based on my request.  As I previously noted, it has happened before.

And I don't give a shit if you're back, frankly.  I'm not exactly threatened, here.

Sid6.9Posted: 09-21-2001 13:16:43
Hey Shawn, you've made your point.  Please stop beating the horse, he's been dead for sometime now.  If Rich wants to follow your advice, however unlikely that he will since you are the only one bitching, but if he does want to, he will.  There's no sense in complaining anymore.
Proman911Posted: 09-21-2001 13:41:58
I guess I got to drag my moral imperative out into the open.

I seriously have to admit that Rich's post that threw out all the specific times someone in the WTC Thread whined about going off topic pretty much left me without comment.

I give serious profs to Rich's skills at digging up a validly strong evidence as a defense to his actions.

Moreover, if Beta is reading this post he's probably going scream because I am going to use the word he seems to hate the most.

I think it was quiet honorable and dare I say preemptively just of Rich to renounce Bevy's ban. The only reason I could see to maintain or rethink the time of Bevy’s ban at this point is what he did in CWAL. For that you have to decide if the fact that so many CWALers reside here and in the act of keeping good relations with CWAL is worth maintaining a ban. You could also take the philosophy of G. Washington in regards to keeping policy based only in one place. That’s your decision however. Your actions here only effect you, you don’t have a staff to consider the reputation of.

Now to make sure I am in the clear and maintain my non-partisan position I feel (and hope) I have let me enter into the record that I personally like Bevy, EotN and generally have no qualms with Beta although sometimes in threads he can piss me off, however it passes, life goes on.

In light of that evidence I have mixed feelings about the bans against EotN and Beta, but I think I have come to the conclusion I still feel they should not have been banned. I came to this conclusion after thinking about a few concepts in Zen.

Basically my views are this: Like someone swimming in the ocean, the current will drag you down the coast line and eventually you notice how far off track you are but sometimes you can be down a good 50-75 yards before you notice. When you notice, what do you do? You make your way back to where you left your towel and all your beech goodies.

I relate that exactly to Beta and EotN’s case. They got off target of the conversation but as soon as someone said “Hey look, your off target of this thread” both either renounced their position in that thread or made a new one. That takes maturity and both have demonstrated it. I admit, I could have been a little nicer about how I said it at times, but when I or someone else yelled about it, they stopped without argument. That deserves recognition.

As for other topics in this whole ban ordeal (present and past) I think its only fair for me to trek back to Shawn and Tom’s predicament.

Shawn fully admitted to using Tom’s account without permission, Tom admitted to me that he Shawn used his computer without permission before this was finally ever dragged out. Fair turn about dictates that Tom should regain his posting rights and Shawn should be given a intermediate ban for these actions.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-21-2001 13:42:25
*Taps Sid on the shoulder*

I actually dropped this issue altogether several posts up, but Rich came back and hurled some insults at me.  I think we both know that if someone attacks (especially when they are doing so through libel and sarcasm), I shall always come back and defend myself.  'Tis my nature...


Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-21-2001 13:47:55
For that you have to decide if the fact that so many CWALers reside here and in the act of keeping good relations with CWAL is worth maintaining a ban.

I doubt that Rich cares much about political relations with CWAL, and I also doubt that CWALers themselves do.  Though, I am of the school of thought that Bevy was unbanned out of personal spite towards me by our heroic administrator.  It is obvious, after all, that he was banned because of me --  at least, indirectly.

TridusPosted: 09-21-2001 13:54:10
Proman, EotN certainly did not stop when he was first asked. It had to be said many, many times before he finally did STFU. Even if it is delayed, I'm glad he got banned for it.

If he did care about relations with CWAL, then he just did the opposite of what would encourage good relations by unbanning Bevy. Considering that Ninny came in here posting as though he expected us to do something about it (why should I give a #### who is spamming in CWAL? And more importantly, why should Rich?), unbanning him now flies in the face of good relations.

So its fairly obvious he doesn't care about that, which should be fine since its not really an issue anyway. I don't think a site war is going to break out anytime soon.

No... either its to spite Shawn, or the reason he did give for unbanning Bevy is true. Its kind of hard to say its not true, since there really isn't anything to back up that cliam except that spiting Shawn is also a plausable theory.

Ah well.

BevyPosted: 09-21-2001 13:54:43
I was talking to Rich on ICQ last night, and I pointed out that although me and Beta were both arguing, nobody complained about me being banned and him not. Suddenly your friends (Yes, they are, do you take us for idiots? Yes, you do, good for you.) are banned a mere week and you start freaking out all over the place. I honestly don't believe this unbanning has more than a 2 cm x 5 mm x 1 mm shred to do with you.
TridusPosted: 09-21-2001 14:00:37
Well, Ankh got banned too and nobody is running to support him. Does that mean we should unban him?

(note: I think the answer should be no, what he did is #### annoying.)

Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-21-2001 14:04:12
Suddenly your friends are banned a mere week and you start freaking out all over the place.

Define 'freaking out'.  I registered a complaint with Rich, backed it up with evidence, and argued with him initially when he responded.  After that exchange, I made it clear that I had intended to drop the subject but Rich brought it up once again.  So, I continued arguing.  It's no skin off my back, remember.

Also, considering you are evidently bitter that no one came to your rescue when you were banned:  I did not know when you were banned, why you were banned, or for how long you had been banned.  Though, the circumstances could have been different for your banning as what you were posting might have more clearly resembled classic 'spam'.  I don't know, now, do I?

The only reason why Mantits being my friend matters is that his ban was more clearly brought to my attention.  This is logical, and I never denied that I cared more about someone I know than I do you, Bevy.  It's self-evident.  Nighteye's not my friend.  And I complained about Psycho Sam!'s ban as I was actually the one who commited the act that got him banned, to begin with.

BevyPosted: 09-21-2001 14:04:35
I think I know what's behind shawn's pathetic insinuation that Richard unbanned me out of spite for him. shawn is so fucking insecure that if he isn't the center of attention when his friends are watching he'll probably go into another depression. You're a sad fellow shawn. However, I still laugh at you. Hawhawhaw.
Proman911Posted: 09-21-2001 14:05:40
I honestly thought I said it before but looking back at my posts I guess I didn't.

My feelings about Ankh getting banned is that he should have just had his hand slapped or something and be told not to do it again.

I mean he is a newbie and he didn't know better. Maybe he thought he was following edict by trying to keep something marginally related to a previous thread in that thread.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-21-2001 14:08:49

Bevy, you're the one consistently using personal attacks to defend your arguments, with no proof whatsoever.  I'm not angry at all, whereas you seem quite spiteful.  Now, post something with evidence, and I'm sure other forumers will consider taking you seriously.

(Edited by Sexay Shawn at 3:09 pm on Sep. 21, 2001)

BevyPosted: 09-21-2001 14:16:58
Actually, my most recent post above was not in reply to your post, as I wrote my post before seeing yours.

Therefore, within that post, I have nothing to defend. I thusfar don't feel you've made any point to combat. Anything you've said so far hasn't offended me nearly enough for me to defend against, because it has all been either pathetic rambling or you feeling the need to defend yourself against me.

Now let's take it back to the other thread, lest we waste two threads.

TridusPosted: 09-21-2001 14:18:20
Proman, what does "Must you have had fat lip on your signature yee?" have to do with anything? I can't even decipher what language its supposed to be.

Thats the first line of what Ankh posted. The second was something to the effect of "who is a l33t haxor", which I'll grant you is marginally related to "What does l33t mean?", but just barely.

Then of course, it was a two month old thread, which made him very unpopular very quickly. The ban he got is a slap on the wrist really, its not very long. (not in comparison to Tossy and BTC, thats for sure.)

Proman911Posted: 09-21-2001 14:49:17

I easily agree that what he did was annoying, stupid and to use a lamer term, gay.

But it was still a first offense and he didn't get any offical warning. I think it minimally fair to at least verbally bash him before banning him and then see if he takes it to heart. If he didn't, ban his ass.

RStefan01Posted: 09-21-2001 14:53:43
The only reason I could see to maintain or rethink the time of Bevy?s ban at this point is what he did in CWAL.

I really don't care what he did on someone else's forum on someone else's web server. As long as he doesn't do it here, it doesn't matter to me.

RStefan01Posted: 09-21-2001 14:56:09
Re: Ankh

The only thing I can think of about what he did that would somewhat excuse him is that he's a newbie here and may not have known that we don't want random old threads brought up. Of course, that's what happens when people start posting here not having a clue what's going on, as opposed to the people that lurk around a few weeks to months getting a feel for the place before they decide to post.

At any rate, these little one week long bans shouldn't be anything to complain about. People did stuff that they shouldn't have, and they got a very minor punishment as a result.

BevyPosted: 09-21-2001 16:27:57
I know this is somewhat offtopic, but I've heard people asking this question often, and now in this very thread.

Fat Lip is a song by a band called SUM41, and I have a verse from that song as my siggy.

82-1002268893Posted: 09-22-2001 15:46:07
If I ran this forum Shawn would get banned whenever one of his friends did to prevent me from having to listen to his innane logic and bullshit that has no grounds in the physical world.

If he could be silenced there wouldn't be a problem. and Since I dont know what sam did since the thread is magicly gone, g-fraizer style, I don't care.

So in short.

Ban sam, ban shawn too,  ban korivak, ban shawn too, ban krispy cakes, ban shawn too.

Problem solved.

BevyPosted: 09-22-2001 15:50:25
Damned krispy cakes...

I like that theory.

It.. works.

82-1002268893Posted: 09-22-2001 15:54:29
ANother thing. shawn is useless, he doesn't do anything and never has. He's against working (AKA getting a fucking life) and against anything that requires effort pretty much. He never did anything in sidewinder (of course nothing useful got done there.)

He never did anything in riptide.  He claimed he had an important position. That consisted of "hey you need to work on this" and then the work not getting done, I mean really, why the fuck was he there. I think he was just trying to use everyone to make money or something.

Its times like these I wish I had admin access here. I'd solve all problems instanty.

Ok i'm done.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-22-2001 17:56:02
If he could be silenced there wouldn't be a problem.

If you despierately wanted to ignore me, you could easily use the 'Ignore' feature.  Or simply skip my posts.  And if you claim that that's something that I would do and that you're 'above' that, then why are you suggesting that I need to be banned in order to be 'silenced' to begin with?

RStefan01Posted: 09-24-2001 09:55:19
The ban list, consisting of the below people, has been completely wiped out.

Psycho Sam!
Eye of the Night

If people play nice, hopefully it can stay that way. There's no real reason behind this, I'm just hoping people can act somewhat decent here.

ßetaMantisPosted: 09-24-2001 10:00:41
*quirks an eyebrow*

Wow, thanks.  Stef, if you ever notice me crossing the line of decency, irritation or just plan ban-material, feel free to virtually slap me and tell me to stop.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-24-2001 10:35:00

Why do I have a feeling that things are going to get worse before they get better?

TridusPosted: 09-24-2001 13:49:36
Because you feel pessimistic. :)
BevyPosted: 09-24-2001 13:56:09
Oh my...

What the ####?

There are some people that should have stayed banned, like all those little brothers and BTC.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-24-2001 14:16:49
Well, yeah. There's no evidence at all to suggest that, say, BlackTarrChris will contribute anything positive to the forum. We'll see...
TridusPosted: 09-24-2001 14:28:54
There's also nothing to say that he will be a problem, whats going to cause him to even try to come here again after such a long period of time?
BandWidthPosted: 09-24-2001 14:31:52
My brother will be rather pleased that he was unbanned...although I'm not sure if I should actually tell him about it or not.  The concept scares me.

But what the fuck were you thinking unbanning Basin?  He's logging in right now.  We're all doomed....DOOMED!

undertowPosted: 09-24-2001 14:32:16

This could all be part of a sinister plot on Rich's part to make this thread overtake the Intro thread, post-count wise...


ßetaMantisPosted: 09-24-2001 14:32:54
Maverick telling him?
undertowPosted: 09-24-2001 14:35:02
ßeta, were you replying to me?

I meant the whole "unban everyone" thing..

ßetaMantisPosted: 09-24-2001 14:38:38
ut, I may be somewhat quick with posting, but not less than a minute quick!

I was posting that to Tridus.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-24-2001 15:01:57
There's also nothing to say that he will be a problem, whats going to cause him to even try to come here again after such a long period of time?

That's not exactly a logical reason for unbanning someone. Especially a forumer as infamous as BlackTarrChris. Fact of the matter is that Rich is taking a chance, unbanning these users. True, he might not return, but there is no guarantee, of course. Hence why I said "We'll see..."

BevyPosted: 09-24-2001 16:13:53
Not long ago at all Maverick was bitching this thread about his borther wanting to come back, of course he's coming back.

He's probably been lurking ever since he got banned. I've got to admit, this place is horribly addictive. Basin doesn't seem to care about anything and even after he was banned still read the forum every now and then.

66-1002268757Posted: 09-24-2001 17:45:04
I would just like to point out that since I have achieved a permanent ban (though not really permanent), there really isn't any greater goal I can achieve, so, for the time being at least, I probably won't purposely try to get banned.

However, you all must worship my achievement, as I am the one forumer to pass BlackTarrChris's ban time, and therefore am greater than any of you.

BevyPosted: 09-24-2001 17:46:53
You still owe me a dollar for that one time.
66-1002268757Posted: 09-24-2001 17:48:09
I still question the validity, cause you were adding up the total of all the times you've been banned, not just comparing the current amount of ban days held by both of us.
BevyPosted: 09-24-2001 17:50:38
You had 97 days consumed, and I had.. 50.

Then I got banned for... 60 days, I believe. You were only three days away, and I was 50, and I rocked your ass.

66-1002268757Posted: 09-24-2001 17:52:27
If i had my time machine i would find some way to prove you wrong.
RStefan01Posted: 09-24-2001 23:38:07
Basin had a permanent ban. Nothing beats that.
BevyPosted: 09-24-2001 23:41:44
The contest was first to reach a grand total of 100 days.

I reached that total of 100 first.

Mais83Posted: 09-25-2001 20:21:42
Hey Bandwidth, who IS your brother Ben known as on the net?
BandWidthPosted: 09-25-2001 20:25:51
Jesus.  He doesn't exist on the net.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-25-2001 20:26:35
His brother is known as Raider.

Make sure to make fun of him for us.

We would really, truly appreciate it...

RStefan01Posted: 09-25-2001 20:27:50
Well, we've already got one person about to go back on the ban list.
BandWidthPosted: 09-25-2001 20:30:14
Who?  And why?

Also, my brother forgets his password...he wanted me to inform you.  Don't be in too much of a hurry to tell him though, hehe.

RStefan01Posted: 09-25-2001 20:33:19
Mais83. If he plans on turning this into some random chat or "Ask BandWidth" thread, he's getting banned.
Mais83Posted: 09-25-2001 20:38:51
Sorry, Rich
BevyPosted: 09-25-2001 20:59:09
WHat the fuck?

Shawn thought Raider was Bandy's brother?

RStefan01Posted: 09-25-2001 21:02:27
Shawn's just being a jackass. Drop the topic already, it doesn't belong here.
RaiderPosted: 10-02-2001 22:26:27
His brother is known as Raider.

Make sure to make fun of him for us.

We would really, truly appreciate it...

Fuck you, ass hole!

(There are currently no banned posters)

*CHOKE* NONE!? Not even BTC?!


RStefan01Posted: 10-02-2001 23:01:09
I unbanned everyone a few days ago. It's on the page before this one.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 10-02-2001 23:48:58
Fuck you, ass hole!

*Sobs uncontrollably*

RStefan01Posted: 11-11-2001 01:49:42
It's been a while since I've had to use this thread, but it's that time again.

Bevy and smacintyre have been banned for their off-topic posts on this thread. Yes, I realize that there were other off-topic posts in that thread as well, but these were of a more hostile nature, and I'm not going to keep putting up with this shit.

Bevy, for some strange reason that's unknown to me, thinks that he's immune to bans, so I don't see an end to his ban in the near future. smacintyre, on the other hand, just fits into the "stupid newbie" category, so I'll go a little easy on him and give him two weeks.
MistressBluePosted: 11-11-2001 02:08:30

KorivakPosted: 11-11-2001 03:22:03
   Ah...I was beginning to like smac...
Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-11-2001 09:04:04
As was I.  However, perhaps being banned will reform him so he becomes a productive member of our community!  Much like most global prison systems...

66-1002268757Posted: 11-12-2001 10:31:36
RStefan01Posted: 11-12-2001 10:54:25
Basin must have been talking to himself, because that's who he just got banned. I haven't decided how long this'll be. It's not like we're missing out on any quality content here or anything.
TermPosted: 11-12-2001 21:32:09
Rstefan01 is back in his BanHappy Mood™
Good Old Times™
Oh Yes™
(Watch me get banned for posting this supposed "spam"™)
*dies from ™ overdose*
lil bo shepherdPosted: 11-12-2001 23:17:45
HEY look!@###########3

I dont like it when people have fun at my forum so I ban them@!

Suck me richard.

FF            FFF
lil bo shepherdPosted: 11-12-2001 23:22:31
I dont like any of you except osiris xel
and i think someone else but i forget who

I dont care about the rEst of you



I wonder how many bans off i am from being banned as much as bevy ive been banned alot in the history of the world from this website
Proman911Posted: 11-13-2001 00:10:59

Repent and all will be forgiven

..... maybe
RStefan01Posted: 11-13-2001 01:12:28
*bans lil bo*

Can't you feel the love?
MistressBluePosted: 11-13-2001 01:26:39
*feels richie*

Oh yes most definetly.
80-1002268887Posted: 11-13-2001 05:51:44
Oh, that's not Rich you've grabbed.
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-13-2001 06:32:17
*sighs, letting shoulders sag*

It's me again, isn't it . . .
MaverickPosted: 11-13-2001 17:22:41
Quote from RStefan01, posted on Sep. 24 2001, 10:55
The ban list, consisting of the below people, has been completely wiped out.

Psycho Sam!
Eye of the Night

If people play nice, hopefully it can stay that way. There's no real reason behind this, I'm just hoping people can act somewhat decent here.

I must have missed this the first time you posted it? Just out of sheer curiosity, what was the Inspiration© for doing this?
RStefan01Posted: 11-13-2001 19:53:04
The following people have been banned for three days, the reason being that they all copied my signature and used it in their posts:

Psycho Sam!
Sexay Shawn

Since it's possible that someone could mistake a post by them as one written by me, I consider that an attempt at impersonation.

MaverickPosted: 11-13-2001 19:57:19
you never answered my question  :D
RStefan01Posted: 11-13-2001 20:01:25
What makes you think that I'm going to? That was some time ago, and isn't worth bringing up now.
84-1002268939Posted: 11-13-2001 20:25:33
I'm not sure i understnd whats going on.  why the bannings?  they seem like good folks to me, unlike some others
RStefan01Posted: 11-13-2001 20:31:10
What more do you want to know other than what I've already posted?
84-1002268939Posted: 11-13-2001 20:35:54
plenty more
I don't get this
RStefan01Posted: 11-13-2001 20:38:46
What's not to get? A bunch of people copied my signature and used it on their own posts. That makes it very likely that someone would mistake a post they made as one by me.

If you understand now, good.. you're just a little slow, because that's the same thing I already said. If you still don't get it.. I don't think you ever will.
84-1002268939Posted: 11-13-2001 20:40:06
alright, whatever
you dont' have to get so rude

ill just take your word for it
TermPosted: 11-13-2001 21:13:53
And so the forum population was cut drastically again =]
I can always tell what posts are Rich's because of the giant yellow stars jump out of the monitor and stab me in the eye.
84-1002268939Posted: 11-14-2001 14:31:54
I don't know what youre talking about because the forum seems pretty active to me aeven without those people
RStefan01Posted: 11-14-2001 17:03:34
TrapJaw has been permanently banned from the forum for a variety of reasons, including massive amounts of spamming, constant off topic posts, most of which were about warez, and just the fact that he was a complete idiot.

Beyond that, his IP address is from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, which says one of two things:

1. This is a new individual to the forum who supports the "everyone in Alberta is an idiot" theory.
2. It's one of our resident idiots posting on a new account.

Now, here's what I plan on doing.. First off, I'm going to waste massive amounts of time seeing if anyone else here has posted with that IP address. If it's just one person, then chances are that this'll be an easy ban. If it's more than one, you're all banned until someone comes forward and says who it was. If it comes to it, I'll do a site ban on the IP or IP pool from that school. Of course, this is assuming that this was a current forumer doing this, and not some random newbie, but I highly doubt that's the case given the content of most of the posts.]

Oh, and as always, have a nice day :)
TridusPosted: 11-14-2001 17:08:58
Impressive... most impressive.

I'd say "nothing good ever came out of Western Canada" (which includes Alberta), but Dark Franchise was cool, heh. If I had to pick anybody who might be behind this, I'd have to go with Basin, he's done things like it before.

But thats a total guess.
kwerkeyPosted: 11-14-2001 18:44:05
Basin was my first guess, as well.

It's obviously not a real person, because in the RStefan01 bot thread, he said, "I play d2e with himsometimes but not much anymor ebecause he hacks."  And then he goes an posts a thread with RineHack in it.
The-AtarisPosted: 11-14-2001 19:17:41
or perhaps he was just an idiot?
RStefan01Posted: 11-15-2001 00:16:52
BandWidth told me that it was he and Basin that were posting as TrapJaw. Since BandWidth came forward and told me, he's only going to be banned for two weeks. Basin, on the other hand, made me reconsider reinstating that permanent ban that I so kindly let him off of earlier. I don't think I'll make that mistake again (Note that I directly asked Basin if it was him that was posting as TrapJaw on ICQ and I did not get a reply).

In other news, the following people have been unbanned, because I feel like it:

Psycho Sam!
Sexay Shawn

(These were the people on the three day ban for the signature thing, with the exception of BandWidth)
82-1005804730Posted: 11-15-2001 00:39:43
what happend here. What did trapJaw do.
XelPosted: 11-15-2001 00:43:04
Oh no.

Not again.
82-1005804730Posted: 11-15-2001 00:59:07
I willnot ask ;)
KorivakPosted: 11-15-2001 07:35:13
   Well, this has all the subtlety of a midday mugging...
   In other news, thanks for unbanning us all early.  I've now served 6 days out of my total of 33 days of ban :)
*makes a few other posts*
*leaves to get ready to go away for a week*
OsirisPosted: 11-15-2001 10:43:46
You prick!  You don't need to immediately ban people every time you have a problem with them.  I am perfectly accessible over ICQ or E-Mail, and I would have gladly changed my signature back.  I could understand if this was a repeat offense, or was done with the sole purpose of causing problem, but..

It's not as if any of us were purposefully trying to "impersonate you", it was just a silly joke as far as I know.  Good grief

Somehow, someway, I am going to .. probably do nothing about it.  Ah well.
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-15-2001 11:40:22
I am still boggling how someone can confuse anyone with anyone else by signature . . .
KorivakPosted: 11-15-2001 11:43:16
   Quick, ban everyone without sigs!  I can't tell them apart!  And ban people when they change their sigs, because there is no other way to tell forumers apart!
OsirisPosted: 11-15-2001 11:49:46
Now a good way to get back at us would have been for rstefan to change his signature to different images, and replace his old signature images with ones saying "I LIKE GAY MEN".  Woops!

Banning on the other hand, just lacks finesse.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-15-2001 11:53:04
Now a good way to get back at us would have been for rstefan to change his signature to different images, and replace his old signature images with ones saying "I LIKE GAY MEN".  Woops!

Do you think I would have cared?  The beauty of it all is that most of us would have kept his signature, anyhow.  And he couldn't edit his signature so that it was something pornographic, merely because he would be hypocritical to ban us if he was the first to post upload/post pornography.  This is what made the series of events so amusing, initially.


*returns to the forum briefly*

Yes.  His ban was completely nonsensical.  He dubbed our using of his signature 'impersonation' (which has historically referred to one forumer using the account of another), based on his assertion that readers could potentially become 'confused' when reading any given post.

He completely fails to take into account (a) others who have had similar or parallel signatures in the past (the "Save Psycho Sam!" debacle, for instance), and (b) users who do not have signatures.  Forumers have some method for differentiating between them.

Oh, of course.  The motherfucking, glaring sidebar.  A person would have to be plagued with Raider-esque congizance to completely fail to take into account the sidebar which lists which user is posting.  To dub a mild-mannered gag 'impersonation' when there was a clear way to tell users apart presented at all times is...near incomprehensible.  He is (or was, at least) accounting for the most ridiculously stupid or lazy forumers (those whom are unwilling to shift their eyes over an inch or two to the left of their monitors) with such politically correct bullshit.
OsirisPosted: 11-15-2001 11:57:30

I'm on your side, but for different reasons.

You don't mistake the psycho sam posters for each other because you know in advance that there are more than one person with the same sig.  Otherwise, I commonly use signatures to glance at posts and see who wrote them, so I can see where he's coming from at that angle.

On the other hand, he clearly sucks cock and deserves nothing less than a good manly ass-beating.

Banning.. Pshaw
KorivakPosted: 11-15-2001 12:03:24
"On the other hand, he clearly sucks cock and deserves nothing less than a good manly ass-beating."
   I'm not sure if I follow the logical progression here...but it's still a good argument! :)
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-15-2001 12:05:20
I'm not sure if I follow the logical progression here...but it's still a good argument!

I'm not sure if I follow the logical progression there, either.  Or maybe that was the point.  Damned illness.
KorivakPosted: 11-15-2001 12:07:20
*considers going back to disclaimer style sig*
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-15-2001 12:11:09
*considers thinking next time and then speaking/typing*
KorivakPosted: 11-15-2001 12:23:44
*considers making Sanctuary again*
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-15-2001 12:41:38
*considers actually posting in it this time*
OsirisPosted: 11-15-2001 12:44:14
Well, there's always planetdognine.

*glances around nervously*

Nevermind. Actually, I don't want any of you assholes on my website.
MaverickPosted: 11-15-2001 16:08:25
Quote from Korivak, posted on Nov. 15 2001, 13:23
*considers making Sanctuary again*

Korivak - actually, i still have the original Sanctuary still up with all of the original posts. Message me for a link...
82-1005804730Posted: 11-16-2001 13:01:30
What is sancturay?
OsirisPosted: 11-16-2001 13:14:27
A place where truth and love reign supreme, and mansex is met with zealous approval.
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-16-2001 13:38:25
THAT is why I didn't go there . . .
RStefan01Posted: 11-19-2001 17:01:08
RunningGuy has been banned. Fake account or not, all he's doing is posting random and/or pointless bullshit on threads.
RStefan01Posted: 11-19-2001 17:05:02
I just got an email from a recently registered account, kimberky. I didn't give it access at first because it sounded like a fake account, sort of making fun of kwerkey or something. I just got an email from this "person" asking for access. The mail server is.. guess where? The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

That account will be deleted.

There are also a couple other things I will do when I get home from work.

1. Do a site ban on that school.
2. Delete Basin's forum account. This'd be a great time for Vince McMahon's theme song to play, because he's got no chance of ever posting here again.
MaverickPosted: 11-19-2001 17:38:30
I thought a while ago you said you never deleted accounts...

TridusPosted: 11-19-2001 18:36:16
Ironically enough I deleted Basins account back in the Riptide days, heh. (only I went one step farther and also ran the query to delete every post he ever made too)

there's no reason in leaving the account around if he's being absolutly permanently banned... seriously this time. Getting rid of it just shows some conviction on not letting him back in this time.
RStefan01Posted: 11-20-2001 03:31:48
I thought a while ago you said you never deleted accounts...

I don't delete accounts when people request that they are deleted. I delete duplicate accounts as well. Including SmasherBob a couple years ago, this is only the second time that I'm deleting a poster's account.

Basin's account has been deleted. If you're wondering about the huge jump in my post count, Basin's 707 posts were added to my post count. I do this every time I delete an account, but this is the largest account I've ever deleted. I do this in order to be able to keep track of the total posts made on the forum since its creation.
TossyPosted: 11-20-2001 19:23:22
*casts a magic spell that lights Richie's genitals afire*
MaverickPosted: 11-20-2001 19:28:01
Why do you do that to yourself?
TossyPosted: 11-20-2001 19:33:59
MaverickPosted: 11-20-2001 19:49:50
banment i am referring to...
TossyPosted: 11-20-2001 20:10:37
MaverickPosted: 11-20-2001 21:42:39
RStefan01Posted: 11-21-2001 10:29:02
Do I even need to point out that Tossy has been banned?

Don't expect to see him back anytime soon.
MaverickPosted: 11-21-2001 11:57:38
I'm a psychic  :0
RStefan01Posted: 11-21-2001 12:01:33
Then do you forsee yourself getting banned as well? You're not exactly helping anything here. No one asked you to reply to any of his posts.
MaverickPosted: 11-21-2001 12:10:35
*with all do respect*

Isn't this what a forum is for? Interaction with other members, keeping a conversation with people/things you are interested in? No one asked me to Register here. I still did it. No one asked me to post 2,000 and some times, i still did it. I don't see the point.
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-21-2001 12:16:47
I have one quick question to Maverick:  Do you or do you not advocate against "topic deviation" (as in, talking "off-topic")?
MaverickPosted: 11-21-2001 12:21:02
what is advocate?  :(
RStefan01Posted: 11-21-2001 12:23:42
Look it up in a fucking dictionary. I'm really getting sick of your crap posts here.
MaverickPosted: 11-21-2001 12:27:26
I dont have the need to spend all that time looking up one word in a dictionary to answer his one question to try and prove me as a hippocrit or something. If it's that important to him, he'll tell me.

my best guess is
1.) Advocate - speak/look down on.
RStefan01Posted: 11-21-2001 12:29:26
Maverick has been banned for posting off topic posts on this thread.
Proman911Posted: 11-21-2001 12:35:17
That's BS Rich

Banning Mav because he was trying to make a clearification

Why not ban me right now because I am right now saying your an administrative nazi!
RStefan01Posted: 11-21-2001 12:44:28
I banned him for posting stuff that has no place on this thread.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-21-2001 12:45:22
Please ban Proman.
Proman911Posted: 11-21-2001 12:52:17

I DO feel the love from Shawn

I feel the love coming right out his mouth and into the trashcan where most his gutter Sinicism belongs!

Gess, I haven't even posted here in almost 2 weeks and the first thing out of your mouth is BAN HIM FOR THE SAKE OF ALL MAN KIND.

*Hacks Shawn to death*

There, that’s my good deed for the day. I hope everyone can live peacefully from now on.
Proman911Posted: 11-21-2001 12:53:42
Oh, I also forgot to say for reference ...

*puts out hand to shake Shawn's*

Its NICE to see you too!

*grabs Shawn's hand and gives him a GIANT life draining bear hug*

No go away or I shall taught you a third, fourth and fifth time if nesscery!\n\n
Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-21-2001 12:56:14
Rich, please.  If two off-topic gibberish posts with statements as incoherent as "No go away or I shall taught you a third, fourth and fifth time if nesscery!" do not count as spam, what does?

ßetaMantisPosted: 11-21-2001 12:57:47
As much as this is probably risking my posting access . . .

For the love of God, Proman, both learn to spell (life-draining, taunt and cynicism - for example) and take the hint from Stef:  Stop posting in this thread before he removes your ability to.

There, I said it so Proman can see it.  Now I shall silence myself as Stef has just banned Maverick for posting here.
TridusPosted: 11-21-2001 12:58:35
I wonder how many more people have to be banned for posting crap in this thread before they learn? :)
Proman911Posted: 11-21-2001 13:01:51
Well see, thats it I DID post off topic stuff

Mavy didn't

Mavy SHOULD NOT get banned

If Rich doesn't ban me then he's just being an ass to Mavy.

Frankly I dont care if he bans me or not. I don't have any free time anymore with my new job to post in here. The only reason I did is becaue two good friends of mine said what happened so I figured I would get my two cents in.
OsirisPosted: 11-21-2001 13:08:17
No shit.  How is talking about people getting banned.. in the forum access thread, in any WILD stretch of the imagination considered spamming.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-21-2001 13:09:33
I wonder how many more people have to be banned for posting crap in this thread before they learn?

My posts were related to forum access.  Moreover, this is probably the seventh post I have made since initially being unbanned many moons ago...  *grins*  But, yes, for the sake of consistency, I shall stop posting in this thread.
RStefan01Posted: 11-21-2001 16:54:00
I wasn't going to ban Proman911, but since he's trying so hard I've awarded him for his efforts.

I'm not ignoring the above posts, techinically anyway. I just got home from school, and I've got to be at work pretty soon. I thought it'd be more important to deal with the fact that I haven't had anything to eat or drink in 24 hours than with the crap here.
DoomhammerPosted: 11-21-2001 19:27:53
So in actuallity, Rich, you banned Maverick because he asked "what does advocate mean" or something along the lines of that? Or because he took his best guess at what advocate even meant? In reality you should have banned BetaMantis, because if you care to look back, he is the one who started the accused "off topic posting" with the whole inquiry he made about Maverick "advocating off-topic posts". If it weren't for BetaMantis, the whole "advocation conversation" wouldnt have even taken place. Please consider who you banned and for what reasons. I think you should ban BetaMantis if Maverick gets The Ban ©, or just unban Maverick - think about the logic. I see that Proman911 also disagrees in the banning, and by trying to prove a point, he obviously got banned as well. If anyone else thinks this is unjust please post. I know Osiris agrees as well.

And as for Maverick's banment, how long do you plan on making it last?
80-1002268887Posted: 11-21-2001 20:08:08
Look Doomhammer, Tossy was making stupid inane comments, and Maverick was fueling those comments. He knew that his replies were pointless spam and that they'd cause pointless spam to come out of Tossy.

Maverick was warned not to do it, and he kept going on about it. I see his ban as fair.

I see nobody is complaining about Rich banning Tossy...

MistressBluePosted: 11-21-2001 20:42:09
EVERYONE on the site knows you dont spam the forum access thread.

They deserve the bans.\n\n
DoomhammerPosted: 11-21-2001 20:47:59
Sam - If you look closely it appears that Maverick was merely warning tossy. "why'd you do that to yourself?" which is the same thing as saying "you just pretty much got yourself banned" - he was just saying. There was no spam involved at all.

Mistress Blue - it wasn't spam.
The-AtarisPosted: 11-21-2001 20:57:44
I'll explain the general ideals of the the average forum mod:

"if I don't read it or like it, it's spam"

take it or leave, thats how most are
DoomhammerPosted: 11-21-2001 21:12:08
Yea, thats pretty much what happened here. It shouldn't happen...
TridusPosted: 11-21-2001 21:12:21
Doomhammer - Your going to tell me that asking an idiotic question like "what is an advocate" in a thread where anything not ontopic is considered spam is actually ok? Yikes!

Maverick has a well earned reputation for asking stupid questions that two seconds of work could answer. This is just the most brazen example of it yet. Hell, in Opera 6 I can just double click the word and hit "dictionary". Thats not even two seconds.

Bottom line, even if you ignore the other crap he posted before that (and the two warnings to shut up he got from Rich), such a moronic question as that in this thread deserves a ban all by itself.

Or at least being whacked with a Clue Stick.

Ataris - You say that, which leads me to bet that you've never been on the other side of it and had to interpret posts to figure out just what actually qualifies to be deleted. Its impossible to make it so that everybody will agree with every decision.

And according to a very old law of Moderation (or Politics, or Hockey, a few other things): People only remember decisions they disagree with.

I'm not seeing the problem people have here... this thread is an informational thread, it exists for a very specific purpose. Especially with the detailed ban list from days gone by being missing right now, its useful to have it not cluttered up with crap. And since people feel it necessary to post garbage (like Tossy) or moronic questions (Maverick), something has to be done, otherwise this turns into just another thread and becomes useless.

Now you tell me, just how do you propose dealing with the problem?
80-1002268887Posted: 11-21-2001 21:25:17
Tossy> *casts a magic spell that lights Richie's genitals afire*

Maverick> Why do you do that to yourself?

Tossy> Huh?

Maverick> banment i am referring to...

Tossy> Wuh?

Maverick> Exactly.

Rich> Do I even need to point out that Tossy has been banned?
Don't expect to see him back anytime soon.

Maverick> I'm a psychic

Rich> Then do you forsee yourself getting banned as well? You're not exactly helping anything here. No one asked you to reply to any of his posts.

Maverick> *with all do respect*
Isn't this what a forum is for? Interaction with other members, keeping a conversation with people/things you are interested in? No one asked me to Register here. I still did it. No one asked me to post 2,000 and some times, i still did it. I don't see the point.

ßetaMantis> I have one quick question to Maverick:  Do you or do you not advocate against "topic deviation" (as in, talking "off-topic")?

Maverick> what is advocate?

Rich> Look it up in a fucking dictionary. I'm really getting sick of your crap posts here.

Maverick> I dont have the need to spend all that time looking up one word in a dictionary to answer his one question to try and prove me as a hippocrit or something. If it's that important to him, he'll tell me.
my best guess is
1.) Advocate - speak/look down on.

Doomhammer, since you obviously didn't research this, I thought I'd take the liberty to point out what you seem to be unable to read.

Bold is spam, underlined is warnings, and yellow is offtopic crap that doesn't belong here.

I don't care how much anyone dislikes Rich, I'm not terribly fond of him as a moderator either, but you can't just ignore facts.

And that's the last thing I'm saying about it,
DoomhammerPosted: 11-21-2001 22:20:51
Sam - Ok, you have the following statements (made by Maverick) qualified as spam-

Exactly. - This is just pointing out to Tossy that he knows that Tossy is making pointless replies, trying to piss Rich off, or whatnot - Just less typing, thus most people here, think 1 word replies are ALWAYS spam, but this wasn't. I am pretty sure that others would not clarify this as spam, if he would have gone on to say something like

Exactly. Why are you trying to get yourself banned? You know pointless blabber like this on this thread will more than likely get yourself banned.

That would no longer be considered spam by anyone, in all logic. Onto the next "spam" reply by Maverick.

I'm a psychic

Yes, this was the one occasionon this whole conversation, where this post was not needed, and yes, a 100% spam post. But after rich said, "Then do you forsee yourself getting banned as well? You're not exactly helping anything here. No one asked you to reply to any of his posts.", no more spam came outta maverick. Now, the two things you have yellow colored are very much needed in this topic as they are in direct response to Rich's questions/statements. It obviously was not a rhetorical question. Next statement...(made by BetaMantis)

I have one quick question to Maverick:  Do you or do you not advocate against "topic deviation" (as in, talking "off-topic")?

This, in full, got Maverick banned for the sole reason that Maverick didn't know what advocate meant. I fail to see how posting a question, in response to something, trying to get the meaning of a word out is spam....

Maverick would have never made the comment, "what is advocate?", had BetaMantis ever sparked this part of the conversation. Asking one, simple question to clarify something is not worthy of being banned.

That is all.

Tridus -
>Doomhammer - Your going to tell me that asking an idiotic question like "what is an advocate" in a thread where anything not ontopic is considered spam is actually ok? Yikes!
How is that an idiotic question? Trying to clarify something to give a decent response to someone's question is very much NOT idiotic.

>moronic question as that in this thread deserves a ban all by itself.
Read the above....

That is all, for now.
kwerkeyPosted: 11-21-2001 22:28:08
For a second, I thought that said, "Maverick has been banned for the sale of illegal substances."

Shut up, all of you.  This is irrelevant.  Maverick isn't going to be unbanned.  Those posts were off-topic; they didn't belong in this thread.
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-21-2001 22:34:16
I probably shouldn't do this.

I have one quick question to Maverick:  Do you or do you not advocate against "topic deviation" (as in, talking "off-topic")?

This, in full, got Maverick banned for the sole reason that Maverick didn't know what advocate meant. I fail to see how posting a question, in response to something, trying to get the meaning of a word out is spam....

Maverick would have never made the comment, "what is advocate?", had BetaMantis ever sparked this part of the conversation. Asking one, simple question to clarify something is not worthy of being banned.

That is all.

In short, no.

A)  I didn't orchestrate his banning.
B)  It isn't the fact he was ignorant of the verb advocate that got him banned.
C)  He got banned for responding to Stef's direct warning, (as follows)

"Look it up in a fucking dictionary. I'm really getting sick of your crap posts here"


"I dont have the need to spend all that time looking up one word in a dictionary to answer his one question to try and prove me as a hippocrit or something. If it's that important to him, he'll tell me.
my best guess is
1.) Advocate - speak/look down on."

NOT the question.

D)  As much as this may give me some interesting salvos of flak, he does this sort of thing (i.e. borderline spam) pseudoconstantly.

I had a couple more reasons - with specific citations if you like.
RStefan01Posted: 11-21-2001 23:27:51
Tridus and ßetaMantis have pretty much said what I wanted to say, perhaps even just a little bit more :)

Do you want to know what the real problem is? Almost every time (with very, very, very little exception) I ban someone for a valid reason, there are always a few forumers who protest like it's an act against humanity or something here.
TridusPosted: 11-22-2001 07:42:48
Doomhammer - Anybody who asks a question while at the same time admitting that they're too fucking lazy to put in two seconds of effort to find the answer themselves does NOT deserve to have the question answered.

In the case of Maverick, who has a history two miles long of pulling that kind of crap, *after* being warned to stop posting in the thread, he got what he deserved.

End of story.
82-1002268893Posted: 11-22-2001 13:11:31
To me it always looks like it becomes some sort of bullshit philisophicle debate (sp?)  

Rich: Haha, I hath exiled thee!

Maverick: NAY!

Doomhammer: Truly a ghastly practice, dear boy.

Tridus: *takes a puff from his pipe* Rubbish, ole chap!, simply rubbish!


Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-22-2001 14:17:48
Please ban Ravage!.
80-1002268887Posted: 11-22-2001 16:57:27
Quote from RStefan01, posted on Nov. 21 2001, 06:27
Tridus and ßetaMantis have pretty much said what I wanted to say, perhaps even just a little bit more :)

Do you want to know what the real problem is? Almost every time (with very, very, very little exception) I ban someone for a valid reason, there are always a few forumers who protest like it's an act against humanity or something here.

What about me? I said stuff too!
Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-22-2001 18:37:02
Now you're spamming...  *grins*
DoomhammerPosted: 11-22-2001 18:43:36
And you wanna know the sad thing? They'll get away with it...
ßetaMantisPosted: 11-22-2001 18:53:42
*buries face in hands and shakes head*

You just don't get it . . .
RStefan01Posted: 11-22-2001 19:56:04
Ravage!'s post was funny.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-22-2001 20:00:04
That's bullshit!
DoomhammerPosted: 11-22-2001 20:06:07
Quote from RStefan01, posted on Nov. 23 2001, 01:56
Ravage!'s post was funny.


Like i said...
DoomhammerPosted: 11-25-2001 18:46:07
So they're still banned, huh?

I'd like to you all to read over this page and read all of the off topic posts. "my dream is your picture" "ill get you a picture!" etc, and they didnt get banned, yet Maverick can say "what does advocate mean, and continue being banned." total hipocracy.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 11-25-2001 19:28:28
Please ban Doomhammer.
BrawnfirePosted: 11-25-2001 19:33:56
You will find nothing but concurrence on this end.
82-1002268893Posted: 11-25-2001 19:56:13
i don't mean to be an annoying newbie, but Sexay Shawn is right, Doom hammer needs a ban for being annoying.
Mais83Posted: 11-25-2001 19:57:54
sorry , Ravage! forgot to log out, that was me.
DoomhammerPosted: 11-25-2001 20:08:59
Quote from Sexay Shawn, posted on Nov. 26 2001, 01:28
Please ban Doomhammer.

Why, its all On Topic©, with posts about recent bannings.
BrawnfirePosted: 11-25-2001 20:32:36
You do not Debate the Bannings.  Disparaging the boot is a bootable offense!
RStefan01Posted: 11-26-2001 00:06:52
Sexay Shawn has been banned one month for his constant "Please ban.." messages. I'm fairly sure that he was trying to get banned, and now he has been. He's also lost his custom rank, and that will not be returned to him after he is unbanned.
kwerkeyPosted: 11-26-2001 00:18:47

I don't really see why that deserves a ban.
RStefan01Posted: 11-26-2001 00:25:53
It's spam. He's constantly posting the same thing, with the only exception being that there's a different person's name there. That kind of crap doesn't belong in this thread.
kwerkeyPosted: 11-26-2001 00:35:39
Each person I was suggesting ought to be banned was spamming.  I thought that they (Proman, Ravage! and Doomhammer) should be banned for their antics.  Hell, Doomhammer hasn't been banned for his shit, yet!  He is saying the same things over and over.  Plus, I didn't even get a warning.,

*clutches you*  Save me, kwerkey!  Tell them the truth.

I agree with him.
RStefan01Posted: 11-26-2001 00:40:13
Fine, he gets another chance.

From now on he can keep his incredibly useless posts to himself though.
Dan the Tuba ManPosted: 11-26-2001 01:02:18

Is this a possible sign that Rich is softening as the ban Nazi?

Instead, I suggest Shawn's ban should be reinstated and all those people kwerkey mentioned should be banned.
RStefan01Posted: 11-26-2001 05:38:08
Dan, for you, I have a few famous words from a favorite WWF superstar of mine: "Would you please... SHUT THE HELL UP!"

In other news, the Banned Posters script is back online!

All of the current bans are on there as I have mentioned them in this thread, with the exception of me stating a length for Maverick's ban, which is two weeks.
Dan the Tuba ManPosted: 11-26-2001 15:01:48
Ban me, then I will.
RStefan01Posted: 12-03-2001 02:57:33
I didn't notice that I had banned Bevy and smacintyre when I remade the Banned Posters list. smacintyre was supposed to have been banned for two weeks, but it's been three. I didn't set a time for Bevy, but they've both been unbanned now.

I also realize that BandWidth's ban is over, but I've got reason to believe that he's got another account on this forum right now. We'll see where that goes after I talk to him.
BevyPosted: 12-03-2001 03:11:15
Hey wow thanks.
RStefan01Posted: 12-10-2001 05:46:44
Re: BandWidth

Ravage! had told me that Basin told him that BandWidth was posting as "Magnum" here on the forum. I asked BandWidth about it, and he said it wasn't him. Given that Ravage! isn't all that credible of a source, and Basin... (well, you know where he stands), I've unbanned BandWidth.

Apparently Maverick's ban was over a couple days ago as well. I guess that's what happens when I'm too busy to think about things like that. Looks like he's unbanned too.

As for the other three, I'll probably delete RunningGuy's account, since I'm fairly sure it was a bullshit account by someone here. Tossy can hang around on that list for a while, since I'm sure he'd just start some kind of new trouble. Proman911 can stay there too, I don't think we're ready for more of his honorable crusades yet.
KorivakPosted: 12-10-2001 07:24:44
"Proman911 can stay there too, I don't think we're ready for more of his honorable crusades yet."
   I never thought I would say this, but thank you for banning Proman for a good long time, Rich.
ßetaMantisPosted: 12-10-2001 07:53:59
Honourable crusade.  Yet another oxymoron to add to the list.  *chuckles*
82-1002268893Posted: 12-11-2001 21:15:54
All he did was rip the user info of some guy on their school network or some shit like that.   It's ok though, I'll just laugh at you when you throw a temper tantrum and shut the site down cause I was telling the truth.
BevyPosted: 12-12-2001 04:16:47
Yeah, but, why tell?

Denis is Richard's bitch.
82-1002268893Posted: 12-12-2001 14:36:44
No i just don't like russell.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-12-2001 16:06:59
Because Ravage! is bitter/insecure/immature.

...and Richard's bitch.  *grins*
BandWidthPosted: 12-12-2001 16:13:30
Quote from Ravage!, posted on Dec. 12 2001, 13:36Quote:
No i just don't like russell.

What the fuck did I ever do to you anyways?  One day, I critisized you in the RR and ever since then I've been getting a constant stream of emails telling me to go fuck myself.  Just fuck off and get a life already.

Rich: Seriously, ignore him.  For some reason he has a giant stick up his ass.  Fake accounts are a waste of my time due to me having little or no free time already as it is.  I did not make a fake account.  I have no plans to make any more fake accounts.  I don't promise that I won't ever do it again *wink*, but it wasn't me this time.  Far as I know, Magnum is just another one of those people who come in and post twice then leave.

Random note:  The second paragraph was included so that I wouldn't bring the thread off topic.  I ask that if Ravage chooses to reply to the above, please do it via email or another thread.  That is all.\n\n
RStefan01Posted: 12-19-2001 00:54:48
Peepers has been banned for 60 days. It's bad enough that he started a bullshit "I've got cancer" thread, because that's a good enough reason to ban him right there. Then he goes and posts a link to a porn site in that same thread.

It's a shame he doesn't have testicle cancer like he claimed. It'd make it a hell of a lot easier to kiss his ass goodbye.
RStefan01Posted: 12-25-2001 02:51:04
Psycho Sam! has been banned two weeks for bringing this thread to the top of the threadlist for no apparent reason.
KorivakPosted: 12-25-2001 11:33:18
   Ironically, the reason he did it was to cause trouble...
RStefan01Posted: 12-25-2001 12:37:12
It's not really all that ironic, because that's the reason he was banned, whether it was obvious he was trying or not.
RStefan01Posted: 12-30-2001 09:58:11
Bevy has been banned two weeks for bringing the Anti-RStefan01 thread back up five days after Psycho Sam! did the same thing. Let the fucking thing die if you don't have anything on-topic to contribute to it. I'm going to go and delete everything that was added onto that thread, starting with Psycho Sam!'s post.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 12-30-2001 10:10:29
I thought it was an old thread.  I was so exhausted this morning while posting that I wasn't paying attention in my haste to argue with Bevy.  Many apologies for adding to the thread, and whatnot.
82-1002268893Posted: 12-30-2001 23:31:06
Haven't you brought that thread up several times with inane bullshit comments richard?\n\n
RStefan01Posted: 12-31-2001 01:30:47
I brought the thread up a few times, but they were all for on-topic reasons while that forum was still there. It'd be pretty hard to find anything new to add to that thread (translation: don't reply to that thread). It's mainly there for archive purposes.
smacintyrePosted: 12-31-2001 18:33:46
Rstefan Quote:
smacintyre was supposed to have been banned for two weeks, but it's been three

Does this mean that next time I am banned, I get one week substracted automatically? I think it's only fair.
kwerkeyPosted: 12-31-2001 22:35:54
Hrm.... you don't know Rich very well, do you.
82-1002268893Posted: 12-31-2001 23:12:59
Psst: Lock archive posts. Or not, but it's an idea.
BandWidthPosted: 01-01-2002 16:52:40
But if Richard locked archive posts, then he wouldn't be able to ban people for bringing them up anymore.

And what would be the fun in that?
RStefan01Posted: 01-04-2002 19:06:31
Apparently lil bo shepherd has been banned for a while now (see page 24), but I never put him on the Banned Posters list when I remade it since I didn't remember that he was banned. He's unbanned now.
RStefan01Posted: 01-07-2002 08:01:13
Tossy asked me about being unbanned. I guess he's been banned long enough, so I'm going to unban him. Since I'm lazy, though, he won't be unbanned until Psycho Sam!'s ban is over, so I'll do them both at once.
KorivakPosted: 01-07-2002 09:10:52
   Which is in *checks* 17 hours...
Sexay ShawnPosted: 01-07-2002 11:25:04
This should be interesting.
KorivakPosted: 01-07-2002 15:29:50
   He's already got some cool stuff in the works for the next Save Psycho Sam! campaign...
RStefan01Posted: 01-07-2002 17:43:58
I probably won't be awake when the ban is over, so it'll have to wait until the morning.
RStefan01Posted: 01-08-2002 17:31:56
Still haven't gotten to it, and it's going to have to wait. I'm a busy man hehe
KorivakPosted: 01-08-2002 18:11:56
   Rich, it takes all of twenty seconds to unban someone...
BrawnfirePosted: 01-08-2002 19:05:38
This is more of a "dangling the carrot" situation.
lil bo shepherdPosted: 01-08-2002 19:09:37
Wow what a coincidence, my carrot is also dangling!
El cazadorPosted: 01-08-2002 19:43:47
undertow WAIT!  It's a trap!
lil bo shepherdPosted: 01-08-2002 19:49:36
I just want to get into his rabbit hole!
Sexay ShawnPosted: 01-08-2002 23:15:57
Why aren't these forumers banned, again?
RStefan01Posted: 01-09-2002 02:23:34
Rich, it takes all of twenty seconds to unban someone...

... and I didn't have time. All I did was turn on my computer monitor, reply to this thread, turn it off, and leave.

Why aren't these forumers banned, again?

Because I haven't had the time to be here. lil bo shepherd is definitely gone again, and I don't know why the hell El cazador replied to this thread.
RStefan01Posted: 01-09-2002 02:28:50
Psycho Sam!'s ban has been extended for another two weeks after I noticed what was in his signature. It was a link to a certain web site containing female nudity, and I don't want that kind of stuff linked to here. I've already deleted his signature as well.

Tossy gave me a bit of crap over ICQ for not unbanning him, when I owe him nothing at all. My original statement stands. Tossy will be unbanned at the same time as Psycho Sam!.

lil bo shepherd has also been banned for an undeterminted amount of time because of what he posted above. This thread isn't the place for bullshit.
KorivakPosted: 01-09-2002 07:22:48
  Wasn't his sig linking to [link deleted], a site that was linked to, discussed, and searched extensively for nudity and then had the results posted, all without any bans or harsh words?
RStefan01Posted: 01-09-2002 16:19:56
I let it slip by the first time. I don't know why, but I did. I waited for the thread to drop off the first page before I deleted it, and then I did. I was hoping it'd die and just go away instead of being something that people would talk about forever like a certain *other* site here that'll get you banned just for mentioning the URL.
Dan the Tuba ManPosted: 01-09-2002 17:16:35
KorivakPosted: 01-09-2002 23:24:08
   RSt, upholder of all that is fine and decent in the world... Ah,'s not like there aren't other forums to visit or anything...
Sexay ShawnPosted: 01-09-2002 23:27:02
It's absolute bullshit that Rich wouldn't so much as warn Psycho Sam!, though.

The link was hardly as offensive as Rich claims, when one considers the forum populace in general.
82-1002268893Posted: 01-09-2002 23:27:44
you mean that horrible one with the horror?  man that was horrible.  I wish the suspect who first displayed the horror was close enough for me to kill. (for real)
Sexay ShawnPosted: 01-09-2002 23:29:17
Shhh!  Even it's name is far too dangerous to mention in these peaceful lands!  *cowers*
KorivakPosted: 01-09-2002 23:58:18
"It is in the language of |_4|\/|3r, which I will not utter in the Shire"  -Gandalf
RStefan01Posted: 01-10-2002 02:35:22
Korivak has been banned 90 days for linking to the same site in his signature that Psycho Sam! did.
RStefan01Posted: 01-10-2002 02:54:15
Psycho Sam!'s ban has been increased by 90 days for posting on a fake account. The account "Vash" has been deleted.

However, I'm not going to keep Tossy banned just because Psycho Sam! is being an idiot. Tossy has been unbanned.
OsirisPosted: 01-10-2002 09:00:25
C'mon man, the site is pretty funny
Sexay ShawnPosted: 01-10-2002 10:57:42
RStefan01 is behaving like a stupid fuck, to be rather blunt.

As Korivak stated somewhere else:  "He banned Sam! for 20 days for brining back an old thread. No big deal...

Then when Sam!'s ban ran out, he refused to unban him, choosing to tease him instead.

Then, after teasing for about a day, he banned Sam! for 20 more days for linking to "pornographic material" in his signature. Of course, the link in question was none other than Fat Hat Dance, a rediculous, but totally harmless page. However, if you follow the link at the bottom of the page, you find...another rediculous, yet harmless site of poorly captioned pictures of fat people. BUT, within the 30+ archived pages, each with lots of pictures, there are three (3) pictures of a pair of teenaged girls in party hats and nothing else, holding each other and kissing each other. Three. Buried deep in the middle of several hundred other harmless, but very stupid, pictures.

I thought this was rediculous, and so I changed my sig to a link to the same site, linked to it in a couple of posts, and generally made a boat-load of deeply sarcastic replies, pointing out the rediculousness of banning someone for linking to a site with less than 0.1% mildly pornographic content."
RStefan01Posted: 01-10-2002 15:28:04
Sexay Shawn and Dan the Tuba Man have each been banned 120 days for linking to that same damn site in their signatures. Every time someone else pulls this shit their ban is going to be longer than the person that was banned before them.
OsirisPosted: 01-10-2002 16:06:59
Goodness chief. It isn't that big a deal..
XelPosted: 01-10-2002 16:22:51
Er, all this was about -that site-?

Gee, I posted that site at first and didn't even realize it had pr0n until someone from here pointed it out... it isn't like it is the greatest porn ever, anyway.
OsirisPosted: 01-10-2002 16:40:18
ya, sometimes rstanley01 gets crazy about the strangest things
82-1002268891Posted: 01-10-2002 17:24:27
Boy, even I didn't find that site offensive, and I'm constantly overreacting to the littlest things. And the link wasn't a direct link to the site anyways, it was a link to the "Fat Hat Dance"(Which I have recreated on Sam's Spankotron server so as not to link to the "Offensive" page) to demonstrate how it is not pornographic in the least, and Richard was just over reacting.

Honestly, if he wants to go on his little power trips, that's fine, but I don't want to have any part of it.
OsirisPosted: 01-10-2002 17:44:20
: Honestly, if he wants to go on his little power trips, that's fine, but I don't want to have any part of it.

Are you confused of the meaning "I don't want to have any part of it."? :b

Arguing about the initial transgression is fine and makes sense, but to jump in to save your friend like some sort of wacky Internet Martyr is just stupid.  Maybe you can explain it to me, but repeatedly posting a link that the owner of a site has expressly asked you not to link to, in some bizarre attempt to right injusticies, just seems to be a complete failure to me.

FradenerPosted: 01-10-2002 18:03:20
Well, I guess the reasoning is he can't ban everyone.

Even still I'm just not the rebel type.

*Obeys decree*


And now I see in the "Goodbye" thread that Richard doesn't care if everyone leaves, so there goes that strategy.\n\n
82-1002268891Posted: 01-10-2002 18:12:05
*chuckles*  Still, it'll be amusing to see how many forumers find themselves banned before RStefan01 is satisfied.  Most probably don't care enough for this forum to truly fear him or his supposed 'power' over them, I'd reckon.
82-1002268891Posted: 01-10-2002 19:03:50
RStefan01 is banned for posting a link to [link deleted] in the Forum Access thread.
RStefan01Posted: 01-10-2002 23:36:15
Random Crispy's account has been deleted, for a number of reasons.

1. Multiple banned posters were posting on the account.
2. More links to the same site that got those posters banned were posted.
3. A link was posted to a site that is even more offensive than the one that's been going around lately.

I haven't even seen all of the damage, but I've seen enough to delete this account. I'm probably going to have to waste a lot of my time cleaning up this garbage now.
XelPosted: 01-10-2002 23:39:03
Perhaps you should make/use a thingie to delete all 'guest' posts.
RStefan01Posted: 01-10-2002 23:51:31
I've already cleaned up the majority of the first page of posts. Basically, what I did, was to delete posts from Random Crispy on threads that did not get any on-topic replies. If they brought up a thread and people started posting on-topic stuff on it, I just left the Random Crispy posts so people would know why the thread was brought up.
RStefan01Posted: 01-10-2002 23:55:11
lil bo shepherd has been unbanned. I actually meant to do this last night after some things were cleared up on ICQ, but as always I didn't have the time to do it, and then I forgot.
kwerkeyPosted: 01-11-2002 00:13:11
You really suck as an administrator.

Just thought I should tell you that.
TridusPosted: 01-11-2002 06:18:41
I'll throw in $0.02 to say that the three people who were posting as Crispy should also have their accounts deleted, to make sure they fulfill the promise of never posting again.
RStefan01Posted: 01-11-2002 06:34:30
I considered that, but it's always fun to laugh at people after they come back. Especially Shawn hehe... how many times has he left various forums "forever" only to return soon after? :)
TridusPosted: 01-11-2002 06:40:40
Maybe, but do we really want them back this time? That kind of crap has never been tolerable anywhere that people try to actually have conversations, and it shouldn't be here either.
RStefan01Posted: 01-11-2002 06:44:32

It'll be between 3-4 months before they get their posting access back, depending on who you're looking at, so we'd be rid of them for a while anyway :)

Now that I think of it though, those bans actually aren't all that long for the crap they pulled, but oh well... it's not like they'll ever come back again anyway.
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 01-11-2002 07:15:27
Holy crap!! That is a lot of bans. I never would of thought I'd see the day where shawn was banned along with phycho sam and with, well actually Dan the tuba man is a different story all together.

So this was all over just an account that people had to use. It won't be long before I'm on that list, well at least I hope I won't do anything to incourage that, like perhaps ending this paragraph. Yeah.. that should do it.
TossyPosted: 01-13-2002 02:44:25
Richard, you're really quite a poor administrator.

Keep in mind that I am l33ter than thou art:

First of all, being a hardass because of a link to a site that is just for silliness sake, is stupid.

Now, if it was SO-HOD-DAMN-ABSOLUTELY-WITHOUT-A-DOUBT essential that that link can't be on your forum, then the proper thing to have done is politely go to Mr. Sam! and personally ask him to remove the link, because it offends you so much.  Banning him right away is wrong. WRONG!


I mean HONESTLY, sir!!  Anyone else would TELL him first, and not just ban him right away.

Then we wouldn't have all this shit in the first place.
I was really disappointed to find The Sexay Shawn to be banned... I was hoping to come back to a forum of Sexayness... now it's only slightly sexay... *eyes a few of the sexay posters left*

Dammit Rich... you're so... so.... you're so damn AMERICAN!!! >:(
RStefan01Posted: 01-13-2002 04:00:48
Richard, you're really quite a poor administrator.

I try. Not very hard though.

Keep in mind that I am l33ter than thou art:

I'll try not to forget =p

First of all, being a hardass because of a link to a site that is just for silliness sake, is stupid.

I'm allowed to do stupid things :)

Now, if it was SO-HOD-DAMN-ABSOLUTELY-WITHOUT-A-DOUBT essential that that link can't be on your forum, then the proper thing to have done is politely go to Mr. Sam! and personally ask him to remove the link, because it offends you so much.

I could have done that. The results wouldn't have been as interesting though.

Banning him right away is wrong.

But it made for good fun!


You're mean.

I mean HONESTLY, sir!!  Anyone else would TELL him first, and not just ban him right away.

I'm not just anyone. I'm special.

Then we wouldn't have all this shit in the first place.

If it wasn't this, it'd be something else.

I was really disappointed to find The Sexay Shawn to be banned...

No one asked him to jump on the "Let's be a moron!™" bandwagon =p

Dammit Rich... you're so... so.... you're so damn AMERICAN!!! >:(

Well.. you're a tad too canadian yourself =p
BandWidthPosted: 01-13-2002 12:50:23
Rich doesn't need to tell him.  He's told people to keep crap out of their sigs 1000 times before already.  That's enough warning.
TossyPosted: 01-13-2002 13:17:49
But..but... ... perhaps Mr. Sam! didn't know that site was "crap"?  Yes it's crap but it's not pr0n  :D
BandWidthPosted: 01-13-2002 14:11:50
I just generally avoid putting links in my signature, for that purpose alone.  Nobody clicks on them anyways :p
PackheadPosted: 01-13-2002 15:55:27
Could just do away with signatures all together, since they just require more space on the server and more downloading time.  True not much, but it adds up.  Plus, there'd be no bull shit like what happened with Sam!.
TossyPosted: 01-13-2002 16:06:39
Sigs are essential for personal expression of one's self.
BandWidthPosted: 01-13-2002 16:11:06
Personal expression is irrelevant.  You will be assimilated.

Nah, he won't get rid of sigs.  Besides, if there isn't sigs, bad people will find other ways to be...bad.

If you don't like them, though, you can turn them off I believe.
TossyPosted: 01-13-2002 16:20:36
Yes, you sure can, Bandy. You suuure can :D

BandWidthPosted: 01-13-2002 16:23:36
Right now, I can't help but wonder why Rich unbanned Tossy in the first place.

EDIT:  Never mind, he deleted it.  Good thing too.\n\n
kwerkeyPosted: 01-13-2002 16:45:16
Quote from Tossy, posted on Jan. 13 2002, 14:20
Yeah, like Chambli!!!!!!!

ph33r the browser cache
PackheadPosted: 01-13-2002 18:01:06
*foresees kwerkey and Tossy getting in trouble further on in the week* :O

You do know that iB3 logs all changes to posts, right Tossy?

If RStefan wanted to find out what you wrote, he could very easily.  AdminCP is good.. sometimes.

Re Sigs: Yes, you can disable them... but why?  I think that linking in your sigs shouldn't be enabled.  Why would you need to?  If you have a homepage, link it using the *gasp* Homepage profile option :O
TossyPosted: 01-13-2002 18:10:40
"You do know that iB3 logs all changes to posts, right Tossy?"

Um, no, I don't know that. Why would I? I don't know anything about administrating iB3. You know that, Steven. So why assume that I would know that?

"I think that linking in your sigs shouldn't be enabled."
I disagree.
OsirisPosted: 01-13-2002 20:08:07
It logs edits?
BrawnfirePosted: 01-13-2002 20:43:32
Yeah, isn't that REALLY GREAT?

TridusPosted: 01-13-2002 20:53:01
Actually its a good idea. I thought about adding that into Riptide several times, and never got around to it.

If I ever write another board and I allow user edits, they will have the (admin) option of being logged. Good to know just what was there before getting changed, for when people pull stunts like posting trolls, then once somebody bites, change the first post and pretend they're being attacked.
TossyPosted: 01-14-2002 00:07:48
A valid point, there, Tridie.
RStefan01Posted: 01-14-2002 00:50:51
Bevy has been unbanned. His ban was actually over like 15 hours ago, but I wasn't around. You people are going to have to get used to it. If you get banned, you probably won't be unbanned the exact second your ban is over.
BevyPosted: 01-14-2002 00:52:55
Yes, and thank you for unbanning me the exact second my ban was over.
rRaminrodtPosted: 01-16-2002 12:33:44
You have really got to tell me more of those random ideas that you have Tridus....  that way I can add it to my 14.3 mile long todo list.  :)

That is a good idea though.
PackheadPosted: 01-16-2002 14:08:37
Quote from Osiris, posted on Jan. 13 2002, 20:08Quote:
It logs edits?

Yup.  It logs all moderation actions done on the forum.  That includes topic title changes, topic description changes, topic's that are moved, deleted, edited, etc.  Anything done to a topic is logged.  Of course, V3.0.1 is the completed gold version, which has been out for quite some weeks.  Of course, since Rihard is out having a life (What the hell's wrong with him having a "life"?), I'm assuming he just hasn't had time to upgrade the software.

iB3 Gold was released... Jebus, I don't remember how long ago.  I'm running it on the ELC site, as well as a little small forum that's basically holding the place of mwar.  Both sites use the mySQL backend instead of the crappy iDatabase that's default.  But, back on topic.

iB3 Gold logs all that stuff and he can go back and see when it's be changed, by who, what was originally there, etc.  Good stuff.

I don't remember of b7 had it or not.  It might've had a very very generic logger.

Either way, UPGRADE RIHARD! And give us mySQL! :D

[edit]I think anymore conversation reguarding this should be taken to a new thread as to not crapulate Rich's thread.  (Sorry Rich.)[/edit]\n\n
RStefan01Posted: 02-15-2002 00:52:51
The account "Magnum" has been deleted.

Why? It was Basin.
TridusPosted: 02-15-2002 06:11:04
Some people really need something constructive to do with their time.
Lord TreyPosted: 02-15-2002 14:02:39
Re: BandWidth

Ravage! had told me that Basin told him that BandWidth was posting as "Magnum" here on the forum. I asked BandWidth about it, and he said it wasn't him. Given that Ravage! isn't all that credible of a source, and Basin... (well, you know where he stands), I've unbanned BandWidth.

Two months later...
RStefan01Posted: 02-15-2002 14:03:48
Hmm, I had totally forgotten that.
BandWidthPosted: 02-15-2002 14:28:40
Quote from Lord Trey, posted on Feb. 15 2002, 13:02Quote:
Re: BandWidth

Ravage! had told me that Basin told him that BandWidth was posting as "Magnum" here on the forum. I asked BandWidth about it, and he said it wasn't him. Given that Ravage! isn't all that credible of a source, and Basin... (well, you know where he stands), I've unbanned BandWidth.

Two months later...

I haven't.

Where's my fucking apology you whores?



Basin is a bad little boy.  *SNIP*

RStefan01Posted: 02-15-2002 14:31:35
... and I'm assuming that you didn't have the slightest clue that Basin was posting here under a different name, right? =p

I should just ban people that know other people are pulling this shit off and not telling me =p
BandWidthPosted: 02-15-2002 14:34:09

Before you were told that, Magnum just struck me as some newbie to be razed for his crimes.

BevyPosted: 02-15-2002 21:36:41
BevyPosted: 02-15-2002 21:43:24
Richard wants the truth? HE CAN'T HANDLE......

Yeah, that bit gets old.

Anyway, if you really want the truth, and are going to ban anybody that knows about this kind of stuff, then you'll have to ban me and Ravage!, who both knew that Bandwidth posted as Magnum. Basin posted as Magnum once or twice as of last night or the night before from my knowledge.

Ban us all. I don't give a fuck.
TossyPosted: 02-15-2002 21:48:32
And you should ban me too, because if they're banned, and I'm not, I'll feel left out, oh yeah, and I'm an Albertonianite, therefore bans stick to me like.. like... something
BandWidthPosted: 02-15-2002 22:51:03
I never posted as Magnum.
82-1002268893Posted: 02-15-2002 23:09:47
Sure you didn't, just like chambli didn't turn out to be tossy.  *pats you on the head*
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 02-16-2002 02:05:31
BAN THEM ALL! And I will be the last one standing, which will be somewhat horrific, well actually Eoduin might still be here, but thats all!

On another note, just because someone knows of a situation, doesn't mean it's there responsibility. I sure as hell wouldn't want to be responsable for someone elses actions.

Rethink this, because honestly, the only person you can put blame on are the facts, like the IP's, the obviouse information that can be gathered by acounts, not by what other people say. You've already killed the magnum acount, and that should be it.
BevyPosted: 02-16-2002 03:37:50
Here are some pieces of ICQ convos.

Bandwidth: lil bo has a man in there, LastMan

as do I
Bevy: Magnum?
Ba: Damn straight
Be: =D
Ba: I don't think it's obvious it?
Be: You told me when you made his ICQ, I've known all along.
Ba: I did?
Ba: well, ok then

remember, it's a secret

And then another time......

Ba: I don't think Magnum's banned yet, meaning he has no proof
So I won't give him any :)
Be: =p
Ba: Of course, if he looked at the logs he'd probably see magnum posting from my ip
but hey
Be: Opera user?
Ba: Magnum uses IE actually
Ba: He might try opera though
he hears it's good

(from some thread)
BevyPosted: 02-16-2002 03:44:33
Ban us all.

cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 02-16-2002 06:08:07
When he says "us all" he means, them, not me ;)
BevyPosted: 02-16-2002 07:33:29

I can't believe you'd say such a thing! I thought you wanted to be one of us!

Durin was in on it too.

I swear.
BandWidthPosted: 02-16-2002 11:00:36
Bevy's chat logs are forged.  Here are the true logs, from my own history:

Bevy:  hey man
Bandy:  Hoy
Bevy:  That Magnum guy is a dick
Bandy:  ya, I wonder who he is
Bevy:  I don't know,b ut he ate your mom last night
Bandy:  hohoho
Bevy:  hohaha
BevyPosted: 02-16-2002 11:05:39

I hope we all get banned.

It would do us good, and you and Basin will probably have the knowledge of how to make a cheap, makeshift, but usable forum soon anyway.

My ICQ fucked over badly.

Augh. I think my computer was created with many many timers placed inside telling it when and how to self destruct, one byte at a time. Everything is dead.

I want XP.
BandWidthPosted: 02-16-2002 11:07:36
You are assuming that I did something banworthy, which I did not.  Until yesterday (or was it the day before?  I forget), I had no idea that Magnum was Jordan.  Frankly, the fellow didn't even really cross my mind because he was useless and stopped coming here.  Probably due to Jordan getting bored with it, now that I think about it.

That doesn't stop me from laughing at his antics though.

(As for XP, I could burn you a disk right now if you want me to...when will I see you again?  I want a 700MB CD-R in return as well :p  Come on ICQ you whore)

BevyPosted: 02-16-2002 11:14:52
I have disks for you, yes, but they are 650, I believe. Would it suit you if I gave you two of those? It's not like XP isn't more worth the five dollars these disks together are anyway, so I'll just give you two.

I've been working on loading up that partition and I think I'm nearing ready time. I'm getting excited to format this plains of snow.

Well, even if you don't want to join in the fun, I hope we all still get banned.

Oh man I'd laugh my ass off.
BevyPosted: 02-16-2002 11:16:53
Come on ICQ you whore.

I'm downloading the new one. My old 2000a and 2000b installations won't work and I freaked out and uninstalled 200a out of frustration of it not working at all ever.
BevyPosted: 02-16-2002 12:09:46
I remember one day when me and Denis were talking at Basin's place about forged chars, and I was like "You know RunningGuy?" and he said yeah so I asked him if he remembered that Asheron's call character him and Jordan made named Running Man. He's like "So RunningGuy is YOU?" and then we laughed a long time.

It was then that I learned that Denis was in on the creation of Magnum.

Also, that one character a while ago... umm.. What was his name?????? Anyway he was created by us all.

Oh yeah, and we all knew about Chambli weeks in advance before any controversy surrounded her.

Anyway we albertans have made many fake chars altogether.

Ban us all.
BandWidthPosted: 02-16-2002 12:12:24

Denis obviously knew about it, he told Rich :p  What Denis neglected to tell him though was how Denis was posting with that account too at one point, before he decided to pin it all on me and tell Rich about it.

I also remember that one time, at band camp...\n\n
BevyPosted: 02-16-2002 12:15:35
I think I posted as him once when I was banned.

We played Richard like a flute. What a patsy.
BandWidthPosted: 02-16-2002 12:18:22
Quote from Bevy, posted on Feb. 16 2002, 11:15
We played Richard like a flute.

Just like I said.

Band Camp.
BevyPosted: 02-16-2002 12:18:45
Oh and me and Durin made up that guy named "lastman" awhile ago. We were talking on ICQ about all the guys the rest of us albertans have made up, and Durin felt left out, so me and him decided to make a guy named lastman. He had recently finished watching "Last Man Standing", so that's where the name came from.
BevyPosted: 02-16-2002 12:26:08
Oh and TrapJaw originally belonged to Denis.\n\n
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 02-16-2002 12:46:08
I have nothing to do to with a second account in this forum.
BandWidthPosted: 02-16-2002 12:49:38
Oh get with it Durin.
BevyPosted: 02-16-2002 12:51:17
Whatever Durin, you big fat LIAR!
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 02-16-2002 12:53:06
Wow, so I suppose I was just as suprised as everyone else over the whole chambli thing, how when I came back to the forum I was just learning about random crispy when the account was about to kick deleted, and now i'm only just learning about this whole "magnum" bullshit.

How fun!
BandWidthPosted: 02-16-2002 12:54:16

You knew about Chambli before everybody else did.

I told you :p

You laughed.

We all laughed.
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 02-16-2002 12:59:49
Yep, I sure did, thats why I openly admit I was pissed off since when I found you all had done this behind my back. But now I see that is a good thing. I want to stay out of trouble... this whole bullshit about second accounts is stupid as it is. You don't need one, you already have one. Basin constantly lost his because

1. Richard does like him
2. Basin probably did something stupid and got himself banned
3. Basin did soemthing so small, it got out of perportion,

By the way does that guy have an account any more?
BevyPosted: 02-16-2002 13:00:58
Durin you're the mastermind behind lastman and you know it.

Seriously, don't even try to pull this shit.
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 02-16-2002 13:04:18
No0! Your going down, and your taking me with you! No000!
*is sinking into the blue of the forum*
nooooooo, help me gawd, i'm getting banned nooo0!!?
*trying to keep head above the html page*
awww, i'm serious guys cut it out! someone hel............
BevyPosted: 02-16-2002 13:09:27
I can't believe you're pulling this on me! When we made lastman we agreed that if one of us got caught or whatever the other one would be there to help him and stuff.

Dude, if you think bailing on me like this is going to make you any mor epopular with the albertans, I can tell you right now it will NOT!
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 02-16-2002 13:11:35
we should stop spamming this thread, it would probably help our chances of not getting banned at all.

Oh and I deny everything bevy has said about me in this post.
BevyPosted: 02-16-2002 13:13:05
Fuck you Durin!

I don't believe this bullshit! You fucking backstabber!
TossyPosted: 02-16-2002 14:31:29
Bevy's right, Durin.  You broke the Albertan's Code.  *sigh*  On behalf of everyone else, I'm really sorry we actually thought we could trust you.

Get the hell out of Alberta.
BandWidthPosted: 02-16-2002 14:58:25
RStefan01Posted: 02-16-2002 15:13:12
Well, you guys wanted to be banned, and you're getting it. This has nothing to do with that Magnum account, either, it's just for spamming up this thread. And, so, the ban lengths are determined by how much you spammed:

Bevy: 60 days
BandWidth: 30 days
cRaZy MoRoN: 30 days
Tossy: 14 days

Bevy gets the longest because he kept screaming to have everyone banned and crap like that.
RStefan01Posted: 02-17-2002 01:27:22
Peepers has been unbanned.
RStefan01Posted: 02-18-2002 11:19:37
I've decided to unban Dan the Tuba Man. He was banned along with everyone else that was posting the link to that fat chicks in party hats site, but I don't think it was fair to give him the same length ban as them since he wasn't involved in the mass spamming of the forum that they did.
TridusPosted: 02-18-2002 11:41:44
Has anybody else noticed that with the exception of Proman, the *ENTIRE* ban list right now is Canadian?

Granted that its a rarity for at least one person from Alberta to *not* be on that list at any given point in time, but this is still pretty odd.
RStefan01Posted: 02-18-2002 11:45:46
I'd still say Canada has the better side of the deal.

I think the main thing is that those were pretty much the largest groups of people that post here that also know each other in person, and they just happened to live in Canada. The only reason they're banned is because of group stupidity. Seperately, they're all fine.
TridusPosted: 02-18-2002 12:04:06

I just didn't realize just how many Canadians there are in here compaired to everything else.

There's 7 on the ban list, plus Basin. Then there's me, Takysa, Debt, and the Albertan who didn't get banned.

Then there is probably some more on top of that. Just seems like quite a lot.
MistressBluePosted: 02-18-2002 16:02:53
*waves from school*

Damn I'm tired and bored and its only 9am :-(
RStefan01Posted: 02-18-2002 16:12:40
So you're trying to get banned by posting that here?
undertowPosted: 02-18-2002 16:16:27
Hmm.. she may have thought this was the random thread...

kwerkeyPosted: 02-18-2002 17:55:47
Probably, I do that a lot.
82-1002268893Posted: 02-18-2002 20:17:31
"That one albertan"  hmmm..  unless you're talking about durin, or did I miss him getting banned again.
TridusPosted: 02-18-2002 21:01:46
He got banned along with the rest of the province, basically.
The-AtarisPosted: 02-18-2002 21:24:01
It's a conspiracy against you rotten canucks. You and your shitty dollar stick that in your pipe and smoke it!
RStefan01Posted: 02-19-2002 08:28:14
The-Ataris has been banned one week for posting bullshit on the forum access thread.

Edit: There, now you have another non-Canadian. For a week anyway.
RStefan01Posted: 02-21-2002 23:47:31
wison has been banned two weeks for bringing this nearly month old thread up to the top of the forum with a bullshit reply.
TridusPosted: 02-22-2002 12:18:45
Gee, they're all coming out of the woodwork right now arent they?
RStefan01Posted: 02-26-2002 08:34:04
The-Ataris has been unbanned, amazingly within five minutes of the end of his ban time. It's good when you get banned and it fits in my work schedule.
RStefan01Posted: 02-26-2002 22:50:47
In a first ever vote by the forumers, it has been decided that out of all of the banned posters, BandWidth was the People's Choice to be unbanned, and he is now unbanned.
BandWidthPosted: 02-26-2002 23:13:20

I'll be good!  I promise!  *Crosses fingers*

Thanks Rich :)
smacintyrePosted: 02-27-2002 11:34:32
Yay for Russell. He is the Lizard Queen!
RStefan01Posted: 02-28-2002 23:35:16
From the poll, People's Choice #2, it has been decided that adun975 should be banned for seven days.
RStefan01Posted: 03-02-2002 15:13:02
Tossy's ban is over, he's been unbanned.
RStefan01Posted: 03-04-2002 22:20:48
Sexay Shawn has been unbanned, and has been promoted to the rank of Administrator.
The-AtarisPosted: 03-04-2002 22:23:03
RazaelPosted: 03-04-2002 23:15:16
Shawn? Admin? Sweet Merciful Crap™.

*runs for the hills*

*gets banned in the process*\n\n

ZPosted: 03-04-2002 23:21:08
holy jesus on toast!

*runs around in circle*
Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-04-2002 23:25:04
RStefan01 has been stripped of his administrator position and banned, as per his request.

I'm banning him slightly early because I want to go to bed.  *grins*
XelPosted: 03-05-2002 00:33:58
And so, it begins.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-05-2002 23:59:44
Because their initial bans were unjust in my not-so-humble opinion, Korivak and Psycho Sam! have been unbanned.  They are still obligated to follow forum guidelines, however.  Should they cause trouble, I won't hesitate to ban them again -- and I doubt that RStefan01 would be willing to unban them once he returns as administrator.

I haven't even informed them that they've been unbanned yet.  *grins*  I wonder if they shall notice...
Lord TreyPosted: 03-06-2002 09:29:47
I was wondering if you were going to do that.
Now you need to ban Ryken2 for being a poopy face or something.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-06-2002 12:52:52
PackheadPosted: 03-06-2002 15:34:38
I thought they weren't coming back anyways?
Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-06-2002 18:43:07
They probably aren't.
XelPosted: 03-06-2002 18:51:53
You should tell them they are unbanned and can post again, and when they come back immediately ban them again.
PackheadPosted: 03-06-2002 19:25:51
Quote (Sexay Shawn @ Mar. 06 2002, 18:43)
They probably aren't.

Sam! should.  The forum was always more fun when he was here.  I haven't spoken much with Korivak, so I can't say anything regarding him.  Unfortunatly I don't have them on my ICQ list thanks to a database fsckup...  oh well..  TELL SAM TO COME BACK, NOW!
TridusPosted: 03-06-2002 19:30:14
I have Sam on my list still, I can send the contact to you if you want.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-06-2002 19:58:06
*shrugs*  The resident old men of this forum (namely Osiris and Tridus) would scream "HYPOCREETE!!!!1111@@ OMG OMG WTF??/////" at the top of their lungs were they to return.  I am surprised they're not complaining about what an atrocity my being an administrator is, frankly.  Publically, at least.


Anyhow, I informed them that they were unbanned, and they didn't seem to care all that much.

I can't blame them, though.
PackheadPosted: 03-06-2002 20:01:28
Quote (Tridus @ Mar. 06 2002, 19:30)
I have Sam on my list still, I can send the contact to you if you want.

Please do.
Ravage!Posted: 03-06-2002 21:59:29
didn't shawn have 60 or so days of ban time left?
Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-06-2002 22:37:46
You haven't been paying attention, have you?

In other news:

Durin(22:32 PM) :
create an account for Basin
Shawn(23:34 PM) :
smacintyrePosted: 03-06-2002 23:26:55
please ban durin longer and make basin an account.
I promise this time for sure he won't spam like the other times, this time he'll behave. Doesn't everyone deserve a fifth chance.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-06-2002 23:28:00
I'll let Rich deal with Durin.

And Basin, for that matter.  *chuckles*
XelPosted: 03-06-2002 23:30:52
Can't we all just, get along?
Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-06-2002 23:31:42

And don't spam the Forum Access thread, you nincompoop!
Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-06-2002 23:51:35
Oh, those nutty people.

Basin(00:34 AM) :
dont you see
everyone wants me back
Basin(00:34 AM) :
I'm sure rich wont mind
Shawn(00:34 AM) :
You lie.  You know damned well that he'll cry.
Basin(00:35 AM) :
hold on ill ask him myself
Basin(00:37 AM) :
RStefan01(22:37 PM) :
no problem, just tell him I said it was ok.  You haven't done anything for a while so I don't see why you cant get your account back.
Shawn(00:38 AM) :
*laughs*  I must admit that that was a nice try.
Basin(00:38 AM) :
Basin(00:38 AM) :
ask him yourself
Shawn(00:38 AM) :
Oh, alright.
Basin(00:39 AM) :
oh and as a side note:

149098766(22:36 PM) :
bist Du es auch immer leid ständig Werbung zu bekommen?
Ganz rechts unten auf meiner Seite zeig ich Dir wie Du Werbung
bei ICQ abstellst.
Auf der linken Seite sind über 1.000.000 kostenlose Pornobilder in über 40
Kategorien geordnet. Alles kostenlos. Wir haben die grösste freie Pornoseite
weltweit !!
Überzeug Dich selbst ...
[link deleted]

Basin(00:45 AM) :
God damn
Rich verified it, so if you dont give me an account you're probably gona get banned as soon as the big man on campus gets BACK
Shawn(00:46 AM) :
Well, he didn't say anything to ME.  How ODD.
Basin(00:47 AM) :
thats because hes BANNED
Basin(00:47 AM) :
Basin(00:48 AM) :
get a clue
Shawn(00:48 AM) :
He's not banned from ICQ, however.
Shawn(00:48 AM) :
You're so mean to me!  *starts tearing up*
Basin(00:48 AM) :
just ask him
Shawn(00:49 AM) :
I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
Shawn(00:49 AM) :
Basin(00:49 AM) :
maybe hes offline
Shawn(00:49 AM) :
Maybe YOU'RE offline, bitch!
TridusPosted: 03-07-2002 06:12:45
Actually, I would like to see Sam back. That particular ban wasn't really very good.

As for you, I've got a research paper to do, a program to write, and a job to accept. You're just not worth the time.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-07-2002 09:12:09
Who, me?

I'm not quite sure how I take more time to deal with, but okay.  *grins*
Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-07-2002 09:23:21
Oh, now I see what post you're responding to.  *slaps himself*

And on a sidenote, I'd like to state for the record that you're fitting into your new forum rank quite nicely.  *chuckles*
Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-08-2002 21:13:51
Both wision and adun975 have (finally) been unbanned.
XelPosted: 03-08-2002 21:54:51
Oh no!
Dan the Tuba ManPosted: 03-11-2002 21:31:03
1 hour, 55 mins, 46 secs ... until the Harbringer of death arrives. Be warned, for the meek shall crumble and the unjust shall rule the forum once more. Fools! You should have listened! You have wrought doom upon us all...\n\n

kwerkeyPosted: 03-11-2002 21:55:17
...and I'm sure announcing his return in the FORUM ACCESS THREAD is a good idea in your mind.
Dan the Tuba ManPosted: 03-11-2002 22:29:14
Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-11-2002 22:47:30
*chuckles*  My tenure as administrator has been somewhat entertaining.  Hopefully, Richie shall agree to keep custom user ranks active so that my legacy will live on, forever.

I actually had plans to implement a new, more interesting forum colour scheme but was unable to because (a) I lack FTP access and (b) much of this site has been hardcoded by Richie himself.  I required the FTP access to upload custom buttons that do not have the blue border.  I also ran out of time, frankly.  Oh, well.  *grins*

Oh, and hopefully he shan't ban me again.  We shall see.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-11-2002 22:52:53
The deed is done.
RStefan01Posted: 03-13-2002 05:32:38
The results of People's Choice #4 call for RStefan01 to be banned again. This time the temporary admin will be MistressBlue.

Since she's not around right now, I'm going to have to ban myself.
Dan the Tuba ManPosted: 03-13-2002 05:46:52
How does that work?

If you ban yourself, you have no one to blame except for yourself. Depressing...
MistressBluePosted: 03-13-2002 14:56:10
Z has been banned for 24 hours simple so I can prove this statement wrong.

"i'll say this . . . i expect nothing horrible to happen under you reign"
MistressBluePosted: 03-13-2002 15:00:04
Negafox has been banned for 12 hours for daring to ask for my boots and also for laughing at my sex slave.
BandWidthPosted: 03-13-2002 15:58:04
Oh dear...
undertowPosted: 03-13-2002 16:01:37
Yes, agreed. We are all of us doomed.

*cowers in fear of administrative boot-stampage*
MistressBluePosted: 03-13-2002 16:05:49
Your both spamming the forum access thread.

Stop it immediately.
undertowPosted: 03-13-2002 16:16:54
*does a happy jig about the thread*
MistressBluePosted: 03-13-2002 16:17:37
*changes her mind*

The bunny and his fellow OFFTOPIC poster Bandwidth have been banned for 6 hours.
undertowPosted: 03-13-2002 16:18:27
eep! *hides*
MistressBluePosted: 03-13-2002 16:19:53
Too late your gone.
MistressBluePosted: 03-13-2002 22:20:06
Six hours is up. BandWidth and undertow have been unbanned.
Dan the Tuba ManPosted: 03-13-2002 22:27:31
Sue, can you change my title? I'd rather be your Bitch than RStefan01's.
MistressBluePosted: 03-13-2002 22:46:34
Offtopic posting in the Forum Access thread is not allowed. Due to the previous bans for today for this same crime, you get longer.

Dan the Tuba Man has been banned for 48 hours for offtopic posts in the Forum Access thread.
MistressBluePosted: 03-13-2002 23:20:05
Negafox's ban has been extended by 12 hours, making a total of 24. For asking Richie to unban him and for another icq I got from someone else on his behalf telling me I wasnt being "Neighbourly" in banning him.

If your that addicted to this site that you cant handle a 12 hour ban you need time away from it.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-14-2002 00:14:59
For asking Richie to unban him and for another icq I got from someone else on his behalf telling me I wasnt being "Neighbourly" in banning him.

Not to take the thread off-topic (and if I am doing so, I apologize in advance -- and promise to make it up to you, m'lady), but why does the name "Proman911" immediately spring to mind when reading the above sentence?
MistressBluePosted: 03-14-2002 00:40:53
No it wasnt. Now get your ass out of this thread.
OsirisPosted: 03-14-2002 07:13:09
*rolls eyes*

No worries, we just won't speak to you for the rest of the week.  That should avoid any unneccesary confrontations.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-14-2002 10:22:48
*nods*  Either she is (a) attempting to discover whether or not it's possible to have an entire forum community hate her after only one week, or (b) purposely doing a miserable job as a favour to RStefan01, so forumers will be grateful to have him return.  *grins*

*anticipates a banning*
lil bo shepherdPosted: 03-14-2002 11:08:33
hahha this is funny because it is so stupid

dont ban dinobot, thats foolish.
The-AtarisPosted: 03-14-2002 11:30:28
pmsPMS :)\n\n

GunslingerPosted: 03-14-2002 11:50:20
Quote (MistressBlue @ Mar. 13 2002, 23:20)
Negafox's ban has been extended by 12 hours, making a total of 24. For asking Richie to unban him and for another icq I got from someone else on his behalf telling me I wasnt being "Neighbourly" in banning him.

If your that addicted to this site that you cant handle a 12 hour ban you need time away from it.

You have the right to remain silent.
OsirisPosted: 03-14-2002 12:32:21
Oh, I'm pretty confident that rstefanly put her up to it. ;)

But if not.. Then ban away, ma'am!
Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-14-2002 13:46:23
If she's simply acting bitchy for her own, twisted amusement then I find it odd that she doesn't take the actions of others in similar fasion (my attempt to get on her good side again, for example).  *chuckles*  Oh, well.
TridusPosted: 03-14-2002 13:54:06
Maybe she's planning in advance.

Consider that if she bans everybody who could potentially be a troublemaker on the weekend, she'll need to spend less time reading the forum (nobody to post), and thus will have more free weekend time.

Hey thats not a bad plan. :)
MistressBluePosted: 03-14-2002 14:35:11
"She" thought it was amusing to ban a couple of people for a matter of hours. Not Days. Not weeks. But hours. If your all so addicted to this forum that you cant handle that, then you are all in serious need of help.

No Richie didnt put me up to it.

Feel free not to talk to me for the rest of the week. Most of us rarely do speak.

Now seeing none of you have a sense of humour we'll go by richies rules. Stop posting in this thread or I'll ban you according to his rules and you all know damn well he doesnt make ban's that last a few hours.
PackheadPosted: 03-14-2002 15:32:58
Not spamming or anything, just wondering:

Have you not updated the Banned Posters page?  There seem to be two posters that have "Ban Complete" on them.
MistressBluePosted: 03-14-2002 15:41:11
Negafox and Z have been unbanned. There time is up.

I apologise for my tardiness I was in the shower.
MistressBluePosted: 03-14-2002 15:44:10
Quote (Packhead @ Mar. 15 2002, 08:32)
Have you not updated the Banned Posters page?

Richie updates it. He's at work I believe.
Ravage!Posted: 03-14-2002 19:05:56
*clears throat*

NegafoxPosted: 03-15-2002 07:31:53
If your that addicted to this site that you cant handle a 12 hour ban you need time away from it.

Actually, I view banning somebody a very serious thing to do. I don't look kindly at the concept of banning a person to be "funny," I view it to be reserved for punishment. If it was that funny to do, I think we'd see comedians kicking out their audience.

If punishing somebody was funny, I think we'd see parents hitting their kids and saying, "can't you take a joke?"

There's plenty of "funny" things you can do. Editing people's posts (dunno if you have the power to do that) would be funny. Changing the ranks can be funny. It's not an issue about this forum, I take any form of punishment very seriously. Oh, and I didn't ask anybody to talk to you on my behalf by the way.
MistressBluePosted: 03-15-2002 17:40:49
I stick with my origional comment. I think you take this place too seriously and you do need time away from it. I wont ban you for that though. If I was a more permanant admin I might consider it though.

I also spoke to quite a few people about the ban's I made yesterday who thought they were funny. So I guess that ones a matter of opinion and right now being the admin of Richies forum means if I want to ban you because I find it funny, I can.

Isnt life on the Rstefan01 Forums soooo much fun.

*note...dont continue this conversation in this thread. If you want to keep posting on it, do it in another thread.
MistressBluePosted: 03-15-2002 18:36:16
Dan's been unbanned 3 hours early because I'm going to be busy later.
NegafoxPosted: 03-15-2002 21:32:39
How do I know you really believe that? You might really believe that or just pretending just to roleplay trying to get me to view you as the evil admin.

*Pours a bottle of mustard on your boots*\n\n

MistressBluePosted: 03-16-2002 03:55:40
El cazador is banned by his request. I'm not sure how long his ban is for. It will be until I get up in the morning and get online.

Hmmm You better hope I dont die in my sleep.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-16-2002 12:15:26
"She" thought it was amusing to ban a couple of people for a matter of hours. Not Days. Not weeks. But hours. If your all so addicted to this forum that you cant handle that, then you are all in serious need of help.

*clears his throat*

What the fuck?  I take exception to this comment, madamme.  You ban quite a few people, and then claim that it was but a joke.  Tridus, Osiris and I--along with others, I am certain--begin discussion your motives as a moderator in a sarcastic and joking fashion.  Then, you become annoyed and claim that we (you said "your [sic] all", which includes everyone who had been posting) do not have a sense of humour.

*nods head sarcastically*  Right.

And yes, I am posting this here.  Rich would allow for us to discuss his competence as an administrator in this thread, so I am doing so -- regardless of the fact that you are currently the moderator.  I'm not vindictive enough to create an entirely new thread saying "mistressblue iz a poopieshead!!!12", you see.  I truly don't care that much.  I simply resent the fact that you joke around at the expense of others, and when a few people respond in a lighthearted manner you claim that they do not posess a sense of humour.

In fact, that's ironic, ain't it?  *chuckles*

*crosses his arms and awaits his ban*
BrawnfirePosted: 03-16-2002 13:55:24
I express concurrence to the points made by the sexay one.
MistressBluePosted: 03-16-2002 15:35:34
El cazador's self imposed ban has come to an end.
MistressBluePosted: 03-17-2002 04:25:03
Hawkeye and Term have been banned for a week. By choice.

On another note Durin is due to be unbanned in a little under a day and a half. I wonder how long he will stay unbanned under my rule ;)
Dan the Tuba ManPosted: 03-17-2002 06:45:33
You guys need to lighten up. So what, so banned a lot of people, including me. I don't care. Why should you? You don't HAVE to debate every nuance in here you know.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-17-2002 09:07:10
Did you not read my post at all, or...?
NegafoxPosted: 03-17-2002 09:39:53
*Holds a light bulb over Dan's head*

Does that count as to "lighten up?"\n\n

MistressBluePosted: 03-17-2002 22:19:36
Ataris has been banned for a week for starting a second thread on his search for movies.
Dan the Tuba ManPosted: 03-17-2002 23:21:49
Actually I didn't.

*ponders for a moment*

Regardless, my rant still stands, even if it doesn't, then I'm going to make it =)
MistressBluePosted: 03-18-2002 16:39:51
Durin's time is up. I unleash him on the poor unsuspecting forum community once more.

However with a warning. You were almost not unbanned for sending me a few dozen icq's so you should be very careful with what and how, you post, as the slightest little thing will get you banned.
MistressBluePosted: 03-19-2002 23:52:11
Richie has been unbanned 5 hours and 45 minutes early as I am going for the night and wont be back until morning my time meaning he would be way over due.
RStefan01Posted: 03-20-2002 10:10:28
Well, she did the job half right. She unbanned me, but didn't give me Admin access. I had to get the Ikonboard Admin Restore script and use that.
MistressBluePosted: 03-20-2002 17:01:51
Sorry Richie. I had a bad day yesterday spend most of it at the hospital with my sick brother.

You still love me though ;)
OsirisPosted: 03-20-2002 19:13:16
Stop spamming the thread. Both of you.


RStefan01Posted: 03-24-2002 14:47:49
Dark Lord Tridus has been promoted to Administrator.
TridusPosted: 03-24-2002 15:07:49
RStefan01 has been banned as of a few minutes ago.

And you have no idea how many times I've wanted to do that. :)
TridusPosted: 03-24-2002 15:22:47
Hmm, I really like the way this name looks.

Anyway, since XP is working here now and I'm in a good mood, I'm going to clear the ban list. Everybody is unbanned except for Rich, because well...

who would actually want to talk to him anyway? :)
NegafoxPosted: 03-24-2002 16:40:53

Who knows what spam we can expect. Or tranquility. Only time will tell.
BevyPosted: 03-24-2002 16:43:28
Oh yes, darkness...

What a load of bullshit. Richard apparently has no imagination whatsoever.
TridusPosted: 03-25-2002 06:41:38
Durin has been banned until People's Choice #7 ("Should Durin be banned?") is over (tonight sometime I guess). I figure this is actually doing him a favour, since now he can't say something stupid that will only encourage more people to vote to ban him.

I feel so benevolant. :)
BevyPosted: 03-25-2002 06:44:34
I feel so benevolant.

Like I said, gangbusters.
OsirisPosted: 03-25-2002 08:22:24

You're trying to hard.  If you want to erode the public's confidence in someone, bide your time, and strike at the weakest point.  Incessent picking only makes you look trivial.

BevyPosted: 03-25-2002 16:31:05
Trivial, and why not?
TridusPosted: 03-26-2002 09:53:48
Seeing as how its a tie, I've unbanned Durin. Hopefully next time the voting is a bit more conclusive.
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 03-27-2002 00:55:13
Can you give my post count back?
TridusPosted: 03-27-2002 05:42:44
That doesn't belong in this thread. You shouldn't spam Durin. :)
Lord TreyPosted: 03-27-2002 07:25:37
*spams Durin*
whats wrong with that? meant he shouldn't spam
Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-30-2002 14:35:59
Tridus, why did you lock this thread?

Our discussion was somewhat related to the original topic, which no one was particularly interested in discussing, anyhow.  Moreover, if someone did not wish to view the thread, they could simply leave it and find another that interests them more.  Essentially, I am arguing that the thread was causing no one any harm in the least.

Even if you state that you simply didn't like the discussion, at least then I'll know that it wasn't locked for any particularly rational reason, but because you're throwing your weight around.

Addendum:  I must admit to finding it particularly amusing that there has been only one discussion that was even remotely active in this forum, and it so happens to be the one that Tridus has decided to cease in its tracks.\n\n

TridusPosted: 03-30-2002 15:13:31
Something like that, yeah. The idea of watching people go in circles more over that didn't really do it for me.

Could always reopen it if people want.
Lord TreyPosted: 03-30-2002 17:05:38
I would like it open.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-30-2002 21:33:20
The idea of watching people go in circles more over that didn't really do it for me.

This ought to be known henceforth as "Pulling a Richie".  (An administrator who adheres to his emotions and impulses as opposed to reason...  *grins*)
TridusPosted: 03-31-2002 07:28:09
Well, now I'm going to have some fun.

Happy Easter:

Basin has been unbanned.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 03-31-2002 10:11:44
*squeals and flails wildly*
The-AtarisPosted: 03-31-2002 13:10:19
Does God know of this?\n\n

BandWidthPosted: 03-31-2002 13:15:16
Yeah, Tridus told me a little while ago.
TossyPosted: 03-31-2002 14:07:44
Welcome back Basin!!!!!!!1111 I missed you
BasinxPosted: 03-31-2002 14:37:29
How long till Rich is back?
I'm gona assume thats as long as I have.
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 03-31-2002 14:52:07
It's all here Buddy
Here. Don't worry, just be good and I think he'll leave out the strap in your punishment :)
PackheadPosted: 03-31-2002 17:33:03
so umm.... when's basin get admin?
TridusPosted: 04-07-2002 18:59:54
Times up Basin.

Because seeing any more WWF catch phrases in the top corner will make me sick, Rich is unbanned.
The-AtarisPosted: 04-07-2002 19:25:21
*runs and hides*
BasinxPosted: 04-07-2002 21:23:25
Oh no!
RStefan01Posted: 07-23-2002 03:55:34
Wow, it's been almost four months without any bans, but the lamers have been resurfacing lately, and it's time to take out the trash...

Refer to this post if you feel I actually need a reason to ban these retards.

There is no set time on these bans, which basically means that I'll probably forget about them and they'll be gone for a long time ;)
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 07-23-2002 04:12:26
I can't help but laugh at all of them.


But they deserved it.
RStefan01Posted: 07-26-2002 05:05:48
I set thier ban lengths to seven days, so they'll be unbanned in four.
The-AtarisPosted: 07-26-2002 09:12:32
aww :( the hate returns in 4 days
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 07-26-2002 09:26:06
RStefan01Posted: 07-26-2002 09:28:26
Durin has been banned 12 hours for spamming this thread :)
TridusPosted: 07-26-2002 09:54:20
There should be some kind of multiplier effect, whereby if you've been banned more then five times, your bans get subsequently larger every time they happen.

For somebody with as many as Durin, that 12 hours should be multiplied into like 2 weeks or something.
The-AtarisPosted: 07-26-2002 10:51:40
Wouldnt it be more like 2 months for him?
TridusPosted: 07-26-2002 11:04:54
Well, to get from 12 hours to 14 days, you're already looking at a multipler of 24.

Maybe it should work based on ban time instead... for every month you've been banned, your next ban will be 1.1x as long as it would normally be or something. For Durin who has been banned in total for something like a year, that would get pretty crazy.
The-AtarisPosted: 07-26-2002 12:51:08
I am PRO this system Tridus has concocted! Do it Richard. Make this system a go! We will never see the likes of Bevy, Durin, lil bo or BasinX ever again!
BandWidthPosted: 07-26-2002 17:32:52
It would be amusing if Rich kept a counter showing how long each person has been banned during all their bans.

Of course, it would turn into a competition like post counts did...

I know!  A counter saying something like "x days since last banned".

Or not.
RStefan01Posted: 07-26-2002 23:26:35
Durin has been unbanned.
RStefan01Posted: 07-30-2002 11:25:24
Basin, Bevy, and lil bo shepherd have been unbanned.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 07-30-2002 15:01:59
An old adage that I happen to believe in states, 'People tend to create their own problems'.

That is all.
BandWidthPosted: 07-30-2002 21:26:38
Yeah, but with fair and just punishments, where would this forum be?
RStefan01Posted: 07-30-2002 22:46:26
*shudders at the thought*
lil bo shepherdPosted: 07-31-2002 04:32:39
RStefan01Posted: 07-31-2002 04:36:07
My mom?
BandWidthPosted: 07-31-2002 08:50:28
I think that he wants your mom to be the one to administer his "punishment" next time.
Lord TreyPosted: 08-02-2002 16:27:58
An old adage that I happen to believe in states, 'People tend to create their own problems'.

I found this too funny not to comment on, considering the source.

Sexay ShawnPosted: 08-04-2002 20:13:09
Why do you think I believe in it, Trey? =P

As a sidenote, I'd appreciate it if you would make an effort to at least give me the benefit of the doubt. Try to place what you see of me nowadays in a more objective light. I can't ask for much more than that.\n\n

RStefan01Posted: 08-09-2002 03:10:43
cRaZy MoRoN has been banned one week for trolling/spamming this thread. I'm sick of him posting garbage on threads and then having them go horribly off-topic.
Dan the Tuba ManPosted: 08-09-2002 03:39:36
I think now is the time to implement the exponential ban idea thought up by Tridus.
RStefan01Posted: 08-09-2002 03:48:07
Possibly, but more often than not I always end up unbanning people early.
RStefan01Posted: 08-16-2002 03:41:25
Durin has been unbanned.
MistressBluePosted: 08-16-2002 22:13:13
BandWidthPosted: 08-16-2002 22:37:28
I'm not sure.

I don't think we need to be worried anyways.  Durin messaged me the other day (on icq) saying that his mom was taking the internet away until the school year is over and he won't be coming back ever again afterwards.

aka:  give it a week.
PackheadPosted: 08-16-2002 22:39:28
Are you actually going to take bets?  That'd be good fun..  *quits spammin*
lil bo shepherdPosted: 08-17-2002 01:32:59
the days of faerie have passed long ago....


RStefan01Posted: 08-19-2002 17:04:55
Basin's trolling is no longer amusing me. Two weeks should be a decent enough ban.
Ravage!Posted: 08-19-2002 22:48:26
Fuck you, Sigma.
RStefan01Posted: 08-20-2002 06:10:07
Shut up, bitchbasket.
Ravage!Posted: 08-20-2002 12:06:36
Oh come on! ban me!  it's been sooo long!
BandWidthPosted: 08-20-2002 21:33:22
I would like to state my surprise that lil bo wasn't banned for the above.
RStefan01Posted: 09-11-2002 10:30:21
BandWidth has been banned for posting a game where you take on the role of a 9/11 terrorist.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-11-2002 10:49:27
You've got to be kidding me.

*shrugs* We're going to have to start calling Rich 'Dubya', I suppose.
RStefan01Posted: 09-11-2002 10:51:49
Whatever. I don't want that kind of garbage posted here.
TridusPosted: 09-11-2002 10:55:11
Did you play the game Shawn?
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-11-2002 11:11:30

But, I'll never support someone/something being banned simply because certain people regard it as 'tasteless', unless it's actually causing someone harm. I don't see how playing the game will alter my perceptions in this matter.
TridusPosted: 09-11-2002 11:16:12
Just curious. I'm not so sure he should have been banned either in this case (I've got the game), but I understand why it happened.
RStefan01Posted: 09-11-2002 11:17:41
I haven't decided how long the ban will be, probably not too long. Today, of all days, wasn't the one to post that though.
Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-11-2002 11:29:20
*shrugs* It's not unheard of for an Albertonian to attempt to offend someone when they know that there's a raw nerve ripe for the prodding...

I wasn't all that shocked, really.
TridusPosted: 09-11-2002 11:37:51
It really wouldn't be surprising if they posted it today just to get that reaction.
The-AtarisPosted: 09-11-2002 11:52:35
Kudos Rich
cRaZy MoRoNPosted: 09-11-2002 17:29:38

Absolutism at it's best.

"do not defy the king"
GunslingerPosted: 09-11-2002 18:16:35
Quote (cRaZy MoRoN @ Sep. 11 2002, 17:29)

Absolutism at it's best.

"do not defy the king"

What do you think this is, a democracy?


Sexay ShawnPosted: 09-11-2002 22:07:27
He was merely offering his opinion.

Amusingly enough, you agree with him (at least in part).
kwerkeyPosted: 09-11-2002 23:57:16
Rich: I'm offended, die bitch!

Durin: This is an absolute dictatorship.

Gunslinger:  shut up idiot, this ain't no fucking democracy.\n\n

GunslingerPosted: 09-12-2002 00:11:12
kwerkey gets a cookie.

our resident sailor does not.\n\n

ProphetPosted: 09-12-2002 04:59:27
I'd like to see the Albertonians advertising their game in front of the New York Fire Department.

I'd give it 5 minutes before their first assraping.
ßetaMantisPosted: 09-12-2002 05:03:42
As we all know, the New York Fire Department delights in unconsentually and sexually abusing people's posteriors for basically mocking their patriotism and mourning.
ProphetPosted: 09-12-2002 14:08:46
As we all know when I say assraping I dont mean it literally.

All it means is that they would more than likely get beat up by men whose family/friends died in an incident that they're trying to make a joke out of.
The-AtarisPosted: 09-12-2002 15:01:23
you're such a fucking faggot beta. don't talk or type or whatever anymore.

just no. nothing. not a thing.
ßetaMantisPosted: 09-12-2002 17:03:27
Now I am homosexual for making a joke about assraping.  *sighs*  That makes sense.

RStefan01Posted: 09-13-2002 08:22:34
BandWidth has been unbanned.
Ravage!Posted: 09-15-2002 22:08:05
the wtc game. made by basin, and basin alone.   is a two parter.   the terrorist part was developed first. the next part lets you play as the americans.  assuming he ever even starts on it.  if you can ignore the fact that its the most offensive game ever made, anywhere ever. It's pretty fun.
RStefan01Posted: 09-17-2002 09:41:04
Bevy has been banned two weeks for spamming storyverse threads. His posts have also been deleted. You don't fuck with the storyverse :)
RStefan01Posted: 09-24-2002 05:54:27
Hey Durin, I've got a secret message for you:


RStefan01Posted: 10-01-2002 09:41:42
Bevy's ban is over, he's been unbanned.
RStefan01Posted: 10-01-2002 09:43:57
Oh, and I'll also address Basin. He won't be back anytime soon because he's still registering bullshit accounts.

(I just deleted six of them, all from his IP)
()ver(V)indPosted: 10-01-2002 11:49:37
Why don't you just give Basin the uber-ban

eternal damnation
undertowPosted: 10-01-2002 11:53:56
Yeah, that's who is going to get the uber-ban, all right. :Þ

BandWidthPosted: 10-01-2002 15:24:45
Basin has already had an uberban that he somehow got out of.

I feel the need to point out though that at least one of those accounts was not made by Basin.  I should also point out that none of them were me.  There is a sinister third party involved in this.

*Looks at the front page*

Dear fucking that's what you guys meant.  Fuck...\n\n

()ver(V)indPosted: 10-01-2002 16:26:44
I'm just being an active poster, that's all
Ravage!Posted: 10-01-2002 16:29:03
My brother tried to create 3 accounts expecting that it would change his user name.  I heard, i don't remember from who. that a few of the others were made by Eoduin... or Bevy.  Bevy is more likely but note that I am completely incapable of confirming those.    I know my brother tried to make 3 in order to change his user name though.
BandWidthPosted: 10-01-2002 18:48:28
Talking to Jordan this afternoon, he says he made 6 accounts from home to piss Rich off.

So I suppose it was him after all.
EoduinPosted: 10-01-2002 19:37:47
Quote (Ravage! @ Oct. 01 2002, 15:29)
My brother tried to create 3 accounts expecting that it would change his user name.  I heard, i don't remember from who. that a few of the others were made by Eoduin... or Bevy.  Bevy is more likely but note that I am completely incapable of confirming those.    I know my brother tried to make 3 in order to change his user name though.

gee thanx
Ravage!Posted: 10-01-2002 20:09:14
SO you did then?  good job!
RStefan01Posted: 10-01-2002 23:18:10
()ver(V)ind has been banned one week for spamming the forum by replying to every post on the first page. I don't care much for bullshit like that.
BandWidthPosted: 10-01-2002 23:27:05
I did that once and was banned accordingly.  Those were good times.

Perhaps it was more than once.  Anybody remember?
MysteryManPosted: 10-02-2002 00:42:48
Was ()ver(V)ind always a moron? I thought he was pretty smart guy, back in the Riptide/SW days...
TridusPosted: 10-02-2002 05:35:32
No, he wasn't a moron before. Not sure what happened yesterday.
MaverickPosted: 10-02-2002 06:13:14
Maybe the 'Sexual Veteran Rank' had him overwhelmed....?
BandWidthPosted: 10-02-2002 07:45:05
I talked to him on ICQ.  He just seemed plain bored.

Which I understand completely, as I've done this exact thing before for similar reasons.
TridusPosted: 10-02-2002 08:17:35
People really need to find more constructive things to do when they're bored.
MaverickPosted: 10-02-2002 08:26:10

Like you never see him post around here, then all of a sudden he's posting to every thread he sees  :0
OsirisPosted: 10-02-2002 13:01:56
If you're bored enough to post spam on a message forum, you shouldn't be complaining about not having any money. lolol

Oh yeah, do y'think?

*pumps fists*
RStefan01Posted: 10-09-2002 05:17:19
()ver(V)ind has been unbanned. Hopefully he'll play nice now (if he continues to post here, that is).
ßetaMantisPosted: 10-10-2002 01:30:28
I apologise, but I have to ask the question:

If you think that posting on the forum is not constructive, and that when "you're bored" you should do something constructive, do you come here out of some perceived traditional requirement on your part?
OsirisPosted: 10-10-2002 12:08:02
I think most people would agree that engaging in a satisfying conversation with another human is more 'purposeful' than running around the mall screaming with your pants down around your ankles.

Of course that might just be me.
()ver(V)indPosted: 10-11-2002 08:08:56
No, I think you're right on that one.

On a side note, Plato was a jackass, and writing an entire dialogue on pederasty is a bit much.
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