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Elian Gonzalez poll - NetRanger

NetRangerPosted: 04-10-2000 01:34 PM
Ok, here is a poll....kinda. I wanna know your opinions on Elian Gonzalez. Basically do you think: Keep him here? Send him back? Just shoot the damn kid? Send him back, along with all the other cubans who dont work but spend thier day surrounding his house like he is a god-child? Di you give a damn? Just wanna know.

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Cardman[TG]Posted: 04-10-2000 11:16 PM
i say let him stay !
hell a lot of cubans and others come here all the time at least he made T.V.
Enmity[TG]Posted: 04-11-2000 02:05 AM
Send the little bastard back. He is an illegal immigrant and should be deported like all of the others. I don't want to sound like a insensitive prick by saying that, but that is the law and it should be upheld.


laborat[TG]Posted: 04-11-2000 10:55 AM
What's the Pope's position on this issue? Reason I ask is that when both family and government fail to find a compromise, then the Church should step in. In the best interests of the boy of course.
YakbakPosted: 04-11-2000 10:58 AM
I believe that little Elian Gonzalez should remain in the U.S. because first of all, him and his family were trying to escape that damned Cuba and their evil leader, Fidel Castro. Castro is just trying to make the U.S. look bad by organizing public rallies. Elian Gonzalez should stay in the US, adn hopefully, his foster parents will never let him participate in such a wild and terrorizing run like his escape from Cuba. He wil be much better in US (even better in Canada).

-Yakbak (Hee hee!)

Cardman[TG]Posted: 04-12-2000 01:20 AM
damn i am real fucked up now .......
enm labo and yak all sound correct !!
Janna[TG]Posted: 04-13-2000 09:10 AM
Ok here's the way i see things nowadays 1. Clinton is evil 2. Clinton is an idiot 3. Janet Reno is evil 4. Janet Reno is an idiot 5. Al Gore is evil he invented pokeman 6. altho Al Gore invented the internet he is an idiot

so using these 5 points anything these buffoons are for im against on general principle since these people have the worst interests of the US at heart and want to do their damndest to see our society and what we as americans stand for destroyed. so since theyre for chucking the kid back to the dictator in little havana who is oppposite everything we as americans believe in then let the kid stay. if it pisses of reno clinton and gore then its a good thing.

if castro wasnt the dictator and clinton and gore didnt run the country and reno wasnt head of the DoJ then i would say kick his butt back to cuba....

YakbakPosted: 04-13-2000 11:07 AM
Only Canada is a suitable democratic country wgere freedom of speech and will is obeyed. Elian and ALL his relatives should come up to Canada and live there happily ever after.

Hee hee!

But seriously, I think he should stay in US with his relatives.

MemnochPosted: 04-13-2000 02:29 PM
I think if they can stretch the court case out long enough, Castro will die of old age and the issue will die with him.
laborat[TG]Posted: 04-13-2000 05:39 PM
You know Memnoch,
that could work both ways, the boy could get killed in a Florida school by one of his classmates. Something like that wouldn't happen in Cuba. Those who do have guns can't afford to buy bullets. I wish it was only Castro and his longevity as Dictator. But its not, it is A) the pathetic bungling of a,B) the sheer genius of,<--- [take your pick] a government diverting the public's attention away from the real issues. No word yet on whether the President will send OUR starving children to Cuba. I am sure when the furor dies down on this issue and the smoke clears, and whatever happens to the boy.. Both the USA and Cuba will certainly agree(privately) that in retrospect, it would have been better for all concerned if the boy had never made it out of the water. For the same amount of money both sides are spending on ONE BOY, we could have saved 1000's of lives anywhere else in the world. I will bet that the boy will STAY and not only that but will be invited to BOTH political conventions as a rallying cry to incite still more acts of ruthlessness out of a sense of overwhelming compassion. Hell, the Inquisition was at least more honest in the way it related to the public--You were either guilty and were killed and your properties were taken away, or you were innocent and your properties were taken away until they could think of a reason to kill you. They just don't make corrupt empires like they used to.
XoncidePosted: 04-13-2000 05:48 PM
I think we should send him back... Regardles of the conditions or if the law is wrong or right it is wrong to reward some one for getting caught. If the rest of his fammily made it he would be on the first boat back to Cuba. And the thing is his Dad wants him back, we should give him back and stop bribing him. if we did not **** castro in the first place we could keep him. It is time the US stopped trying to be every other countries mommy. Its there kid we want it what right do we have to keep him? If it was a Us kid going to England we know we'd want him back and we'd get him back quick...


NetRangerPosted: 04-13-2000 07:27 PM
In my opinion, I think he should be sent back. His dad lives in cuba (weather he is a pr*ck or not, i dunno). He belongs there. Just imagine if it was a mexican boy who got across the border on a tumbleweed. He would be sent back. Same should go for Elian. Just because Castro is a self centered little bast*rd doesnt mean people should get political asylum here. They should find some way to overthrow that government. Thats what all the south/central americans do. Why should the cubans get to just run from thier troubles. Everyone else faces thiers. And after seeing all those cubans surrounding the house where Elian is staying, it just goes to show that there are so many cubans here who dont work...they are just living off of our government. They need to get away from that house, they are just disturbing the peace all for one little boy who doesnt belong here. They need to get an education and a job, or get out. I dont mean to sound racist or unsympathetic here...but I think that they should send elian back, along with all the cubans forming a human chain around his house. I am sick if turning on the news and hearing the name elian. what kind of name is that anyway!?!? As long as he is in america, lets give him an american name. Im gonna call him Bob. I am sick of trying to watch tv and getting "we inturrupt current programs for a special news bulliten: Elian(bob) is walking his dog. Oh my! it seems his dog has taken a poo. it just missed his shoe! what ever will we do? I dont you?" Its pissen me off. I think if people wanna come to america, they can apply for visas just like all the other people have to do. We need to have a bay of pigs sequal. And this time do it right. We need to get rid of castro, get a democracy going there, and send bob back. All that will happen to him here is that he will have the easy road in life. Commercials for batteries, a book, and a BS movie about him. All because of a government contraversy....and the rest of us will still be working out *sses off to make a decent living. Some country this is huh? Its sad.

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Janna[TG]Posted: 04-14-2000 05:07 PM
Welp its a bit more complicated than wether or not a small boy gets sent to a communist/socialist paradise. hmmm according to clinton reno and the news media and all the liberal pundits there is a surplus of goodwill freedom and safety in cuba. is it true in cuba a peson can speak their mind without having to worry about getting a bayonet or ice pick shoved thru their ear in the middle of the night or hauled away to dig ur own grave with a govt issued shovel because u happened to like playng with a toy water pistol and told ur friends about it?? sounds like an awesome place to me where do i sign up!!
yes the two govts cuba and the US alike have spent a schload of money on trying to get the boy back to cuba. cuba is whether people want to admit it or not one of the last true dictator ships in the world that has a collapsed govt and props itself up on the backs of the working folks and peons who cannot afford nor are allowed to own firearms to have any say in what their so called govt does. the people there live in socialist bliss thats why there is a steady flood of american citizens hitting the beaches of florida in power boats defecting to cuba to live in their socialist glory. the family of elian gonzales who are now in the US fled cuba and they know who and what castro clinton reno and gore are and what they stand for. that is why they are refusing to send one of their own back to the socialist paradise and land of milk and honey. personally i dont see why they all havent left for the motherland by now if the place is sso great according to reich mistriss reno she of the waco slaughter who burned at best estimate round 40 children to death trying to serve a warrant on one guy for supposed illegal arms deals which the feds still have not been able to prove. but i digress. we all know that federal govt of the united states does nothing wrong and has all the best interests at heart and never lies to us dont we?? after all they take care of us they have provided us with social security and medicare and medicade and welfare. regardless that these programs have pretty much turned places like south central LA and harlem into warzones not even Ramdo would go into in broad daylight. then there is the glorious success of Franlin delenore roosevelt used the information provided in the 1940 census which wasnt to be shared to any govt agency to round up all the japanese US citizens into concentration camps violating their civil rights and throughing the US constitution out the door. yes liberals do have our best interests at heart when theyre trying to perfect their socialist paradise here in america. and it just burns them to bits when they get someone like elien gonzales and the the gonzales family who wont go quietly into slavery but instead stand up and demand freedom for them and their families. amazing what some people will do for a little thing called freedom.
After all who needs freedom its overated. freedom in the US has given us 500billion schoolkids each day bringing guns to class and another 456 million kids dying in church bombings and shootings each year gods know that these kinds of stories are gospel since it comes from the media. lord have mercy lets give it all up and signup for the castro plan right fricken now!! i know i dont want my nephew turning into a psychopath killer and slaughtering some 100,000 children in a mad shooting spree with his red ryder BB gun. god forbid we teach our kids about safety freedom and moralistic values. heavens forbid we as a people take responsibility for own actions after all the feds are there to clean our butts and wipe our noses with govt issue toilet paper. i know i wouldnt want to give up all the safety in the world just to have a little freedom. so i propose we adopt the cuban form of govt since its so great. lets have soldiers come in the night and round you up if u smoke a little dope. lets have troops take ur wife and kids if u criticize clinton for screwing up the "best economy" in 40 years. and god forbid if u should EVEN think about defending urself from some poor crook who merely wants to take ur money car wallet and every item u posses give it to him because he is underprivaliged and has never worked an honest day in his life because microsoft has a monopoly in the computer market and big business has all the money.

wow u say, thats really harsh, well yes it is all of it. a lot of these so-called thinkers in the world arent really thinking about things but just spouting what sounds good. its easy to sound good and sound like u care. just watch any liberal or pacifist its easy to care but its so much harder to be free. being a free country and free society isnt easy and freedom is always paid for in blood by those that want to be free. those that oppress always think they know better than anyone else and know what is good for u regardless what u might think or feel about the situation. whenever someone tells me that its in my best interest to do something i imeediately label that person as a nut and liberal who has nothing but my personal slavery in mind since thats the end result of that thinking.


that is why they wnat him to just go away it goes to show just what socialism is like it shows socialists and liberals in their true light.

nuff said for now


ElBobboPosted: 04-14-2000 05:53 PM
Yes, yes! You have it right Janna, lets give Elian a gun so he can run around "defending himself from evil communist dictators" and fight evil wherever it may come from.

Wait, I remember now. This isn't a game Janna; whether you like it or not, simply giving someone a gun isn't going to stop them being killed by tyranny or selfishness.

SKPosted: 04-14-2000 07:58 PM
Who do you serve?
In the end, all will turn out fine. Without the wasteful energies of two bigot countries fighting over who urinates the furthest, Up-hill, (Picking at the scabs of old wounds may be a better amalgum);-the child will grow into an adult, and that adult into an old man and watch his Plasma-Vision ( futuristic TV of sorts) ...and laugh at this whole issue when he watchs reruns on * Remember When.... * ( a soon to come famous PV show).
I love to watch people who live off the *assumed* integrity for a nation that cares not for the individual citizen that is home asleep in his bed, and screams Bloody murder for the one who ran away and leave the nation for just a glimps of freedom. ( this may not be Freedom here in the U.S. to you, but to eyes who have NEVER seen it before, this is the Promised Land.. plus, in Cuba, what you see and here about the lil-kid is NOT what you see there:In cuba the Us= Satan and Cuba=ST Peter, like wise, Here in the U.S., Cuba is last relic of the *great* Cold War* and will always be stampt as Evil).
But then again it erks me to no end, to see two people( or countries) trying to find fault in one another in a booger-picking contest." Send the Boy back"-"Keep him here!!".. the tug-O-war begins here.
Who's right? Who's wrong?( they shouldn't have had their fingers there in the first place!!)
Does it really matter where he goes? -Ya know... In ither country he will be babied now because every one will be watching closely(...publicity will seal the fate of anyone who gains the status of a Celeberity).
Maybe the Cuban people see him as a * Baby Jesus* and a sucessor of Castro. Who knows. What I do know is the world will go on tomarrow no matter where he is.
So sad to live in a world where *money* speaks more truth than the deed that was actualy done or what was meant.
He made it to US soil.
I believe he will leave again soon.
I also believe he will have a layover in Miami when he gets older and will remember the fuss that was created over his last *Lay-Over*.
-the world is a strainge place.
Janna[TG]Posted: 04-14-2000 10:51 PM
well bobbo the problem with all that is that the first thing that castro did before he turned cuba into the model society that liberals love to believe in now was to remove all the firearms inthat country. then he instituted al the death squads to go around and round up all the disidents in that counrty who did not agree with him or who had spoken out against him. the most vociferous ones he siply locked away to prevent them from becomeing martyrs to the cause of freedom. the less well known ones he simply executed. i brought up the gun issue because the media has alrady brought that up when accusing americans for being "violent" when they showed a picture of the cuban kid playing with a water pistol. they claimed that he was going to grow up now because he handled a water pistol to be a mass murdered and that he should be sent back to cuba before more "harm" is done to him by the evil americans. im getting pretty sicke and tired of people that go around bashing america because we have freedom here. freedom that allowed the United States of America to export billions of tons of war goods food medical supplies and people to fight in two world wars one of which WW1 was started most likely by the british themselves. but no one knows the true facts on that since all relevent folks now are dead and all evidence lost to time. but the point remains its sooooo popular to bash america and americans for the fact that regardless what u or anyone else beleive america IS the world power and the sole reason any country in europe is able now to go around and bash us evil americans because we carry guns and have an economy and freedom unheard of anywhere in the world. i detect a lot of jealousy from people that do that. and alot of that is also the sour grape syndrome. the point being about cuba tho is that it is american law that anyone that reaches the shores of the US from cuba can remain here regardless of familial ties. the fact that so many folks are out to throw this boy back to a communist dictatorship that is just as evil as what we saw in nazi germany in the 30's and 40's. kinda reminds me of the incident of FDR turning back a boat load of jews around 1941 i think it was who were then, when they returned to germany, rounded up and taken to buchenwald where only 5 of the some 3000 jews on that ship survived. granted this is one boy and nothing compared to a boatload of jews. but the point remains that clinton is doing the same thing by throwing this kid back to an avowed enemy of the united states, a known murderer, and tyrant. cubans have no freedom there. they have no rights of assembly. they have no freedom of speech. nothing. but by damned theyre assured a monthly allowance of two rolls of TP each month my god!! thats so GREAT lets all be cubans!! my point was not about guns but about the evils of liberalism and socialism. the cuban form of government is the logical end and conclusion of the socialist method of government.

so if u want to discuss the gun issue some i would be happy to but dont try to mislead my points by bringing that one thing up when i was speaking about the lack of freedom and the ability to protect it in cuba. facts are facts EVERY dictatorship, monarchy, or any other form of oppressive govt. be it a potentate, king, queen, shaman, et. al. all have started out their reigns by limiting the arms in the hands of the citizenry. we can belabour that point some more if u want but the reason i had brought it up was that is HOW all opppressive govts start and its the FIRST thing they do. im not saying to give him an automatic weapon and turn him loose on castro that was irresponsible on ur part to even suggest such a thing much less use that as an example of what i had written about. i dont mind arguing points or making long rants but please dont start down the path all liberals take when it comes to argueing.

but anyway clinton wants to give the kid back reno does too so does gore at least today he does yesterday he wanted to keep him but he denies that now. the point being is that of all the people involved its NOT an issue between two govts struggleing over the kid its an issue of two govts wanting the family of the kid to through him back in prison after he has gained freedom. i fully expect that any day now frau reich marshall reno will roll into little havana in florida with her tanks and gestapo goon squads and burn the place to the ground looking for the kid so she can deliver him over to the socialist heaven that is cuba. i repeat its not a matter of two govts wanting to keep the boy its a matter of the family wanting to keep him from a father that deserted him and his mother running away with a 16yr old hooker in havana and hasnt seen the brat in 3 yrs. after two years in america a parent after abondinging a kid has all parental rights disolved by law. so if ur going on american law since he is here the father has no claim on the kid to begin with. the relatives do and us law also grants citizenship to all cubans that make it to us shores. granted i dont agree with that but its the law. if ur looking for someone who is breaking US law and its been upheld in district court after court but reno has always managed to find a federal judge to through those rulings out. its the feds who are breaking the US law by ordering the cuban family to give the brat up. like i said in my first posting on this topic...
if clinton, gore, and reno werent in charge and castro wasnt the dictator of cuba, and cuba wasnt a socialist paradise of a country that it is i would say punt his butt all the way back to cuba. because anything that clinton reno and gore are for im against almost by default because they have our worst interests at heart.


PS im just sick to fricken death of people who know NOTHING about things in the US continouly trouncing us for our way of life based on half baked lies in the news media.

Wargasm [TG]Posted: 04-14-2000 11:44 PM
hey we going for a record here hehehe
Piston[TG]Posted: 04-15-2000 12:50 PM
First off, I'm just gonna say, wow. This little topic has brought a huge chunk of TG, (and others) in to talk, to yell, to shoot, and to srand for what they believe. I think it's cool that we can all come here and have our say without no one getting ticked and going postal.

Ok, now for my one cent worth. (Not worth two cents) Personally, I have sympathy for the kid's plight. People are forgetting that his mom died trying to bring him over to a place where she felt he could get some sort of a life without fear and with a future, a bright one. Mothers tend to want the best for their children, so I say let him stay. It was his mother's wish, and that still means something to me. Second, the media needs to leave this all alone and back off. They are the ones turning this into a circus. Third, well, I dont know what is third. Oh well, I better jet and get some sleep.

Piston out

P.S. Enmity, you don't get illegal immigrants in Oregon huh? I know I do. And they are a burden but, they are looking for a better life just like you and me. And they can't have it in Mexico. BTW, how's the boarding going?

laborat[TG]Posted: 04-15-2000 03:08 PM
I love to trounce our way of life, and I live in Missouri, once called the Outlaw state. We have more right-wingers per acre than any other place in the world. While I agree that no one but, Americans, can really say with authority what is really going on here, We also have to face the fact that Marketing the Hollywood USA has been going on for decades now.(It may have even started before the revolutionary war) Regardless of what others think of us, It is how we think of ourselves that I want to talk about. The Fact that this Topic has suddenly approached vitriolic, is in itself a definition of America. We all, americans,have no problem with letting someone know our opinion on anything. The only exception to this is husbands of american wives. We can accept the violence here with a grain of salt cause the violence is nothing new. Hell we were still killing Indians in the early 1900s. It is more of a cynicysm on the American Stage, all of our major points in passing or country's coming of age has been a violent one. [I might point out that the rest of the world has had more time to hide their violent side behind diplomacy.] We are not very diplomatic in America, especially to people who don't agree with us. Since we are still a super power, albeit one in decay, we can pretty do much what we want. And what we want most of the time is to divert our attention from our mundane lives with some sensationalized media hype like the one with uh, BOB. this issue is still one of many 15 minutes of fame for some one and when its over, its over. Off to the next sensation. But anyways JANNA I hope I don't make you mad at me cause I bash America. As one of it's brightest up and coming fools, its my JOB> the best two ways to really examine a culture is by listening to its songs and its jokes. America has Mustang Sally and George Carlin. I rest my case.
NetRangerPosted: 04-15-2000 04:38 PM
Wow, this post is getting big. But anyways, I really think the cubans need to find some way to overthrow Castro and start a democracy. Kids parents die in america also. For example, here in america, if there is no father, and the mother and child are homeless, guess where the kid goes when the mother dies? Either homeless, but without a mother, or in an orphanage. Elian's mom died, so why should he get the easy life in a country he is illeagally in...while the legal american boy just gets put in a hell house or in the cold streets? I think it is safer for him there anyway....first of all because his dad has the hook ups w/ castro now, and second of all because if he stays here he will be hounded by the media all his life. When his is in his teens it will be all over the news...stuff like "Elians girlfriend slaps elian in face and dumps him" step by step, watching his life, just like they do to those damn princes in england or wherever the hell it is. He needs to go back. He would be safer there. And there isnt much of a media there to hound him.

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ElBobboPosted: 04-16-2000 04:29 PM

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Daedleus[TG]Posted: 04-18-2000 11:57 PM
Who the hell is Elian? Hehe....

Seriously though, I believe this is not a question of whether Elian should stay or go, it's a question of the media doing what it does best: making a big deal about nothing. Remember (in no particular order) the OJ Simpson trial? And what about Oklahoma City bombing? Or the Waco fiasco? What about Princess Di's death? And what about the school shooting at Columbine? Or the Clinton/Lewinksy thing?

Reflect on those different events and try to remember what the media did with each and every one of them. I'll leave you with your thoughts now, but I ask you to remember just one thing, one word: MEDIA.

ViridionPosted: 04-23-2000 08:20 PM
I think the gonzaleses are milking the media, exploiting their little boy to make millions and fooling the american peoples.. how bout yall?... although noone will ever see this cause yall stopped posting on this topic a while ago... im just slow
TotalRecallPosted: 04-24-2000 08:59 PM
I think we should kill them, kill them all. Hehe, well j/k. Ok, these Cubans aren't very smart...They ARE waiting for Castro to die...they have been for about 30 years now...Why don't them just kill him and all of his loyal guards...There, problem solved...Kinda like in Austin Powers. You know? "I've got a gun in my room, i'll go get it and shoot them. Bang!"...Well, ok maybe not. In conclusion...kill Castro and send the illegal Elian (hehehe) back. This may have already been said but I got tired of reading after the 10th subjuect... =)
Cardman[TG]Posted: 04-24-2000 09:15 PM
lol on austin powers !!
really though be like nike
KonyPosted: 05-20-2000 03:46 PM
He's Cuban. He's an alien. He's in America. Send him the hell back like you would if he was any other Cuban. And that's that. Just do it!
JANNAPosted: 05-20-2000 03:59 PM
actually american law provides for illegal aliens that arrive on US to seek asylum if returning them to their native country would cause them to be in danger of their lives. America returns thousands of mexican chinese and other nationls to their countries because those countries do not have a policy of summary execution for leaving the country. Cuba has such a policy and people are routinely executed. that is why they are granted asylum in most cases. i remember recently when fidel castro had a small airplane shotdown 40 miles off the cuban shore which is like 60 from the american shore because they were looking for cuban refugees and giving their coordinates to the US Coast Guard.


RStefan01Posted: 05-20-2000 04:13 PM
Kony, the thing is, most Cubans that come here aren't sent back, they usually stay as refugees. The difference here being that his father was still in Cuba, etc..
KonyPosted: 05-20-2000 07:19 PM
He was picked up out of the water. He didnt touch American soil till we brought him here. Any other Cuban picked out of the water, legally is supposed to be sent back. Why not Elian?

*Added later*
And Also, his father is there, he is not in danger if he goes back. Send him back. Not to be cruel or nothing, but send him back.

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RStefan01Posted: 05-20-2000 07:26 PM
Ahh, ok =)

I didn't really know too much about how he got here, but if that's how it was, then ship him off =)

KonyPosted: 05-20-2000 08:35 PM
If I remember the 6:00 news that night, I believe he was plucked out of the water by the US Coast Guard....
JANNAPosted: 05-21-2000 12:55 AM
actually i think he would be in grave peril for his life approx 6-8 months after all the hype has blown over castro has been known to cart returnees off to the tobacco fields and use em as fertilizer.

we do have a democratic president and the democrats have never really cared much for personal freedom or rights of the individual. so it didnt surprise me that reno kidnapped the boy at gunpoint. but at any rate it doesnt matter how he got to US soil if he makes it here instead of guantanamo bay marine post in cuba then he is eligible for asylum here.

it is not a matter of parental rights either thousands of children are removed from their mothers and fathers every year when they are deemed to be unfit parents. a good example of this would be a parent who abandons a child for up to 3 years and runs off with 18 year old hookers... imagine that, thats exactly what elians father did and he doesnt deny it. then there are example of parents thrown in jail theyre not allowed to have children in jail. so the argument that he would be better off with the father is not a legimitate one.


KonyPosted: 05-21-2000 04:14 PM
Being with your hooker-dating father or being carried out at gunpoint by Reno's thugs...Tough desicion....
RStefan01Posted: 05-21-2000 04:31 PM
Erm, he's with his father *because* Reno got him out, otherwise he'd still be wherever he was before with his family that lives here.
-=General=-Posted: 05-21-2000 04:35 PM
He should be sent back with his father. His father is his legal guardian and he is an illegal alien. Janet Reno may have done the wrong thing by using that much force, but Elian does not belong w/o a father in the United States.
NetRanger[TG]Posted: 05-21-2000 08:51 PM
I've been thinking...I saw this on an episode of "Dinosours" (yeah remember, the show witht the baby dino who had a frying pan?) If they are gonna argue about who gets him, why not just cut him in half...then they can all be (semi)happy. Of course, it may become a fatal wound, but hell, it would get him out of the newspaper (kinda). Ok, now serious: I think he needs to be sent back...and all the cubans who wreacked havoc on miami, and tried to make it a ghost town...send them back as well. Its not just cubans who live there...what gives them the right to close down the whole towns businesses, and what gives them the right to go destroying property? Just because they are mad because the police enforced the law? They say they are ashamed to be americans after that...well, I say, if they are ashamed, they need to just go back to cuba and see how they like it there. They have no right to come to our country, break our laws, and then get really pissed and stop society from running in miami, just because the law was enforced, and then go complaining. Now, if anyone disagree's with me on that point, lemme know, I wanna hear it...i think its (ok i dunno if i can say that word here) up...its like if some firefighter rescues you from a burning building, and when you get out, instead of thanking him you spit in his face. Thats all I got to say.
RStefan01Posted: 05-21-2000 08:55 PM
They had a right to a peaceful protest. Not going to work was one thing, that was acceptable, but as soon as they start breaking more laws in the protest, then that's when they're the ones that are out of line.

[As for profanity, I don't really have a problem with it, as long as it's not excessive]

Artanis[TG]Posted: 05-22-2000 09:28 AM
thank god for that, it makes a fucking change...
fuckin' A


RStefan01Posted: 05-22-2000 03:31 PM
I had the profanity filter on for a while, but then I noticed that there really wasn't a profanity problem in the first place, so the thing was pretty much useless, and only annoying for the few people that would use profanity, usually in jokes and stuff, which would mess them up hehe =)
BandWidthPosted: 05-23-2000 11:03 AM
I would just like to point one thing out on this issue. You behave as if Castro is an evil behemoth and as if your own nation (the US) is innocent.

I'm sure you're either not aware (or choose to not be aware) of the fact that early this century Cuba had one of the highest standards of living in the western hemisphere, next to the US and Canada of course. Cuba was doing simply wonderful by itself (dispite the Communist dictatorship) until the US came along and acted upon their holy duty to envoke economic sanctions upon the nation. The result was Cuba losing its largest trading partner and this brought about economic ruin. After the Soviet Union, it's last major trading partner, collapsed, things got even worse.

In short, It's America's fault that Cuba is the way it is today. You feel all special as if you're defeating some great evil, but all you're really doing is causing innocent people to suffer while the dictatorship grows fat off the nation's remaining wealth.

Now, this isn't directly related to the topic in question, but I can't stand to sit around and listen to people talk as if they have no weight on their shoulders regarding Cuba's present state.

NetRanger[TG]Posted: 05-23-2000 06:06 PM
Bandwidth: good point...but answer me this: Could america get by if its major trade partners cut trade ties with it? Sure it could, in my opinion. It wouldnt be 100% the way it is now, but we would still have food, still some computer stuff (not all the chips)
Might not have shoes...but we could improvise and learn to make em. We wouldnt have the $1.00 store...but we dont really need it. Anyway, this post (along with yours) didnt exactly have to do with Elian, but ok. And, I dont think closing down businesses was right...think of it this way: say your the average white, american male...your town of shitzville is mostly canadian. A canadian decides to murder somebody brutally with a hockey stick. The law must be inforced, so he is arrested. Now, the canadians really loved that guy, and they think he shouldnt have been arrested for killing the person....soley because he is a fellow canadian and they like him. So they decide to shut down the towns businesses one day. How would you feel? Or even worse, say you have asma or something, you ran out of your medicine that day, you had a prescription for pickup today, you go to the drug store to pick up your medicine, only to find it closed. You then cant breathe w/o your inhaler, and you die. Is that right? Im sure if a bunch of americans were in cuba, and an american broke the law, so we got so stuck up like the cubans and shut down businesses...We would be killed. So they think because they run from thier problem and come here, that they can gripe and moan when the law is enforced? I see something wrong I the only one?
RStefan01Posted: 05-23-2000 07:06 PM
Also.. BandWidth, since you know everything, you'd also recall how Cuba took over the property of US gas companies and other businesses/people that had property there, which was then used for the Cuban government's purposes. So though they may be hurting, they're also not innocent victims either. It is partly the US's fault for some of Cuba's problems, but Cuba brought some of their own problems on themselves as well is all I'm trying to say.
BandWidthPosted: 05-24-2000 10:05 AM
NetRanger: Yeah, you'd get along just fine. So would Canada. It would only require a few years to work towards self-reliance, which would happen rather quickly. Cuba, on the other hand, is a small island. Small island = lack of resources. I don't quite see the point of this, but ok. And I don't think we/you'd have computers...most of the components are made overseas. There would surely be computers, however they'd likely be for the elite.

Rich: *Shrug* That's what Communist dictators do. I somehow doubt if Castro had nicely asked the US corporations to leave they would have listened. Then he would have been forced to drum them out and the sanctions would likely have happened anyways. [/speculation] I didn't say that Cuba was innocent either (sorry for kind of implying a bias though), but I just got kind of pissed at people speaking as if it was some evil nation that brought about its own downfall and, as such, should be treated like garbage.

I have never agreed with the US sanctions against Cuba. Up here in Canada we enjoy healthy relations with Cuba, and the finest of cigars . If this whole Elian thing had happened in Canada, the crisis would have been over long ago. I don't know what we would have done, whether he would have stayed or have been sent back, but it most certainly wouldn't have been made a big deal of. It really isn't THAT big of a deal, really. It's all a bunch of media hype that I suspect is designed to stimulate the US people's hatred of Communism in order to maintain hatred towards everybody who doesn't conform to US ideals. {/rant}

RStefan01Posted: 05-24-2000 03:49 PM
NetRanger[TG]Posted: 05-25-2000 08:21 PM
so thats how you get all those stars just make a post that says =)
RStefan01Posted: 06-07-2000 02:51 AM
Here are some Elian cartoons I found hehehe

Source: The Washington Post

Source: The Washington Post

Source: The Washington Post

laborat[TG]Posted: 06-07-2000 04:05 PM
quick poll within a poll:

how many people think Elian should change his name to Eli?

[are you sure these are the Florida (KEYS)?

Protoss_King_Posted: 06-08-2000 01:07 AM
I say we should put him on the westwood programming team. It would be an improvement to westwood.

Protoss_King_: Tossy, Masta PK!

RStefan01Posted: 06-08-2000 02:22 AM
How's that? Don't we already want Westwood out of the country? =)
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